Style Looks.

Decided to do 3 different looks with shorts/skirt since we are all showing off our legs this summer, hopefully
it can give you some ideas on how to style your favorite shorts!

which one is your favorite?

Big X

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  1. Liv Comment #1

    Love the first look though I’d have to tweak it a little… I show off my legs all the time, but the midriff, not so much!
    Great blog, you’re adorable!


  2. bmach Comment #2

    The second one is my favourite!!
    great post!


  3. Michelle Elaine Comment #3

    i like them all and im sitting here mixing and matching the 3 to get my very own 4th look 😉


  4. Kcookski Comment #4

    LOVE no. 2 – everything about it. very, very cool look.

  5. Isabelle Comment #5

    i lovelove the second one best.xx

  6. Charlotte Elise Jay Comment #6

    My favourite is the muted look! I love the accessories you have picked out and the cute images :)

    That model looks sooo beautiful too!

    Char x

  7. Elysia Comment #7

    i love #1 but i adoreeeeeeeeeee #2 so much im inspired to shop!

  8. Deanna Comment #8

    my fave is #2. i could never wear a bustier top. i got nothing to show off there haha. but the short shorts, ooh yes.


  9. Antonio Barros Comment #9

    All 3 looks are awesome!
    Very inspiring!!!


  10. dred Comment #10

    it’s hard to choose. all styles are my favorite. xx


  11. Ashley Comment #11

    I like the tribal look best! The skirt is so soft and pretty that paired with the tough black shoes and bag would be a really strong look. Not to mention that I would kill a man for those Acne wedges.

    xoxo, Ashley

  12. liv Comment #12

    your style looks + outfit posts are fast becoming my faves.
    I love your blog lady!

    x x x x liv

  13. Anonymous Comment #13

    muted prints!
    so fucking good.

  14. Lainey Comment #14

    Love all three looks but I’m obsessed with the polka dot top. So chic!

  15. MeganRose. Comment #15

    i love them all, but i’m really feeling #2 especially because i’m currently dying for those falkens! i always love your inspiration boards!

  16. More than Mode Comment #16

    That’s a lot of work!!! Wonderful!!!!
    It’s dificult to pick one, I think my favourite is the second, but I love them all!!
    Have a grate weekend!!


  17. Eden Comment #17

    Love all 3 looks;))

  18. Kelly Comment #18

    Love the first two! Kinda funny because I was just trying to figure out how to wear my shorts!

    <3 Kelly

  19. Jamie Comment #19

    Do I have to pick one?? I love them all!! I have contiplating those sam edelman boots. I love them but I can’t decide if I should get a more practical ankle boot or go for the whimsical…hmmm…decisions decisions 😉


  20. Lisa Lisa Lisa Comment #20

    OOOh I am loving the Amber Valetta shorts in the second set. They are so intriguing =)

  21. Fatima Comment #21

    the second!

  22. Jen Comment #22

    I LOVE these looks you put together! i had so much fun with you too, we must do it again! And your blog is AMAZING =) I am going to add you to my blog roll! Are you on twitter?

  23. alizee Comment #23

    They’re all great, but I love the second and third looks! Those slouchy tops get me every time…


  24. Sobrina Tung Comment #24

    I love that polka dot blouse!

  25. The Owl's Closet Comment #25

    gosh, it’s hard to choose just one! i love the muted prints look, especially that blouse and booties! thanks for sharing:)


  26. Joy Comment #26

    Amazing outfits!
    But I wisg I had your legs;)!


  27. FrouFrouu Comment #27

    Heyyy lady :) I’m a big fan of your blog too since Refinery – all your looks are spot on. Will you be at NYFW in Sept?

    That second look is right up my alley xx

  28. Haidée Comment #28

    love the chic outfits , and I love the pink colourful top xxxx



  29. Tali Comment #29

    hmm!! probablyyyyy the second one.

    I’m in LOVE w those shorts. I love your blog btw!!

  30. O'Style Comment #30

    Third one!

    Love u!

  31. elspeth angharad Comment #31

    I love the muted prints, the polka dot blouse has to be my favourite piece here. Wonderful post, just lovely! xx


  32. Wrecked Stellar Comment #32

    Hey Jules! Great meeting you Thursday night :)- you’re super sweet! My favorite look is #2 – love the mix of prints with the polka dot shirt and Amber Valetta shorts! xo, mel

  33. Adele Comment #33

    Second one is definitely my favourite! Love them all though! Great post!

    Adèle – moltocuriosa.com

  34. Jessie Comment #34

    Ah I can’t wait to wear tan shorts soon! (its winter here) I like number 3 a lot x

  35. Rachel Core Comment #35

    Look one is most definitely my favorite, has a great edge to it! I also love look number 2, I’ve been seeing those Edelman Falken’s everywhere lately!

  36. Stephanie Comment #36

    so hard to choose, but maybe look three? I don’t think it really matters which is my favorite, I’d wear them all!


  37. Simply Stylist Comment #37

    I love look #2 with the Sam Edelman boots! They’re currently one of my favorites!

  38. Paige Comment #38

    i absolutely love these looks!!!


  39. B. Jones Style Comment #39

    These are so beautiful! I love what you create.. truly and inspiration.

  40. Tash Comment #40

    Posted an outfit similar to look 3 recently, but without the acne wedges, alas..

    Number 1 is my favorite though.


  41. The In's and Out's of Sometimes Having It All Comment #41

    Love them all!!

    Check out my post with the same top from look #2!!



  42. Dina's Days Comment #42

    It was hard for me to decide! But I think I’m going with Caramel Pink!

  43. caylee Comment #43

    do i have to choose? it’s between one and two. okay, i choose one, because it has black in it :)

  44. designstiles Comment #44

    The second look is crazy good. I especially love the Fendi clutch. Cheers!

  45. Silvia Comment #45

    pretty great work your collages! have a great taste!
    check out my blog, i follow you

  46. lusin lusin Comment #46

    style look № 1 – very popular in Russia !

  47. theladynoir.blogspot.com Comment #47

    what program do you use to style these? i really like the composition & great style too!

  48. ponyhunter Comment #48

    you’re a fantastic stylist, i love the first look.