Lu-ella, ella, ella.

Suede jacket: Luella for Target // Silk striped blouse: BDG // Shorts: Vintage // clutch: Balenciaga // Heels: Jil Sander
photos by: asubtleapproach*

Ok, two main things in this outfit. First, these shorts I scored two weeks ago have been my uniform.
Literally. They’re the coolest thing I own right now and I’ve been searching for cut-off shorts, some
that were super worn-in and rather baggy, for quite some time now so I’m glad I’m now able
to check that off my list. I’ve literally worn these shorts with heels, platforms, booties, wedges, sparkly tops, leather jackets,
military jackets…I mean, seriously with everything. I love how it adds a cool/effortless
 look to the outfit, and you guys know I’m all about cool + effortless.
Secondly, I had been also searching for some pointy-ish heels and the only ones I came
were the black suede Zara ones, but they didn’t really do it for me. So when I came
across these, I knew it was meant to be because the first time I saw them I wasn’t sure if I
should get them, when I went back a few times later, they didn’t have them anymore.
 I was a little disappointed but just moved on. I recently
went back again and they had them on sale!! Gah! That’s when I knew it was meant to be and I had to get them!
The pointy-ness of these is rather rounded at the tip which I
prefer a lot more than being super pointy! Now i can finally check that off my list as well…
ohhh the beauty of fashion!
ps How rad is this peachy suede jacket? 

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  1. --Sanam-- Comment #1

    Awesome jacket, definitely very rad 😀

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  2. Jamie Collyer Comment #2

    Great outfit! The shorts make it edgy while the soft color of the jacket adds a feminine touch. I love it!


  3. Christina Comment #3

    Oh i looooooooooooooooooooove this outfit.
    Great jacket and lovely shorts+shirt!
    WOW!Stunning as always!

  4. dominika Comment #4

    Omg the shoes! the shorts! the jacket! you! soooo good

  5. KAY. Comment #5

    oh! love the whole outfit
    you look so beautiful
    that jacket is soooo nice.


  6. Michelle Comment #6

    I absolutely love your jacket, the detailing at the back is just perfect! I love your heels too, I prefer a rounded toe on shoes as well (: xo

  7. Jenna Comment #7

    where did you find those shorts? i’m new to CA and have no idea where to thrift!


  8. Gorete Sousa Comment #8
  9. Jenna Comment #9

    where did you find those shorts? i’m new to CA and have no idea where to thrift!


  10. J'Anns Boutique Comment #10

    Really nice jacket :-)

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  11. Sheree Comment #11

    In LOVE with this entire outfit. Love those shorts and that jacket..hope my Target carries it :)

  12. Rebelle Fleur Comment #12

    Such a cute outfit! I absolutely adore your style.


  13. fashion.gossipmk Comment #13

    Wow! What amazing legs! Lol! 😀 Love your outfit, too! So simple and yet SO special!! Amazing! Great job, girl! :)
    Xoxo, K.

  14. Miss Molly Comment #14

    your style is incred girl! love this look


  15. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #15

    Hey girl!
    Amazing look! love it <33

  16. amy Comment #16

    You are so darn cute! Love that jacket!

  17. EMAIL ME AT: Comment #17

    u are defenetly my favorite bloger!!

  18. Alina Comment #18

    Sooo cute Jules, honestly you’re by far my favorite personal style blog. You’re so fashionable and trendy, yet still relate-able!

    Love the jacket and shorts :)



  19. Love, Lucy Comment #19

    love the heels!

  20. Emily Comment #20

    Perfect loot! I’m in love!


  21. Audrey Comment #21

    Love the outfit! I’ve a pair of cut-off shorts similar to yours that I wear all the time too! Cute jacket and I especially love the shoes, very cool!=)

  22. The Fancy Teacup Comment #22

    You look totally cool + effortless, and the suede jacket is so oh-my-gosh beautiful. I really like those Jil Sander heels too, such a great find! (And on sale too, yay!)

    much love.

  23. Hanna Comment #23

    love your outfit! the jacket is so stunning!!

  24. LaQuiete Comment #24

    Beautiful outfit! <3
    I like your jacket! It’s very handsome!

  25. Guapizimo Comment #25

    Lovely pictures and I really like your clutch!

  26. Joy Comment #26

    Wauw! This outfit is just perfect! The jacket, the shorts and the heels.

  27. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #27

    Those shorts are perfect, love this whole combination doll :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  28. Lluvia Comment #28

    You always look so gorgeous! Love the shorts and peach jacket.


  29. HOLLY SANTANDREA Comment #29

    Did you really get that jacket at Target???

  30. Collections Comment #30

    This outfit is gorgeous. I particularly like the clutch and suede jacket. But I’m really loving the ripped baggy shorts. So great.


  31. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #31

    wow!! love the shoes!!!
    nice outfit!!


  32. Nerdic.. Comment #32

    Omg. I love you. Haha this is amazinggg

  33. sharonlei Comment #33

    OHmygosh Jules that jacket is SUPER RAD!! Please tell me it’s a current purchase. I want one.. :) Those shorts are bomb as well and could imagine every single look you mentioned wearing them with. You are an effortless dresser and I love it!! Thanks for always inspiring. 😀

    xx Love & Aloha

  34. The Basics by Ana Comment #34

    Amazing style! I am following you over a year now and every single outfit is amazing! And you have great thrift stores in LA!

  35. amalie Comment #35

    gorgeous! great outfit, love the jacket!

  36. Karoline Kalvø Comment #36

    Gorgeous. Love that jacket.

    Check out my blog if you’ve got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.
    Karoline Kalvo

  37. Eloise Comment #37

    those shorts are fanstic, bit too cold to wear shorts over here but summer’s started to peek its way through the cloud

  38. nina oliva Comment #38

    I’ve been looking for some short like these for ages, but it’s hard to find some which are baggy but don’t look like a bag! But those seem to be perfet!
    And the shoes are gorgeous! Same think happened to me with a sweater last week. It’s pretty oversized and I knew I could only buy it in the smallest size but that was out of stock… So I kept calling the shop, but they never had it anymore until last week when I went there to check out other things! Love it! =)


  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    Did you purchase this amazing jacket recently at Target? aka my favorite store?

  40. Natalie's Life Comment #40

    You are rocking this look … amazing.


  41. daydreaming Comment #41

    most beautiful jacket i’ve ever seen:)

  42. Emma Comment #42

    Like your shorts! The color of the jacket is amazing!

    x Emma http://www.stylerituals.blogspot.com

  43. CessOviedo Comment #43

    Love love the little B clutch!

    <3 Cess O.

  44. Queen.OnSet Comment #44

    LOOOVE the jacket! you are so beautiful :)

  45. C Comment #45

    Im loving the whole thing, from head to toe!
    I definitely need to borrow your whole closet.
    I’ll give it back (eventually), I promise!
    Thank you very much.

    PS: loooooooooove the shoes!!!!!!!!!

  46. Luce Comment #46

    This outfit is amazing! Every bit of the outfit goes well effortlessly :)
    And the jacket is sooo rad!

    <3 love,

  47. Camilla. Comment #47

    That jacket is absolutely stunning x

    Check out the giveaway on my blog…



  48. Madeline Quaint Comment #48

    I absolutely love the very masculine, very worn and very baggy shorts with you being so very feminine and gamine. Interestingly it brings out femininity! Apart from being effortlessly cool of course. :)

  49. Carrie Comment #49

    Your jacket, shorts, heels – everything is awesome!

  50. Becky Comment #50

    I love everything you’re wearing!

  51. Serena Comment #51

    You look totally gorgey (as per usual) and those shoes are amazing!



  52. Mode in Italy Comment #52

    love, love, love this outfit!

  53. Promise Comment #53

    Really love this outfit, you always looks amazing…x


  54. fshnonmymind Comment #54

    That jacket is gor-geous!! I’m surprised it is apart of the Target line.

  55. AzaharaJS Comment #55

    wonderful jacket, I love all outfit


  56. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #56

    Cool cool and cool! 😀


  57. Rania Comment #57

    I kind of like the shoes! At first I didn’t like pointy shoes with casual outfits, but now it seems to work a bit. Nice. x

  58. Anna Comment #58

    You look perfect!

    I love this outfit, especially the shorts an the heels!

  59. Véronique Comment #59

    J’adore tout de ce look, c’est certain que je vais me faire des short comme celle-ci pour l’été!

  60. Stephanie Comment #60

    jules you look amazing!! every piece in this outfit is to die for. the peachy color of the jacket to the cut offs and i have an obsession with stripes, perfect =)

  61. MeganRose. Comment #61

    you seriously never fail to impress! love everything about this and i want every piece! i really want that jacket…heading over to ebay now…hehe 😉 hope your having a lovely week!

  62. Galia Comment #62

    cute outfit!!!!lovely your style…faltastic…jejej
    kisses :)


  63. Hope Bidinger Comment #63

    I am seriously LOVING your jacket! The color is superb and those shorts are awesome!! Chic look:)

  64. claire Comment #64

    Love the jacket. You look gorgeous x

  65. kelly frances Comment #65

    the shorts are fab… im wearing a pair just like them now and they have become a staple!!
    i never would have guessed those were jil sander pumps!


  66. Kate Comment #66

    I love those shooooes. Agreed, a rounded point is so much better than a point-point. Love these! Also love checking things off the wishlist when they’ve been on there forever… did that recently with a basic (faux) leather jacket – had been on the hunt for ages and finally found one I love. Such a good feeling!

  67. Laura Comment #67

    that jacket is sooo gorgeous!! love the colour.. looks really amazing against your skin tone! :)


  68. {molly beth} Comment #68

    this outfit is amazing . i can totally see myself wearing it .


  69. marialε Comment #69

    I always love your shoes, you have such great taste!



  70. Maria Comment #70

    i’m IN LOVE with your jacket! xx


  71. Just a lazy morning Comment #71

    so lovely!!
    your hair are amazing!

  72. GLAMTIMEE Comment #72

    LOVE LOVE the shoes!


  73. valerie Comment #73

    ahhh i want that jacket…

  74. Sara Comment #74
  75. Raspberry Jam Comment #75

    In Love with your jacket!



  76. Francheska Comment #76

    Yesss I very much love the jacket :) x

  77. Lainey Comment #77

    That jacket is amazing. Is it from the re-boot of the international designers that just came out this month? If so, I want it. It’s so unique and perfect!

  78. Jen S. Comment #78

    cute outfit! I love that jacket.


  79. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #79

    GORGEOUS! Love everything from head to toe, especially that jacket and ripped jeans! <3


  80. Pich and Roor Comment #80

    you are sooo beautiful & I love looking at your blog to see what awesome new outfits you’ve put together!! I’m def. itching to go to the thrift store to score some cute cut offs! keep up the great work!!

  81. ella Comment #81

    That jackets Sick!

  82. LV Comment #82

    I adore that suede jacket! You look so trendy and cute in this outfit. Makes me wish I could wear shorts…


  83. LadyFLASHBACK Comment #83

    those shorts are a good find, love a piece you can live in!
    jacket is rad too-
    jess s//LadyFlashback.com

  84. simplychic Comment #84

    wow! that jacket…

  85. Cindey Comment #85

    I just discoverd your blog it’s amazing. I love this look you look absolutely fab.


    I look forward to reading more awesome post :)

  86. Fashion Intel Comment #86

    Great jacket miss!

  87. la tiquismiquis Comment #87

    i am literally in love with your leatherjacket. the colour is incredible!

    la tiquismiquis

  88. Linka Comment #88

    I love the details!!!

  89. kimchicsisters Comment #89

    love the outfit!

    check out our blog!


  90. stilettolover91 Comment #90
  91. AMAIA Comment #91
  92. W. Comment #92
  93. D e g a i n e Comment #93

    U da bomb Jules, your blog is sick

    d e g a i n e


  94. Taylor Sterling Comment #94

    these are some pretty sick shoes love! Great outfit!

  95. Jamie Comment #95

    Oh I LOVE that jacket! And yes those shorts are pretty cool! So versitile…but those shoes!! Those are the perfect mix of heel and wedge! Love!!


  96. A. Comment #96
  97. Cara Comment #97

    Amazing outfit! Love the mix of the jean shorts with the jacket and heels…you look gorgeous
    xo Cara

  98. choicesmultiple Comment #98

    Amazing style, as always. Love your shoessss!!!

  99. Clara Comment #99

    i love the outfit, but the jacket and shoes are my favorite. I wish I could find those shoes somewhere, they are original yet timeless!
    Your blog is amazing!
    xx from Canada.

  100. Alyssa Comment #100

    This is a great look! you look beautiful!


  101. Denni K. Comment #101


    i really liked your shorts. and the shoes – awesome

  102. Jacqueline Comment #102

    Great outfit. The shorts are hot and super rad. I wish it was warm enough to wear shorts in San Francisco. Those shoes are killer! Great combo mixing the glam heels with the shorts.
    I was inspired by one of your looks on my blog.

  103. LIE Comment #103

    wow! Such a cool combination of wonderful items!
    You look absolutely adorable! :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  104. Meanz Comment #104

    You look lovely. I love the slouchy denim cut-off shorts! Also I love the scallop detailing and color of your coral jacket! What a great outfit.

    – Meanz (Koi Story)

  105. Connie Comment #105

    Love those shoes.

    The Heartbreak

  106. Estefania Lovelifefashion Comment #106

    Great outfit!! you look sooo cool. o loved the shoes, beautiful!, the jeans, the coral suede jacket, Evrything looks so good on you.

  107. featherl Comment #107

    Those shoes are dope! LOVE

  108. Wynn Comment #108

    This outfit really rocks!! I love those shoes! I must add something like that to my collection too! xox

  109. Wolfpack Culture Comment #109

    My God this outfit is perfect.

  110. Anonymous Comment #110

    i’m in love with your legs.. gorgeous .. you are very beautiful .. thumbs up

  111. Chanel Nicole Comment #111

    Absolutely stunning!! Love love LOVE the shorts.

    Chanel Nicole

  112. Melissa Comment #112

    The shoes are AWESOME!!! Congrats on the score!!


  113. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #113

    LOVE your style xoxo