On the dot.

Blazer: Thrifted // Polka dot blouse: gift from sister // Skinny jeans: Kova&T // boots: vintage 
bag: Marc Jacobs
A running-errands-type of outfit. As you all know, these are my favorite boots of allll time
 (in Kanye’s voice), 
They’re all banged up now but it adds much more character to them.
Anyway, I do love getting my nails done and I finally tried the gel nails. OMG, addicted!
It’s a little on the pricey side but they totally make a difference. For those of you who don’t
know what it is, it’s a gel polish that makes your polish stay for about 2 weeks and
maybe some extra days without chipping. It has this shiny look to them too that lasts! love em!
Totally recommend them, but a few people on twitter were letting me know not to do
the gel nails so often because it tends to weaken your nails, so that’s good to know!
Have you tried them?
(Click Read More to find out the winner of the giveaway + more!)

The winner for the giveaway is comment #198! Neekoh from livelovela.net! 
Thank you again to everyone who entered!

This photo was from a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to a pre-grammy party.
It was a lot of fun and even though I was bummed because my girls, Natalie  and Dylana ,
 didn’t make it to the party that night, Urrrrshhherr made it up for it since he performed for
 an hour! Ah, took me back to my youngin’ days! I’m an R&B junkie, fyi.
Dress: French Connection

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  1. mll mag Comment #1
  2. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #2

    OMG Adore your top! Where is it from???
    Haven’t tried gel nails yet… maybe I should! I hate to do my nails often! 😀


  3. Carrie Comment #3

    I love such casual looks! And the dress from the last photos is amazing!


  4. Caroline Weiler Comment #4

    the blouse is so cute.

    Nice outfit



  5. LO' Comment #5

    Lovely outfit :)

    And your dress on the last picture is amazing :)

  6. Bog-Bog Comment #6

    Amazing outfits, I like the bag and the blouse so much!

  7. Raspberry Jam Comment #7
  8. zeste de citron Comment #8

    love your polka dots blouse ! <3

  9. Samantha Comment #9

    Great outfit! And congrats on your party invite, so jealous! :o)



  10. Karoline Kalvø Comment #10


    Karoline Kalvo

  11. Emmi Comment #11

    you look great,such a pretty girl.I really like your blouse.

  12. Cylia Comment #12

    yay:) you look good.

  13. Kristel Louisa Comment #13

    Hi Jules,

    Love this look. The top is lovely. I like the whole outfit. Simply stunning. Love your bag!

    en la moda

  14. Christina Comment #14

    Amazing outfit post like always!

  15. Jen Comment #15

    You are so beautiful!
    Love the dress!!
    Love Jen

  16. patrycja2407 Comment #16

    You look beautiful, as usual!
    I love this blouse and your dress is amazing! :)

  17. Ruth Comment #17

    I always read your blog, and its fantastic, Is one of my favorites, for not to say the most! I love your outfits, with these simplicity and at the same time a special touch, that makes them unsurpassable 😉
    Congratulations :)
    from Spain

  18. Queen.OnSet Comment #18

    absolutely LOVE the outfit! :) great!


  19. Sassi Comment #19

    omg, I love love love your blouse. those dots are perfect!
    you look great my dear.

  20. cashmere girl Comment #20

    Love the looks 😉

  21. Rachel Core Comment #21

    i absolutely love the way you mix vintage with modern. you really have a knack for it! so pretty!

  22. Love the Fashion of your Life Comment #22

    i love your outfits <3
    especially the polka dot blouse is so beatiful :)

  23. Charlie, Feminine Bravery Comment #23

    I’ve never tried them, but I’m quite pleased with my nails anyway so it’s okey I guess. That polka dot blouse is adorable ^^

  24. Marlene Comment #24

    everything about you is just perfect!

  25. Lala Comment #25

    love it !
    your style is amazing !

  26. Laiqah Comment #26

    You look ADORABLE in your grammy outfit!
    And i love your “running errands” outfit aswell!

    Fan from South Africa

  27. The student's guide to affordable luxury Comment #27

    It’s the everyday outfits that I find most appealing. Anyone can put something spectacular on for a evening out but to know how to do it in day time isn’t as obvious for everyone. You do it great! Looks very chic!

  28. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #28

    Very cuteeeee blouse!!

  29. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #29

    Great blouse, love the polka dots :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  30. The Fancy Teacup Comment #30

    You look sophisticated and pretty in the first outfit, the rugged boots are a nice touch! And I like the intricate detail in your party dress in the second outfit. I will have to try out gel nails sometime, first time I have heard of them!

    much love.

  31. Linka Comment #31

    That blouse looks great on you–what a perfect gift!!! oh, and that dress is to die for! I’ve been dying to try gel nails right now my color has about a three day wear time and it’s so annoying.

  32. Jen S. Comment #32

    I haven’t tried them yet but if they don’t chip for 2 whole weeks then its def worth a try……btw love the outfit esp the polka dot shirt.


  33. J'Anns Boutique Comment #33

    I really like the banged up look on the boots…

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  34. Nana Comment #34

    lovin’ the polka dotted shirt
    and the mark jacobs bag
    lovely outfit darling!

  35. Nana Comment #35

    Marc Jacobs*
    My bad

  36. stilettolover91 Comment #36

    I love your outfit!!!!


  37. Wynn Comment #37

    Oh, goodie! Two outfits in one post! I adore your polka dot blouse! I ordered a similar one. Can’t wait to get it!
    And that party dress is stunning on you, Jules!

  38. Stephanie Comment #38

    jules i love the polka dotted blouse! it’s the perfect colors and totally the perfect fit. the outfit is amazing as well, would totally wear it =)

  39. tala Comment #39

    Likee 😉

  40. Tonya Comment #40

    I love your outfits! This one is great, so chic and those boots are awesome!


  41. this chick's got style Comment #41

    Very cute :) Do you know what brand your blouse is?

  42. Maja Vonava Comment #42

    Super shoes!! I love your outfits!!


  43. Julia Comment #43

    I really like this outfit!

  44. Anonymous Comment #44

    can you tell me what lipstick are you use? (color and mark?)

    – elas

  45. Vivi Comment #45

    That polka dot shirt is just adorable. And the studded (or is that sequins?) dress is beyond cute.


  46. Anonymous Comment #46

    hi!! cool!!
    i like your clothes
    You can show your bracelet, it looks very nice!!


  47. Lisa Fergus Comment #47

    You look amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE that blouse!


  48. Marloes. Comment #48

    These shoes are so cool!!

  49. Iva Comment #49

    love your boots! I´ve never had gel nails but I really need them=D

  50. Nikki Comment #50

    lovely bag! x

  51. Brittany Matthews Comment #51

    I really love your outfit it is so adorable…especially the shhirt and boots! I got gel nailss one time and they cracked easy but maybe I need to try them again if they worked for yo! I’m thinking that maybe the lady didn’t apply rhem right!

    Love your blog!

  52. Brittany Matthews Comment #52

    I really love your outfit it is so adorable…especially the shhirt and boots! I got gel nailss one time and they cracked easy but maybe I need to try them again if they worked for yo! I’m thinking that maybe the lady didn’t apply rhem right!

    Love your blog!

  53. Lluvia Comment #53

    Love this outfit! You find the greatest polka-dot pieces.


  54. leahelenevogel Comment #54

    hey! why don’t you blog about your new nails! i would be very interested about it! a special like “everything about fingernail-art” would be so awesome! kind regards from germany

  55. Neekoh Comment #55

    I was already thinking how awesome this post is (and how enviable your boots are!) and then I saw my name and it instantly became even better 😛

    Thanks, Jules!


  56. laskje Comment #56

    I really like the polka dotted blouse. SO chic!

    check out my blog!


  57. Anonymous Comment #57

    LOVELY!!!!! :)
    Love everything especially the shoes!!

  58. Cara Comment #58

    Love that this is your running errands outfit…you look stunning! Absolutely love that blouse…
    xo Cara

  59. Venus in Furs Comment #59

    Love your blouse and the dress!

  60. Allie Comment #60

    love everything about this outfit.

  61. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #61

    love your outfit!

  62. The.Red.See Comment #62

    Is a congratulations in order?? Are you now engaged?!?

  63. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #63

    wow!!! awasome French Connection dress


  64. BlueVanilla Comment #64

    Loving dots right now! Great nails!

    Hot Pink Day

  65. AMELIA Comment #65

    Think that you look super cute in your running errands pic:)


  66. Shevah Comment #66

    You look so adorable. I love this outfit. The polka dot shirt is so cute on you especially with the boots.


  67. Rania Comment #67

    I love this look! And that top is just gorgeous.


  68. Dylana Suarez Comment #68

    Hey girl! You are rocking those dots!

    Love you!



  69. She Wears, She Shares Comment #69

    I’ve been meaning to try the gel nails too, but I heard scrapping them off after is a battle? They look flawless and oh so sleek and shiny! Maybe I’ll give it a go.

    Oh and you should check out the Boutique 9 Cooper ankle boot in light brown. They are almost exactly like your vintage ones, but a little more updated yet still beaten and tough lookin’. Just in case you wanna new purr :)



  70. lindsey lowe Comment #70

    these boots are amazing! love your style.

  71. MeganRose. Comment #71

    i love it! love the nude and black!! oh and that grammy dress is sooo prettyyy! you look lovely!!

  72. esiul Comment #72

    this blouse is stunning! I so love every single outfit of you!!!
    <3 xoxo esiul


  73. Styled By Charles Comment #73

    Great outfit Jules! The thing i love about your look is the way it looks effortless, and you wear these as everday looks, not just for a photo shoot. Great inspiration :)

  74. story Comment #74

    I have a similar blouse! :) Thanks for the style tip, U look gorgeous Jules.
    I love your shoes, they give some special touch to the whole outfit ^^

    Indie by Heart

  75. Ruly Muse Comment #75

    you alway look so sweet in your post……. nice outfit

  76. verena vater Comment #76

    i love your outfit! your blog is amazing and you’re beautiful!


  77. Ali S. Comment #77

    I like the result!! :)

  78. la tiquismiquis Comment #78

    you look amazing jules. great polkadots-shirt!

    kiss, la tiquismiquis

  79. Lainey Comment #79

    You do casual dressing so well. I’m loving that polka dot blouse. Cheers to your sister for gifting it! Lucky gal!

  80. Natalie Comment #80

    i’m a fan of gel nails too, hard and pricy to keep up though!

  81. HauteMangoGirl Comment #81

    totally gorgeous, love the blouse!

  82. Arantza Comment #82

    So chic!

  83. Lauryn. Ziba. Stone. Comment #83

    Those boots are fantastic and the natural distressing of them makes them even better!

  84. Natalie Louise Comment #84

    Those boots are unreal, the perfect throw-ons!


  85. DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' Comment #85

    ALL about the gel nails. That’s all I do. They don’t weaken your nails. They only weaken them if you rip them off. I have naturally paper thin nails but after having gels they’re much stronger and I can actually grow them now :)

    Looking perfectly pulled together as always. xo

  86. The Wind Of Inspiration Comment #86

    I love the outfit and especially your hair! :)