In with the New:

(from aldo)
Bought these wedge-booties over the weekend and must say they are extremely comfy 
and they tend to go with absolutely errr-thang. I definitely recommend!
Still searching for the perfect flat boots though, any recommendations? Holla!

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  1. Violet Comment #1

    new shoes always go with everything lol. these are nice

    Vi from Cali

  2. bravegrrl Comment #2

    love these!

  3. Ruly Muse Comment #3

    ohh i love them………..
    Steve Madden usually have good flat boots…….
    I also like the changed on the title.


  4. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #4

    Ugggh these look perfect! I desperately need to get some wedge boots into my wardrobe.

  5. Enchanted Gardens Comment #5

    oh yes, please! :)
    they are gorgeous!

  6. kim Comment #6

    love these. glad to read such a good review. Now i want them :)

    clothes are cute

  7. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #7

    Simple & fantastic <3


  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    these are beautiful! I’m on the hunt for some black flat boots so let me know if you find any good ones 😉

    XoXo-Kelli K

  9. Leya Comment #9

    cute!! <3

  10. Alina Comment #10

    loves! these are some functional, yet adorable shoes.

    And the new banner, dreamy!

    Hope you’re great Jules!

  11. Lisa Lisa Lisa Comment #11

    Those are fantastic! I really really like them. You need to do an outfit post with them pronto.

  12. HADAR COHEN Comment #12

    those are fab, i have something similar from H&M but yours are much prettier with the wood platform

  13. Amanda Lalique Comment #13

    cute wedge shoes Jules. I also LOVE flat boots…..I just bought the Steve Madden Intyce in COGNAC and they go with everything…and are super comfy. (Also on sale now)


  14. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #14

    Beautiful booties!!!!


  15. Eugenia Vela Comment #15

    Just bought a great pair of OTK black suede flat boots from Steve Madden. Here’s a link:http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=51842&np=127_282-129_396-596

    But don’t base it on the online pic, you should try them on cause they look a loooot better in person! Also great in gray.

  16. sian Comment #16
  17. cla-sib Comment #17

    i saw them in the store but didn’t buy them, i hadn’t enough money with me 😉 they are really gorgeous!! :)

    xoxo claudia

  18. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #18

    I have something very similar and I wear it ALL THE TIME!!! 😀


  19. More than Mode Comment #19

    I loooove them!!!!

  20. Fashionstyle Comment #20


  21. Nemesis Comment #21

    O my those are really really really really gorgeous, envy!!!

  22. Jamie Comment #22

    I am in LOVE! These are sooo great!! I am dying for a pair of wedge booties!!


  23. Basilia Comment #23

    love the wedges!

    p.s also love the way you write on your blog. It’s short and simple yet still packed with personality!

    Lots of love,


  24. Duygu Comment #24

    Lovely wedges, thinking about getting similar ones. :)


  25. Nathália Alves Comment #25

    Hot wedge-booties I like that! I want this shoes too!
    love your blog!


  26. Maria Comment #26

    Gorgeous wedges. I’m still looking ones for me but till now I haven’t been that lucky. *

  27. Saaarah Comment #27

    really gorgeous wedges !


  28. Ashley [Free Honey] Comment #28

    Lovessss.I just bought very similar ones but grey and suede. i am also finding that they match pretty much everything.

    my newest flat boots are Seychelles. Super comfy.

    You can see them here:

  29. lefty Comment #29

    try franco sarto for flat boots. they seem to have a pretty good handle on the designs.

  30. Rachel Core Comment #30

    I love the sleek look of these wedges, I nice little break from all the lace up wedges and boots we are seeing this fall!

  31. caylee Comment #31

    i have these in my cart on aldoshoes.com – are we the same person?!?!?
    now your tempting me even more with these “extremely comfy” review.

    for the perfect flat boots, i recommend… asos.com! i got my “amigo” boots from there months ago and i wear them every.single.day.

  32. ~dM Comment #32

    Just got these from SM: http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=51537&np=127_282-129_396-595_604.

    Use code rmn20f for 20% off and free shipping! Happy shopping 😀

  33. allthatshewants Comment #33

    love them!!!

  34. Lisa Comment #34
  35. AngelliKay Comment #35

    amazing wedges!!!
    your one of my favourite bloggers


  36. ♥ LOLA ♥ Comment #36

    Those shoes are amazing!
    Aldo are has the best shoes at budget friendly prices

    Genevieve and LOLA Blog

  37. Stefani Comment #37

    Love those wedges!

  38. Jessica Comment #38

    yayyy finally found another beautiful blog!
    i like your style so much.
    and these wedges booties are to die for!


  39. Amalina Comment #39

    They do look really comfy!


  40. Melissa Comment #40

    love these shoes. might have to get them! also, I was thinking of these flat boots for this season–maybe you will love them too: http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=51728&np=127_282-261_432

  41. Jenn Comment #41

    do they run true to size??

  42. jess Comment #42

    *super loveeeee* your new wedge boots! they’ll go with so much!! :)

  43. brittin Comment #43

    great shoes. I just saw some gorgeous flat boots in the j.crew catalog, if you can handle the price. pretty steep…but amazing!!


  44. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #44

    I love this and you’ll definitely be getting so much use out of them. I have a similar pair and I wear them more than I want to! 😉

  45. Enchanted Gardens Comment #45

    they are perfect! :)

  46. Morn Comment #46

    I have their knockoff YSL ones, which are similar to yours, except with a heel. I love Aldos and you!:)

  47. jamie-lee Comment #47

    I really love these – they remind me a little of the acne wedges I am currently lusting after… x


  48. MeganRose. Comment #48

    caylee just reminded me how bad i needed these…so sad because after you posted this, these were no where to be found. do you know the name of this style?
    ps, i discovered natalie & dylana through your blog not too long ago and it was really nice to see a collabo with the 3 of you! you all are so lovely…


  49. Dina's Days Comment #49

    There’s nothing like a pair of wedged boots. I got a pair from DSW very similar to these, and I just love them!

  50. Susan Chuang Comment #50

    Comfortable and good-looking wedge shoes, I love them. I am also going to buy a new pair at http://www.upere.com/products_new.html.