February 2011



trench: h&m // skinny jeans: lucky brand // plaid shirt: thrifted // belt: ae // bag: all saints // booties: opening ceremony
photos by: asubtleapproach* 
Orange trench, ohhhhhh yes.

(will announce the winner of the giveaway, but THANK YOU to all the 400+ entries! And thank you for all the
sweeeeeeeet congratulations and successful wishes, Wish I had 400+ gifts for every one of you!)
Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner,  bear with me. 
Trying to figure out how to number each comment first so that I can easily spot the winner when I use the 
random number generator! Trying to figure it out tonight! Thanks!


Lucky 7.

This weeks Lucky 7 is about some of my favorite close-up shots of my outfit/details.
1. AE cargos with Acne Atacomas
2. Layered bracelets + watch + rosary
3. Button up blouse all the way to the collar
4. Polka dots + stripes (yes, again!)
5. Melie bianco fringe bag with a boho-ish outfit
6. Free people oversize blazer with red clutch for cool contrast
7. my fav bag, the a.wang.
Off to work now, I have a messed up eye right now and it’s making it hard for me to see, 
I hope it goes away.


Pretty Ripped Thing.

blouse: Emporio Armani // skinny jeans: bdg (DIY ripped holes) // heels: Seychelles // bag: Alexander Wang // necklace: thrifted
photos by: asubtleapproach* 
A good pair of denim jeans go along way. On mine, I added the ripped holes so that they look
imperfect and super worn in. 
Try this on a pair you hardly wear to test it out first. To add holes to your jeans you simply:
– grab a pair of scissors, poke a hole through the section where you want the rip
– Just cut through, the bigger the whole, the cooler it looks
– Stretch out the rip a few times
– lastly, throw them into the washer/dryer so that all the threads come out, voila!
Also, the lovely Delmy from Fashion Bananas was very sweet to feature
 me on her blog! So flattering since I’m a big fan of hers!!  check out the
mini interview + her amazing blog/style!
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