Birthday Girl.

tank: gap // blazer: UO // sequin shorts: random // booties: Opening Ceremony
Confetti, check. birthday tiara, check. balloons? um, accidently let one go right before
we started shooting and it ruined the whole thing; it was supposed to be a single balloon of
each number, damn you #2 balloon!
 So, my birthday was yesterday and wanted to do something
fun to capture this special birthday! Celebrated all weekend long, friday-sunday
and now its time to check back into reality.
Been a long but super amazing weekend!
Thank you to everyone in my life that celebrated with me, i love you.

*thank you to everyone that tweeted me a happy birthday!
I’ll post more photos from my bday weekend, so stay tuned!

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  1. Isabelle Comment #1

    these photos are so cute xx

  2. Marta on cocogroove Comment #2

    Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time…these pictures look like you did!

  3. MeganRose. Comment #3

    happy birthday! i love these photos. you look gorgeous and i love the sequin shorts!


  4. Bianca Comment #4

    Absolutely adorable! Love! Hope you had a magical birthday <3

    B xx

  5. karla Comment #5

    julesssssss you look so pretty with your nails done, hair done, everything did! And killer legs!! can’t wait to see u!!

  6. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #6

    Beautiful pics! Love your smile!


  7. jenny Comment #7

    I love your hair.
    Outfit is gourgous :)


  8. agnes Comment #8

    Bon anniversaire…..
    Très jolies photos

  9. Raspberry Jam Comment #9

    Aw happy belated birthday!

    Those are some really nice and cute photos!


  10. franca maisha Comment #10

    super cute! love your outfit :)


  11. Anonymous Comment #11

    helloooo sexy legs! amazing pics, and happy belated :)


  12. pancakeSTACKER Comment #12

    Adorable photos! Happy birthday to you, pretty lady!

    Stop by again soon!

  13. Vicky Comment #13

    Happy Birthday! These photos are fabulous! Hope you have a lovely day x

  14. Červené rty Comment #14

    Happy birthday!!!!

    kiss xxx

  15. Julia Comment #15

    happy birthday!!!!
    I love your blog!

  16. alannah. Comment #16

    happpppy birthday! you’re raining confetti picture is pretty much one of the best pictures ever. complemented so well by your sparkley shorts & hot to trot booties.
    you go girl.
    glad you had an amazing weekend.x

  17. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #17

    Happy B-Day <33

    Lovely shorts dear :)


  18. mademoiselleandcomag Comment #18

    Happy birthday..
    come discover our blog 😉

  19. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #19

    Happy belated birthday girl! You looked amazing! 😀

  20. Connie Comment #20

    Gorgeous outfit. Happy birthday, sounds like you had a fantastic time.

    The Heartbreak

  21. noura. Comment #21

    aaahh happy birthday!
    you look SO cute

  22. Rachelle Taylor Comment #22

    Happy Birthday 😉
    Amazing hair in these photos – gorgeous!

  23. Lindsey N. Comment #23

    Happy Late Birthday! I love the shape of that Blazer, so flattering!

    Lindsey Soup

  24. Constança Comment #24

    Love the photos! You look gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday! x

  25. jEm Comment #25

    Happy Birthday!

    Can’t wait to see what goodies you got!


  26. Fashionstyle Comment #27

    Happy birthday Miss !! Have a lovely day!!

  27. Marloes. Comment #28

    Happy birthday!!

  28. Tany Lë *charmediem* Comment #29

    great pics!happy birthday

    xx charmediem*

  29. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #30

    Such cute photos, glad you had a great birthday :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  30. Francesca Comment #31


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!!

  31. Rich Girls. Comment #32

    happy birthday, birthday girl!
    such super cute shots. x.

  32. Hermione Granger Comment #33

    happy late birthday :)
    Amazing photos,love your shoes !

  33. audrey marie Comment #34

    super cute photos and outfit! i have that blazer, now i just need some sequin shorts!

  34. Kathleen Carla. Comment #35

    Happy belated birthday girl!! loove the birthday tiara and confetti! gorgeous as always, effortlessly chic.

    <3, Kathleen.

  35. RaceforProsperity Comment #36

    well happy birthday my dear!

  36. Rachel Core Comment #37

    Pic #8 is my favorite! Your such a great model! Hope you bday was everything you hoped it’d be!

  37. The Fashion Cloud Comment #38

    Well i wish you a wonderful happy birthday and all the best for this year to come!!

    loving the flitter shorts too


  38. Fashion Monstre Comment #39

    happy belated birthday! you look perfect!!! and the pictures came out adorable

  39. Emma Comment #40

    adorable pics! enjoy your birthday! XX

  40. Lluvia Comment #41

    Happy Belated birthday! You look amazing as usual, lovee your hair.


  41. GlamorousGirl Comment #42

    happy bd :) i’m a capricorn myself :)
    amazing photos
    follow me on:

  42. Jamie Comment #43

    You look ADORABLE!! Love this outfit! Happy Birthday! I hope you have had a great day!! I am a January baby too and will celebrating shortly! :))

  43. Vicky Comment #44

    happy birthday beauty!

  44. Neekoh Comment #45

    Happy birthday, you sweet thang! You look ravishing (as usual). Sequined shorts are really the way to do it up, no? I did the same thing on my birthday 😉


  45. KAY. Comment #46

    happy late birthday (sorry)

    you look REALLY pretty on these pictures!

    please visit&follow my newblog:

  46. Rae Comment #47

    Happy Birthday! Adorable photos!

  47. Rae Comment #48

    Happy Birthday! Adorable photos!

  48. BRAD Comment #49

    Buon Compleanno, Julie! ☄

    ♥ those sequin shorts!

  49. Carol Comment #50

    Adorable images, happy belated birthday! We should get to use confetti everyday.

    Carol x

  50. Natalie Suarez Comment #51

    SOOO CUTE! happy birthday!! u look gorgeous! see ya soon!



  51. Camilla. Comment #52

    Your just reminded me how much I need some black sequin shorts. ahh, so perfect with a white blouse

  52. patlost Comment #53

    Happy BDay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. too young for fashion Comment #54

    adore your blog! love your styling. happy birthday! these photos are just far too fun!

  54. Fashion is a Sunny Day Comment #55

    you look lovely in the photos. Happy late birthday! :)

  55. Jay Comment #56

    I love your outfit! and Happy Birthday! :)

  56. Story Comment #57

    Hih, so cute headband ! ^^ Happy B-day wish from Finland :>

    Story of a Day Well Spent

  57. Fashion Intel Comment #58

    Feliz Cumpleanos! Cumpleanos Feliz!

  58. laxfashion Comment #59
  59. Hanna Comment #60

    Happy Birthday! I think you look amazing and have an awsome style! Started following you!!

  60. Wolfpack Culture Comment #61

    This outfit is way too adorable! And your hair is looking fabulous as always. I am in love with the two shades going on in it!

  61. Shevah Comment #62

    Happy birthday! You’re beautiful. These photos are incredible. And your outfit is great too. :) Love thisss!

  62. diana kang Comment #63

    happy happy birthday! you look so good!! xx

  63. Michelle Elaine Comment #64

    happy belated cutie!! are you wearing lashes? what brand?


  64. CINDY Comment #65

    you look amazing jules!

    happy belated :) wishing you the best.

    cins – [design3rd]

  65. Comment #66

    Happy Birthday gorgeous!

  66. LIE Comment #67
  67. briannelee Comment #68

    Such fun photos!!!!

    Happy birthday!

  68. Song of Style Comment #69

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    You are rocking those eyelashes like nobody’s business!
    u look hot! <3

  69. Cindy Comment #70

    happy birthday lovely!

  70. She Wears, She Shares Comment #71

    such fun pics! I’m sure you had a blast! Happy belated bday!

  71. Delmy Comment #72

    Aww look at you! I love this shoot. Glad you had a great birthday!

  72. Gliza Comment #73

    Happy Birthday!

  73. Dylana Suarez Comment #74

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This little photo shoot is just darling, just like you! Hope your Bday was amazing!



  74. Lena Comment #75

    i LOVE your hair!

  75. Biaa Comment #76

    Happy Birthday Jules!!! You look lovely and I hope you had fun :)

  76. Cylia Comment #77

    this is so cute:) hope you had a really awesome birthday.

  77. Sarah Comment #78

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i LOVE these pictures, you look beautiful.

  78. The Jazzy Belle Comment #79

    adorable birthday pics!!!!
    Hope it was a GREAT one.


  79. Sabby V Comment #80

    You look really pretty in these photos! Great shorts!

    Happy B-day !

    BTW just became your newest follower!


  80. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #81

    Happy belated birthday! Love the pinata! very cool!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  81. Ria Comment #82

    These pictures are so AWESOME! Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

  82. classiq Comment #83

    I love it how a pair of sequin shorts can transform a simple outfit into something chic and sophisticated.

  83. amberhella Comment #84

    Happy bday!! My birthday was a day before yours! Capricorns rock! Love your bday headband!*

  84. The Style Curator Comment #85
  85. choicesmultiple Comment #86

    amazing outfit! Great Style!

  86. laurenjean. Comment #87

    ok you are the epitome of perfect casual chicness. So fashionable… i am in love with your blog.


  87. Anonymous Comment #88

    Aww you’re so pretty! You’re an inspiration to me!

    Lots of love from Singapore.

  88. Felicity Comment #89

    Amaaaaazing! Going to use it as background 😀 I’m a birthday girl too this week and bumped in at your amazing photos! Grtz, Felicity.