September 2010


i’m so into you.

Silk maxi skirt + floral print cardi: F21, Nude tshirt: H&M, leather bag: All Saints,  Jewelry: random
photos by: my great friend rosie!

Been totally into this maxi silk skirt i picked up the other day- its the perfect length, 
it has sorta of a mermaid shape at the bottom, army color, silk, I mean it really has all the things
 I was looking for when I was searching for the perfect maxi skirt for fall. I’m sure
I won’t take this skirt off during the fall, but can’t blame me!

Can’t believe it’s already September! dang! Time flies…Fashion week is already here
and I can’t wait for all the cool parties this week for FNO. 
I have a party for all of you to attend to on Friday! 
Will post’s the killer KILL CITY partaaay!!
stay tuned!
big x


Strictly Business.

(front design, back side not shown)

Well hello there business cards! 
Finally arrived yesterday and I’m so excited to finally have business cards.
I absolutely fell head over heels over the design that the lovely
 veronica kindly designed for me.
The watercolor look with polka-dots? 
It has Julie written all over it.

thank you  V,

p.s I think it’s essential to have business cards especially if you do a lot of freelance work,
it’s one of the best ways to market, brand and advertise yourself.
So go ahead and start brainstorming on your design and get to them!
good luck!