Alpine Girl.

Blouse, cut-off shorts, clutch: vintage // Sweater: F12 //  Adair hiking boots : Gifted 80%20 
photos by: asubtleapproach* 

Forgot what it’s like to take photos with a disposable camera, so I bought one today and I’m so excited to use it!
A few years back I was obsessed with them and had tons of photos in different photo albums, now that everythings
so digital, I hardly print my pictures, lazyness perhaps? Yeah maybe. 
So I’m going to make an effort to print my photos now, at least the ones that
I truly love, instead of having them just stored in my desktop. #thingsineedtoworkon 

Will post my photos from the disposable camera once they’re developed…
btw, LOVEEE my new boots! !! ah!
Totally recommend!
thanks 80%20!
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  1. Eli Comment #1

    oooh fair isle! wasnt it D&G that just did a whole fair isle runway? love it!

  2. Las Lolicas de ayer, hoy y siempre Comment #2

    I love this outfit!!!!!! You are wonderful!!!!


  3. Lluvia Comment #3

    Love the sweater & beautiful clutch!


  4. Alina Comment #4

    too cute as usual Jules! And I completely do the same thing, I can’t remember the last time I printed my photos : /

  5. Delmy Comment #5

    Super cute. I love the cardigan and I tried on those boots in brown suede. Def cute!

  6. Leya Comment #6

    i love your sweater..
    totally captured my eyes..hehe
    you look amazing!! =)

  7. Joon. Comment #7

    I LOVE that cardigan. Its amazing.


  8. Amalina Comment #8

    Love the print of your sweater…though it would be too hot to wear one where I’m from, I love it anyway!


  9. gabrielle Comment #9

    there’s little compared to the mystery of photos about to be developed from a real camera. cant wait to see them. LOVE that sweater- i thought it was vintage!


  10. lydiajoy Comment #10

    Love this!


  11. Copious Couture Comment #11

    Love this look!!!! youlook amazing… and i am jealous you are still wearing shorts! We are defiantly well into fall up here in toronto!


  12. Daisy Comment #12

    I really like your boots too! Their waaaaay awesome! Your sweater is adorable too, I like it! You always just look so effortlessly amazing!!! You just have it. :)


  13. Shebelle Comment #13

    you look so cute and adorable :)) xox

  14. Jay Comment #14

    I LOVE this! That cardi is perfect :)


  15. Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) Comment #15

    love that cardigan to death.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  16. Loure Comment #16

    Love this outfit, especially the boots <3
    I agree with the whole everythings digital nowadays, I might pick up a disposable camera too!


  17. thrifted Comment #17

    this is such an amazing ensemble, Jules!


  18. Natalie Suarez Comment #18

    super cute! i loooovee ur sweater! :)


  19. Liana Comment #19

    i love this look, kinda a mix between fall and end of summer outfit…those boots are awesome!
    i need to start printing out pictures too, i have thousands on my computer and it’s so annoying to hunt through them just to find the ones i really like…i suppose i could just organize them better? 😛

    Beauty Bag 411

  20. Mayumi Comment #20

    i love the whole outfit, especially the cardigan!

  21. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #21

    You are always beautiful!!! lovely style!

  22. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #22

    Love the look of this. The red clutch adds a nice dash of colour to the outfit too. Can’t wait to see your photos. Disposable cameras are so fun. I’ve recently become addicted to them. Although I still don’t print the photos out… I just scan the negatives… so they’re still all on my desktop anyway haha.

  23. Eden Comment #23

    love your outfit, everything:)))

  24. Anonymous Comment #24

    did you make your “hello” icon on your side bar or did u get it from a site? i know real random!

  25. HADAR COHEN Comment #25

    love it all, you have such a great style

  26. MeganRose. Comment #26

    i love the third to the last and last photos! you’re absolutely gorgeous and your hair looks so pretty! i was just checking out your tumblr, i love it…such inspiring photos!

    megan rose.

  27. We love the sweet life Comment #27

    The sweater looks so comfy. I love it!

  28. bravegrrl Comment #28

    love the sweater!

  29. Cylia Comment #29

    wow. these are so great. the light behind you! darn. great setting:)



  30. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #30

    very cute outfit!!

    love the cardigan and shorts <3


  31. noura. Comment #31

    you’re actually insanely pretty

  32. The Owl's Closet Comment #32

    What a cozy outfit, especially the sweater!! Oh wow, I haven’t used a disposable camera in ages! I’m with ya, I was a big fan, too. I keep forgetting to print pics that I like, as well lol Perhaps one of those photo printers would help:) Cute new header, btw!


  33. Fashion Fabrice Comment #33

    great sweater/cardi! Just an amazing outfit!

  34. Nita -Karoliina Comment #34

    Fantastic look head to toe!

  35. Jes Comment #35

    love this outfit lady x

  36. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #36

    LOve this look on you, it really suits you :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  37. Iris Castro García. Comment #37


  38. Grace Comment #38

    I’ve been wanting that sweater. And strangely enough, I also just bought my first disposable camera in years! I forgot how exciting it is waiting to see the prints and not knowing what too expect.

    Love Grace.

  39. Anna Jane Comment #39

    ah, those boots are amazing! you look gorgeous.

    xx http://seejaneworkplaylive.blogspot.com

  40. Annie Comment #40

    gorgeoud caridgan… I have been searching for a similar one but my search has not been successful… this is why we need f21 in the uk!!

  41. CHRISTINA Comment #41


  42. Fashion Intel Comment #42

    Love your sweater Jules! I hope we’ll be hanging soon! xoxo NJ

  43. Café Bouclé Comment #43

    I love your cardigan in partcular.
    kisses from my newborn blog

  44. Anonymous Comment #44

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  45. jamie-lee Comment #45

    You look absolutely beautiful! Everytime I see shots of you all I can usually think is omg how perfect is her hair?

    Anyway, love the outfit, great look x


  46. Sarah V. Comment #46

    Lovely look!

    Your blog is very nice ^^



  47. kim Comment #47

    awesome sweater. Love the banner!

    clothes are cute

  48. Death By Shoe Comment #48

    Ooooh love those boots! Great sweater too :) -Danielle


  49. Giovanna ♥ Comment #49

    Lovely blog! I love your outfit!!
    Boho Market Blog

  50. Kendr▲ Comment #50

    Love your blog, so amazing :)
    Hope you can check out mine!

  51. Julie Comment #51

    your skin in the post Halloweenin’. looks so adorable! Which make-up do you use? :)

  52. Gorgeous Clara Comment #52

    that´s a perfect outfit! and I agree with you on the camera issue…

  53. Sebastian Kubatz Comment #53


    I found your blog on streetinspiration and I really love your style.
    Keep it up.

    really inspiring

    new pics every monday:


  54. caylee Comment #54

    every single thing you have on is so so perfect!! must buy this sweater asappppP!

  55. jennie going west Comment #55

    i absolutely envy your hair. it is PERFECT. seriously.

  56. Duygu Comment #56

    youre so adorably chic. <33


  57. Maria Comment #57

    You’re so gorgeousss. I like your blog.
    Here’s mine, tell me what you think if you find the time: http://hotandfun.blogspot.com/ :)

  58. Serena P. Comment #58

    Love your style! Such an inspiration! I follow YOu!

  59. allthatshewants Comment #59

    greta look, the sweater is amazing

  60. Anonymous Comment #60

    looooooovveee it! great jewerly and clutch!

  61. Emmi Comment #61

    you’re so beautiful,the knit is cool!

  62. Biaa Comment #62

    I LOVE the sweater! I especially love how you paired it with denim shorts. Cute outfit :)


  63. designstiles Comment #63

    I bought this sweater immediately after seeing this post. It arrived today and am wearing it now.

  64. FASHION CHALET Comment #64

    Super cute, Jules!


  65. Anonymous Comment #65

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  66. Xavie Comment #67

    came here via via and glad it happend.

    the outfit right here i absolutely feeling it.