hi leopard #2

Leopard silk blouse: Thrifted, jeans: JBrand,  faux fur vest: f21, boots: vintage

I’ve been busy going from costume store to costume store trying to figure out little details
to my halloween costume, except I’m not quite sure yet what I’m going to be,  I know I know… don’t judge.
I have two ideas in mind… a chic clown or a glam vamp. I have a clear vision for both, but it’s been
hard trying to execute it because I haven’t found the “right” items for each costume. 
Can’t decide on which, can you guys help me out here!?
Thanksss guys, you guys are really always so sweet.
Big X.
p.s oh, in LOVE with this silk colorful leopard blouse I picked up not long ago…its a refreshing piece
because of the bright and bold print.

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  1. Michelle Elaine Comment #1

    i vote glam vamp 😉 dark eyeshadow, dark blush, and dark lips… ooo lala


  2. Nita -Karoliina Comment #2

    Love the jeans!

    You are so gorgeous.

  3. DediLovesFashion Comment #3

    love this outfit. it’s perfect.

  4. We love the sweet life Comment #4

    I am in love with leopard pieces, always have been. I love this blouse. Its just a little bit different which makes it so much more interesting. The colour looks good on you! love it !


  5. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #5

    Adorable look!!!

    lovely <3

  6. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #6

    That blouse reminds me of a DVF print I saw not too long ago. Very nice faux fur, F21 is really stepping their game up :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  7. Chio Comment #7

    I really love your look!

  8. bravegrrl Comment #8

    your boots are perfect!

  9. Cindy Comment #9

    lovely outfit <3

  10. Jay Comment #10

    Love this! So 70’s and so cute :)


  11. Anonymous Comment #11

    Jules, you are so freakin cute. Love the vest, can’t believe its from forever, i’ll have to go on a hunt. Also been wanting to know and am finally going to ask, how in the world did you get your hair to look so cool? Love it! I know the grow out look has been in for a little while and I know its expensive to get it done professionaly but yours looks a little different and I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Are they peek-a-boo hightlights or what are they?? Thanks, would love to know! Jeany from Washington State :) kovtunjeany@yahoo.com

  12. Joy Comment #12

    Wow! This looks so 70’s and I love it! It looked like you went into the past…I wish I could live in the 70’s. Flower power, flaired jeans, big hair and much more

  13. MeganRose. Comment #13

    absolutely gorgeous! love this so much…i’n gonna get my lovestories out now 😉


  14. Violet Comment #14

    i really like the pattern and color on that top and how u mixed it with the faux fur. it has a nice boho feel

    you can be a chic vampire clown who is very glamourous lol. if you find a cape the vamp would be a clear DO with a nice pair of platforms.its a bit scary and sexy

    Vi from Cali

  15. Chiara TheMinette Comment #15

    LOVE THIS STYLE, SO 70S! <3 <3

  16. jadore Comment #16

    Cute outfit! The jeans are great on you!

  17. Daisy Comment #17

    You’re flawless.


  18. Francesca Comment #18

    you look STUNNING in that last picture. love the fur vest also


    Le Kiss Kiss

  19. Angy Comment #19
  20. oomph. Comment #20

    although i love vamps, interested in seeing the chic clown. great cuffs, by the way.

  21. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #21

    absolutely love the combo of the vest and the silk blouse! stunning!

  22. Anonymous Comment #22

    can you please list the type of j brand jeans they are. i’m trying to find them online and don’t know what kind you are wearing. thank you jules!

  23. Lainey Comment #23

    You look gorgeous. I love how the top is not your typical leopard. It’s very bright. The outfit is very Rachel Zoe, which I love.

  24. Jessica Comment #24

    i’d like to vote for glam vamp. you must be really gorgeous!
    and i love the way you pulled off that leopard printed top with fur vest!


  25. Jessica Comment #25

    i’d love to vote a glam vamp! you must be really gorgeous!
    i love the way you pulled off your leopard printed tee with fur vest!


  26. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #26

    Fur is really starting to grow on me!!! J’adoreeeee


  27. cla-sib Comment #27

    leo print is amazing and i love your combi with the faux fur vest!!! :)

    xoxo claudia

  28. Teresa Comment #28

    Love your leopard print pieces! Definitely a fun print I keep going back to!


  29. Kristel Louisa Comment #29

    Dear Jules,

    I really love how you mixed the colorful leopard top with fur vest. You really worked it out. You’re gorgeous as well!


  30. Mcmaris Comment #30

    love love love this outfit. that leopard blouse is so fab. I love how your bangs are darker than the rest of your lovely hair too!

  31. Anna Comment #31

    Totally a Chic clown. That would be so sweet and pretty. And aren’t we all a bit tired of the vampire thing? haha, you’d make a great chic clown.

    + lovely outfit. I just LOVE your bracelets.

  32. Joon. Comment #32

    I love your bracelets. And this vest is just awesome.


  33. Cindy Comment #33

    gorgeous look i love the retro vibe. i say vamp it up!

  34. brittin Comment #34

    I love this. that blouse is gorgeous… esp with the jeans and old boots! very cool


  35. María* Comment #35

    i like your blouse! very nice

  36. Anonymous Comment #36

    Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

  37. allthatshewants Comment #37

    i dont usually like leopard but that blouse is soo cool

  38. merciblahblah Comment #38

    That blouse is the sh!t, and even more so because it’s thrifted. LOVE it.

  39. jessie Comment #39

    Ditto with the Halloween dilemma!

  40. She Wears, She Shares Comment #40

    loving the orange and blue twist on this leopard print!

    I’m sure your costumes will end up looking great!

  41. Nathália Alves Comment #41

    you look so pretty !
    i adore you blog,
    check me out ….

    your hair is stunning!

  42. mac and mac Comment #42

    i can’t picture it exactly but love the sound of trying to be a chic clown!!
    the red leopard is a fresh twist on the traditional leopard print, i love!

  43. gabrielle Comment #43

    me encanta el outifit!
    te sigo desde ya!


  44. Ali S. Comment #44

    I love your blog! 😀

  45. briannelee Comment #45

    Love your top and outfit!!!! So cute!!!!!

  46. Karen Comment #46

    Love your blog!!! You have a uniquely wonderful style!!



  47. Jennifer Comment #47

    Im in love with the silk blouse! ESP THE FAUX FUR..You look amazing! AS ALWAYS :)

  48. Anonymous Comment #48

    Love the blouse and jeans! And you’ve got such a great skin and skin tone.. I’m jealous.

  49. Anonymous Comment #49

    i love your blog! :)

  50. STEFANIE Comment #50

    I love the colour of the leopard print! :) Hope you did find all you needed for your costume & had a great halloween!

  51. Becs Comment #51

    Hey lady! Love the vest. Everytime I see your hair, I wish I didn’t chop mine off! Gaahh.

    xx, becs

  52. IN3GUE Comment #52

    mm somehow I missed out this post! loooove flares on you! I got myself two paris last week for review job that I’m doing, stil thinking how Im gonna style them but I start liking them a lot haha ))))

    gonna be waiting for post about your hair too! as it’s always gorgeous!

    xx beautiful,


  53. Connie Comment #53

    Gorgeous blouse, love the colour.

    The Heartbreak

  54. Diana Comment #54

    I love this outfit again:)

    it´s really nice the mix of the vest with the print blouse..