Sweater: f21 // Polka-dot silk blouse: Cotton On //  Silk Equestrian trousers : gifted from Lulu*s // Adair boots: gifted 80%20 // Bag: See by Chloe
photos by: my girl rosie

Trouser pants have always caught my eye but have always been unsuccessful in buying any that fit properly
or that were flattering to my body, therefore I don’t really own ANY, sad I know. Received these trousers
from Lulu*s and I’m literally so in love, especially because I wanted to switch from always wearing jeans.
So excited to have these in my wardrobe now and dress them up or down…. love how the oversize
sweater (btw my new fav for fall) balances out the trousers to give it more of a laid-back/comfy look.
note: i poked holes onto the end sleeves of the sweater to keep my hands from freezing and so glad I did because now
I don’t have to spend money on gloves/mittens.
try it!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe…

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  1. LeRae Comment #1

    I love your hair and that oversized sweater~ You look fabulous!!!
    vanilla with sprinkles

  2. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #2

    Love the whole look! The trousers with the sweater is just a perfect combination :)
    You are gorgeous
    Flor de Maria

  3. Adrianna Traxler Comment #3

    Pure perfection! I love the whole look. It looks quite comfy : )

  4. Shebelle Comment #4

    Looking cute!

  5. Hippie Fruit Comment #5

    Love the outfit!! & yes those trouser pants do look stunning on you! Congrats! Happy thanksgiving to you too! x

  6. alannah. Comment #6

    i have the worst luck with trouser pants as well! i either look frumpy or like im heading off for work.. which isnt exactly the look im trying to hit.
    just wanted to point out to you though, how awesome your hair looks! & you look so snuggly & warm wrapped up in that scarf.x

  7. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #7

    Lovely polka-dot blouse!!!!


  8. beneath the glass Comment #8

    Hi Jules! Def. following you, i love your style. This outfit is so cute and cozy looking. I love the oversized cardigan, what size did you get it in? You have awesome hair, too :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Beneath the Glass

  9. Cintia Comment #9

    girl you look so pretty! (:
    I really love this cosy outfit!

  10. Daisy Comment #10

    Very cute and laid back outfit! I love what you did to your sweater! I have like a couple of thermals that have the little hole like that on the end of the sleeve. Well I hope you have a delicious thanksgiving! Take care! :)


  11. Julia Comment #11

    you look amazing. I really like your style.

  12. paperwhales Comment #12

    Everything about this outfit is perfect. The pattern of the shirt, the oversized sweater, cuffed up trousers, and boots. I love every component.


  13. Maryjane Comment #13

    I totally agree, with everything! I love trousers too buy have the hardest time finding proper fitting ones, or a cut that looks great on. When I find them, I grab them! I love the slouch of the oversized sweater. Fabulous color contrasts too. You never disappoint!

    Maryjane xoxo

  14. We love the sweet life Comment #14

    I love your outfit!
    I am not really into dots, but it looks good on you!
    Happy thanksgiving!!!

  15. HelenV Comment #15

    Jules, i dont think i have ever wanted your hair more, i know you get loadsa comments on it but its amaze, how do you create those waves?????
    and that see by Chloe bag is brilliant!!! xxxx

  16. fashion.gossipmk Comment #16

    Your style is amazing! I love your dots :) and shoes are so cool!

  17. Carrousel de la Mode Comment #17
  18. Cindy Comment #18
  19. bmach Comment #19

    Loooove the post!

  20. Emy Comment #20

    Great outfit!! The pants look great on you! I’m still struggling with pairing the pants with the right shoes, not just heels.



  21. CHRISTINA Comment #21


  22. gabrielle Comment #22

    love the simplicity of this look.

  23. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #23

    Great look, love the DIY gloves 😉

    XoXO-Kelli K

  24. Lluvia Comment #24

    you have such great style!


  25. Nerdic.. Comment #25

    love your cardi! AMAZING!
    I need a F21 here in Holland! Damn!

  26. Nita -Karoliina Comment #26

    Your hair is just incredible!

    Love the look.

  27. Biaa Comment #27

    I love your whole outfit! You look fantastic!

  28. simplyhope Comment #28

    I LOVE lulus and the trousers are GREAT! Such a Chic look:)

  29. Pookie Comment #29

    Haha I would be too chicken to poke holes in such a lovely cardigan! The trousers look lovely on you :)


  30. l'habitué Comment #30

    Genius idea! That sweater seems perfect now.
    And the trousers suit you really well.


  31. crazy pig Comment #31

    I love this outfit, looks so distressed! Great pants, sweater, everythin’.
    see you!

  32. The Pursuit of Fashion Comment #32

    i love your hair and sweater! :)

  33. moded'amour Comment #33

    Great outfit, love the sweater!!

  34. HelenV Comment #34

    Thank you so much love for my blog comment! I am going to try the hair styling tonight!!! that was so sweet and i appreciate it. im going to have to do it with my GHDS until i get a curling iron!! Ill let you know how it goes!!

    loves xoxo



  35. Aoife Comment #35

    I love the outfit and your hair is amazing.. Do you dye it yourself? what shade is it?

  36. TresLunas Comment #36

    love your blog, now im following =) would you follow me?

  37. franca maisha Comment #37

    love it!! and you’re hair is always perfect… :)


  38. Mrs. Curiosity Comment #38

    love the shoes :)

  39. Mode.Karussell Comment #39

    wow :) Your style is so amazing. I wish i would have the same money to buy all these clothes.
    Didn’t you pay the world for all this?

    Love. Mimi

  40. JoeyAna Comment #40

    love the oversized sweater!

  41. A.n.E Comment #41

    Yes, the pants are awesome – love the rolled up cuff and 7/8(?) length 😉

    ps thumbhole knits are the best!

  42. Material Attention Comment #42

    love your fan, you look chic as always.


  43. allthatshewants Comment #43

    the pants like that give the touch!!

  44. jess Comment #44

    beautiful shots! your polka dot blouse is adorable <3

  45. She Wears, She Shares Comment #45

    Love how you’ve been keeping warm lately!

    I’ve been freezing and looking for inspiration on layering for keeping warm! This is perfect! J.Crew catalogs are great too!


  46. MeganRose. Comment #46

    another cute outfit! i love your hair so much, it’s so long. hope you had a nice thanksgiving! did you do black friday? so curious to know what you got 😉


  47. Diyanah R. Comment #47

    I KNOW RIGHT ! About the pants thing haha. They always make me look big in the most unnecessary places :/ hmph still on the look out for one ! mwaha

    P.S how did you get your hair to be two-toned like that ? Did you grow it out or went to the salon to get it that way ?


  48. Holier than Now Comment #48

    happy thanksgiving to you my dear! love your header xoxo

  49. berciana Comment #49

    beautyful jacket!!!!1


  50. Supergirl Comment #50

    I love your blog, Im your new follower!

  51. Dylana Suarez Comment #51

    Hey girl! You look amazing in dots! And I love these shoes! I just ordered them off 80’s purple and I cannot wait to get them! Hope they fit me, though, or else I will be a very sad girl! hehe



  52. snazzyfresh Comment #52

    As someone who’s short and wardrobe taken over by casual-professional clothes ever since i started working, this is something I could definitely wear thats got style without looking over dressed (I work in a lab). Thanks!

  53. French Wings Comment #53

    your polka dot blouse is amazing! and your coat too, love your blog :)

  54. Ashley Comment #54

    loveeee your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll!!! add my blog in your list..ill add yours!!! kisses!

    My Face Hunter – Latest Street Style, Editorials and Fashion Trends

  55. Anonymous Comment #55

    desperately trying to find that sweater online. could you help out? thanks so much! xo

  56. Fashion Intel Comment #56

    What a cozy sweater!

  57. alishayi Comment #57

    I adore your hair! Amazing outfit xxx

  58. Connie Comment #58

    Adore this look. The perfect winter outfit.

    The Heartbreak

  59. Cait Comment #59

    I love this outfit, everything balances each other out perfectly. I definitely will be on the hunt for an over-sized sweater like that. Creative mittens!


  60. LIE Comment #60
  61. OnTheRacks Comment #61

    WHAT! That sweater is F21? OMG it’s perfect. I need to go there this weekend.

    Love this outfit — you are looking adorable as always. Your hair is so pretty! :)

  62. Lara Comment #62

    Oh my God!! Your blog is amazing!! Following since now :)


  63. caylee Comment #63

    so so perfect jules, everytime!
    this sweater is to die for! forever 21 hit it on the nose with this one. now all i need to do is find it!