In with the New

Photo one: Forwood wedges from Aldo’s spring ’11 collection.
Say hello to my new wedges! Super funky but dope. Definitely something my shoe game had been
waiting for.
Will be killer for spring.
Photo two: Mara Hoffman military jacket/vest
umm hi to my new vest too! super fresssh, love the neon tribal print!!
oh and its actually a jacket but the sleeves are removable to be converted into a vest!

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  1. Maeva Christa Hiag Comment #1

    Les chaussures sont dingues !!!! je les veux
    J’adore les motifs

    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  2. Anita Comment #2

    awesome wedges, love the way you style yourself.

  3. Alina Comment #3

    Fresh to death! Love the wedges and the jacket, spring here you come : )



  4. LillyEllaCollections Comment #4

    Those wedges are fantastic! LOVE them.

  5. Karolina Comment #5

    I want these shoes! They are so fab!

  6. dominika Comment #6

    the jacket/vest! adorable! :)

  7. Yuliya. Comment #7

    Amazing pics ♥

  8. The Fancy Teacup Comment #8

    Wow, I’m totalling obsessing over those Aldo wedges, they are super hot! And your tribal patterned vest is darling too. I agree, both are killer gorgeous purchases!

    much love.

  9. Style with Benefits Comment #9

    LOVE that print. And the wedges are perfect for spring. So fun seeing you last night!

    xx, becs

  10. amalie Comment #10

    gorgeous wedges! and i love your jacket – awesome pocket details!

  11. Kate Comment #11

    I am insanely loving the military jacket/neon mix! Definitely inspired to try mixing my military jacket with some mega brights this spring! So fun!

  12. Promise Comment #12

    I love those wedges, loving the african inspired print…x


  13. MIXED MINDS Comment #13

    love your vest and your nailpolish is so cool ! :)

    xx fatima

  14. Collections Comment #14

    wow love love love the mara hoffman military jacket… where did you get it from its amazing! Love the new aldo wedges as well they look really great on.


  15. Rebelle Fleur Comment #15
  16. Dawn Comment #16

    Amazing shoes…just ordered them lastnight on line

  17. hisham Comment #17

    i admire the jacket/vest! gotta have something like that

  18. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #18

    whaaaattt…I’m loving all these funky printed new additions of yours! That jacket/vest rocks doll!

    XoXO-Kelli K

  19. http://www.victorypug.com Comment #19

    Lucky You!
    Those are perfect additions to every closet :)
    I already have so many different ways in mind to wear them…

  20. Jennie Nhi Nguyen Comment #20

    i so love the prints!

    xx http://www.jnsoo.blogspot.com/

  21. Anonymous Comment #21

    You’re Awesome! :)

  22. arielle @ a beautiful journey. Comment #22

    oh my goodness…love those shoes! :)

  23. MIXED MINDS Comment #23

    Love your shoes!! 😉

  24. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #24

    Lovely shoes!! Lovely colors!!!


  25. raven Comment #25

    GAH girl those wedges are B E Y O N D freaking cute (!!!!!!)

    So. Want.


  26. fshnonmymind Comment #26

    Oh, why did I have to see those shoes!!!?? I’m looking at Aldo’s website right now wondering if I should dare purchase those lovely wedges. So funky!

    Absolutely love them on you!

  27. Eve Comment #27

    super sweet shoes!
    love your blog reading it daily- you are so stylish!
    if you like, take a look on my own blog, it’s brandnew and I’m very proud of it.
    Thanks and greetings from germany
    from eve

  28. Ola Comment #28

    The shoes are great. I’m of African descent and the fabric used on the wedges is called Ankara. Its surprising to see such traditional fabrics in the main stream these days.

  29. Cara Comment #29

    Love those wedges! Definitely fun
    xo Cara

  30. sharonlei Comment #30

    Jules, those wedges are amazing. :) It’s lame that Aldo doesn’t ship to Hawaii.. and the closest Aldo store is an island away! Next time I’m on Oahu, I’ll def need to check the store out though.. hopefully they’ll have some fun spring shoes in stock.

    Hope you’re doing fabulously!

    xx Love & Aloha

  31. Lara Comment #31

    i really really love the jacket!!!!:)

  32. Gorete Sousa Comment #32
  33. AzaharaJS Comment #33

    amazing shoes, I love


  34. Emily Anne Comment #34

    these pieces are perfect. i am seriously in love with both, especially the jacket/vest. the tribal print in neon colors adds so much to it!

  35. Cátia Couto Comment #35

    Your wedges are so funky! They would look great with that vest 😛

    xoxo ;*

  36. Queen.OnSet Comment #36

    i absolutely LOVE the nailposlish!! which one is it? essie-mint candie apple?

    lovely shoes!:)

  37. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #37

    Die and Die!!! Majorly wanted both items!!! 😀


  38. a minute to spare Comment #38

    buying those shoes, asap! they are so cute…are they hard to walk on?

  39. Clara Comment #39

    Your jacket is all I was looking for for Spring. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it online!

  40. AMAIA Comment #40

    OMG!!! those wedges… !!!


  41. LoveE ♥ Comment #41

    These shoes are sexyyyy!!!!


  42. grace Comment #42

    I absolutely LOVE the wedges! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  43. be.aoi Comment #43

    waaaa…loove love love!

    gorgeous wedges and jacket!

  44. SL' outfits Comment #44

    I just dicovered your blog and i LOVE it, new follower!

  45. Jacqueline Comment #45

    Love the shoes, Love the jacket/vest–the tribal print is sick and perfect for Summer. I love how if you get hot you can just rip off your sleeves like a rock star!

  46. Alex Comment #46

    Love love love the wedges. I can’t believe they’re from Aldo. Amazing!


  47. Fashion Monstre Comment #47

    ahh! what perfect shoes to start the spring off with!!!

  48. Aubrey Comment #48

    so so rad! love the jacket/vest combo. and love how well your nails are holding up. awesome.

  49. Estefania Lovelifefashion Comment #49

    Loving the wedges :)

  50. Ash Comment #50

    I love you shoes!!!! so cute!

  51. lgmwinley Comment #51

    Love Love Love. These pieces are to die for.

  52. Madeline Quaint Comment #52

    Love love love the wedges!

    I’ve been looking at military jackets at the thrift shop today but there was a sad lack of tribal print on them – I didn’t know what I was missing! 😀

  53. Linka Comment #53

    Hello Jules’ new wedges! Want to come home with me?

  54. Rania Comment #54

    I love that vest! I am absolutely in love with Tribal Print and the fact that it’s neon, make it’s 10x much better.

  55. valerie Comment #55

    lovely! i like all the colors in the wedges and vest.

  56. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #56

    Those shoes are insanely awesome! Loving the neon accents on that jacket too.

  57. Claudia Comment #57

    omg! i love those shoes! i must have them. xoxo

  58. Marissa Comment #58

    I absolutely loooooooooove those aldo wedges! They are so fun, and can be paired with nearly anything thanks to all the fun colors and mixed tribal print.
    I may just have to get myself a pair :)


  59. Wynn Comment #59

    Those shoes make me want to run, run, run to Aldo right now!



  60. Ms. Allee Comment #60

    Absolutely LoVe the shoes!*



  61. Delmy Comment #61

    The vest is pretty awesome. I love the pockets.

  62. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #62

    those are amazing!

  63. Francesca Comment #63

    adore these!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  64. Noemi Comment #64

    Are the shoes confortable??? I love it!

  65. Allie Comment #65

    I’ve been eyeing those wedges. They look great! Might have to buy them.
    xx Allie

  66. Vee Comment #66

    love that vest! mara hoffman is a genius when it comes to prints. i <3 her!

  67. Sabby V Comment #67

    Love them both!


  68. amy Comment #68

    Simply Amaze! That’s all! 😉

  69. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #69

    Omy! Gorgous shoes <3

  70. salomé Comment #70

    very nice details 😀

    SUPER t-shirt to discover: http://magmoiselle.fr/?p=4509

  71. Laiqah Comment #71

    Love it!
    You have AMAZING style!

  72. Goesting Comment #72

    Wow I lovelovelove that military jacket! I’ve got
    to have it too!

  73. Isabel Comment #73

    OMG In love with both! x


  74. Christina Comment #74

    Ahhh amazing Wedges!!!Loooove them!
    Where did you buy them?

  75. Natalie's Life Comment #75

    love them both. those shoes and amazing!


  76. heylila Comment #76

    I like these neon tribal patterns, really really nice!



  77. Leigh Comment #77

    that vest is amazing!!!!! i adore the pocket details…in love :)


  78. Natalie Comment #78

    Hi Jules — it was great meeting you Wednesday! You are adorable! Thanks for coming out. I’m kind of obsessed with Aldo’s spring line. The wedges are so funky. xx

  79. Little Lovables Comment #79

    oh my, totally love, especially those shoes and that nail polish!

    also, i’m having a jewelry giveaway on my blog today if you are interested in that sort of thing

  80. Raspberry Jam Comment #80

    Those wedges are awesome!



  81. Wolfpack Culture Comment #81

    Saw those shoes in Aldo yesterday and stopped in my tracks, gorgeous! And of course the jacket is wonderful, as well.

  82. pinja Comment #82

    oh that jacket is amazing.

  83. choicesmultiple Comment #83

    Amazing vest, love the fabric on the pockets. One very special piece!

  84. Marla Sternberg Comment #84

    Obsessed with these wedges…their amazing.


  85. Charlotte Beecham Comment #85

    I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great.

    Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support!


  86. jamie-lee Comment #86

    hell yes, love both tribal-esque pieces. those shoes are dope!

  87. Emily Comment #87

    there so comfortable! i tried them on, didn’t buy them though.


  88. ~Chelsea Comment #88

    Loving those wedges!! I’m also loving the polish on our nails in the second photo :)


  89. Leonie Comment #89

    awesome wedges ! i love them
    Xx http://cocoloni.blogspot.com/

  90. The Basics by Ana Comment #90

    Great Aldo wedges! Perfect for spring!


  91. iole Comment #91


  92. Heather Comment #92

    Love your style! You are definitely becoming one of my fav daily reads! Love the wedges by the way!

  93. She Wears, She Shares Comment #93

    I am loving the tribal embroidery! Such a cutesy element. You so fly! haha



  94. J.J. Comment #94

    aldo shoes are damn uncomfortable(well the boy ones), but those are sick

  95. Deanna Comment #95

    I love those wedges. They get me excited for sunny days.

  96. Mary-Lily Comment #96

    that is the sweetest little military vest/jkt. love the details!!
    also a huuuuge fan of your blog, keep it up :)

  97. Canvas of Alli Comment #97

    Love the shoes. I used to work for Aldo, and they definately have some killer shoes. I have been eye-balling these since they were first listed online. So kudos to you for grabbing them 😉

    The detailing on the vest is going to be great for spring! :)

  98. Sherry Comment #98

    Great wedges!!!!! I just started following your blog and I love it!! Keep up the great work!!


  99. Dylana Suarez Comment #99

    Loving the ethnic prints here. Hey, hope to see you at Mango event!



  100. Connie Comment #100

    They are truly fantastic shoes.

    The Heartbreak

  101. Young Gucci Purse Comment #101

    I’m so into the bright and exotic prints coming out this season! As much as I loved the focus of neutrals all winter I’m ready for some color for spring!

  102. Deb Tam Designs Comment #102

    okay its official, you are so much cooler than i am.

    Those shoes.

    those shoes.

    your hair.


    i dont know but i like your blog.

  103. Steevy Comment #103

    such a wicked jacket/vest! and i love that nail color! what is it?


  104. Melissa Comment #104

    BAH the wedges are so great! Is that “shellac” on your nails? I get shellac sometimes, but I’ve never seen that color… it looks refreshing!


  105. KARACTER Comment #105

    love the shoes, but i equally love the pale blue manicure.. im obsessed


  106. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #106

    That jacket is perfection. Olive green steals my heart everytime, but the patterned pockets are even more killer.



  107. ﻌFashionQamarﻌ Comment #107

    Your Jacket/Vest is awesome, i’m looking for something like that for months!


  108. ﻌFashionQamarﻌ Comment #108

    Your Jacket/Vest is awesome, i’m looking for something like that for months!


  109. NobodyKnowsMarc Comment #109
  110. E Comment #110

    I love those shoes!

  111. Elegantly Wasted Comment #111

    Love the contrast between your nail polish and those printed pockets!

    Great blog,



  112. julia Comment #112

    I ALWAYS love the way you’re dressed!

  113. Amélie Comment #113

    – Dress To Kill !!!!!
    The Wedges & Jacket <3 <3