its plain to see.

Blouse: F21, Skinny jeans: random, Belt: F21, Wedges: Joe’s 
Bag: See by Chloe, Sunglasses: Vintage
photos by: asubtleapproach*  
Sometimes the simplest colors and pieces are the ones can make statement.
Although this outfit is rather plain, I love that it is, because I don’t always
dress all fancy. We sometimes tend to get caught up in crazy things, like
clothes and other material stuff, and while those things ALWAYS make me happy,
I know that i have to step back and realize there’s bigger issues than worrying about
what outfit to wear.
plain is sometimes more.

p.s thanks for all the sweet comments,
as for the last post, I got that blinged out necklace at F21
+ the jacket at wasteland.

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  1. Delmy Comment #1

    I say this a lot, but I just LOVE your hair. And I love your top!

  2. Tonya Comment #2

    Looks like a nice comfy outfit. Love the shoes.

  3. Liana Comment #3

    i looove this minimalist look, the jewelry stands out so much and really makes the outfit pop and look so chic!
    ps. you have really pretty hair :)

  4. caylee Comment #4

    well said sister!
    simple is always better anyway :)
    you look ahhhmazing.

  5. MeganRose. Comment #5

    you’re so good at making a ‘simple’ outfit stand out. i appreciate the ability to show style even through simplicity.


  6. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #6

    I’m looking for this shirt exactly with long sleeves! :)
    P.S: I’m having a cool blogger T giveaway, I hope you can join! :)


  7. cla-sib Comment #7

    love the blouse with the collar.. looks gorgeous!

    xoxo claudia

  8. She Wears, She Shares Comment #8

    I agree! While I love to shop and go gaga over clothes/accessories, there are days where I don’t want to care about fashion and I think it’s a good thing, sort of a reality check.

    ..but I do <3 that top of yours. :)
    Modest, yet chic and sexy still

  9. MâRTä Comment #9

    It’s simple, but faboulous! Great look!

  10. Annachiara Comment #10

    wow,you’re woonderfull!!!!

  11. C Comment #11

    The sharp pointy collars are great, I love the shirt! Looking beautiful.

  12. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #12

    Love the accessories <3

    Perfect outfit :D*

    Ivânia Diamond*

  13. collagevintage Comment #13

    Love it! simple and perfect. BAsic colors are always great option.

    Big kiss.


  14. Nemesis Comment #14

    awesome! love the jewelry =)

  15. HADAR COHEN Comment #15

    great pics, i love love your shoes, urban chic is what i adore

  16. Anonymous Comment #16

    I love the way you write. what a smart woman you are! Ur awesome!

  17. Jony Comment #17

    Amazing outfit love the top with the black skinny jeans! You look gorgeous as always.

  18. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #18

    Love this outfit & how you made it a little edgy with the belt & wedges :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  19. Nathália Alves Comment #19

    Your hair is so pretty, love your looks we have the same style!


    back there!

  20. Kristel Louisa Comment #20

    Dear Jules,

    I totally love this outfit. It looks lovely on you. And those wedges are fantastic.

    p.s: love your hair!


  21. Robin West Comment #21

    I love the look of this! Very chic & classic, with a little ‘umpf’ with that tough belt. Just what I love.


  22. Jamie Comment #22

    I totally agree that sometimes plain is good. You really add something with the accessories though. That belt gives it something extra.


  23. Anonymous Comment #23

    Great simple outfit!
    I was wondering what lipstick you are wearing, it looks fanstastic!

  24. Juliette Comment #24

    This look is amazing ! I’m in love with your blog ! XOXO – http://queenjuls.blogspot.com

    (I’M FOLLOWER NOW ! 😉 ).

  25. Suzanne Comment #25

    plain is good, cause it looks pretty amazing!

  26. Ivanka Comment #26

    You look so cute….*_*

  27. Michelle Elaine Comment #27

    the 2nd photo tricked me… i was like what is that on jules’ arm? but ugh totally makes me think you should get it inked just like that – it’d look rad!!


  28. Jay Comment #28

    simple and chic. Always loved a black and white outfit :)


  29. bravegrrl Comment #29

    i totally agree…. i tend to wear things i like into the ground and that helps me not to think about it too much… if you find things you love and keep with simple classic looks then it gives you time to think about the important stuff :)

  30. Amrie Girls Comment #30

    i love the outfit and absolutely agree that there is something perfect in a minimalist ensemble!!

    what is that nail polish?? i love it!! {jacqueline}

  31. maduixetes surprise Comment #31

    Lovely blouse!you can see me in my blog:http://maduixetessurprise.blogspot.com/!xoxo

  32. maduixetes surprise Comment #32

    Lovely blouse!you can see me in my blog:http://maduixetessurprise.blogspot.com/!xoxo

  33. Amalina Comment #33

    So true, I think most of the time I dress pretty plainly…love your shoes!


  34. Michelle Goldie Comment #34

    Lovely top!

    Check out the Goldie A/W Collection..x


  35. MELISSA Z. Comment #35

    Love your style, you’re soooo cute!
    Great blog! <3


  36. Kathleen Carla. Comment #36

    beautiful outfit! love the pink top so much! and your wedges are gorgeous. always such lovely style. <3

  37. Hippie Fruit Comment #37

    Love the bracelets and outfit in gerneral!!! Pure Adoration

  38. Dylana Suarez Comment #38

    Perfect from head to toe!


  39. Lucy Comment #39

    You look really gret!! I love the top.

  40. S + Y Comment #40

    You look adorable!!!!!! That blouse is precious! And girl, you have the most amazing hair. LOVE!


  41. Anna Comment #41

    Perfect from head to toe!

  42. oomph. Comment #42

    amazing collection of bracelets.


  43. B. Jones Style Comment #43

    Love the buttoned to the top tank blouse! So cute on you!

  44. OnTheRacks Comment #44

    I love your style! I can’t believe that blouse is F21 – its like the perfect basic shirt! They really surprise me sometimes :)

  45. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #45


  46. Emmett Katherine Comment #46

    I like the simplicity of the pieces in this outfit (black and white, skinny jeans and tailored blouse) and how you add personality through accessories.

    This I think, is my favourite outfit of all the ones yuo’ve posted on your site!