Pleat-ty Please!

Denim jacket: Vintage Levi’s // Sparkly tank: Silent + Noise // Pleated skirt: F21 // Boots: gifted 80%20 // Clutch: Vintage
earrings + studded belt: F21 // Sheer socks: DIY
A pleated skirt was something I always had on my wish list but was always unsuccessful in
finding one. Browsing through f21 the other day, I accidently came across one and knew it was
meant to be. It’s just one of those classic pieces you just need in your wardrobe. I decided
to dress it in a more edgier way because this kind of skirt can look kinda grandma-ish…
so I had to freshen it up!
My hair is up!! I’m going to try having it up more often, its easy and it adds a twist to
my overall outfit which i love,
what do you guys think?
*On my previous Dots post, a lot of people were asking about the sweater! Yes! Its F21!
It’s from their Love21 Contemporary line, tried looking for it online a couple days ago for you guys
but I guess they didn’t have it up yet?
Thank you guys for the get well wishes! I’m almost there!

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  1. Liana Comment #1

    i love everything about this outfit! that top is really pretty and so is the skirt..i want to find a long sheer pleated skirt to add to my collection! those shoes are really awesome too! oh, if you are going to be putting your hair up you should try the goody spin pins, they work great! :)

    ps. love the new banner!

    Fashion Bag 411

  2. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #2

    This is such a cute look, especially for this time of the year! Gotta love F21 for that very reason, you never know what you just may find….

    XoXo-Kelli K

  3. coy colleen Comment #3

    i am LOVING this outfit! those boots are awesome

  4. crazy pig Comment #4

    Love your hair like this!
    And the outfit is stunning, so grungy! <3

  5. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #5



  6. Eli Comment #6

    I’ve never been crazy about 80%20 shoes but these are pretty awesome, I kind of love them

  7. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #7

    Love how you’ve styled the pleated skirt here. I tend to take the more grandma-ish route when I wear mine haha. Your hair looks great up!

  8. alannah. Comment #8

    ooh love this look jules. youre so lucky to have a f21! we dont have one in aus & as much as its great searching online its not the same as browsing through racks & trying things on!
    love how you put the edge on it, it really works & your tied up is beautiful.
    i have very similar earrings!x

  9. Maria Comment #9

    I really love all the details in this outfit, while maintaining quite a beautiful simplicity. I’ve been a long time subscriber but I don’t often comment, but I really LOVE this outfit!

  10. Alicia Comment #10

    the updo is adorable. it pulls the outfit together. and i’m loving your pink lips!

    have a good weekend. :)

  11. Kate Comment #11

    You look SO pretty! I adore this outfit! The sparkly tank is gorgeous, and the skirt is just lovely! Love how you toughened it up!

  12. Michelle Elaine Comment #12

    how’re the socks a diy? were they hose & you cut them??

    i really need to find myself some boots like that!


  13. Nita -Karoliina Comment #13

    The skirt looks good on you and you should wear your hair up more often :)

  14. Shell Taylor Comment #14

    Hey Jules, love that skirt and how you have dressed it with denim and boots! Your blog is great! Keep it up! I recently started my own thebluueroom.blogspot.com check it out, I hope you like it. Have a great weekend xx

  15. gabrielle Comment #15

    love your hair up! i actually am going to use it as inspiration when i go later this month for a dye job. love the color!


  16. paperwhales Comment #16

    I love, love, love that skirt. I think I’ll add that to my F21 cart now. I bought a grey pleated F21 skirt, but the double layering of this one is so pretty. Must buy! Because I completely agree with you that it’s classic.


  17. bravegrrl Comment #17

    love your hair up! cute! and that jacket… pulls it all together :)

  18. Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) Comment #18

    this is a beautiful look. i love the prettyness of the sparkles and pleats and then the toughness of your boots and jacket.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  19. Biaa Comment #19

    You look fantastic! The hair looks great up! And I loved how you styled the skirt, the denim allows the edginess to be day wear, but with it off, you look like you’re going out on the town! Great post :)

  20. Jay Comment #20

    Amazing outfit :)


  21. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #21

    You look gorgeous, i love your hair up!!! I am feeling the whole look, especially the top :)
    Flor de Maria

  22. Lainey Comment #22

    I love that sparkly gold tank top!

  23. iole Comment #23

    Stopping by, to say hi. Love your look and blog….come to visit mine. Love iole


  24. fashion.gossipmk Comment #24

    I love your skirt! And your hair looks very nice when u wear it like this. :) M.

  25. AngelliKay Comment #25


  26. Vivian Comment #26

    Please do a hair tutorial! How did you do this updo? It’s perfect! And how get those perfect waves in your Dots post? Your hair is just too fab. :)

  27. Vivian Comment #27

    LOL- So I’m going to be totally creepy and leave another comment but after spending wayy too much time browsing through your blog, I have to say I love the fact that you can make normal (read: affordable/f21) clothes look amazing and that your entire closet isn’t made up of gifted designer clothes like most other bloggers. Your style is so inspiring and refreshing. Thank you for being real!

  28. Connie Comment #28

    Love, love, LOVE everything about this look.

    The Heartbreak

  29. simplyhope Comment #29

    I LOVE the tank with your skirt! FAbulous!

  30. be.aoi Comment #30

    woow this outfit is perfection! love it!

  31. Mrs. Curiosity Comment #31

    love the shoes and the jeans jacket :)

  32. Jamie Comment #32

    I absolutely love the way you styled this! Such an amazing contrast with the shimmery top and the denim jacket and then adding the booties! I really love it!!


  33. Maryjane Comment #33

    I love pleated skirts! Espcially black, and you show how to do it casually. I didn’t think that would work, and it does!

    Maryjane xoxo

  34. Lena Comment #34

    the socks look so cool! how did you do them?

  35. Marissa Comment #35

    I just stumbled on your blog and I’m in love!
    You look just fabulous in this skirt & sparkly top ensemble. I’m such a sucker for anything sparkly and girly like that :)

    Your style is just luuurrv! I’m a new follower now :)


  36. Aly Comment #36

    You are one of my newest faves. I always look forward to your posts. Love the hair up :)

  37. Emy Comment #37

    Great outfit!! And I like your hair up, try it more often:)



  38. Kristel Louisa Comment #38

    Hi Jules,

    I really love this skirt! It goes perfectly with the top. This outfit is just perfect! You’re stunning.


  39. franca maisha Comment #39

    great outfit beautiful :) really like the denim jacket and skirt!


  40. JULIE ILIANA Comment #40

    aw! I think your hair looks nice up or down.. your just lucky to have long pretty hair! :( I got a pixie cut a few months ago and I totally regret it now AND I’m in the “awkward stage” of growing it out. gross!

    anyway, love the jean jacket + the whole outfit! :)


  41. Sofie Comment #41

    Ooh such a gorgeous outfit!
    You look beautiful with your hair up! :-)


  42. Natalie Suarez Comment #42

    adorable girl! those boots are so cute. aww i miss u skinny minnie!



  43. RaceforProsperity Comment #43

    love the outfit, you have a sweet blog, i’m completly hooked

  44. Ashley [Free Honey] Comment #44

    This is so pretty! I’m going to have to hit up f21 soon. I love the sheerish layers, it’s so pretty and girly!

    I think your hair looks really cute up!

    xoxo, Ashley

  45. Red Mera Vintage Comment #45

    I have a similar skirt and i adore it too!

    you look gorgeous as always


  46. She Wears, She Shares Comment #46

    the little details make a great impact, i.e the earrings and are those sheer scrunched up stockings? You rock it all!

  47. Jessica Comment #47

    this outfit is perfect! sparkly tank with pleated skirt and denim jacket! gahhhh what else i could say to express the way i love this one :)


  48. jamie-lee Comment #48

    OMG I’ve been looking for a black pleated skirt just like that! I love the outfit – it’s girly with a grunge twist x


  49. blivbook Comment #49

    This outfit looks relaxed and flirty! Love the feel to it!

    p.s you look gorgeous

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  50. The Fall Comment #50

    such a gorgeous look – love the skirt!

  51. Louella Comment #51

    I absolutely love this outfit! x

  52. allthatshewants Comment #52

    the skirt is perfect, but the socks!! amazing….

  53. Black Pearls Comment #53

    Your style is effortless. I really love it.

  54. MeganRose. Comment #54

    this is so pretty! and yes your hair up looks great, i love the longer tendrils hanging. and i did see the f21 sweater up online maybe about 3 weeks ago. you probably had it sold out! 😉

    hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    megan rose

  55. patlost Comment #55

    You look amazing!!!
    I like your style so much :)
    I invite you to my blog:

    have a nice week! :)

  56. style addict Comment #56
  57. OnTheRacks Comment #57

    That skirt is fab — I have one that’s similar but a little longer… this length is perfect! Love the whole look, pretty girl! <3

    xx Laura

  58. Clara Comment #58

    amazing look
    lovely blog!

  59. Sarade Comment #59

    You have fantastic, effortless style! I love the skirt and the hairstyle.

  60. xfashionbabex Comment #60

    Love this especially the shoes! If you follow me I’ll follow you :)


  61. Clara Comment #61

    lovely blog!

  62. Athena_Trendsetter Comment #62

    Pefrect rocker chic outfit!

    I love your blog, it’s really great!
    I have one too, visit anytime if you want:



  63. fashionablepris Comment #63

    adorable adorable adorable! like your boots, your dress and your nailpolish!!

    Visit my fashionable blog if you like and follow me please:)



  64. Bonny Ann Comment #64

    I love your photos and your style! I would like to show you my own blog, maybe you want to be my follower.


  65. Neekoh Comment #65

    I have a skirt much like that and I love the way you’ve made it edgy. It allows the skirt to be worn in non-fancy settings too :)


  66. diana kang Comment #66

    your hair looks lovely! so happy i found your blog. you have AMAZING style and you are such a beauty! i am definitely following :)


  67. Anna Katrina Comment #67

    im trying to wear my hair up more as well – you look fabulous !!

    stop by sometime<3

  68. SaffronHaze Comment #68

    So so gorgeous! Your styling is impeccable!


  69. Giselle Cid Comment #69

    great blog! follow you!


  70. gracie Comment #70

    such an adorable understated look!

    your blog is fantastic. check out mine, i’d love for you to follow me!

    xo gracie


  71. just a lazy morning Comment #71

    love your blog!
    so cute!
    this outfit is my fav;)


  72. Alina Comment #72

    Adorable, as usual! Hope all is great!


  73. LIE Comment #73

    oh this is so gorgeous. love it!!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  74. THRIFTED.net Comment #74

    gorgeous outfit Jules!


  75. Madame T Comment #75

    Hermoso Outfit!!!
    La pollera y la combinación con los borcegos y la campera de jean es fabulosa!

    Te felicito por tu blog y te espero de visita por el mio!

    Saludos dsd Argentina

  76. - Comment #76

    Your hair is beautiful like this!!!

  77. MAGDArling Comment #77

    absolutely fabulous outfit! espoecially love ur skirt and… socks!<3

    i haven’t visited ur blog in ages! not sure if u remember me but now u can visit me ion my new blog http://www.magdarling.blogspot.com :)


  78. Anonymous Comment #78

    Wow. I have to admit that I really really adore your style . Go on like this. Totally perfect .

  79. caylee Comment #79

    amazing head to toe! love your hair up; it shows off your earrings.

  80. Trendy Gourmandise Comment #80

    It’s a nice dress !!!!

    ♥♥♥HAPPY NEW YEAR♥♥♥www.TrendyGourmandise.com♥♥♥

  81. Kaitlyn McCall Comment #81

    AMAZINGGG style you have.
    You are absolutely adorable and can do no wrong :)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.
    You definitely have a new follower here!

    LOVE if you’d visit me!


  82. Sabrina O. Comment #82

    I love this outfit!!
    Especially the 80%20 wedges!!

    Sabrina O.

  83. VâniaMoure Comment #83

    loooove love love your vintage levi’s denim jacket !!

  84. Anonymous Comment #84

    name of the nailpoolish please??