Finally a make-up post! I was constantly getting asked through emails and comments about the make-up
I wear daily, so you guys asked, I delivered! Hope this answers most of your questions, if not, feel free to email me! 
*Most of you were interested in knowing why my cheeks always have a natural glow to them…well the trick is to add a highlight on the apples of your cheeks once your powder and blush are set in. I recommend the one above by MAC, but I also use Jane Be Pure Mineral bronzer in 30 Golden Dust (buy at the drugstore) or for something really inexpensive try Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Shimmer Shimmer Dust in White Lotus, $3.
Hope this was helpful and I’m planning on doing these more often, so if you want to know anything
let me know! Planning one on my hair since you guys always ask!
Stay tuned!
*Happy News: Was featured on NYLON blog yesterday as the Site of the Day! Wooooo-hoo!
Thank you guys for all your positive support and comments on my MANGO post!

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  1. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #1

    Great post doll, it looks like a magazine article :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  2. Raspberry Jam Comment #2

    Thanks for sharing!



  3. Rachelle Taylor Comment #3

    Great post and can’t wait to see the post on your hair as it always looks amazing! Loved the Mango post too 😉

  4. Jadene Comment #4

    I love this post! It’s perfect! It’s all you need! <3 Remember I was the fist one to give you the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish for your 21st bday! Haha 😀

  5. dede Comment #5

    i love this post….plus you have natural beauty

  6. faye lu review Comment #6

    i love beauty posts. can’t wait to see more. i work across the road from a MAC store .. definitely going to check out that min. skin finish in my lunch break >.<
    thanks for sharing x

  7. AMELIA Comment #7

    Lovely! I am doing a hair post this week. Stay tuned.

  8. Deanna Comment #8

    Congrats on being featured as Nylon’s site of the day.
    And your make-up always looks so nice!

  9. audrey marie Comment #9

    we have lots of similar products! i love those mac blushes and boiing is my go to concealer. always.

  10. Megan Comment #10

    Ah so glad you posted this! I use mac too and I’m going to look into Boi-ing! Looking forward to your future posts.

  11. Anonymous Comment #11

    Hey just wondering what foundation you use if liquid, and also if you could do a skincare post! thanks!!

  12. Carrie Comment #12

    A great post! I’m gonna try your tricks 😉


  13. Emy Comment #13

    Love these tips!! Especially the shimmer one, I can’t wait to try it. I wish they sold NARS over here, you lucky girls;)


  14. patlost Comment #14

    great post!!!
    have a nice day



  15. Lisa Fergus Comment #15

    Thanks for sharing! I’m a new follower, and I’m really loving your blog! Great post!


  16. Julie and Lauren Comment #16

    Yay- I love seeing what make-up ppl wear daily : ) I’m going to try to bobbi brown eye liner. Congrats on the NYLON mag feature.

  17. "Rock your own style,dance your own beat..." Comment #17

    i´m a recent folower…i was wondering what products u r using:)))the post keame real handy to me:))…got the mac mineralize skinfinish…and try it on…really great…i have the bb gel eyliner to…and for powder i use bare minerals…
    i would love to se a tutorial on how u macke up but…really want to see u do your eyes…hope to see it someday:)))

    big fan of the 3 musketearse:dylana,jules and nat…u guys rock:)))

  18. Las Rayas No Estilizan Comment #18

    great tips!!!!!

    thank you!



  19. Adrianna Traxler Comment #19

    I have been waiting for this post since forever

  20. Amaris Comment #20

    Yay for being featured! I love the glow on your cheeks, VERY pretty :)

  21. Liana Comment #21

    thanks for sharing your makeup routine with us! i always wondered how you always looked so glowy and beautiful :)
    and congrats on the feature!

    Fashion Bag 411

  22. Den Lille Motespire Comment #22

    Ok, I must say: I love your blog!

    And great post on the makeup and Mango (being a Mango saleswoman I always appreciate a little Mango in the fashion blogs)

    Best wishes from Norway. :)

  23. ashley Comment #23

    …aaand you’ve gained another loyal visitor. great blog. i just did my own beauty basics post as well – feel free to check it out :) cheers -a

  24. Bonnie Comment #24

    awesome products. you always look flawless and glowing so thanks for sharing your secrets. :)
    the right side of the post gets cut off for me. what is your fave mascara?

  25. Alina Comment #25

    so cute Jules! Can’t wait to try prism blush, i’ve been look for the perfect natural everyday blush :)


  26. D Comment #26

    hey jules… the makeup post was cut off. what’s your favorite lip gloss or lipstick color?

  27. Delmy Comment #27

    Love this makeup post. We use the same blush and eyeliner!

  28. Anna Comment #28
  29. judy Comment #29

    What kind of mineralize from mac is it? Soft and gentle? Also, what kind of nail polish are u wearing in your previous for the mango pics?

  30. Cybelle e Fabi Comment #30

    Love the blog!!!Please visit our blog


    Follow u, follow us back?Xoxo Cybelle & Fabi

  31. wikigirl Comment #31

    Congratulations about your nylon article, that’s awesome :) Love your makeup post, I’m heading to the US in April and can’t wait to go crazy at MAC and Sephora!

  32. Fashion Tidbits Comment #32

    Thx for the highlighter hint! U always look gorgeous!

  33. silvia Navarro Comment #33

    i have just discovered your blog!….

  34. Anonymous Comment #34

    i’ve just started visiting Your blog and have one question so far.

    what are You doing with Your hair? i mean – is it natural colour?

    You’ve probably answered this question 1000 times, but i can’t find the answer:)

  35. Kirsten Comment #35

    Totes agree on the BB Gel eyeliner…I love that stuff! I am a blondie so I wear the brownish black color. It’s great!

  36. KASEY KARMA Comment #36

    Question! (RAISES HAND) I was just wondering how you created this chart. Love the post.

    XOXO Kasey Karma

  37. Jenna Comment #37

    Which MAC Mineralize Skinfinish color do you use? Soft and Gental or Gold Deposits?

  38. Magda Edwards Comment #38

    What foundation do you use Jules? x