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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love your glasses and blazer!

    Cute photo!



  2. Lindsay Comment #2

    i love the geeky glasses and plaid blazer! Quirky yet chic!


  3. Kristen Comment #3

    goodness your skin looks amazing.. can we talk products??

    feverishly searching through your archives in case this discussion has already taken place…

  4. Shevah Comment #4

    You look so cute with those glasses on! You pull them off well!


  5. Kristine Comment #5

    qt patootie

  6. theTrendyDwarf Comment #6

    I love your tweed blazer and how you wear the belt over the jacket. I also really really LOVE your glasses! You look beautiful as always.
    Check out my trendy blog!

  7. Steven Comment #7

    the glasses are dope! nice look.


  8. Natalie Suarez Comment #8

    omg girl. you are the cutest little thing! MISS YOU! :)



  9. Stephanie Comment #9

    love the way you wore your blazer and belt!! i like the glasses too, it adds a little something extra =)

  10. J'Anns Boutique Comment #10

    I would take that blazer from you anyday!

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  11. Emily Anne Comment #11

    i love this outfit. the blazer paired with the belt is pretty genius. And the glasses really pull the look together> I love how this an outfit that really works. I wish I could see the shoes!

  12. Friend in Fashion Comment #12

    absolutely GORGEOUS!

    Adore your glasses :)

    Friend in Fashion

  13. Ashley Rae Comment #13

    I just scored a blazer just like this from my sis-in-law. Needs a slight alteration since it’s a size 15 but I’m already so excited to wear it! Love this on you.


  14. Anonymous Comment #14

    I LOVE this look! You look amazing! Where did you get your glasses?!! I must know!!!

  15. The Fancy Teacup Comment #15

    You make such a super cute geek! Such a darling jacket by the way, and of course those adorable spectacles.

    much love.

  16. Lydz xX Comment #16

    loveee the jacket :)


    Lydz xX

  17. The Suburb Experiment Comment #17

    Where did you get your glasses? I’m looking for a new pair (desperately) and that’s the shape I’m looking for!


  18. Queen.OnSet Comment #18
  19. Jessica Comment #19

    absolutely the prettiest geek!
    loving the blazer!


  20. mll mag Comment #20
  21. fashion.gossipmk Comment #21

    You my darling are the most beautiful geek I’ve seen :) Beautiful pic!
    Xoxo, K.

  22. Anonymous Comment #22

    I just found your blog. Wow i’m so mad in love 😉 i think i like every Outfit! You have a really good taste and style and you dont look disguised like some other blogger girls and i love that! :) simple, tres chic and not to girly girl.


  23. Carrie Comment #23
  24. Little Rus Comment #24

    Incredibly sweet! Just perfect. x

  25. Maja Vonava Comment #25

    cool blazer and belt!!I love it


  26. The beautiful life of A Comment #26

    you look perfect! the blazer togehter with the glasses and the belt works perfect!

  27. G Comment #27

    I love that glasses!!!!!!!



  28. Marloes. Comment #28

    So pretty!!

  29. Emmi Comment #29

    you look great,I can’t believe how pretty you are!

  30. Sissi Comment #30

    diffrent look and i loove it! you look great!

  31. esiul Comment #31

    oh the glasses look so cute on you! and your blazer looks adorable- I just love blazers 😉

  32. Karolina Comment #32

    such an amazing outfit!

  33. Hanna Comment #33

    really pretty! I love the blazer!

  34. simplychic Comment #34

    i need that blazer! i like how you belted it using that thin belt. very cute.

  35. Anonymous Comment #35

    always wondered what “geek love” would/might feel like… now, i kinda believe i kno… :) xoxo

  36. Anonymous Comment #36

    sometimes is 1 picture more than enough! I love it!

  37. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #37

    I loveeeed <33

  38. MeMe Comment #38

    this is absolutely fab! love the blazer! Greetings from Prague xxx

  39. Weronika Comment #39

    Great look, you are so beatifull i love your blog ! And i want mooore pics! :)

  40. Annika Comment #40

    Hand over the glasses and no one gets hurt! He he just kidding, they look so cute though :)

  41. Cátia Couto Comment #41

    Chic as always! I love the belt over the blazer, it gives a nice touch to the outfit!

    xoxo ;*

  42. iole Comment #42

    you are so cute!!!


  43. forefrontfash Comment #43

    absolutely love this look

  44. kasai Comment #44

    ow you look super cool in this blazer and glassess. LOVE IT

  45. Jamie Comment #45

    Love the blazer! You look adorable!


    PS. I, too, am obsessed with gel nails…not having to worry about chipping for 2 week, had me at hello.

  46. Wynn Comment #46

    I looove the stylish geek look! You nailed this Jules! xoxo

  47. Nikki Comment #47

    That blazer looks very nice on you :) I am diggin the glasses ! x

  48. W. Comment #48

    i love!!!!

    i follow you hope you’ll follow me back!

    so beautiful your hair 😮


  49. Cara Comment #49

    Lovely! You pull of this look perfectly…and I am loving that blazer!
    xo Cara

  50. BRAD Comment #50

    Sooo CUTE!! And you look so SMART, too! :-) :-)

    ♥ the look in your last Post, too, Jules…


    baci ♥ Brad

  51. LIE Comment #51

    you’re looking lovely! :)
    I really like the way you’re wearing the blazer!

    love&rockets, Lie

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  52. Fashion Monstre Comment #52

    omg!!! so perfect!!!

  53. jenna Comment #53

    BB Dakota is my new favorite brand. They have great stuff at Lohman’s

  54. Anonymous Comment #54

    when will you open a webshop? Soon i hope!

  55. caylee Comment #55

    loving ALL of your latest posts beautiful!

  56. The.Red.See Comment #56

    Super cute look!

  57. Sushi Comment #57

    Love this outfit! What a nice jacket x Sushi

  58. patrycja2407 Comment #58

    You look wonderful !
    I love your style :)

  59. The student's guide to affordable luxury Comment #59

    I think I have a crush on you! :) I absolutely love your outfits. You look fantastic each and every time.

  60. la tiquismiquis Comment #60

    you look amazing! i love your glasses.

    kiss, la tiquismiquis

  61. choicesmultiple Comment #61

    So chic, the belt and the jacket look amazing together.

  62. Francesca Comment #62

    you have amazing style. i’m so glad i found your blog. i’m following!

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

  63. Emijaa Jaaemil Comment #63

    Very cute… glasses look nice on your! :-)


  64. Delmy Comment #64

    I LOVE IT.

  65. Elien - DOGS+DRESSES Comment #65

    really pretty! I like your blog and all of your photo’s, def following you :)

  66. Rebelle Fleur Comment #66

    So fun! This look is so cute!


  67. Collections Comment #67

    love this outfit. the blazer and belt combo are great.


  68. Klaudia Comment #68

    Amazing style! Love the combination of colour and monotones!