Sparklingg Gal.

Sequin vest: gifted from Wren , sheer t-shirt: random,  Denim shorts: vintage, wedges: Joe’s,
Handbag: All Saints, Chunky necklace: vintage/thrifted
Photos by: asubtleapproach* 

It’s been insanely hot in L.A- reaching 100 degrees!! So all week i’ve been wearing
short shorts to cool off… decided to wear my new favorite vintage shorts with this cool
sequin vest from W r e n (thanks wren team!!!),  I love how it instantly 
makes the outfit extra cooler, it will definitely be in rotation a lot, especially for Fall!

Been trying to work on my business cards for a while now and wasn’t able to design something
i loved….but fortunately for me, the lovely Veronica from Veronica loves Archie, was
VERYYYYY sweet to design my business cards! OMG, they’re soo cute! 
 Can’t wait to show you guys!
Stay tuned!

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  1. dred Comment #1

    seriously loving the sparkly vest and the chunky wedge.

    and you hair is so gorgeous. xx


  2. Daisy Comment #2

    I agree, it has been really hot in LA! How weird because this whole summer has been cool. Its been no higher than 80 degrees, and now its HOT! But I love the sequin vest its great! By the way, the other day I was checking f21’s blog and I believe I saw you in an image from an event they had. I totally forgot what it was, but it really looked like you. Hope you had an amazing weekend!


  3. paulinabelle Comment #3

    im totally obsessed with your shoes! and your hair is looking lovely!

  4. Materialistic Chronicles Comment #4

    cant wait to see the cards!

    LOVE the wedges!


  5. Lainey Comment #5

    I really want that sequin vest. Perfect transitional piece into fall.

  6. Sally Comment #6

    I’m obsessed with sequins lately, love this vest.


  7. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #7

    I’m not usually a fan of sequins during the day, but this outfit is definitely the exception! That vest is wonderful!

  8. Adrianna Traxler Comment #8

    I love every piece in this look. It’s simple yet fun with the awesome sequin vest. I love when you post outfits…i draw inspiration from your looks and drool over the stuff you own.

    obsessed with those wedges

  9. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #9

    You totally look like Nicole Richie on the first pic!!! Rockin! 😉


  10. Connie Comment #10

    Love the vest. Great look.

    The Heartbreak

  11. DaisyLine Comment #11

    Love every single thing about this look and your hair :)
    have a nice day!
    DaisyLine from http://daisyline.blogspot.com/

  12. cloee Comment #12

    omg! your so pretty.

  13. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #13

    In love with your style and your blog!!!!

  14. michelle_ Comment #14

    i love the sequin vest and the flat wedges !

    take care and have a good weekend !

  15. FashionHippieLoves Comment #15

    amazing outfit!


  16. Stephanie Comment #16

    I can relate to the hot weather- I live in Bangkok where it is ALWAYS steaming. You look great, and I love your shoes!


  17. Immelia Comment #17

    I can’t wait to see the business cards!
    beautiful pictures!

  18. .sabo skirt. Comment #18

    wow, your look is amazing.. loving everything from your wedges to your hair and also your detailed vest paired with denim! perfection!

    stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  19. Eden Comment #19

    LOVE your look:)))

  20. Fatima Comment #20

    gorgeous outfit!

  21. Lady Moriarty Comment #21

    I adore the vest, perfection for making a simple outfit amazing !

    See U !

  22. casual ambiguity Comment #22

    this is a really great outfit, it is simple yet you look so gorgeous!!!

  23. --Sanam-- Comment #23

    OMG,this ensemble is AH-MAZING! i love that sparkly vest 😀 and fantastic pictures. cant wait to see the busiess cards too 😀

    im loving your blog,definately gonna give it a follow 😀 and it would be super awesome if you could come over and check out my blog & follow it too,as i love getting new readers and followers all the time 😀 it would be much appreciated 😀

    StopAndStareStyle = my super-duper fashion & style blog 😀 COMMENT,FOLLOW,READ & ENJOY! 😀

  24. SWAY Comment #24

    so pretty!!!! the sequin vest is fabulous♥

    http://www.sway925.blogspot.com :)

  25. Indie.Tea Comment #25

    You look amazing…I adore those wedges, and the vest…and your hair is SO amazing.

  26. Liana Comment #26

    i love this outfit, so effortless and chic! that vest is amazing, i am pretty much a fan of anything that sparkles! those shoes are great too, i’ve been looking for the perfect pair of strappy wedges! can’t wait to see your new business cards, i’m sure they’ll look great! :)

  27. Violet Comment #27

    i know right its been so hot. even thinking about pants make me uncomfortable (literally).

    you look great even though its sooo hot outside. love the sparkles

    Vi from Cali

  28. Ania Alonso Comment #28

    Nice outfit!!!

  29. Ashley Comment #29

    Love your wedges and vest – they really jazz up a basic outfit. Intrigued to see your business cards…

    xoxo, Ashley

  30. blonde on blonde Comment #30
  31. Michelle Elaine Comment #31

    ca is having some kind of crazy heat wave and i thought summer was over!!

    pretty sure ive told you this before – im having crazy hair envy 😉


  32. Delmy Comment #32

    CUTE!! I sooo love your hair!!

  33. Meghan Comment #33

    love this look with the laid back denim shorts & sparkly vest!

  34. More than Mode Comment #34

    I looooove the vest!!

  35. ytúquémiras Comment #35

    love your necklace

  36. emma Comment #36

    Where do you usually shop for your vintage? You find some great stuff…ever hit up the Rose Bowl?


  37. Mrs. Freckles Comment #37

    I love your blog and style. Since I saw your blog, I just want to cut my hair like yours =)

    Kisses from Spain


  38. Kate Comment #38

    You have the most gorgeous hair! Major hair envy over here! Lovvve the sequin vest, so daytime glam, just gorgeous!

  39. Tracey Quo Comment #39

    looking forward to the business cards!

  40. LEAH Comment #40

    fun vest! i’m in orange county and i can’t cool off!

  41. Bijou's Style Comment #41

    cute vest!

    love the look



  42. Ashley Comment #42

    You look gorgeous as always!!! Great outfit, the vest really pops! Love the shoes so much!

    Great blog!

  43. Raquel Trevisi Comment #43

    I wrote something about you on my blog. Hope you enjoy! Your work is amazing!

  44. caylee Comment #44

    ahh this is why you’re one of my faves. we have such similar style. almost every single thing you wear, i would wear!
    those wedges are blowing my mind.

  45. Joon. Comment #45

    I love the shoes! Amazing!

  46. Sissi Comment #46

    found you blog juts yesterday and felt in love with! soooo great! follow you


    check out my blog and be a follower if you like it!

  47. Clém. Comment #47

    Love the pics and the outfit…

  48. Jony Comment #48

    First time visiting your blog!! I really love your style. These wedges are amazing!

    You look absolutely beautiful. Follow your blog dear.


  49. Mack Comment #49

    looooove these wedges, but I can’t find them ANYWHERE!?!?! Has anyone found them, I must have them!!

  50. Emmett Katherine Comment #50

    nice outfit, its dressy yet casual at the same time. everything ties in nicely, I like it alot.

  51. Plastic Business cards Comment #51

    Captivating..your approach inspires me a lot…

  52. Plastic Business cards Comment #52

    Captivating..your approach inspires me a lot…

  53. Plastic Business cards Comment #53

    Captivating..your approach inspires me a lot…

  54. Plastic Business cards Comment #54

    Captivating..your approach inspires me a lot…

  55. wedges Comment #55

    nice no doubt sparkling girl with nice wedges :)