Icy Cold.

Shearling jacket + grey sweater: F21 // Beanie: H&M // Aviator sunglasses: Vintage // Bag: See by Chloe
Yesterday was the first time I actually felt sooo cold, cold enough to layer just about anything…
Spent the day in Santa Monica and although I left empty handed, I love spending time there..
it always feels so refreshing there.
p.s Need help with kitchen inspiration… send any cool links my way with awesome kitchen design,
preferably kitchens that have an island! Thanks!!
big x!

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  1. Gorgeous Clara Comment #1

    love the layering!

  2. Mcmaris Comment #2

    Love the outfit!! Very cute

  3. paperwhales Comment #3

    I can’t wait until it gets super cold in San Diego! I loveee layering up


  4. Jennifer Comment #4

    You look so chic even in colder climates! Loving the shades and your coat!


  5. RaceforProsperity Comment #5

    killer look! love it!

  6. Hippie Fruit Comment #6

    Yummiieee love your jacket!! Those things hold exceptionally warm I hear!! xx

  7. CHRISTINA Comment #7

    Love love love it!
    Great jacket and sweater!

  8. stilgerecht Comment #8

    you look great!

  9. gabrielle Comment #9

    that sweater is awesome. need to get one. check out dwell magazine- they always have great kitchen designs.


  10. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #10

    Looks great! You look so layered up and cosy. As for kitchen inspiration… so many images are running through my head right now but I’m afraid I haven’t bookmarked any 😐

  11. AlejandrA Comment #11

    wow I love your look!

  12. AlejandrA Comment #12

    wow I love your look!

  13. Aimee Comment #13

    Gorgeous! I love the outfit.

  14. Diana Comment #14

    that jacket is from f21?? i need it! did you get it recently?

  15. Delmy Comment #15

    Super cute! Love the jacket and Sunnies!

  16. Café Bouclé Comment #16

    Adorable outfit!
    I like the sweater so much

  17. Violet Comment #17

    you look cute and comfy

    Vi from Cali

  18. Nita -Karoliina Comment #18

    You look fanatstic as ever!

  19. simplyhope Comment #19

    Awesome Awesome look! Love that jacket:D

  20. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #20

    Very very cool!!

    LOVE IT <3




  21. Lluvia Comment #21

    Love the way you put this outfit together! Great colors.


  22. mckenzietruman Comment #22

    You look so pretty! Love the jacket! Can’t believe it’s from F21!



    cute outfit!! :) you did great on layering! :) id suggest you search from tumblr. they have coool photos of kitchen inspiration there!

    Taradiddles of Style on a Budget

  24. Cristina @FUJI FILES Comment #24

    Coziest outfit ever!

    Here’s a link to all my kitchen inspiration posts:

    Good luck with yours!

  25. Song of Style Comment #25

    i miss u, u beautiful thing!! <3

  26. Jessica Comment #26

    such a nice outfit!
    i love your shearling jacket a way too much 😉


  27. Cintia Comment #27

    you are amazing! This outfit looks so warm, cosy and lovely!

  28. Deanna Comment #28

    gorgeous outfit! so comfy and and girly. the colors are epic.
    can’t believe you found those vintage ray ban aviators! I’ve beeen on the hunt.


  29. MeganRose. Comment #29

    so cute and comfy!!

  30. snazzyfresh Comment #30

    The outfit looks so comfy and cozy. I need a slouchy soft bag in my life.

  31. Lucy Comment #31

    I love the jacket!

  32. FashionHippieLoves Comment #32

    great jacket!


  33. Vicki Comment #33

    love the shearling jkt!! you look nice and cozy! :) xo

  34. Maryjane Comment #34

    Gorgeous Winter outfit, I love it!

    Maryjane xoxo

  35. Aoife Comment #35

    Selina Lake is such an inspiring interior stylist.

    If you like romantic style check her blog out:


    I just recently bought her book and its amazing :)

  36. Connie Comment #36

    Love the sherling jacket.

    The Heartbreak

  37. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #37

    Look at all those layers, you look so cozy!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  38. FashionConscious Comment #38

    like it

  39. bmach Comment #39

    GORGEOUS! Love your look! You look so pretty!

  40. nobz Comment #40

    these jacket and sweater look so cozy&stylish same time,looove<3


  41. franca maisha Comment #41

    perfect outfit, it looks so cozyy ^^


  42. fashion.gossipmk Comment #42

    Aww… like it very much!!

  43. allthatshewants Comment #43

    i love your coat!!!

  44. Anonymous Comment #44

    it looks like you have the frida kahlo eyebrows with the sunglasses on..hahahah

    love the outfit! Beanies suit you well.

  45. Alicia Comment #45

    love the layers! thats one look i have yet to master.

    these are my fav home inspiration blogs, they always have tons of amazing kitchens:



  46. Alicia Comment #46

    love the layers! thats one look i have yet to master.

    these are my fav home inspiration blogs, they always have tons of amazing kitchens:



  47. melissa_diaz Comment #47

    Love your outfit! What bottoms did you pair this outfit with?

  48. alannah. Comment #48

    far out girl you’re so gorgeous! love the entire look youve put together.
    however i am not envious of the cold youre experiencing!
    cant wait to come back for more of your inspiring fashion!x

  49. LIlian Comment #49

    Lovely outfit!

  50. Maria Chloe Comment #50

    love your outfit!


  51. LeRae Comment #51

    Love your coat! looks so cozy yet stylish!
    vanilla with sprinkles

  52. AmyRose Comment #52

    Wow, you really have cracked the winter warmth/ layering trend! Very stylishly too, I may add.
    I love all the different textures you’ve bought in, and then the polished details like your jewellery and sunglasses just brings the look together.

    I love your blog, very individual and stylishly done!


  53. Emma Comment #53

    wow you look so gorgeous!
    i love your blog, following each other?

  54. Supergirl Comment #54

    Amazing outfit!!!

  55. Anonymous Comment #55

    You make F21 look like a million bucks…How do you do it?

  56. Alina Comment #56

    Soo cute! I love that you mix highs and lows.


  57. Natasha Comment #57

    I love the layered look – to me there is nothing better than cold and sunshine when you have got some good layers.

  58. caylee Comment #58

    love it! you look like a rockstar :)