See You, See Through.

Knitted top: Vintage, Black shorts: Urban Outfitters, Black wedges: Joe’s, Kiera bag: Gifted from Melie Bianco 

my new favorite top + bag + shoes.

1. knitted and see through? thank goooodness for vintage.
2. this Kiera bag has cooolness written all over it, so in love <3, 
thank you Maurissa and team!
3. the sickest wedges i’ve bought recently, TDF. 

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  1. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #1

    Such a casual cool outfit. That bag is pretty amazing, too!

  2. Fashion Intel Comment #2

    Those wedges are the bomb.com

  3. Deanna Comment #3

    i agree, your whole outfit is to die for! omg i want that bag


  4. Mila Comment #4

    Oh what can I say.Amazing,of course. :)

  5. Eden Comment #5

    LOVE that look:)))

  6. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #6
  7. dred Comment #7

    totally love your wedges!


  8. Isabelle Comment #8

    the shirt and shoes are ab. adorable!!x

  9. sarah Comment #9

    I W A N T your amazing shoes girl!!!

  10. ellabella Comment #10

    great look. I love your blog!

  11. little shadow Comment #11

    Wow, you have amazing style and I am so inspired!

  12. Joy Comment #12

    Amazing outfit girl! Just like always! And I’m also a vintage fan! So nice to go back into the past and find some amazing things!

  13. Fatima A. Comment #13

    I love the outfit & you look gorgeous!!

  14. LifestyleBohemia Comment #14

    Gorgeous look – love everything about it!

  15. Connie Comment #15

    Love this look.

    The Heartbreak

  16. Pretty Pleased Comment #16

    Love the knitted top! Perfect summer outfit.

  17. amalie Comment #17

    looove that top. and your whole outfit really.. i want your shoes!

  18. Rachel Core Comment #18

    I agree, killer wedges, and love the braid!

  19. Liv Comment #19

    I love this outfit! I may just have to steal it! Well, not literally, a reasonable facsimilie of course. 😉


  20. simplyhope Comment #20

    Ohhh I LOVE this outfit!!! Yes Thank goodness for vintage:)

  21. Alina Comment #21

    Jules, so cute! And your hair is sooo long, love it!

    Cute post, thanks for sharing!


  22. Jamie Comment #22

    I L-O-V-E THIS!!! You look AMAZING!! I LOVE the top, LOVE the bag, LOVE the wedges!! And that cuff and horn necklace just really add something special!


  23. kim Comment #23

    cute outfit, love the top :)

    clothes are cute
    clothes are cute

  24. nobz Comment #24

    i really like ur style.
    simple but edgy.
    love this whole outfits,especially shoes and bag!


  25. Amalina Comment #25

    You look great… love your shoes!

    xo http://www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  26. Daisy Comment #26

    I love your outfit! You have great style! You’re one of my favs! :) Take care!


  27. Rhea Comment #27

    super cute shoes and top!


  28. stylista Comment #28

    I love your whole outfit!!! The bag and the shoes are amazing!


  29. Matilda Sandén Comment #29

    Nice Blog! Shall we follow each other at bloglovin? Should be fun =)


  30. Kelly Comment #30

    Love the top!

    <3 Kelly

  31. anita Comment #31

    Pretty top!

  32. NYC Comment #32

    that is beautiful.

  33. fashionable palette Comment #33

    I adore this entire outfit! And, yes, thank goodness for vintage :)

  34. brobrand Comment #34

    great top..:)

  35. iamglen Comment #35

    great summer outfit..:)

  36. Khadija Comment #36

    Love it!

  37. Kate Comment #37

    I adore this outfit! The crochet top is amazing! Happy to hear you’re feeling better!

  38. Becs Comment #38

    Jules, so, so great to meet you last night! You are too sweet. This is the perfect summer look; love the wedges!

    Stay in touch, lady!
    xx, becs

  39. cee Comment #39

    love love love your outfit!


  40. Neekoh Comment #40

    I love everything knitted and see-through these days, so this is awesome!
    It was great to meet you last night! You’re just as big of a sweetheart as I imagined :)


  41. Flor de Maria Comment #41

    I love your style….you make everything look good :)

  42. Trop Rouge Comment #42

    oh my god…who does those wedges? I really want them.
    I’ll be in LA tomorrow actually shooting for Roxy. 😀

  43. JonIndia™ Comment #43

    very nice sunset pictures.

  44. Juanita Comment #44

    The Keira bag looks great on you =)
    I am designer at Melie Bianco

  45. Benoit Comment #45

    Nice pictures!



  46. She Wears, She Shares Comment #46

    I heart you too! You’re my new favorite blogger! Just came across you on Chictopia. I’m loving your style.

  47. Tea Joeli Comment #47

    Amazing pictures, love your style and your blog:)




  48. Bionica Comment #48

    Knit tops are great girl =)
    and I just love those shoes
    very nice

    if you get a chance, check me out at http://pagescouture.blogspot.com and let me know what you think


  49. Silvia Comment #49

    you look awsome!

  50. lusin lusin Comment #50

    nice style !
    (you have beautiful legs)

  51. melie girls forever Comment #51


    I am so glad you love the bag, it is one of my favorites too!!