i’m so into you.

Silk maxi skirt + floral print cardi: F21, Nude tshirt: H&M, leather bag: All Saints,  Jewelry: random
photos by: my great friend rosie!

Been totally into this maxi silk skirt i picked up the other day- its the perfect length, 
it has sorta of a mermaid shape at the bottom, army color, silk, I mean it really has all the things
 I was looking for when I was searching for the perfect maxi skirt for fall. I’m sure
I won’t take this skirt off during the fall, but uhh..well..you can’t blame me!

Can’t believe it’s already September! dang! Time flies…Fashion week is already here
and I can’t wait for all the cool parties this week for FNO. 
I have a party for all of you to attend to on Friday! 
Will post tomorrow..it’s the killer KILL CITY partaaay!!
stay tuned!
big x

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  1. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #1

    Definitely picking up on the mermaid vibe. Loves it! That skirt is just the most gorgeous colour. And you’ve styled it perfectly.

  2. Mi Armario En Ruinas Comment #2

    Love your maxi shirt


  3. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #3

    Your resemblance to Nicole Richie on these pics is shocking! :)
    I soooooooo much wish I could go to FNO in NYC…. :(


  4. Blue is in Fashion this Year Comment #4

    You look great!!

  5. Chiara TheMinette Comment #5

    You’re so beautiful… Enchanting! Love this look, the skirt and the jacket are fantastic… and love these colors!

  6. Mila Comment #6

    Oh I totally LOVEEEE this look!

  7. Anonymous Comment #7

    Hi! do you know if the jacket you are wearing from f21 is available to buy online!? thankss!!!!!

  8. pink powder Comment #8

    great look… love the maxi :)


  9. María Rubio Comment #9

    i love this outfit!!

  10. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #10

    I bought that same skirt, and couldn’t agree with you more…love how it looks with that cardi!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  11. Aimee Comment #11

    Beautiful look! The colours look so good together!

  12. The Owl's Closet Comment #12

    Wow, the skirt and the cardi are awesome finds! Love how you styled this. I’m excited about maxis, too:)


  13. fizzleout Comment #13

    I love this whole outfit! the maxi is perfect!!

    Have a ball at fashion week

  14. bmach Comment #14

    Loove your look!

  15. collagevintage Comment #15

    Love the maxi skirt, so pretty. This season are my basic outfit for everyday.

    Big kiss from: http://www.collagevintage.com

  16. Daisy Comment #16

    Very pretty skirt, you can probably still wear it in the fall somehow, I’m sure you can pull something off! You look gorgeous by the way :)


  17. Kitty Cotten Comment #17

    many bloggers have been rocking the maxi skirt, but until your post i would have never wanted one for myself. now i must go find one. i am also i loooovvveee with your cardigan.


  18. RaceforProsperity Comment #18

    amazing outfit, incredibly unique

  19. Immelia Comment #19

    so lovely,the plants suit your skirt so well!

  20. MeganRose. Comment #20

    always so absolutely gorgeous. love love love. i’ve been following your blog for over a year now and wow, you have blown up! you have always been one of my fave bloggers. keep up the awesome work…you never cease to inspire…

  21. Kcookski Comment #21

    gorgeous! love the green of that skirt and the cardi. it all goes together beautifully. i love how really long maxis skim across the floor, but i’m just worried i’ll trip. :)

  22. Huda Comment #22

    love the maxi skirt, will definitely check if F21 still have them.

  23. LadyFLASHBACK Comment #23

    whoa, what a great outfit, down to the last detail!

    really lovin this look ((if you didn’t already pick that up…))



  24. Sissi Comment #24

    omg you look such great!!!! first i thought this cardi is made of paillettes, looks kind a like! the skirt has an adorable colour and all the outfit fits just perfect!i love it!

  25. noirohio vintage Comment #25

    your skirt is awesome. the color is fantastic!

  26. corrie Comment #26

    Love love love the skirt/blazer combo…a little elegant, with a hint of bohemian funk….sounds a little like a genre of music :)

  27. Delmy Comment #27

    Love your jacket. you look great!

  28. Cindy Comment #28

    so mermaid-y!
    can’t believe it’s forever21

  29. Fashion Intel Comment #29

    I saw that skirt at F21 and really loved it! You styled is very well. Digging the cactus.

  30. caylee Comment #30

    i saw that skirt the other day…why did i pass it up?!
    i love this outfit!

  31. Lluvia Comment #31

    I never find pieces like this in F21! I need to dig deeper next time haha.

    xx lluvia

  32. Francesca Comment #32

    i just found ur blog and im now obsessed.


    http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  33. She Wears, She Shares Comment #33

    I adore this look. Love the backdrop chosen too. Hope you steer cleared of getting poked! Will you be attending LA fashion week next month? Would love to bump into you!

  34. Dina's Days Comment #34

    wow great skirt! And I love the color combo.

  35. J.S. Comment #35

    love that outfit…its so simple and so chic….


  36. ShoesForDessert Comment #36

    I love this look. Wish I had picked up that skirt when I saw it in the store now! You look stunning

  37. Michelle Elaine Comment #37

    you’re totes a mermaid out of water 😉


  38. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #38

    Love your floral cardi!

    Beautiful like always!


  39. nasia Comment #39

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your style!!! :)


  40. ponyhunter Comment #40

    lovely photos, that skirt is gorgeous and so unique! if i ever move out of my apartment and have a house with some outdoor space i really want a couple of cacti like those ones!!

  41. Lie Comment #41

    your skirt and the jacket are a perfect couple! You look brilliant! :)

    enjoy your day, xoxo


  42. B. Jones Style Comment #42

    I died over this skirt too! Love how it has that Dries look! You look AMAZING.. love the styling!

  43. Lady Moriarty Comment #43

    This is a very elegant and original outfit, i love the skirt

    See U !

  44. Neekoh Comment #44

    Wow, F21 finds?? Incredible. The skirt and the cardi are so perfect, especially together! Great finds :)


  45. Sabrina Comment #45

    great pictures :)

    visit & follow me:

  46. Natalie Comment #46

    i love this outfit so much! it’s so cute!

    and omg today was so much fun! i’m so glad we got to work together (and share our love for cute jews)! we have to hang more often! u r awesome! :)



  47. Sarah Steinhart Comment #47

    wow. absolutely beautiful jacket paired with your AMAZING silk skirt. i really need to take some chances with maxi skirts & dresses and you did it perfectly! i absolutely love your hair, also :)


  48. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #48
  49. Tori Comment #49

    Looking at your blog makes me want a front fringe (Americans might call them bangs?) again! You are so beautiful!

  50. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #50

    Gorgeous skirt! Love the silk.



  51. Style with Benefits Comment #51

    Jules, that is THE perfect maxi skirt. Such gorg pics. And I’m loving the shades of your hair!

    xx, becs

  52. The BB Comment #52

    Maxi skirts are one of my staples. I love how the silky fabric of this one pools at the bottom. Lovely.

  53. Sarah V. Comment #53

    Lovely cardigan!


  54. lusin lusin Comment #54
  55. agnes Comment #55

    un super look, j’adore ta jupe.
    Tu est magnifique

  56. tirade Comment #56

    Your hair is just super cute!! (She says desperately growing fringe…)

  57. Connie Comment #57

    Love the mix of colours.

    The Heartbreak

  58. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #58

    omg, i bought the same maxi last week! I was supposed to wear it in nyc for nyfw, but couldn’t for the life if me figure out how i wanted to style it. super inspired by you girly!

    xo Carlina

  59. Franco Fernandez Comment #59

    a chic grunge boho outfit haha love it! Franco x


  60. museplay Comment #60

    Love the skirt and the cardi, and the cactus background! :)

  61. brit Comment #61

    I have been tempted by that same skirt several times but wasn’t sure if it would fit well. It fits you perfectly! Great ensemble!

  62. Rebecca from See You in Sweden Comment #62

    I just want to obsess over this outfit I love it so much!

  63. Jessie Comment #63

    Oh my God, amazing outfit… I adore you !

  64. blue morning Comment #64

    Hey ur blog is so nice ! I really love it !
    Just have a look :)