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photos via confetti system 
Love the work of Confetti System, came across their work a few months back and now I’ve become
such a big fan of their creations. I recently saw it on the JCrew window displays!
Its soooo beautiful and it looks like a piece of art all on its own. As a visual/fashion stylist, I always
try to find things that can inspire me and can spark an idea for my work. This is definitely one of those
things that can influence me/my work in so many endless ways.
Would love to have this on a special occasion, like my wedding one day!

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  1. sunsetcigarettes.. Comment #1
  2. Alina Comment #2

    pretty, reminds me of the gypsy’s in afghanistan. I know I’m random 😉

    Cheers Chica!

  3. Paola Comment #3

    Hey ! I also love their work, but I had no idea that their work was exposed in window shops, well I am from Mexico so I do not really see them around here.

    Here is something:

  4. gabrielle Comment #4

    LOVE it. and i love that you dream about your wedding too!

  5. paperwhales Comment #5

    It really does look like a piece of art. It’s beautiful for something that looks simple. I love the colors that were used in these particular photos.

  6. Marissa Comment #6

    Ooo, this is so eye-catching! the colors remind me of winter, with their glossy tones and shiny tassles.
    I totally agree that this would be beautiful to have for a special occasion.



  7. Michelle Elaine Comment #7

    i wanna make a mini necklace version hehe


  8. Natalie Suarez Comment #8

    this is awesome! i love it!



  9. Vinda Sonata Comment #9

    amazing decorations. i really love the pictures. they’re fantastic! thanks for sharing

  10. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #10

    cuteee pics <33

  11. Maryjane Comment #11

    What a great idea for wall decor. I love the fresh feel of it.

    Maryjane xoxo

  12. Wild Goose Chase Comment #12

    This is gooorgeous! Are they tassels! I want me one!

    For more fashion info please follow me at

    Thanks! Love love xxx

  13. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #13

    So pretty…love the color combo!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  14. SIMONE AND SJANNA Comment #14

    I just came across your blog and i immediately fell in love with it! You’ve got a really, really great taste! Im now following you with google friend.

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou
    Feel free to swing by sometime <3.

  15. Clélia C. Comment #15

    Your blog is wonderful I like this !

  16. Maegan Comment #16

    it is surprisingly beautiful. and quiet somehow.

  17. Lesley Comment #17

    Wow! So unique and amazing! Love your blog!

  18. Las Rayas No Estilizan Comment #18

    I´m following from ARGENTINA!!

    You have an amazing style!!!

    Hope you´ll like my blog:

  19. Lela - seaseight Comment #19

    In my last post I’ve published one of your pic. If there’s any problems please tell me and I will immediately remove it. Thank you.
    Kisses from Italy! Lela

  20. Rosanna Comment #20

    definitely inspiring!!!

  21. Just a lazy morning Comment #21

    this is prety rad!i love to have this in my home!
    very nice post

  22. elspeth angharad Comment #22
  23. C 2:2 Comment #23

    i wanna make that!

  24. Neysa Bové Comment #24

    randomly found your blog, awesome outfit pics! LOve 😉 xo -nb

  25. Jessie Comment #25

    Very cool, I love it all!

  26. Birgitte Comment #26
  27. Ellen Comment #27

    this is stunning! what a creative idea they had

  28. Virginie Comment #28

    Just beautiful, very inspiring! Love your blog, I’ll come back soon!

    Virginie/ DIY Fashion Blog

  29. allthatshewants Comment #29

    that is soo cool

  30. gabrielle Comment #30

    i love blogggggggg

    me encanta el jersey!