Lucky 7.

New Favorites: here we go!
1.  Rasberry macarons from Bottega Louie
2. On constant rotation: YSL, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Cacharel + Estee Lauder
3. Getting lost in downtown L.A
4. Malibu Native shirt, LOVE!!
5. Wearing this ‘Tubular’ bracelet layered with other bangles/bracelets! (bracelet from bcbgeneration)
6. New shades for this sunny L.A weather; (more photos to come!)
7. Skinny cargos from Free People, perfect for dressing up or down!

Finally able to announce my special news tomorrow!!! Check back in to see what it is!
So excited!

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  1. Carrie Comment #1

    Great shots! I love them 😉

  2. Christina Comment #2

    Love those skinny cargos,wow!

    Please tell me from which brand this amazing pink nailpilish is?

  3. crazy pig Comment #3

    great lucky 7! 😀
    And I love these cargos. And the t-shirt. And everything <3

  4. BRAD Comment #4

    ♥ those Free People cargos on you…. ☆

    baci ♥ Brad

  5. sharonlei Comment #5

    Totally tubular.. 😉 love it. I’m also drooling over hte macarons. I have a sick obsession and if they were more readily available to me, I’d have one everyday.. haha.

    Can’t wait to find our what you special news is!!! :) Be back tomorrow. Hope you’re doing fabulously my dear.

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. dominika Comment #6

    oooh, love the Malibu native t-shirt!

  7. Laetitia´s Comptoir Comment #7

    Mmmm…macarons!!! Love them!


  8. Sherina Comment #8

    Great shots. Lusting your bracelet and Malibu tee :)

    xx Rina

  9. Serena Comment #9

    Faaaabulous post, that bracelet is super funny! I bet those macarons were good, too.


  10. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #10

    Lovely things… excited to hear your big news! 😀

  11. Shevah Comment #11

    The macaroons look so delicious. Nomz nomz.

  12. Nancy Andrade Comment #12

    Great shots! totally love the cargos! Everything free people is amazing!


  13. Raspberry Jam Comment #13
  14. diana kang Comment #14

    LOVE Bottega Louie! their food is amazing too!

  15. Jen Comment #15

    The pants are great!!!
    Love Jen

  16. StyleCake Comment #16

    i LOVE macarons, need to hunt those down next time I’m back in LA. and those skinny cargos are definitely a must in my wardrobe. Thanks for the style inspiration!

    – Maritess

  17. Grace Comment #17

    Maaaaaan i’m craving macaroons now! x

  18. Rebelle Fleur Comment #18

    I love everything on this list!

  19. Jamie Comment #19

    Macaroons are my fave and I LOVE those cargos!

  20. Tina Comment #20

    I have never tried macarons but all the fashion blogs out there are making me want to!! Also, LOVE Amor Amor perfume – my fave! I like your perfume tray!

  21. Juanita Gomez Comment #21

    Love it!!! I have the same pants in 2 colors, there on sale!!!
    What shades are those?

  22. Juanita Comment #22

    Yes!!! Nail polish info pls!!!

  23. Enamodeuse Comment #23

    Lovely pics, the macaroons seem really tasty:)

  24. Fashion Intel Comment #24


  25. amalie Comment #26

    yumm, those macaroons look good. and i need a new perfume.. maybe i should try one of the perfumes you have.
    love that last photo, great look!

  26. yamina beyondURclothes Comment #27

    Greatt post

    ♥ yamina.

  27. Ang Comment #28

    obsessed with the “tubular” bracelet!! xx Ang

  28. lolitaslipstick Comment #29

    love amor amor… my fave all time scent..

  29. lolitaslipstick Comment #30

    love amor amor… my fave all time scent..

  30. Connie Comment #31

    Love the Free People skinny cargos.

    The Heartbreak

  31. Cindy Comment #32

    great cargos, how do they compare to the jbrands?

  32. Anonymous Comment #33

    OMG. You are too fabulous. Love you boo!

  33. pancakeSTACKER Comment #34

    I think I saw your news on Twitter! Many, many congrats girl! Can’t wait to read more about it!! Fab pictures. The first one has me drooling, haha!

    Hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

  34. Liana Comment #35

    great list of favorites! i love that last outfit photo, you look so rocker chic…can’t wait to hear your big news!

    Fashion Bag 411

  35. safra Comment #36

    i love those damn macarons too. so expensive, but a delicacy none the less!

  36. choicesmultiple Comment #37

    The tubular bracelet is amazing! it must look really good with a silver watch!

  37. StylI.N.G. Comment #38

    I love your skinny cargos and Bottega Louie…

    The Coffee Macarons are my favorite.

  38. Kelli Comment #39

    Gahh! I want your clothes! :) Love those army pants. xo -Kelli

  39. Lainey Comment #40

    I’m dying for Bottega’s macarons right now. I wish I lived within walking distance.

  40. heylila Comment #41

    yummy yummy yummy to the first photo!!!!!!


  41. Cocteau meets Garbo Comment #42

    I m in love with chloe and estee lauder too!!

  42. Material Attention Comment #43

    yumm to the macarons! cute blog x

  43. emiliana. Comment #44

    What kind of Grey Ant sunglasses are those? I love the shape.

  44. sjsw Comment #45

    lovely photos! you are super adorable!