Lucky 7.

This weeks Lucky 7 is about some of my favorite close-up shots of my outfit/details.
1. AE cargos with Acne Atacomas
2. Layered bracelets + watch + rosary
3. Button up blouse all the way to the collar
4. Polka dots + stripes (yes, again!)
5. Melie bianco fringe bag with a boho-ish outfit
6. Free people oversize blazer with red clutch for cool contrast
7. my fav bag, the
Off to work now, I have a messed up eye right now and it’s making it hard for me to see, 
I hope it goes away.

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love all those bags!


  2. Hen Comment #2

    Wow those shoes in the first picture are amazing! I want them!
    Teenage Daydreams

  3. mll mag Comment #3

    looooooooooove the bag 😉

    GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG: win a super T-Shirt 😉

  4. Caroline Weiler Comment #4

    So beautifun pictures, love the red clutch


  5. Dylana Suarez Comment #5

    Hey girl! All your outfits look SPECTACTULAR girl! Love every single one! You are totally wokring every look! Dude, I want you to be our first guest blogger for the Volcom blog because I love you too much, so I want to send you some cool Volcom clothes. I wish we could get you some summer stuff since the collection is so amazing, but its not in stock yet. So I will email you details and the spring catalog book for you to look through. Hopefully you are interested! Love you girl!



  6. KAY. Comment #6

    WOW love all the shots!
    I really am a fan of your style!

  7. Carrie Comment #7

    You are so inspiring! I love these pieces!

  8. Gorete Sousa Comment #8

    Great looks and pics!!!

  9. Marloes. Comment #9

    I’m obsessed with your red clutch!

  10. Shevah Comment #10

    I love all of these photos. You have amazing details in your wardrobe. I hope your eye feels better! :)

  11. Lelinh Comment #11

    Lovely shoes, bags, blazers, everything! My Style Affair

  12. Enamodeuse Comment #12

    Fashion is in the details:)

    Lovely pics

  13. Net a la Mode Comment #13

    Love the Acne wedges!

  14. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #14

    Wonderful details!!!

  15. nina oliva Comment #15

    loving the a. wang bag… the leather looks super soft!
    hope your eye will be fine soon!

  16. sharonlei Comment #16

    Jules!! Can I come raid your closet. Dang girl. I swear, you have the best pieces. :)

    I hope your eye gets better real soon. Happy Thursday sweets!

    xx Love & Aloha

  17. AMELIA Comment #17

    Nice shots Jules.

  18. Pearls&Politics Comment #18

    So cute!!

  19. Pearls&Politics Comment #19

    So cute!!

  20. Pearls&Politics Comment #20

    So cute!!

  21. Pearls&Politics Comment #21

    So cute!!

  22. Pearls&Politics Comment #22

    So cute!!

  23. Pearls&Politics Comment #23

    So cute!!

  24. Pearls&Politics Comment #24

    So cute!!

  25. Pearls&Politics Comment #25

    So cute!!

  26. Pearls&Politics Comment #26

    So cute!!

  27. Pearls&Politics Comment #27

    So cute!!

  28. Pearls&Politics Comment #28

    So cute!!

  29. Pearls&Politics Comment #29

    So cute!!

  30. Pearls&Politics Comment #30

    So cute!!

  31. Anonymous Comment #31

    Beautiful photos! If you’re interested in this, definitely check out

  32. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #32

    Lovely post, love that red clutch of yours :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  33. margarita ts Comment #33

    gorgeous outfit!!

  34. Michaela Comment #34

    I love all of these pictures! The close up shots really show the detail in all of your outfits!

  35. be.aoi Comment #35

    amazing shots! love your shoes in the first pic

  36. quatschipopp Comment #36

    the second picture is wow!!!
    and i love your (red?) nail polish


    Love these snapshots! Hope your eye gets better too! xo

  38. Camilla. Comment #38

    Your Atacomas are beautiful xx

  39. Alex Comment #39

    So beautiful and I have those cargos too – so comfy.

  40. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix Comment #40

    Wow, I love that fringe bag.

  41. Laura Comment #41

    LOVE the red clutch…
    and the wedges in the first photo are simply ah-mazing.


  42. Megan Comment #42

    Really want those atacomas!
    P.S These are my favorite posts of yours!

  43. amalie Comment #43

    lovely pictures, i love all of this! i want a red clutch like that too.

  44. Sara Comment #44

    gorgeous! i own a striped blazer that looks so much like yours!

  45. Liana Comment #45

    love all the detailed photos, that brown fringe bag is amazing!
    hope your eye gets better soon, that sucks when you can only see out of one at a time; believe me, ive been there 😛

    Fashion Bag 411

  46. The Fancy Teacup Comment #46

    My favorite posts of yours are the ones with the Acne boots and the darling button up collared blouse.

    Hope your eye gets better dear!
    much love.

  47. thebluueroom Comment #47

    I can’t decide which one I like best!
    i did a little post about your fab style on my blog – check it out, I hope you like it! xxx
    Rachelle from

  48. Ici Fashion Comment #48

    Great shots, very inspiring! I love the red clunch )
    Great style!

  49. Katie Comment #49

    Beautiful style and beautiful photos! I love the green cargos and black boots. Hope your eye feels better soon!

    XO, Katie
    Running On Happiness

  50. lindsey lowe Comment #50

    love this idea!! too cute. your details are beautiful!

  51. Miss Molly Comment #51

    you really have some great pieces in your wardrobe! ahhh.. the shoes!

    great post!

  52. J.P. Archie Comment #52

    Great oversized blazer. Love it and your bog.

  53. J.P. Archie Comment #53

    Great oversized blazer! Love…

  54. DISTRIKMODE Comment #54


    I want!! :)

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  55. Maja Vonava Comment #55

    ATACOMA is love forever!!

  56. What is Reality Anyway? Comment #56

    ya for sure! im in la all next week, and coming back for two months in april :)

  57. Hanna Comment #57

    OEh love all these pics! They look so great 😀

  58. Carissa Comment #58

    that button up blouse <3 me likey so much!

  59. Sarah Swell Jewelry Comment #59

    That Melie Bianco bag is killer!

  60. maduixetes surprise Comment #60
  61. KiKi Comment #61

    Congrats on your two year mark! Follow the blog religiously…keep it going!

    Lots of Love,

    P.S.-Love your stems

  62. Anonymous Comment #62

    Olá Julie, HELLO!!!

    I am writing from Portugal, and i just have to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!! Your style is soooo amazing it is a real inspiration
    Your style, the clothes, colours and acessories are so well put together, i go to your blog everyday to get inspiration :-)

    I wish you the best of luck for your future and hope you continue blogging for a long time…

  63. marlee (eclectiq.MIND*) Comment #63

    that red clutch is soo cutee =) your outfits are really great, love your style =)

  64. ﻌFashionQamarﻌ Comment #64
  65. Song of Style Comment #65

    hello love,
    love all of these ensembles!!! and love that fringe bag!!
    i miss your cute face! <3

  66. Song of Style Comment #66

    hello love,
    love all of these ensembles!!! and love that fringe bag!!
    i miss your cute face! <3

  67. Kristie Comment #67

    I love your Alexander Wang bag! It’s precious. And your button up blouse and beautiful.

    Lace & Berries

  68. saai Comment #68


  69. FLEUR DAILY Comment #69

    Love the wedges in the last picture!


  70. Miyan Comment #70

    love the close-ups! the details in your outfits are so great! esp loving your shoes & bag in #7…


  71. Francesca Comment #71

    i absolutely love your blog! just discovered it and i promise I will follow.. Love your hair! I tried to get mine dyed like that but my stylist doesn’t know how to do it :*( tear!!

    congrats on your blog!

  72. Karima Illustration Comment #72
  73. Ingunn Comment #73

    Loved the red clutch!

  74. Irene Comment #74

    wow, i loveee these! You got a great blog!
    xoxo irene

  75. Olithée Comment #75

    Stripes jacket = awesome
    Hope ur eye is getting better

  76. Fashionable Rose Comment #76

    wow amazing blog!! i am a new follower! just find out about your blog from fashion bananas! xx

  77. Sarade Comment #77

    I have been craving olive cargo pants most intensely, and I love the ones in your top photo!

  78. choicesmultiple Comment #78

    Love your golden watch and the (brown) bag!

  79. Jamie Comment #79

    Love the A Wang bag!!!

  80. heylila Comment #80

    LOVE your blog!!!


  81. thisiswhatidwear Comment #81

    wow these detail shots are amazing! So glad I stumbled upon your blog xx


  82. Natalie Comment #82

    Love these Lucky 7 posts. As a lover of detail, what more could you ask for? Love the cargos and Acne boots (high x low), button up blouse (reminds me of a cool Cali/Salem girl lol), the Melie bianco fringe bag and jean shorts. Great bag and booties


  83. Dani Comment #83


  84. eva Comment #84

    simply nice!!! I like all these 7, but I need the cargo from AE, can you tell me the reference or something to identify and buy them?

  85. Britt Vissers Comment #85

    You have such a lovely and inspiring style!!