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  1. Ivania santos By DIAMOND Comment #1

    LOVEEEEEE the details <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. *Simply Colette* Comment #2

    Great post! Love the purple backdrop!



  3. Temoc Comment #3

    Damn I take good photos :)

  4. Ashley [Free Honey] Comment #4

    I don’t know why I’m always so interested in random photos collages, but I really do enjoy them.

    I’m wondering who takes all your pictures? And also if you do a lot of editing them, just because you have a lot of photos with mystical/ethereal lighting.


    xoxo, Ashley

  5. Sabletooth Tiger Comment #5

    Ahhh That leather jacket in the 3rd photo down! And the black leather satchel bag! And those motorcycle jeans! And that light colored handbag with the Hello Kitty dangly bit!
    What are they!
    Tell me please?

  6. Sneakerlicious Comment #6

    Hi! First comment ever! :) I took a photo of your hair to my hairdresser last week, to inspire him to my new colors!

    Kisses from Portugal *

  7. She Wears, She Shares Comment #7

    I see you’ve finally found a black bag! It’s awesome!

    Oh and I think I may have accidentally twittered you yesterday. I deleted it, but just in case you receive it on your end, just ignore. Clumsy me :)

  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    such a great mix of pictures :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  9. Joon. Comment #9

    Such inspiring photos, as always.
    Love your style girl.


  10. pancakeSTACKER Comment #10

    beautiful photos! is that first pair of shoes from aldo?? if so, I almost bought them!


  11. Maria Comment #11

    What are your favorite nail polishes? You wear different ones on your blogs and I love them all!

  12. Anonymous Comment #12

    What type of camera and lens do you use for your pictures? Thanks!

  13. Lisa Lisa Lisa Comment #13

    I LOVE your jeans in this post!! I’m not huge into jeans, but those are fantastic.

  14. gabrielle Comment #14

    love your photos! such inspiration!!


  15. bravegrrl Comment #15

    love all the details!

  16. AngelliKay Comment #16

    you are so pretty!
    I love your sense of style it’s soo simple but amazing!



  17. AngelliKay Comment #17

    you are so pretty!
    I love your sense of style it’s soo simple but amazing!



  18. Shebelle Comment #18

    Beautiful. xox

  19. JT Comment #19

    @sabletooth tiger:
    Aw thanks!! the leather jacket is from Express, the black satchel bag is my best friends, PS1 bag, the motorcycle jeans are from Converse bought at Target, and the bag with the hello kitty is my friends, its Louis Vuitton!

    @PancakeSTACKER thank you!! The shoes are jeffrey campbell..beyond comfy!!

    @Maria I use a Canon Rebel XSi with standard lens

    Thank you all for your super sweet commentsss!!!!

  20. sophia Comment #20

    cute style jules!
    lovin your blog.

  21. Liana Comment #21

    wow such amazing photos! love all your accessories too, that turquise ring is gorgeous! and that puppy is sooo cute!

    Fashion Bag 411

  22. MeganRose. Comment #22

    lovely photos! thank you for sharing! can i just say that you are just amazing???!!

    😉 xxoo,
    megan rose.

  23. HADAR COHEN Comment #23

    those photos are very inspiering, love your hair that way it will be great to do a post on it

  24. Carrousel de la Mode Comment #24

    The first pair of shoes! I want them!!

  25. Café Bouclé Comment #25

    I love all your shoes, the yoellow ones in particular.

  26. Eden Comment #26

    amazing shots! love all:)))

  27. Fatima Comment #27

    wauw beautiful pictures!
    My questions are: how old are you? & are you a latino/mexican girl? you’re very pretty! :)

    xx Fatima

  28. Nita -Karoliina Comment #28

    Love the post!

    Your hair is really great. Do you colour it yourself or at salon?

  29. LETICIA EGEA Comment #29

    I love the pics!!


  30. noura. Comment #30

    here’s a question.

    can i be you?

  31. Cindy Comment #31

    I love your photos <3
    you are so beautiful


  32. Simone Comment #32

    just found your blog and have been reading your posts! your style is so cute!

    i have a new blog, please feel free to follow me

  33. mac and mac Comment #33

    the contrast you use in some of your photos (ie YSL ring on a red background) compliments everything so well, beautiful photos!!

  34. Mcmaris Comment #34

    Love it all!

  35. Amalina Comment #35

    Is that an ethnic print laptop sleeve? If it is, I truly need it in my life I’m not even kidding!


  36. Ali S. Comment #36

    I love the YSL ring! and pants with white spots color makeup.

  37. Anonymous Comment #37

    Where did you get those awesome yellow shoes??!?

    I love them 😉

  38. Temoc ASA* Comment #38

    No editing, just perfect lighting and a beautiful subject :)

  39. Natalie Suarez Comment #39

    love this post! love that bag! and i have that shearling black jacket too hehehehe! looks so cute on u!
    yes, i totally owe u one! hope to see u soon!!



  40. Fashion Monstre Comment #40

    damn i wanna raid your closet!

  41. caylee Comment #41

    ack that ps1!!!!!!!!
    i’m assuming it’s not yours cause i know you’d be pimping it out here on the blog, but it’s oh so beautiful.

    i really love all of these photos too. detailed shots are the best :)

  42. Anonymous Comment #42

    just a quick question:
    on a previous post where you are on a styling shoot, you have a hanging garment bag with a lot of different pockets for accessories. where did you get that from? my jewelry is in a tangled mess so i desperately need something like that!

  43. Enchanted Gardens Comment #43

    Wow Jules, these are incredible! So pretty and inspirational. And you are gorgeous. :)

  44. allthatshewants Comment #44

    evetything is perfect, but that YSL…i want it so badly!

  45. Stefani Comment #45

    Love your style!Great pictures!

  46. Thifted Comment #47

    love all the details in this post. its so effortless and simple!

  47. Nerdic.. Comment #48

    Lov e love love love
    x fashionnerdic

  48. franca maisha Comment #49

    stunning!!!! love every single photo :)


  49. Anonymous Comment #50

    Hey Jules! where are the brown flat boots from? xox

  50. Diana Comment #51

    I love the yellow wedges!!

    You are so cool!!


    grettings from Spain.

  51. HelenV Comment #52

    want the cream eppie leather LV like NOW!!!!!! and omg your hair is perfect! xoxo

  52. Anonymous Comment #53

    Can you answer a this question PLEASE :

    What is your face make up?
    Your skin is GORGEOUS !


  53. bonnie Comment #54

    absolutely love your necklaces in photo 3, especially the long black one. where did you get them?

  54. Lien Comment #55

    I love your pants on picture 8! The rest is gorgeous too.

  55. Céline Comment #56

    I like the way you take your photo, nice job!!

    Greets from,


  56. El'Aundra Comment #57

    I’d love to feature you on my blog! I developed the idea for “Featured Followers by Elle© ” & this is how I promote my followers. But it helps them increase traffic to their blog & allows other followers to learn more about the blogs that I feature. If you’re interested my blog is at http://www.elaundra.com.
    ♥ El’Aundra

  57. Deb Tam Designs Comment #58

    glad i found you!

    I hear you too.


  58. Becs Comment #59

    omgeee. where to begin? glad you shared these gorg photos! is that your dog? too cute! love those yellow shoes too!

    xx, becs

  59. thehautecommodity Comment #60

    LaLaLove all the random photos..and your blog!


  60. Ali Comment #61

    where is the blue studded bag from???? i looooove.

  61. Sissy Sparrows Comment #62

    That black bag is so me! Great halloween pics and Great blog!

  62. follow your own way Comment #63

    your style is truly unique and adorable. i enjoy looking at your creations.

  63. Rudy Comment #64

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  64. Rudy Comment #65

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