December 2010


Hi guys! The holidays definitely slowed down the blog a bit…but im back with more! Hope
every single one of you had a wonderful Christmas!

Met up with the lovelies, Dylana and Natalie yesterday for some lunch,
laughter, and a mini shoot! Had such a great time, they’re both soo adorable!
p.s what is everyone doing for nye? I’m not a big fan, it’s overly hyped, but I’ll definitely
eat my familys midnight tradition of eating 12 grapes under one minute- one wish per every grape!
*more photos, click read more to the left hand side.


Lucky 7.

This week’s Lucky 7 (consisting of my favorite random things) post:
1. White t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up
2. All different kinds of bracelets
3. Black balloons!
4. Portobello fries from Bottega Louie.
5. Worn-in vintage boots with The 2 Bandits Rider boot accessories
6. Pyramid stud ring from bcbgeneration
7. Neon cool signages 

Stay warm and if I dont post before Christmas, I wish you all a beautiful



Knitted sweater: BDG // Jeans: gifted Rue de // Booties: Acne Atacoma // bag: Harvey’s by Temoc Gonzalez(asubtleapproach) // Aviator sunglasses: Vintage
All the Christmas shopping + rainy weather has led me to blog a little less, but will be back
with some new stuff like outfit posts, new purchases, collages, inspiration/photos!
On the other hand, these jeans I received as a gift a little while ago have become my
go-to jeans as of late. It has the perfect dark wash that was missing in my wardrobe and
they’re sooooooooooooooo comfy, can’t even tell you how much they are!
lahh ’em to pieces.

Really excited for next year! I have some cool projects I can’t wait to share with you all!
January is going to be a fun/exciting month! It’s my b’day! (in 2 weeks, ah!)
So please stay tuned and join me for the ride!