trench: h&m // skinny jeans: lucky brand // plaid shirt: thrifted // belt: ae // bag: all saints // booties: opening ceremony
photos by: asubtleapproach* 
Orange trench, ohhhhhh yes.

(will announce the winner of the giveaway, but THANK YOU to all the 400+ entries! And thank you for all the
sweeeeeeeet congratulations and successful wishes, Wish I had 400+ gifts for every one of you!)
Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner,  bear with me. 
Trying to figure out how to number each comment first so that I can easily spot the winner when I use the 
random number generator! Trying to figure it out tonight! Thanks!

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  1. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #1

    Fabulously on trend! Love the combo with the plaid! 😀


  2. mll mag Comment #2

    great outfits..

    Love your look ;))

  3. Sebastian Kubatz Comment #3

    love the color
    looks beautiful



  4. Kim Loraine. Comment #4

    i love you hair!! <3

  5. Marloes. Comment #5

    I love your trench! The color is amazing!!

  6. Caroline Weiler Comment #6

    Nice trench! Love the color



  7. Maja Vonava Comment #7

    Ohhhhhhh beautiful!! Trench, you and boots! Yes!


  8. Karoline Kalvø Comment #8

    Gorgeous. Love your style and blog, Jules.

    Check out my blog if you’ve got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I’ve just started.
    Karoline Kalvo

  9. Miss Molly Comment #9
  10. LO' Comment #10

    I absolutely love your blog, your outfits are perfect, I love the way you dress :)

    You are so beautiful !


  11. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #11

    Perfect trench!!! (:

  12. The beautiful life of A Comment #12

    wow you look georgeous!

  13. patrycja2407 Comment #13

    you look amazing ! :)
    Wonderful coat

  14. Vicki Comment #14

    absolutely LOVE this trench!! such a cute shade with your hair! xo

  15. dominika Comment #15

    ohhhhhh yes! looks so good on you (especially with that shirt)! :)

  16. Carol Comment #16

    What a wonderful outfit! The orange trench (possibly the best thing I have ever seen) works so well with your plaid shirt.

    Carol x

  17. Lelinh Comment #17

    Wow orange trench. I want one for Spring!

    My Style Affair

  18. thisiswhatidwear Comment #18

    GORGEOUS! Love the brightness of the jacket.

    Can’t wait to look through the rest of your blog



  19. Anonymous Comment #19

    absolutely love this outfit! and that cool nail polish! U go Jules!!!



  20. marcella Comment #20

    wow, the coat is crazy!
    visit my blog – new GIVEWAY


  21. DediLovesFashion Comment #21

    LOVE the trench. it’s perfect.

  22. Laiqah Comment #22

    Jules, I’m sure you hear this ALL the time but… YOU have the most amazing hair!!!

  23. Anonymous Comment #23

    Love the ORANGE!!!! X love your blog x o

  24. Fashion is a Sunny Day Comment #24

    awesome outfit, you have great style! :)

  25. Chahana Comment #25

    i think i just fell in love!
    i love your blog !

  26. Kenzie Leigh Comment #26

    i loooooove this trench because i love orange!!!! lol

  27. Mila Comment #27

    Oooooh this is amazing.You are gorgeous :)

  28. fashionstoned Comment #28

    Oh what a gorgeous popping color! totally diggin’ this!

    xoxo Irene

    Enter my giveaway: minimal necklace

  29. Silvana Querido Comment #29

    wow that’s a great color! nice trench

    love your hair btw ehe

    kisses from portugal


  30. Jessica Comment #30

    orange trench!
    i think i saw em on burberry runway!
    you are awesome!


  31. Raspberry Jam Comment #31
  32. Linka Comment #32

    Love the trench!!!

  33. heylila Comment #33

    you look so cute! the color looks so good on you and I love your hair!!!



  34. The student's guide to affordable luxury Comment #34

    I love the details of your bag! Really nice photos!

  35. Ancia Comment #35

    Oh I love this! Amazing color!!


  36. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #36

    love the trench!


  37. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #37

    Orange looks great on you doll :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  38. Jen S. Comment #38

    cuteee outfit…I really love the contrast of your nails against the coat…


  39. Jen S. Comment #39

    cuteee outfit…I really love the contrast of your nails against the coat…


  40. Nikki Comment #40

    Gorgeous trench coat! x

  41. Anna Comment #41

    great! :)

  42. Amy Joy Comment #42

    This shoots portrait such great quality!
    Love your hair very unique and the colors are so bold and gorgeous!

  43. sheree Comment #43

    I will be buying that trench-I love orange!

  44. cashmere girl Comment #44

    Love your trench :)
    and love your blog :)


  45. Stephanie Comment #45

    love the patterns and color contrast. super cute bag!!

  46. Wynn Comment #46

    Very cool outfit! Orange suits you well!

  47. Bubbly Lifestyle Comment #47

    ouhh lovely!
    we follow u <3


  48. Jamie Comment #48

    That bag is the perfect color!! Love it!


  49. Carrie Comment #49

    I love your hair colour! Great outfit 😉


  50. Annachiara Comment #50

    you’re always wonderfull 😀
    i love everything!!!!


  51. la tiquismiquis Comment #51

    you look stunning! i am in love with your hair and your shoes. <3 <3

    kiss from germany,

    la tiquismiquis

  52. In Love with San Diego Comment #52

    Love the pop of color! This post reminded me about the red orange trench I have hanging in my closet… thanks!


  53. BRAD Comment #53

    Hmmmm…. Never seen you in so much vibrant color before, Jules – I like it…. ☆ Not sure about the plaid shirt though → Would probably like to see something a bit more ‘chic’ to go with that trench… But, hey, you’re gorgeous, so it doesn’t really matter!! :-) :-)


    baci ♥ Brad

  54. Camilla. Comment #54

    That coat is the perfect shade of vermilion x


  55. sarah Comment #55

    love the colour! :)

  56. AMELIA Comment #56

    Preppy perfection.


  57. Emma Comment #57

    Love your coat!!!!

    x Emma (www.stylerituals.blogspot.com)

  58. Hanna Comment #58

    Amazing outfit and I madly love that trench!!

  59. Steven Comment #59

    your doin it right with the hair!


  60. The Fancy Teacup Comment #60

    Wow, that color is so eye catching and beautiful on you. Paired with the plaid top and those boots make it oh-so darling!

    much love.

  61. Fashion By He Comment #61

    great blog! love the style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  62. Laura Comment #62

    that trench coat is GORGEOUS!! The colour looks beautiful on you!


  63. lavogue-ish7 Comment #63

    aha…love the orange trench!!!!

  64. amalie Comment #64

    gorgeous! i looove your trench.

  65. Miyan Comment #65

    great orange trench! even hotter are your nials….love that tiffany blue / sea foam green color!!!



  66. julie iliana Comment #66

    awesome all over! :) as always of course!

  67. The Style Curator Comment #67
  68. Bluefemme Comment #68
  69. Cara Comment #69

    Beautiful color on the coat…love the way you paired it with the metalic purse and plaid shirt…and those boots are amazing!
    xo Cara

  70. Rania Comment #70

    I love those booties!

  71. welcometodeutschland Comment #71

    youre probably one of my favorite bloggers. your outfits never fail to amaze me


  72. Rachelle from The Blue Room Comment #72

    Jules this colour looks amazing on you – I love your blog. I have been glued to the tv watching the news on people back home in NZ in the earthquake – your blog has brightened up my day!
    Did you see the post I did on you a few days ago? Check it out at thebluueroom.blogspot.com xxx

  73. Cris Comment #73

    Love the whole look!Trench is gorg!!

  74. an aspiring everything Comment #74

    cute! You pull off orange so well :)


  75. zeste de citron Comment #75

    gorgeous ! your coat is amazing !!

  76. Kristel Louisa Comment #76

    Hey Jules,

    Love this whole outfit! The orange trench is fantastic. I like the plaid shirt! You look stunning and inspiring.

    en la moda

  77. Natalie Comment #77

    I heart you too! Congrats on the blog’s birthday both me and my cousins are amazed by your style! Oozes out, love! In the most pretty way possible of course.

    Love the dark wash jeans, laces of the booties and as Jen S. said the contrast of your trench and nail polish. Bag is cute too


  78. choicesmultiple Comment #78

    The orange trench is amazing, such a good choice! I got a bag same color, it looks amazing paired with bright colors. You always look great!

  79. So Urban So Chic Comment #79

    hey babe!! love your trench!! Orange is coming really strong!!!

  80. Olithée Comment #80

    Im up for orange too, but more in spring. Here in Paris its freezing and i would not see myself in that beautiful little trench. Ill wait for 2 more month. But i guess in L.A that the perfect outfit and as usual you wear it perfectly!

  81. Jackie Comment #81

    I’m in love with that trench coat! It’s so cute. I love your outfits they’re so refreshing!


    checkcheckcheck – check it out 😉

  82. Mcmaris Comment #82

    Amazing trench. The color is fab

  83. M Comment #83

    love the nail polish

  84. Brittany Matthews Comment #84

    I love your outfit, and the shoes are amazing. I really enjoy your blog!


  85. Natalie Suarez Comment #85

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! the color just pops and looks amazin on u! i miss you so much! we betta hang soon!! :)



  86. Luce Comment #86

    Omg! I love the orange coat! <3 Just gorgeous on you!


  87. Myko Comment #87

    Hey There,

    The nail color + the trench are genius! Loving the windswept-ness of your hair!


  88. Anonymous Comment #88

    Hey,I loooove the trench!

    What’s that nail polish u’re wearing? Beautiful color!

  89. Queen.OnSet Comment #89

    love teh colour of your trench-coat :)


  90. Nana Comment #90

    that bag is incredible!
    and you’ve really got very beautiful and good looking hair

  91. Allie Comment #91

    I was contemplating buying an orange trench coat a couple months back but didn’t. sadly, i’m regretting that decision. it looks great!

  92. Deanna Comment #92

    I love this trench. Its so springy.

  93. Connie Comment #93

    Adore the colour of the trench.

  94. kristine Comment #94

    i just got this trench in camel! i wish i had seen it in orange, though i’m not sure i would’ve realized how awesome it looks in this context until now.

  95. fajas colombianas Comment #95

    i soo love your trench