SF Diary.

Photos from the weekend in SF.
Beautiful weather, delicious food, amazing places and the perfect company.

*Happy News: While in SF, I was featured in MyFashionDataBase blog, it was such a
sweeeeet write up, so flattered to be called “the epitome of California coolness…” !!!
Thank you everyone at MyFDB!
Have a big announcement to make soon! stay tuned!

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love the photos!

    So beautiful over there
    love those shoes



  2. laxmi Comment #2

    OMG you met up with Aimee from Songofstyle? I am such a fan of you both. You look lovely!

  3. Sebastian Kubatz Comment #3

    SF is nice… love the city

    check out my video of SF here:

    and don’t miss to watch my blog:


  4. patrycja2407 Comment #4

    Amazing photos!
    You’re so beautiful :)

  5. Den Lille Motespire Comment #5

    What a beautiful city 😀

    I love your blog and your post ! :)

  6. Grace Comment #6

    Do you have any idea where the grey-ish boots are from in the feet picture (in case they are your feet?!).

    I love your blog, have been following it for a year and this is my first comment! Not meaning that I don’t toadily adore everything you wear, just took me this long to get my own blog and a google account…

    much love from mexico lindo

  7. Box Moon Babble Comment #7

    I loe this post!



  8. Friend in Fashion Comment #8

    Great photos – lovely blog!

    I <3 San Fran!!! :)

    Friend in Fashion

  9. Liana Comment #9

    gorgeous photos of the city, i wish i could go there more often, especially since i only live an hour away…can’t wait to hear your great news! oh and congrats on the feature :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  10. AMELIA Comment #10

    Love that last outfit.


  11. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #11

    Great photos, you look great doll :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  12. Peaches Comment #12

    i love living in SF, really nothing better

  13. Delmy Comment #13

    Love your hair this way! You look like Jennifer Lopez. Thats a compliment from me. :-)

  14. CHRISTINA Comment #14

    Beautiful pics!Which camera did you use?

  15. Sabby V Comment #15

    Love your boots in this last pic! Looks like you had a great time.
    Check out my blog for my first giveaway!


  16. jewlz. Comment #16

    Just found your blog and I LOVE it, you have amazing style!


  17. Wolfpack Culture Comment #17

    You look a little bit like J-Lo with your hair pulled back on the one side like that! Haha, I know that may sound weird, but she wore her hair exactly the same way on one of the recent American Idol episodes and it reminded me of it!

    Love the outfit!


  18. Alina Comment #18

    These are such great pics Jules, what kind of camera do you use?

    So pretty!


  19. MeganRose. Comment #19

    these are lovely photographs! you were around my neck of the woods! it’s nice to see you together with another one of my favorite bloggers. you look lovely as always and i love your hair without bangs as well as with.
    MyFDB got it right! congrats on that as well!


  20. Lainey Comment #20

    Oh, how jealous I am of you right now. I’ve missed SF so much, and you look like you had such a wonderful time! I absolutely love the way you do your makeup! Will I get to finally meet you on Saturday?

  21. Natalie Lord Comment #21

    Great pics! I loooooove San Fran, one of my favourite places to visit! I think you’re my new glowing-skin-idol! OXO

  22. Natalie Suarez Comment #22

    YOU ARE TOO CUTE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! hehehe i love these pics! u really are my eeny meeny WEENY! xoxoxooxox


  23. Marloes. Comment #24

    I love these photos!

  24. Emy Comment #25

    Such great shots, I’d love to go to SF soon! Well the whole westcoast actually:) I really like your outfit in the last shot!


  25. agnes Comment #26

    de magnifiques photos.
    J’aime beaucoup.

  26. Hanna Comment #27

    Amazing, freaking beautiful pics!!

  27. Vicky Comment #28

    Fabulous photos! I absolutely adore the second x

  28. Nikki Comment #29

    beautiful shots! I wish to go to SF one day too =) x

  29. Jen Comment #30

    Lovely outfit!
    Love Jen

  30. Denitsa Comment #31

    u’ve taken stunning photos

  31. Michaela Comment #32

    Amazing photos, San Francisco looks like a lovely place!

  32. Sist and Sist Comment #33

    love your outfit! :)

  33. Connie Comment #34

    Love the boots on the right. Not to mention the awesome headband.

    The Heartbreak

  34. Červené rty Comment #35

    The city that never sleeps.

    kiss xxx

  35. laurasj Comment #36
  36. BRAD Comment #37

    Absolutely ♥ that 1st photo of you taken in the mirror….I don’t know….something about it – Shows your natural gorgeousness… ☆

    Great Post…



  37. heylila Comment #38

    How cool! I am going to SF in summer too, any recommendations?
    Where are you from? I am gonna make a big California ROad Trip :) I am already sooo excited!



  38. LIE Comment #39

    Oh SF! I’d love to be there right now! :)

    love&rockets, LIE

  39. Lilylovelock Comment #40

    Gorgeous photography as always, my sis lived in SF for a while…loved it! Gonna check out the MyFDB!

  40. Just a lazy morning Comment #41

    great pics!!
    i love that city!

  41. AMAIA Comment #42
  42. diana kang Comment #43

    you look amazing!

  43. catsnarkle Comment #44

    just recently discovered your blog and i love it :)
    ps, where did you get the black motorcycle boots from in the last photo?

  44. Adellie Blogger Comment #45

    while everyone i know who’s visited the states always has places like las vegas on their must-see lists, san fran (as well as NYC of course) is possiby my biggest must-see. Those terraced houses, the hilly streets, the trolley cars. Makes me nostalgic for 90s movies, in which this aussie kid first ‘got to now’ SF! Thanks for the pictures. And great black/cream/army green combo. X


  45. Copious Couture Comment #46

    Absolutely stunning photos! I adore those first few pics… and the clothing is gorgeous!


  46. Nana Comment #47

    amazing post
    I really like these pics…looked like fun:)
    and you are pretty as always
    hugs, Nana

  47. Ursela Comment #48

    is that Aimee from Song of style? wow had no idea you guys knew each other! You look beautiful with no bangs. so happy to see 2 of my favorite bloggers together!

  48. Lela - seaseight Comment #49

    Great, great, great pics!
    I love them!

  49. She Wears, She Shares Comment #50

    Hope you had a chance to find some goodies over in Haight Street and the ice cream at Ghiradelli is to die…

  50. thefashionguitar.com Comment #51

    Love the look!!!

    xo thefashionguitar

  51. A + N Comment #52

    Gorgeous photos and love the outfit!

  52. Bren Herrera Comment #53

    wow. great recap. i’ve not been to SF in about 10 year. still so lovely. thanks for inspiring a trip back real soon! Happy weekend! And, want to follow each other! :) Would love to!

    B So Chic!

  53. Mercedes Sanz Comment #54

    beautiful pics and your last outfit is awesome!!!
    kisses from: wwwjesuisguapot.blogspot.com

  54. Claudia Comment #55

    WHERE oh where did you get those boots?

  55. Britt Vissers Comment #56

    Great pictures, I really love your style and your hair is beatiful! I already follow you with bloglovin, but I don’t think with google, but now I will! Xx

  56. LV Comment #57

    Love your style! Just discovered your blog:-)


  57. d--h.info Comment #58

    Day Spa