Pretty Ripped Thing.

blouse: Emporio Armani // skinny jeans: bdg (DIY ripped holes) // heels: Seychelles // bag: Alexander Wang // necklace: thrifted
photos by: asubtleapproach* 
A good pair of denim jeans go along way. On mine, I added the ripped holes so that they look
imperfect and super worn in. 
Try this on a pair you hardly wear to test it out first. To add holes to your jeans you simply:
– grab a pair of scissors, poke a hole through the section where you want the rip
– Just cut through, the bigger the whole, the cooler it looks
– Stretch out the rip a few times
– lastly, throw them into the washer/dryer so that all the threads come out, voila!
Also, the lovely Delmy from Fashion Bananas was very sweet to feature
 me on her blog! So flattering since I’m a big fan of hers!!  check out the
mini interview + her amazing blog/style!
Make sure to check out Glamour’s Young &Posh blog too!

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  1. Julia Comment #1

    that shoes are amazing, I really like that style, and white looks so good on you. Also the outfit is so nice. I like to wear dark blue too, specially when it’s good weather.
    Juls from ulifestyle.blogspot.com

  2. mll mag Comment #2
  3. DaisyLine Comment #3

    great look! so simple and chick :) I love it! 😉

  4. Violet Comment #4

    i love this look and i want your blouse and those shoes!! and ill have to try the jeans thing

    congrats on the feature

  5. Sebastian Kubatz Comment #5

    this is soooo beautiful
    I mean you are so beautiful and your clothing style does the rest
    love it




  6. Alice Lee Comment #6

    great necklace and sweater :)


  7. Christina Comment #7

    Stunning outfit!

    Would love to make a post about xou with a little interview,would that be okay?

  8. Christina Comment #8

    Which camera do you use?

  9. Sarah Comment #9


  10. Lindsay Comment #10

    i adore this outfit!!!! x

  11. fashionstoned Comment #11

    Love this casual look!!! you look gorgeous!

  12. Kim Loraine. Comment #12

    you look so beautiful ♥

  13. Promise Comment #13

    Loving this look, so cute, and good work with the jeans they look really good, like the way you turned them up like that…x


  14. Sarah Comment #14

    love this outfitt!!

  15. Sarah Comment #15

    love this outfitt!!

  16. liv Comment #16

    Love those shoes!

    You’re so great at putting together immaculate outfits.

    x x x x Liv

  17. Mila Comment #17

    Oh amazing photos and outfit!

  18. christie Comment #18

    sweet outfit , especially love your heels xx


  19. fashion.gossipmk Comment #19

    Amazing, amazing! Again!!! Love, M.

  20. Michaela Comment #20

    Lovely outfit! I love your shoes as well, they go great with the ripped jeans.

  21. Jessica Comment #21

    really adore your blouse!
    the color is pretty nice!


  22. glitzer-glitzer Comment #22

    how do you manage being so f***ing gorgeous?! it seems like great style comes naturally to you.. i once diyd a pair of ripped jeans for myself, it makes them feel so “personal” :)


  23. glitzer-glitzer Comment #23

    how do you manage being so f***ing gorgeous?! it seems like great style comes naturally to you.. i once diyd a pair of ripped jeans for myself, it makes them feel so “personal” :)


  24. marialε Comment #24

    Love your shoes, and thanks for the idea, I will do that with one of my jeans!


  25. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #25

    Don’t you just love BDG denim?! Love the added holes doll!

    XoXo-Kelli K

  26. Miss Molly Comment #26

    you look incred! i really love the rips you made – keen on giving it a try


  27. Miss Molly Comment #27

    PS: have just added your blog to my blog roll because i think your totally awesome


  28. Caroline Weiler Comment #28

    I just discover your blog and after 5 minutes I felt in love ;).

    You look great on every picture and I love your outfits.

    Nice pictures.


    I have also a photography blog. Come take a look if you want.


  29. Karoline Kalvø Comment #29

    Love your blog. You look amazing. I’m your biggest fan.

    Check out my blog if you’ve got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I’ve just started.

    Karoline Kalvo

  30. Just a lazy morning Comment #30

    i’m her fan too!
    she’s soooo cute!

  31. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #31

    Loveeee your shoes and jeans! So perfect!!

  32. Camilla. Comment #32

    that blouse is a beautiful fit xx


  33. dominika Comment #33

    wow, you look gorgeous! and I really like the pictures – tell the photographer :)

  34. Theonlyfashionprincess Comment #34

    you look so stunning. you’re beautiful. love your blog, girl!

  35. Ola Comment #35

    simple, but still put together

  36. Cool Bites Comment #36

    I do love the whole outfit…but the accessories are absolutely amazing 😉


  37. Marina Comment #37

    I love your blog!

  38. Linka Comment #38

    Cute outfit! You’re my new blog crush! love it!

  39. J'Anns Boutique Comment #39

    Wish I could find a nice pair of ripped jeans like these. Still searching…

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  40. Shevah Comment #40

    I’m obsessed with this look. I would wear this any day. So many things that are great about it, the shoes, the bag, the jeans. You look amazing! :)


  41. lindsey lowe Comment #41

    you are too cute! i love a good silk shirt. exspecially in pastel purple! beautiful!

  42. Emily Comment #42

    Cute jeans! I just featured my tattery denim mini yesterday! Check it out: http://www.emilyterlak.com

    Love your blog!

  43. Annachiara Comment #43

    WOW WOW WOW!!!
    you’re wooonderfull!!!i love everything!!!! awesome!!!! 😀


  44. LIE Comment #44

    wow! so lovely!
    your hair looks gorgeous and the statement necklace looks great

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  45. Net a la Mode Comment #45

    Love the DIY jeans. The whole outfit is great.


  46. Stylison Comment #46

    love the sunshine effect in the first photo!


  47. Mel Comment #47


    You’re awesome! You’re the West Coast counterpart to Delmy(Fashion Bananas). Love your style and I’m glad to have a new blog to obsess over! ha! :)

  48. Carrie Comment #48

    Your shoes are adorable! And this shirt and bag… everything is amazing!


  49. Marissa Comment #49

    As SOON as I saw those heels, I knew they had to be seychelles. And yep, they were! Absolutely love Seychelles, and these are just fabulous.

    I’m jealous of all that sunlight you have- sent some of it here :)


  50. Vinda Sonata Comment #50

    you look chic and gorgeous as always
    love your style and how the jeans fit you very well !

  51. Miss Dolly Comment #51

    You have such effortless good style, and you’re my current hair inspiration!


  52. Hugs and Fishes Comment #52

    Yep, just bought those glorious seychelles, I have a feeling I will be wearing these puppies out, thanks for the picts and the inspiriation <3

  53. fashion lunatic. Comment #53

    Yout are so beautiful. I love you hair and your looks. wow.#i follow you.

  54. Jamie Comment #54

    Love this outfit. Simple, but really chic. You do this like no one else!


  55. Diana Mieczan Comment #55

    Love those jeans and you look totally adorable:) Kisses and enjoy your day

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

  56. Kathleen Rhea G. Comment #56


    I love the lighting in your photos! They really bring out the entire outfit :) Lovely idea with the jeans, btw!

    xo Kat

  57. Hippie Fruit Comment #57

    Simply beautiful!!!

  58. Grazia Centrone Comment #58

    I like all…you, your lovely outfit and your amazing hair!!!

    xoxo, Grazia.
    I follow your blog!:D

    my blog:

  59. Cindy Comment #59

    jules you are gorgeous in everything, seriously. that is a perfect button down and your accessories are always spot on. they make you looks i had to ask you where you got your pink shorts from the valentine’s day post. i know they’re levis but new?vintage. i love the cut.

  60. FLEUR DAILY Comment #60

    Love the hair!



  61. London Comment #61

    love this entire look. i like the contrast between the cream heels, brown belt, and slate colored blouse! also, thanks for the DIY on the ripped jeans.

  62. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #62

    last picture <3 and your shoes <3<3

  63. AMELIA Comment #63

    Super cute.

  64. Wolfpack Culture Comment #64

    Lovely outfit! You always make plain outfits look so chic!


  65. BRAD Comment #65

    You’re the perfect model for those jeans, Jules…. So slick, once again ☆


    baci ♥ Brad

  66. julie iliana Comment #66

    I love everything about this. plus it looks comfy which is always a big plus for me! :)

  67. Marloes. Comment #67

    I love how you added holes to your jeans. They look really cool now!

  68. Luciana Comment #68

    Love the jeans and necklace.
    You llok amazing!


  69. nina oliva Comment #69

    Great outfit, I’m loving the Alexander Wang bag (well, who wouldn’t? =).
    x Nina

  70. bravegrrl Comment #70

    classic look, love it! and that bag is so yummy!

  71. Judith Anna Comment #71

    Love the jeans, but also the color of your hair.
    Ciao bisou Anna

  72. fshnonmymind Comment #72

    I can’t believe you found that necklace at the thrift store!! And the leather on your AW looks so yummy. Darn you for tempting me, I’m on a bag ban. :)

  73. marcella Comment #73

    so sweet, … nice shoes and cute outfit.


  74. marcella Comment #74

    so sweet, … nice shoes and cute outfit.


  75. Fashion Monstre Comment #75

    so in love with this!!!

  76. Jackie Comment #76

    I really love this outfit!!

  77. sun ink Comment #77

    LOVE this look. im obsessed with half tucking my shirts tooand those shoes are to die for. seriously this a wonderful look!! love it doll

  78. AzaharaJS Comment #78

    so casual, I like… and I love your hair


  79. Sher Comment #79

    U look so laidback and cool and the necklace gives it the girly touch I like it very much. Thanks for the tips on the jeans I never seemed to get the holes right.



  80. Rebecca Comment #80

    love the jeans, gives me some denim inspiration!!

  81. Mimi A Comment #81

    Delmy’s blog sent me here! and i love your blog :)
    Keep doing your thing girl hehe

    watch this space.. i will definitely feature you on my fashion inspiration tumblr

  82. MeganRose. Comment #82

    you’re always so good in making basics so sexy! jules, you’re just so chic!!! congrats on two years and please keep it coming!! :)

  83. Frii Comment #83

    ………i have no words. just. damn damn damn damn. love this blog.


  84. Natalie Comment #84

    Ahh I love this look!
    Wedges, ADORable
    Neckless, perfect
    Your Gorgeous :)


  85. Lisa Fergus Comment #85

    LOVE this look! You style is so effortless and beautiful!! I’m having closet envy!! lol


  86. Alexis Noell Comment #86

    I just started following your blgo and i am in lvoe with it! Youre so gorgeous and have great style that inspires me!

  87. amalie Comment #87

    you are prettyyyy. love your bag!

  88. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #88

    Simple but chic! Love your shoes!


  89. Vee Comment #89

    love the jeans! but mostly your hair.

  90. She Wears, She Shares Comment #90

    Nice basics! I’ve always loved that bag. It’s great for work!



  91. Taylor Sterling Comment #91

    I love this casual but pretty look! Great necklace too!

  92. Christine Dior Comment #92

    I’m in love with your shoes! <3


  93. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #93
  94. Hanna Comment #94

    You look amazing (as always)!:D LOve your blouse and shoes so much.

  95. Kristel Louisa Comment #95

    Hi Jules,

    Love love this whole outfit. Looks comfy yet stunning. You look amazing! I like how you wore this simple outfit with this posh necklace and make it stunning. Love the ripped jeans. Oh my God. And your heels.

    en la moda

  96. olithee Comment #96

    Nice pictures
    Your entire blog is beautiful
    I like the graphism colors im officialy a follower!

  97. SIMONE AND SJANNA Comment #97

    That blouse is beautiful. Blue suits you well 😀
    How is the weather in LA? I see sunshine in your pictures, so im hoping GOOD! Haha. I’ll be leaving Holland on monday to stay with my family in california for a month. The weather forecast wasn’t much promising, so im hoping it will prove me wrong 😛

    Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

  98. Rich Girls. Comment #98

    i have so many pieces that i ‘want’ to add to my wardrobe.
    but you make me ‘need’ everything that you wear.
    ahah so thank you! x.

  99. Trendy&&OutThere Comment #99

    Love your outfit!! Great Blog!♥
    come follow dailystyledose.blogspot.com

  100. Trendy&&OutThere Comment #100

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  101. Trendy&&OutThere Comment #101

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  111. Trendy&&OutThere Comment #111

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  112. ... Comment #112

    I love your outfits!
    For me you’re a big source of inspirations :)

  113. Jackie Comment #113

    you are my new favorite blogger! i love all of your outfits – youre adorable!! keep workin it like a pro!


    check out my page

  114. Ali S. Comment #114

    I like your outfit! : )

  115. Natalie Suarez Comment #115

    you look so beautiful here jules! i missss u :)


  116. Eve ♥ Comment #116

    simple but amazing ♥

  117. The student's guide to affordable luxury Comment #117

    I love this look. Looks so natural and effortless. Beautiful!!

  118. choicesmultiple Comment #118

    Amazing Bag (love it) and shoes!!

  119. Maria Camila Comment #119

    So simple yet such a good outfit! http://mariacamilascloset.blogspot.com/

  120. heylila Comment #120

    wow the jeans look great on you! I find it really hard to find really tight fitting jeans…



  121. thisiswhatidwear Comment #121

    gorgeous! I love the dark blouse with the pale shoes.


  122. Steven Comment #122

    I’m diggin the jeans fersure!


  123. Anonymous Comment #123

    I love the seychelles sandals but can’t seem to find them anywhere! Any suggestions?

  124. Jay Comment #124
  125. Ag Comment #125

    I absolutely love this look! I have always loved ripped jeans…

  126. aprilstar Comment #126

    hi honey, so love your style.. i love its simplicity yet turns out to be gorgeous. i adore this look.

  127. Mr. Tees Comment #127

    Fantastic pictures. This girl is beautiful.

  128. Happy Bunette Comment #128

    I just loved your blog/style!!!! Going to follow 😉

    XoXo ♥ Happy Brunette

  129. California Esccorts Comment #129

    absolutely beautiful, but simple.

  130. Designer Sarees Comment #130

    Nice post on pretty ripped things

  131. Armani watches Comment #131

    I just subled upon your blog – second time now so you must have some serious fans 😀 I wanted to say that I love it and this time i will surely bookmark it. Great shoes by the way. 😀

  132. The Wind Of Inspiration Comment #132

    nice outfit!!! and absolutely gorgeous shoes!!!!!!


  133. Anikó Comment #133

    how did you do the diy rips? I never can do it.. :)
    I love your blog and you, such a huge inspiration to me.


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