Hi guys! The holidays definitely slowed down the blog a bit…but im back with more! Hope
every single one of you had a wonderful Christmas!

Met up with the lovelies, Dylana and Natalie yesterday for some lunch,
laughter, and a mini shoot! Had such a great time, they’re both soo adorable!
p.s what is everyone doing for nye? I’m not a big fan, it’s overly hyped, but I’ll definitely
eat my familys midnight tradition of eating 12 grapes under one minute- one wish per every grape!
*more photos, click read more to the left hand side.

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  1. Chelsea Lane Comment #1

    what a fun shoot! you guys all look amazing, and even moreso together! :) LOVE your grape tradition!


  2. Bijou's Style Comment #2

    cute pics! i agree with you on nye …i will be in SD :)



  3. pancakeSTACKER Comment #3

    Pretty ladies, I love your shoot! You girls all look so cute and chic. So jealous that I left sunny LA for this rainy SF weather. While I haven’t solidified my NYE plans, I do at least have the perfect outfit planned!

    Hope you’ll stop by soon!

  4. Dylana Suarez Comment #4

    The shots came out looking so amazing! Jules, you are sooooooooo cute. Loved shooting you! hahahha. Can’t wait to post these on the blog! So lovely meeting you and cannot wait to hang again!



  5. She Wears, She Shares Comment #5

    You gals are all so lovely :)
    Happy New Year!

  6. sharonlei Comment #6

    Jules!! Happy holiday.. hope you had a fabulous one. :) And hope Santa brought you everything yo uwanted and more!!

    You three ladies are a force to be reckoned with. Simply gorgeous beauts! :)

    I’m so ready for 2011! I know a lot of great things are in store and I’m excited. I like your grape tradition, I think I’ll give that one a try… My friend told me about a red panty tradition of hers… you wear red panties to be lucky in love for the new year. :) And my mom’s favorite tradition, jingling coins in her pocket once midnight hits.. She also insists on wearing something with circles or dots on them… ha ha ha. My loved ones are so quirky, I love it.

    Well, hope are you are well..and this comment wins the “longest blog comment in the world” award. 😛 Much love.. and see ya next year!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #7

    This all looks lovely! As for NYE, my plans are still up in the air. Always waiting until the last minute for a better option haha. As long as I’ve got a drink in hand and am surrounded by friends I think I’ll be alright.

    Wishing you a very happy new years!

  8. Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) Comment #8

    oh I love both these girls. Your dress is so pretty and loving both the girls blazers.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  9. Ruby Comment #9

    I love these photos :)


  10. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #10

    Beautiful pics honeys!!!


  11. LIE Comment #11
  12. Nerdic.. Comment #12

    Love ittt!!
    x fashionnerdic

  13. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #13

    Look at that cute outfit of yours, it’s so minimal but so perfect :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  14. franca maisha Comment #14

    aahw! y’all look great :) and it seems like you had fun!! pretty photos :))

    I will be spending nye with my two best friends, hope you have fun eating those grapes!! :)

    take care! xx

  15. Charlotte Elise Jay Comment #15

    Lovely images :)

    You all look amazing!!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Char x

  16. Leisha Comment #16

    I love your dress and I love Natalie and Dylana’s blogs. These are beautiful pictures. What are you wearing?

  17. Shevah Comment #17

    I love these photos. They look so beautiful. Have a great New Years Eve. I’ve never heard the tradition of the grapes. Haha, sounds like fun!


  18. Peaches Comment #18

    how do you get you bangs so straight? mine always curve in.

  19. laxfashion Comment #19

    r u sisters? Happy New Year!!!

  20. diana kang Comment #20

    aw how cute! stunning all of u

  21. Francheska Comment #21

    Ahhhhh wish I could have joined you guys!!!

    and I also do the whole 12 grapes thing! :D:D

  22. be.aoi Comment #22

    waaa..love the pictures! you are gorgeous as always, the last one is beautiful!

  23. alannah. Comment #23

    you three are absolutely stunning! im mostly in love with your dress though & how youve belted it. really turns a plain LBD into something more!
    im not too impressed with nye this year either :( but i love your family’s midnight tradition, how did that start?x

  24. bravegrrl Comment #24

    three dolls… super cute!

  25. Delmy Comment #25

    Three beautiful ladies! Btw we do the 12 grapes too. :-) Happy New year! xo

  26. Michelle Elaine Comment #26

    loves it! are those cut out sleeves i spy?


  27. Michelle Elaine Comment #27

    YOU TRICKED ME!! no cut out sleeves!


  28. Lainey Comment #28

    What a cute tradition. Yeah, I think the husband and I are just staying in tonight as well. Also, you girls are just incredibly beautiful. Is this in LA. It looks magical.

  29. Kristel Louisa Comment #29

    Hi Jules!

    Amazing pictures! You, Natalie, and Dylana look stunning! I love your outfit, and your hair looks GORGEOUS.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  30. Fashion Monstre Comment #30

    you guys are all so pretty!

  31. TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather Comment #31

    Gorgeous photos and outfits! I love the grassy field and sunlight! Just discovered your blog and am loving it already!

  32. Emma Comment #32

    gorgeous pics! you look both very lovely! (: X

  33. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #33

    nice shoot ! Happy New Year !!!

    ♥♥♥HAPPY NEW YEAR♥♥♥www.TrendyGourmandise.com♥♥♥

  34. Laura @ The World Looks Red Comment #34

    Lovely photoshoot! Hope you had an awesome start of 2011! May all your 12 grape-wishes come true! 😉 xx

  35. allthatshewants Comment #35

    you are great!!

  36. dede Comment #36

    happy new yrs…2 days late but better than never…love your blog…brings such calmness to my day…

  37. JoeyAna Comment #37

    super fan of all three of your blogs! I don’t do the partying on NYE it’s spent stuffing my face at a family party watching the line up of performances on Dick Clarks NYE bash


  38. ~Chelsea Comment #38

    Your shoot phoots look like a spread in a fashion magazine! And your outfit is adorable.

    Hope you had a wonderful NYE!


  39. a l e x i s (amgoorie) Comment #39

    such wonderful photos, you girls are gorgeous!

    following for sure, cant wait to see what you post next :)

    love alexis xox

  40. jEm Comment #40

    I’ve never heard of that tradition, but it sounds lovely! the photos are great – I love how you capture the light!



  41. Nana Comment #41

    you and the girls are so pretty
    you’ve all got such amazing sence of style