Dotted Line.

Polka dot blouse: Vintage // Striped cardigan: Thrifted // Pleated skirt: F21 // Wedges: Sam Edelman // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs // Sunglasses: Grey Ant
Photos by: asubtleapproach* 
My bangs make an appearance again! I’m totally in between letting them grow out and keeping them.
Although I absolutely love them, they’re high maintenance and sometimes I feel limited to what
I can do causing me to be over them instantly. It really all depends on my mood so for now I’ll just
go with the flow.
On a different note, I’ve always been attracted in pairing polka dots with stripes. Something
about these two prints together makes me so happy. The trick to pairing these prints is to have one
of the prints be of smaller scale compared to the other.
(example: smaller thin stripes with medium/large polka dots or vice versa)
Coolest combo in my book.
p.s v’dayyy inspiration + giveaways coming up soon!

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love this outfit!

    Nice bag!



  2. Carrie Comment #2

    I love the way you mixed dots with straps! And your shoes are beautiful!


  3. Hippie Fruit Comment #3

    Love this look!! So cute the stripes with the dots!!

  4. Nikki Comment #4

    I love this adorable outfit. ^^ x

  5. KAY. Comment #5

    amazing outfit!
    I really love the wedges!

    please visit&follow my newblog:

  6. lindsey lowe Comment #6

    love this outfit! it’s the perfect mix of classic and modern.

  7. lindsey lowe Comment #7

    love this outfit! it’s the perfect mix of classic and modern.

  8. Natalie Suarez Comment #8

    this is adorable! u look beautiful!! :)



  9. Cintia Comment #9

    you look beautiful! I love the whole outfit! Xx

  10. Vicky Comment #10

    Your hair looks amazing, and I really love your skirt x

  11. SAUVAGE Comment #13

    those wedges are perfection!

  12. Love the Fashion of your Life Comment #14

    love those shoes <3

  13. Lisa Fergus Comment #15

    This look is beyond stunning!!! You look amazing! Love the dots and stripes! And your bangs look great, even growing out!


  14. Hanna Comment #16

    So pretty outfit! Love the skirt very much!

  15. StyleCake Comment #17

    Love it! never thought to pair stripes with polka dots :-)

  16. Silvana Querido Comment #18

    You are so cute. I love your style and your hair soo much :)

    Meet me at: invoguewithsilvanaquerido.blogspot.com

    Kiss from Portugal

  17. Maria Maliki Comment #19

    beautiful Hair

  18. chopstick panorama Comment #20

    You are so pretty and the outfit emphasizes that.

    And your hair colour is awesome!!

  19. Ivanka Comment #21

    OMG! You are so beautiful!! <3

    Love your outfit :)

  20. Emma Comment #22

    Love it! Cute skirt!

    x Emma (www.stylerituals.blogspot.com)

  21. DediLovesFashion Comment #23

    you look stunning. i totally love this outfit.

  22. kingaaaa Comment #24

    you look totally amazing!

  23. franca maisha Comment #25

    you look great! loving your bag :)


  24. Becky-May Comment #26

    Polka dots and stripes look amazing together! You pull it off so well. I love your bangs! You can always do an alexa and have them in betweeny!

    The Flower Girl


  25. dominika Comment #27

    I love it! the outfit is really nice, especially with the grey wall, looks really good! :)

  26. Lucy Comment #28

    I love how you combined stripes with dots!! Great outfit :)

  27. Views From My Window Comment #29

    lovely skirt!
    love the combination dot/striped!

  28. fashion.gossipmk Comment #30

    Gorgeous outfit! Love it!

  29. the style crusader Comment #31

    pleats, strips, and polka dots all in one outfit really shouldn’t work… but this is awesome. xx

  30. Marta Comment #32

    Love the outfit!!
    And the mix of dots and stripes is amazing!!

  31. AMAIA Comment #33

    absolutely gorgeous!!


  32. Natalie Lord Comment #34

    The dots and stripes combo is to die for! And your bangs are fab!

  33. Marloes. Comment #35

    I love bangs on you! Your outfit is amazing. The combination of polka dots and stripes is perfect

  34. "Rock your own style,dance your own beat..." Comment #36

    u look so cute….great look…love the hair

  35. yamina beyondURclothes Comment #37

    love your hair color, so perfect !!!!

    ♥ yamina.

  36. Nancie Mwai Comment #38

    looking good doll…love the hair bangs!

  37. Camilla. Comment #39

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous xx


  38. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #40

    The grey silverish backdrop is the perfect companion of an already perfect outfit! :)


  39. Lindsey N. Comment #41

    Oh, I love the different colors coming from your shoes and bag! And I also love your bangs.

    Lindsey Soup

  40. Lindsey N. Comment #42

    Oh, I love the different colors coming from your shoes and bag! And I also love your bangs.

    Lindsey Soup

  41. Lolade Comment #43

    just so your chictopia..
    you hair is amaze love the colour.
    again i love the skirt and wedges :)

    x x x

  42. Sarah Comment #44

    great trick thanks for sharing! I love your outfits :)

  43. Christina Comment #45

    Oh i love every single piece….want those wedges soo bad!

  44. Jen Comment #46

    Great outfit! LOVE
    Love Jen


    Love the mix of patterns…and I feel you on the bang front. They are fun but sometimes they drive me crazy! lol. xo

  46. Vicki Comment #48

    you really suit your bangs!! I have them too althou in the uk we call it a fringe..lol they make it hard to wear turbans or hairbands but i love it all the same :) xo

  47. Anni Comment #49

    keep the bangs!!!

  48. gabrielle Comment #50

    i totally have the same problem. i got a bang trim yesterday even though i swore i would let them grow out. i seriously might be addicted to these bangs, please help me stop!!


  49. Tima Comment #51

    I think your hair looks amazing! The color, just everything!!

    Editor & Chic

  50. nina oliva Comment #52

    oh my, i love the wedges! =) such a lovely colour which takes the edge out of the plateau! And you’re absolutely right about the polka-dot/stripe thing…
    have a great week!

  51. julie iliana Comment #53

    I love the outfit but I couldn’t stop staring at those wedges! ugh, love them.

  52. amalie Comment #54

    you look gorgeous. love your pleated skirt! was just about to buy a smiliar one myself.


  53. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #55

    LOve these prints paired together doll, you look great!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  54. poca Comment #56

    Great outfit! I love the mix of polka dots/stripes. I’m especially loving that your cardigan is thrifted!!

    I’m a thrift-fashion blogger and would love for you to check out my blog http://www.stylespotrun.com.

    xoxo, Happy thrifting! Poca

  55. J'Anns Boutique Comment #57

    Love your outfit! That pleated skirt is driving me insane…


  56. BlueVanilla Comment #58

    LOVEEEE mixing those prints together!!

    Enter my M.A.C Giveaway!

  57. sharonlei Comment #59

    Jules! The bangs are back. LOVE them. Either way though, you’re still gorgeous.

    I love mixing polka dots and stripes too.. I also like dots and leopard print. Sometimes I feel like leopard/cheetah acts like a neutral. hee hee.

    Hope you’re doing great! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  58. The Fancy Teacup Comment #60

    Great styling trick about the combining dots with stripes. The wedges are darling too!

    much love.

  59. thebluueroom Comment #61

    Yay the bangs are back!! I think they frame your face beautifully!

  60. OnTheRacks Comment #62

    You look adorable, my love! Stripes + polka dots = A+ for sure. Such a cute outfit! <3

    xx Laura

  61. Jen S. Comment #63

    cute outfit…I have always liked that combo too…


  62. Angy Comment #64

    I’m obsessed with your shoes!


  63. Wolfpack Culture Comment #65

    I love how well you mixed those stripe and polka dots!


  64. Lainey Comment #66

    I love mixing prints, especially dots and stripes. You did it just right in this outfit! I know I ask all the time, but have you done a hair post before. I love your hair color, and would love to know how you do it. :)

  65. Ashley Rae Comment #67

    You look adorable! And I’m glad the bangs are back. I looooove mine too. I get the same way you do and get tired but I always go back to em sooner or later.


  66. BRAD Comment #68

    So cute!!

    Would ♥ to get a better look @ those Grey Ant sunglasses on you, Jules…:-) Although I absolutely ♥ those Ray-Ban 3025’s on you…


    baci ♥ Brad

  67. Anonymous Comment #69

    You look soo amazing with your bangs, don’t ever let go of them!! xoxo

  68. Connie Comment #70

    Love the mix of patterns and I vote – keep the bangs!

    The Heartbreak

  69. Emily Comment #71

    I love the dots! I have a polka dot skirt that I’ll have to bust out rather soon.

    Check out my blog!


  70. youngbrokefabulous Comment #72

    i love this!!– i love mixing patterns as well, it always works out & looks amazing :)

  71. Laura Sophies Comment #73

    love this pattern-mix

  72. Flo Comment #74
  73. ChiccaStyle Comment #75

    This outfit is amazing and you look great!!!

  74. Jessica Comment #76

    you look amazing with bang!
    love the combination between polkadots and stripes.


  75. zeste de citron Comment #77

    so cute I love it <3
    xx from France

  76. Alice Lee Comment #78

    i love your blog and your style
    follow you now

  77. Jamie Comment #79

    So cute!! And I LOOOVE the bag!!


  78. Whitney Comment #80

    Such a gorgeous oufit! Simple and perfectly chic. Annnd without breaking the bank. Lovely. I’d wear it in a heartbeat!

  79. 6roove Comment #81

    lovely mix! skirt is adorable,

    kisses from Watching the waves :)

  80. margarita ts Comment #82

    gorgeous style!i follow you!
    if you want follow me back!

  81. lauren lanza osias Comment #83

    you might be the coolest chick ever. your hair rocks my socks. i’m totally ready to cut my bangs back. love.

    my temporary humble abode…

  82. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #84

    I love your hair ♥ (and outfit, of course).

  83. Kate Comment #85

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit! The stripes & polkadots make for such an awesome combination! Lovvvve!

  84. classiq Comment #86

    Stripes and polka dots: such an inspired combination!

  85. boogie b Comment #87

    have you thought about clip in bangs? I was at the beauty store and saw them yesterday. And I saw them on Jerseylicious….lol….I feel the same way Im gettin bang/fringe ansy…but I don’t want the hassle. I also don’t want a really faux look though…

  86. sagalina Comment #88

    great advise, ill try the stripes + polka dot trick:)

  87. Natalie Louise Comment #89

    Love the sheer skirt in this look.


  88. Sash Comment #90

    i Love your blog and your style :)


  89. thisiswhatidwear Comment #91

    Following you!! You and your style are gorgeous!