STYLIT launch party!

I was invited by the amazing fashion stylist/editor Beth Jones to come celebrate the launch
of her new book, STYLIT a daily fashion planner, with other bloggers!
It was held at the most coolest showroom/studio called Quail in Long Beach where Beth had
set up tables with flower vases, the latest fashion magazines, markers, scissors, and our own STYLIT book…
oh! how can I forget, our seating card had an illustration of each blogger (2nd photo above),
liked how they drew me in my favorite dress, too!
I was very excited when she first told me about the book because I wanted to get my hands
on a copy since I always write down outfit ideas, inspiration, wishlists, to-do lists on my blackberry
or my planner…but always wanted a planner that was more fashion related then here comes STYLIT,
now I can do all of that in this book plus add/make collages to help me get inspired, genius!
Anyway, it was a lot of fun hanging out with my best friends and enjoying the book/party!

Already started jotting down outfit ideas/wishlist, very excited to have this book with me at all times,
it will definitely keep me on check as far as ideas/inspiration/reminders go.
Thank you Beth and congratulations once again!! Wish you all the success!
*for info on when to buy STYLIT contact or visit Beth’s blog.
*thank you to beth and all involved :
Quiksilver Women 
Posh Paperie 
mars studio
buffalo exchange
Laurel Dailey 
p.s Announcing the winner of the Kiera bag later today, so stay tuned!

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  1. Cylia Comment #1

    ohh thats so amazing! seeing you had lots of fun I bet:)! and that drawing is so cool.. how personal:)



  2. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #2

    Very nice pics!!

    lovely :D*

  3. Mila Comment #3

    Oh wow,looks like so much fun!

  4. Cucu Comment #4

    Your shirt looks amazing! Or is it a jacket/blazer? Where did you get this beauty???


  5. Enamodeuse Comment #5

    I really love yur jacket, is so beautiful..!


  6. Joy Comment #6

    Looks amazing! I love your whole outfit. And I wish I could walk on those wedges you are wearing…

  7. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #7

    awesome, I have a small black book where I write down everything inspiring, but that book is too cute :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  8. B. Jones Style Comment #8

    Thanks for the amazing post! Loved hanging out with you!

  9. Francesca Comment #9

    that jacket is out of this world!!!

    http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– ENTER MY VALENTINO GIVEAWAY!!

  10. Amy Comment #10

    This looks like so much fun and I love the hand-drawn portrait! You look gorgeous.


  11. Meggstatus Comment #11

    It was so fun meeting you at the party! Although, I feel like we only really started our chit chatting about 10 minutes before we all left, but that only means that we need to meet up soon so we can continue our conversation.

    PS I’m still contemplating opening a twitter and have put the boyfriend to work designing a business card. :)


  12. Mcmaris Comment #12

    Love your tie dyed looking top! Looks like a really awesome event. I’d love to get my hands on that book!

  13. allthatshewants Comment #13

    your look is great!!!

  14. Joon. Comment #14

    Looks like so much fun, darling. And it looks like a great book. Your jacket is killer!


  15. Gold and Jewels Comment #15

    I’m glad you liked the little sketch i did of you! It was nice to meet you <3

  16. Michelle Elaine Comment #16

    where can i get a copy of stylit? im super intrigued and feeling like i gotta have it asap!

    AND who is the cutie in the black polka dotted blouse?! i have a crush! omg she is super kawaii!!


  17. Alina Comment #17

    this is a great idea by Beth, looks like a fun night!

    Best :)

  18. Fashion Intel Comment #18

    You and Jadene are looking so cute I want to squeeze your cheeks!

  19. Adrianna Traxler Comment #19

    Looked like a fun night out…I’m in love with your jacket…it’s gorgeous. Where did you get it??

  20. caylee Comment #20

    so pretty in your H&M jacket :)
    and i need that book!

  21. flor Comment #21

    Loving your blazer, the color is amazing and since you are tan, it looks HOT on you!
    Flor de Maria

  22. brittin Comment #22

    How fun… I love B. Jones style.. she’s amazing! I have that same awesome tye-dye green cropped blazer….love to see how you’re wearing it.. it’s fab:))


  23. The Owl's Closet Comment #23

    Omgosh, what a fun event! I definitely need a similar book:) Love your outfit, Jules!


  24. Belle de Couture Comment #24

    I just came across your blog and I adore it. Your style is phenom. :)

    Following && added you to my blog “Lovelies” list.



  25. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #25

    you look beautiful, are those Jeffery Campbell’s on your feet? I think I just got the same ones, but in leopard print…rarr!

    have a fab weekend!

  26. Song of Style Comment #26

    aw doll i miss u!
    btw one of the girls looks ALOT like u!!!!!

  27. bravegrrl Comment #27

    looks like tons of fun!

  28. Anonymous Comment #28

    where is your fabulous blazer from?

  29. Anna Comment #29

    That blazer looks perfect on you, I was thinking about getting it but I wasn’t sure how to combine it, now I might have to rethink my decision 😉
    Btw, you are stunningly beautiful, I just love your smile ♥