Polka dot crop tank: Moschino, Silk polka dot shorts: Thrifted, Denim jacket: GAP, 
Bag: Alexander Wang, Strappy braided heels: Jessica Simpson
ph. by: asubtleapproach 

Hi!! I’m back and with polka-dots, again. My obsession with them will forever live and I always jump with 
joy when I come across something with that print. There’s a few  things that fill me with glee when it comes to 
clothes and polka-dots is definitely one of them. Went on a polka-dot craze when pairing these two together, but hey,
the more polka-dots the bettuuuur. 
Also, hello Alexander Wang Millie bag!! sigh.  Welcome to my collection of bags, which btw I can’t ever get
 enough of. Although, I’ve been trying to buy a black handbag, I always end up buying
a tan, grey or any other color, really frustrating.
 note to self: BUY BLACK HANDBAG.

I know it’s a bit early to be discussing halloween right now, but I’m already getting ahead start and planning my 
costume. I usually don’t really dress for it, but this year I plan to go all out. I have a couple of ideas,
but not really set on any. So please, throw some ideas my way!! 
Big thanks in advance.

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  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #1

    Love love love this outfit Jules!!!! So cute! And congrats for your new AWang! 😉


  2. MeganRose. Comment #2

    i just love the first and second photos…you’re so beautiful! i feel you on the black handbag thing but with me it’s shoes…i’ve seriously been needing a black pair for so long and for some reason have not bought one yet!

  3. Eli Comment #3

    I cant wait to grow my hair out until it looks like yours! it’s really a sickening process where I havent cut my hair in over a year!

    Halloween is just around the corner, everywhere I go ppl are selling decorations and costumes!

  4. Basilia Comment #4

    wow really love your polka-dot outfit! Never thought of pairing two polka-dotted garments together… i’m going to experiment with my polka-dots and see how it turns out ha ha.

    as for the halloween costume you could always go as zombie bride? haha goodluck!

    xoxo from Sydney

    – Baz

  5. Mila Comment #5

    Ooooh I am absolutely in love with those shorts.I have to stop buying everything with polka dots haha

  6. Shebelle Comment #6

    What do you have in mind for Halloween? Maybe a large lips drawn resemblance to Alexander McQueen runway look?

    Love your shoes btw :))

  7. Sissi Comment #7

    I looooove this look! this shoes are amazing, i am looking for a nice pair sincea while. and the shorts lovely!

  8. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #8

    Ahhh those shorts are the cutest. Love them paired with the denim jacket. And I’m in the exact same boat as you re: the black handbag dilemma. I always end up buying way too many tan/brown/cream handbags.

  9. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #9

    Always in love with your outfits!!!!!!!!!!


  10. cla-sib Comment #10

    ohh your dotted shorts are gorgeous!! love the outfit!

    xoxo claudia

  11. Fashion Intel Comment #11

    Such cute shorts Jules! Where did you thrift them from? I’m curious about your Halloween ideas, what are you thinking of right now?

  12. collagevintage Comment #12

    Love this outfit lady! the shorts are awesome. And your hair simply perfect 😉

    Big kiss

  13. HADAR COHEN Comment #13

    i just found your blog and i really love it! you have great style

    love your heels in this outfit :)

  14. Black cat girl Comment #14

    love the outfit!

  15. Jamie Comment #15

    The denim jacket is the perfect addition to this outfit! I see why you are obsessed with polka dots, they are amazing on you! The bag is to die for and I love the shoes!
    I have the opposite problem, too many black handbags, not enough grey or any other color!


  16. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #16

    Love the mix of polka dots, too cute! Your bag is amazing…

    XoXo-Kelli K

  17. Electro Geisha Comment #17

    found you through chictopia, and fell in love :) amazing blog and you have an amazing style…

  18. brit Comment #18

    I am also struggling with good costume ideas this year. But I love the polka dot combo ensemble. it works!


  19. Sofiaaa Comment #19

    love your outfit and I mean.. come on, who doesn’t love polka dots. I even have polka dots shoes! They make me happy everytime i look at it. hahah

    Anyway.. halloween outfits? Uhm… yeah,.. i dunno really. We don’t celebrate halloween in holland. So sad…ok, need to take a look at my sky high polka dot shoes and i’ll be happy again. What a dork am I. hahaha

    I probably sound like a 15yr old now, but I’m 22 fyi. hahah

    Sorry! Love your blog btw.

  20. Immelia Comment #20

    I like your outfitm,the jacket goes perfectly with the shirt and the shorts.

  21. bmach Comment #21

    Love your outfit!

  22. Liana Comment #22

    i love this, the mixed prints make it look eclectic and fun! those shoes are great and that bag…dont even get me started on how much i love your bag! haha, you can never have too many bags…i am the same, always buying bags but mine are always black and never colored!

  23. ♥ T ♥ Comment #23

    cute. I`m loving your shoes.

    xx T

  24. QuiteQuaint Comment #24

    i just found your blog through chictopia, i love your style, i can totally relate to the polka dot love! Especially in shorts form, i just want to wear shorts all the time at the moment. This pair is such a great thrift find.
    Im also insanely jealous of your gorgeous hair! x

  25. Nemesis Comment #25

    You look absolutely fab again!

  26. Sabby V Comment #26

    Love the outfit and the polka dots are so cute! The heels are great and I love the bag!

  27. Cindy Comment #27

    i’m the complete opposite when it comes to bags, i’m always drawn to black ones. i really love this look, the jean jacket is the perfect topper, ties it all together. i love the style of your shoes too, the thick crossing strap is so nice on the foot.

    i have to work on halloween so i have to wear a simpler costume. i’m going as a brunette sookie, i bought a merlottes uniform off hbo’s website. i love trueblood. it was a toss up between sookie/a dillion panthers cheerleader or hermione from harry potter. if i could be something more elaborate though i’d pick a sailor girl from sailormoon or hitgirl from kickass. i can’t wait to see what you choose.

  28. Anna Comment #28

    Wow this is a beautiful outfit. I especially love your shorts.

  29. Sofia Comment #29

    j’adore!!!! you are amazing i love eveything!!!! go ahead!!


  30. Prad Savania Comment #30

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    Your Pretty!!

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  31. caylee Comment #31

    that is seriously like the perfect bag! i’m the opposite though – i ALWAYS buy black bags! i need a tan one like this. preferrably wang :)

    and i can’t get enough of polka dots either. i’m wearing a polka dot blouse right now! i love how you pair the two prints together; they look amazing with the denim jacket.

    i wish i had halloween costume ideas for you…i’m searching for some myself, so i’ll likely be checking back to this post to see what others say! LOL.


  32. AlejandrA Comment #32

    Love your short! very good combination! and your bag is beautiful!

  33. She Wears, She Shares Comment #33

    Also into polka dot at the moment! I was thinking of going as ice cream this Halloween! Purchased some fabric identical to a waffle cone. Using white satin for the vanilla and a bunch of colored ribbons for the sprinkles. I hope the result wont be disastrous!

    Your bangs always fall PERFECTLY! :)

  34. B. Jones Style Comment #34

    THOSE SHORTS!!! Killer. Want them!

    I have the same situation with bags.. all my faves are brown tones.. I really need a great black one but haven’t found the perfect one yet!

  35. allthatshewants Comment #35

    in love with your shorts!!

  36. jamie-lee Comment #36

    I adore everything about this look, in particular those fabulous shoes!

    I decided my costume about.. 2 months ago, I’ve got it all lined up… you can tell I really get into it huh!


  37. wishful nals Comment #37

    love polka dots — and your hair! xxo

  38. www.majormusthaves.com Comment #38

    Always so simple and comfy but with great style. You look pretty.:)

  39. Becs Comment #39

    so gorgeous, J! the shorts are beyond perfect. was just in H&M yesterday and they have boyfriend polka dot cardigans and sheer blouses.

    xx, becs

  40. Annie Comment #40

    amazing shorts… I got some similar ones for £12 (river island sale thank you very mucho) but shorter and with black hearts on instaed of white dots

  41. Manon Comment #41

    Hello dear.
    I’m FRENCH and I’m totally addict of your blog. I think your style is very smart and ingenious. I give your blog to all of my friends who enjoy fashion. And all of them are crazy ’bout your style. GO JULES !!!!!!

  42. Danielle Barbe Comment #42

    just found your blog and fell in love a bit. new girl crush? i think so.

  43. The BB Comment #43

    Great outfit. I love the polka dots combo.
    I’m a polka dots fan as well, they are fun without being too cutesy.

  44. Hanna Comment #44

    Stunning outfit! I adore your bag!!


  45. Francesca Comment #45

    that purse is great


    http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  46. Bianca Comment #46

    this is mad cute, I love it!

  47. Stefani Comment #47

    love your outfit!!especially those polka dot shorts!Gorgeous!

  48. Antonia Comment #48

    You`re such a babe! Lalalaving the bag!

    x Nia


  49. Tugba Comment #49

    Love this style :) U look great

    G Sweety :)

  50. AZEDE Comment #50

    such a pretty blog, i love it and these shorts are so cool


  51. daydreaming + stargazing Comment #51

    i looovveee halloween! me + my friends start planning our outfits in julyy. 24364567987 ideas go by before i end up on a costume that turns out everyone planed on as well. so much for trying to be original. what are your ideas so far?

  52. Puck Litaay Comment #52

    This outfit is perfect, I love how you combined the polkadotted shorts (which are soo cute) with the jeans jacket. Makes it way more edgy, love it!


  53. Michelle Elaine Comment #53

    im so weird about buying black bags and shoes – i feel like they look wrong on me?? hence why i’ve got a bunch of browns, tans, and greys.

    i wanna try this polka dots on polka dots look!


  54. Natalie Comment #54

    you look soooo pretty here! i love the first pic! :)))



  55. Shell Comment #55
  56. A.n.E Comment #56

    You look so cute + loving the lens flares in the shot. Ps. those shorts – such an awesome find!

  57. Mary Comment #57

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Sintia Comment #58

    I love the entire outfit! from head to toe! And oh my, you have the greatest skin tone everrrrr!

  59. Lucy Comment #59

    wow, i love these photos so much!!
    Great outfit!

  60. WhitWatWear Comment #60

    love the photos and shorts!

  61. franca maisha Comment #61

    just found your blog and absolutely love it!! you’ve got a new follower :))


  62. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #62

    I am dying over that bag.

    and since I have always been a big fan of SJ, I’ve given you a “I love your blog” award…enjoy doll!

    xo Carlina

  63. Style Blvd Comment #63

    Loving the polka dots! And the bag! A must!


  64. Delmy Comment #64

    I love the color palette. Love the shorts!

  65. museplay Comment #65

    LOVE the polka dot mixing!

  66. it's tea time! Comment #66

    Omg this outfit is adorable! I loveee polka dots!!


  67. iole Comment #67

    happy new year!!!