Opted for the chic-ghost-clown.
crazy, fun weekend.

hope you guys enjoyed halloween!
*So behind on emails/comments, will reply this week!!

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  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #1

    Oh I thought you were Alexa Chung!!! 😀


  2. augustlovers Comment #2

    well, you definitely pull off the chic-ghost-clown! love it :)

  3. gabrielle Comment #3

    you and your friends are adorable! i love your collar, did you make it yourself?


  4. Amalina Comment #4

    All the halloween outfits/posts I’ve seen so far has made me curious about how people actually get their make-up done…so skillful and perfectly executed! Love the frankenstein costume!


  5. Lie Comment #5

    awww those were great outfits!
    love the minimouse :))
    soo beautiful!!
    one of the last photos…is it edward scissor hands? cool!

    love&rockets, Lie

    PS: I’ll have a giveaway soon when I reach 100 followers, so check out my blog, follow and get the chance to win soon!xo

  6. ♥ T ♥ Comment #6

    Wow. such a cute outfit. I need to write it down somewhere for any dressing-up party in the future!:)

    xx T

  7. Nita -Karoliina Comment #7

    Ha,ha! You guys looked great!

  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    great photos, love edward scissor hands, how awesome!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  9. Candypop Comment #9

    The eye makeup is killller <3 and the outfits are cuteeee

  10. Annalee Comment #10

    I love your shirt! Can you tell where you got it from?

  11. allthatshewants Comment #11

    all of you were so perfect!!

  12. mac and mac Comment #12

    you guys all look great!! your make up looks unbelievable!!

  13. Fatima Comment #13

    lovely costume!


  14. jadore Comment #14

    Love the costume! Looks like alot of fun, I love halloween!

  15. I'M ALIVE DANCING NAKED Comment #15
  16. Michelle Elaine Comment #16

    love it! wheres the sequin number from!? AND who is the meanie mouse cutie? im crushing!!


  17. Café Bouclé Comment #17

    woOw! amazing costumes!
    I saw your blog and I think you have a great style and I think you are very pretty: you remember me Jennifer Lopez.
    Well, now I’m one of your followers! :)
    this is my newborn blog –> http://cafe-boucle.blogspot.com/
    I would be very honoured, if you took a look on it.

  18. Fashion Intel Comment #18

    You gals look so cute!

  19. Natalie Suarez Comment #19

    wow! u look so pretty in that outfit! i lovvee it! cute post! wish i coulda been there! :)


  20. IN3GUE Comment #20

    hahaha eye make-up on the first photos reminds me of myself! have u been trying to make fun of me? hahaha ))))))

    you didn’t miss a chance to be stylish and beautifl even on Halloween :) ADORE you!


  21. caylee Comment #21

    i love it! perfect little costume. your makeup is so good, and the little hearts are such an awesome touch!

    i love cute/original/not at all slutty costumes. you and all of your friends nailed it!


  22. Fashion Monstre Comment #22

    i adore your costume! and i love how you and your friends really give it your all when dressing up for halloween!!!

  23. Delmy Comment #23

    I ADORE your Clown chic costume. So cute!! and your friend as minnie mouse was adorable as well.

  24. Allergic to Vanilla Comment #24

    I like chic clown- way better than scary clown!!

    I went as Frida n have photos to prove!!

    xo Carlina

  25. Sylvia Comment #25

    i can’t see the pics.. :( i need your inspiration for halloween.. 😉