Que me pongo Mango?

Red trousers, silk brown top, necklace and suede pumps are all MANGO
Over the weekend, I had the pleasure and honor of working with one of my favorite brands, Mango, for their Que me pongo? campaign!!
I was able to work alongside my buddy, Natalie Suarez and my other friends Jadene + Dylana joined us
for support, (thanks guys!!) we all had such a great time!! It was an experience I will cherish forever and I’m so thankful I was able to be apart of it! The whole Mango 
team were beyond sweet and they made me feel very comfortable! Can’t wait for the video to come out…
thank you Cristian, Cristina, Carolina and the whole Mango team!
Dream come true!

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love your outfit and the photos!

    You look gorgeous!



  2. dede Comment #2

    congrats…i cant wait to see the video either

  3. STYLE ADDICT Comment #3

    the silk brown top looks amazing on you!



  4. diana kang Comment #4

    you look absolutely STUNNING!!!! xx

  5. simplyhope Comment #5

    you all are so Gorgeous!!! Adore these photos:)

  6. Lainey Comment #6

    You all look so stunning. I love these pics, and I can’t wait to see the finished campaign pics. I really have underestimated Mango. I should really go check out their stuff.

  7. Mac Daddy Comment #7

    What an amazing opportunity! You and Natalie are quite the modeling duo, so gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the campaign :)


  8. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #8

    cute photos dear, lovin those red pants :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  9. Fashion Monstre Comment #9

    those silk red pants are remarkable!!!

  10. Natalie Suarez Comment #10

    SO CUTE!!! LOVE these pics! i have more that i’m going to try and send you soon! (files are so big, but i’m going to try to compress them for you!!) such a fun day! SO EXCITED to see the results! LOVE YOU BOO!!



  11. CHRISTINA Comment #11

    I loooooooooooooove these pants!
    Will def go to mango and try them on :)

  12. tasha Comment #12

    i love your outfit here! and i also love your makeup. could you do a post on what products you use for your regular make-up & hair routine? xx

  13. Jen S. Comment #13

    you look so cute! What a great opportunity!!


  14. Julie and Lauren Comment #14

    You look beautiful! Love the red pants.

    Giveaway @ B&B- enter for your chance to win a cozy plaid flannel by Les Halles! Sign up to follow and leave us a note. Xx.


  15. Alina Comment #15

    Wow, Jules! Congratulations chica, you look beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the finished project :)


  16. gabrielle Comment #16

    so cool. and congrats on the nylon blog feature today! you’re on fire!!


  17. Alex Comment #17

    I’m not normally a trouser/pants person but i love the red ones you’re wearing. Fantastic.


  18. Netalamode Comment #18

    Camel and Red are definitely complementary colors. I love the whole look!


  19. jEm Comment #19

    I love the photo of all three of you! amazing! Also the red pants are to die for!



  20. She Wears, She Shares Comment #20

    Congrats on the campaign! Can’t wait to peek the video :)

  21. ♥ LOLA ♥ Comment #21

    Love your hair Jules and the red pants and nude silky is a hot combo

    xoxo † Genevieve&Lola.com †

  22. PearlsAndGreenTea Comment #22

    You look fab!! Is everything from mango? Love the blouse!

  23. Rebelle Fleur Comment #23
  24. Shevah Comment #24

    Beautiful, stylish ladies! I love these photos. Congratulations on working with Mango! That’s so exciting.

  25. coy colleen Comment #25

    what a fantastic accomplishment for you! I can’t wait to see the final images. totally well deserved, gf

  26. Raquel Comment #26

    CONGRATS!! I love Mango! Wish they had it here on Maui. Anyways I miss you girl! So happy to see you’re doing well. Your blog is def. a daily read for me :) Keep up the good work love! Take care!

  27. Vinda Sonata Comment #27

    those pictures are great . all of you look fantastic.
    i love natalie and nana’s blogs. they’re inspirations !

  28. patrycja2407 Comment #28

    I love this outfit !!
    red trousers look wonderful with this silk brown top !!

  29. Hanna Comment #29

    Great pics! can’t wait to see the result!

  30. lavel Comment #30

    nice photos♥

  31. Chelsea Lane Comment #32

    ooh totally love this shoot! can’t wait to see the end result :) those pants are gorgeous!


  32. ROBINE Comment #33

    Great blogpost and blog!
    You look wonderful :)

  33. Camilla. Comment #34

    I love those red trousers! x


  34. Vicky Comment #35

    Gorgeous photos. I love what you’re wearing. Camel and red = perfection x

  35. Carrie Comment #36

    I can’t wait to see the video!


  36. Marloes. Comment #37

    Oh how I love your red trousers!!

  37. MeganRose. Comment #38

    wow how fun! mango chose the right people for their campaign! all so gorgeous with amazing style! can’t wait to see the final outcome!


  38. The Fashion Cloud Comment #39

    gorgeous pictures and i am in love with your outfit!!


  39. Connie Comment #40

    I really love those red pants.

    The Heartbreak

  40. Sebastian Kubatz Comment #41

    thanks for the BTS stuff
    really interesting to see how this works

    to bad I’m so far away.. would love to work with you too


  41. Jen Comment #42

    i love your hair!!
    Love Jen

  42. Anonymous Comment #43

    you look very prety and so fresh :)
    have you natural curls or use a curling-pin? (you have cool color hair)


  43. nobz Comment #44

    great pictures,and looove outfits!!


  44. Anonymous Comment #45

    You have the most amazing style! Kind of a latino Nicole Richie, and even better!!
    xo from Europe.

  45. M.rolez Comment #46

    love your stle ! so cute 😉



  46. It blog girls Comment #47

    Beautiful outfit choice
    love the red pants and the necklace!

  47. Emy Comment #48

    Wow that seems like an amazing experience and some really nice clothes!! Glad you enjoyed it:)



  48. Anonymous Comment #49

    i love your make up. can you do a make up post? i must know how you do your cheeks…. :)

  49. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #50

    beautiful blog!!!

    following you!

    M & G

  50. Sissi Comment #51

    your outfit is just stunning.i love how you look in this colors!

  51. Beckerman Girls Comment #52

    WOW!!! What a super RAD Shoot!! !Love the outfit you are wearing..it’s soooo FABB and the colors are rockin’! AMAZING!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  52. Becky-May Comment #53

    lovely post! you look so pretty! cant wait to see the vid!

    The Flower Girl


  53. Views From My Window Comment #54

    love MANGO!!
    Red pants + that shirt : Gorgeous!

  54. fashion.gossipmk Comment #55

    U were so beautiful! Congrats pretty girl :)) M.

  55. heylila Comment #56

    how awesome!!! Where did you shoot that! YOu look soooo pretty and I LOOOVEEE your hair and haircolor! Somehow always when I see your photos you remind me of nicole richie, don’t know why…I hope it is a compliment for you :)



  56. Sara Comment #57

    absolutely love the combination of nude and bright red. can’t wait to see the finished product! :)


  57. Lela - seaseight Comment #58

    Love your Mango outfit! And love also your silver and green necklace!

  58. Lela - seaseight Comment #59

    Love your Mango outfit! And love also your silver and green necklace!

  59. sexyinthecity Comment #60

    You looks fabulous with the red pants and the brown top!!!

  60. Anonymous Comment #61

    congratulations on the offers! your style is killer. so is your hair! where do you get it done?!

  61. Fashion Intel Comment #62

    So cute! Annnnnnnd great to see Jadene!

  62. Noortje Lueb Comment #63

    aaaaaah i love love love this! your outfit is perfect, especially the red pants are amazing. xo

  63. AnaT Comment #64

    me encanta tu look!!!

    I follow you!!


  64. Jenni Wells Comment #65

    I’ve been looking all over for the perfect nude pumps. so jealous


  65. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #66

    FELICIDADES .. bien merecido lo tienes. Ya me muero por ver el resultado final. Te ves PRECIOSA :)


  66. Espejito Comment #67

    I am just writing you, to say that your blog is really awesome and so it is your style.
    One question, please where are these red pants and this brown silk camise you are wearing with them from????

    I am just like crazy ahahah to find them!

    Definately I’ll continue following you!

  67. sbot Comment #68

    This looks like so much fun. You looked very beautiful, Im esp in love with the color of your hair.

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )



  68. maduixetes surprise Comment #69
  69. Liz Comment #70

    I WANT your hair, I love it!
    You look lovely

  70. A.n.E Comment #71

    Just saw some snaps of this at Dylana’s blog and thought I’ll just stop by.
    So feeling the red and creme at the moment. You look great!

  71. Carol Comment #72

    Going to have to look for those trousers – they look wonderful fun. Great photos, can’t wait to see some more.

    Carol x

  72. Nana Comment #73

    everyhting I can wright right now is <3

  73. Anna Comment #74
  74. cat Comment #75

    i love the red and brown together!

    cat x

  75. Karima Illustration Comment #76

    Your blog is awesome! Seriously, I love it!



  76. Anonymous Comment #77

    I loooove that brown blouse from mango!! in which size did u wear it?? is it an S?
    many thanks xx

  77. Weronika Comment #78

    I love your hair ! you look great :)

  78. Adellie Blogger Comment #79

    Can’t waitttt. I love camel/nude with red together!! Reminds me of last spring’s No 21 show, the look Caroline Brasch Nielsen had. Such refreshing colours x


  79. fashionable palette Comment #80

    I am obsessed with this outfit on you.


  80. MADNESSmeForfashion Comment #81

    i’m in love for those red trousers!!!

  81. Den Lille Motespire Comment #82

    What do you do to keep your hair so shiny and healthy looking? :)

  82. Anonymous Comment #83

    wich nailpoolish did you used?? this pink looks amazing just like you! 😀

  83. thisiswhatidwear Comment #84

    You’re amazing!!! Perfect pair of red pants!


  84. Anonymous Comment #85

    I Love your shirt here,
    may i ask where its from, ive been trying to find one just like this!