Mickey, you’re so fine!

t’shirt: vintage // necklaces: vintage + f21
photos: asubtleapproach
Such a big fan of (vintage) tshirts especially when worn with chunky layered necklaces for
some instant bling-bling. This shirt is as old as it gets, it is literally falling apart but c’mon it just
looks that much more better. Dressing up tees are so much fun for me because it doesn’t take
that much effort. I have several cool tshirts but this mickey one is definitely that one shirt I would
hate to lose.
p.s my dentist appointment went well, my pain is finally gone but I did have to get a root canal, ouch.
thanks for the warm wishes.
(READ MORE on the left to see how to get this look)

photo of mary-kate via google
Hope you guys have fun next time you wear your favorite t-shirt and add some glam-ness to it
with some layered necklaces!
My look was definitely inspired by mary-kate although
I’m missing one more necklace on mine, there should be one more that’s chunkier and bigger to balance
out the two other small ones, oh well!
Will try and have this COPYCAT post from now on, where I’ll copy or shall I say get inspired from
 a certain look/style/outfit of 
a celebrity but add my own flavor to it!

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Love your mickey mouse shirt!



  2. Caroline Weiler Comment #2

    I want the same t-shirt :)


  3. Cucu Comment #3

    Great look! Love your shirt!


  4. Camilla. Comment #4

    I love Mickey mouse- this is perfect x


  5. Ancia Comment #5

    Very nice. The necklace gives the shirt the right attitude!

  6. Sissi Comment #6

    i looooovethis look!

  7. Leya Comment #7

    hehe cute!!! =D

  8. Maja Vonava Comment #8

    Wauuu you are cat too:) I love mickey:))


  9. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #9

    we are in love with animal prints tshirts!


  10. heart.tiff.heart Comment #10

    recently found your blog. i ADORE your style : )

    xoXo from hawaii,

  11. Nikki Comment #11

    I adore it =) the shirt looks cute and the necklace gives the perfect bling-bling touch =) x

  12. Irene Comment #12

    Super cute!!!
    xoxo irene

  13. Miss Molly Comment #13
  14. LIE Comment #14

    the idea is wonderful and I really like your combination with the mickey shirt :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  15. amalie Comment #15

    so cute! love this. and great idea to have the copycat post – inspiring!

  16. Dominique Comment #16

    Love this and I always loved MK in that photo too. I love the look of vintage tees like this, so cute.

  17. Grazia Centrone Comment #17

    I like much more this tee…is amazing!!!I love Micky Mouse!!!
    also beautiful these photos!!!^_^

    have a good day, darling and happy Women’s day!!!*_*
    xoxo, Grazia.

  18. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #18

    LOVELY Mickey 😀

    HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY!!! <333

    Ivânia Diamond*

  19. littlesae Comment #19

    Love vintage tees, as well! Only way to go :)

    Lela London – Fashion Blog

  20. zeste de citron Comment #20

    I love <3 :p

  21. me and my lifestyle... Comment #21

    Love this t-shirt, it´s so cute!!


  22. MIXED MINDS Comment #22

    Love the combination! :)

  23. nina oliva Comment #23

    Amazing look! … but I prefer yours over MKs… The mickey is great! =)


  24. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #24

    Cute cute!!! I had my root canal done a few years ago.. the dentist wanted to check if the root is dead so he did it without a painkiller… IT WASNT…. most painful thing in my life! Glad yours went better! 😀


  25. katarina Comment #25

    Oh I definitely know what u mean.i have a reaaaaally old t-shirt with harley davidson on it :) my younger brother used to wear it when he was like 5 or 6.but the size is just right for me and it was fixed so many times…but the more u wear it the more u love it right?
    like your blog a lot….very my style :)
    love to write my own but don´t have enough time(daughter, school, work, three dogs, husband :) xoxo)
    happy women´s day 😀

  26. mll mag Comment #26

    Veryyyyy nice ;)))

    Meeting withe the Sartorialist : http://magmoiselle.fr/?p=6768

  27. Jessica Comment #27

    mk rocksss it and you too!
    i love how tee and dressy necklace can be so good!


  28. la tiquismiquis Comment #28

    you look amazing! and the weekly copycat thing is a good idea! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  29. Lali Comment #29


  30. little shadow Comment #30

    Obviously I just became your newest follower, you amazing thing, you.

  31. J'Anns Boutique Comment #31

    Looks great! good to know your tooth is better, dental work is not always fun :-)

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  32. Hanna Comment #32

    oeh love that shirt!

  33. Demy Comment #33

    Ok, I’ll have to accept it. Only you can look gorgeous in a tee (sorry, mary-kate, really sorry, but Jules is waaay more beautiful)! Great idea to wear this shirt with necklaces (hmm…Mary Kate can be useful at times :P)
    I’m loving the copycat post! It’s sp genious! Perfect! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in stores for us! 😀

    Take care

  34. Julie and Lauren Comment #34

    Love this. Vintage tees are perfect layering pieces and even cuter with lots of jewels like you styled it!


  35. Molly Comment #35

    ahaa, one of my favorite pictures of fashion inspiration! love your take on it :)

  36. Wynn Comment #36

    I must admit, the bling-bling sure made the t-shirt special! It’s the first thing that caught my eye! I gotta try this next weekend! xox

  37. AMELIA Comment #37

    Nicely frayed.

  38. Collections Comment #38

    Love this picture of mary kate and love your outfit as well. I’m a huge fan of mickey and crystal jewelery.


  39. Liana Comment #39

    you have such effortlessly cool style! you can make anything look good….and i love mary kate’s style too :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  40. Vivi Comment #40

    I do like to dress up my t-shirts, too. But mostly with long necklaces. Gotta give the statement necklace a try one of these days.


  41. The Fancy Teacup Comment #41

    That Mickey tee is too cute. It looks fantastic worn with the bling and with a little wear as a vintage effect. Hope you feel better soon, glad the dentist was able to solve the problem!

    much love.

  42. Cara Comment #42

    Love this look! It definitely looks “grown up” with the chunky neckalce details. Love these photos too! Great post
    xo Cara

  43. simplykathleenrhea Comment #43

    ohemgee!! i love it! :) very inspiring! thanks jules!!!!!!

    xo Kat

  44. Emma Comment #44

    Love this! Great how you copied Mary-Kate, you definitely did a great job!

    x Emma stylerituals.blogspot.com

  45. Carrie Comment #45

    It is such a great combination!


  46. Neekoh Comment #46

    Oh my gosh, what’s funny is that I thought of this MK photo before even scrolling down to see that you’d posted it! Too funny. I love this look, too!


  47. Valeria Comment #47

    I like your look more than the MK’s one!!!


  48. Marloes. Comment #48

    Awesome look!!

  49. Becky-May Comment #49

    I love that tee! Mickey is the best thing ever to have on a t-shirt :) And MK is such an inspiration too. Love it!

    The Flower Girl


  50. Cátia Couto Comment #50

    I love your shirt, I’ve seen it sometimes on Tumblr! It’s very cute!

    xoxo ;*

  51. FLEUR DAILY Comment #51
  52. La Petite Fille Comment #52

    I am lovin’ this.
    So well done!

    Follow Paris Fashion Week with me in:


  53. MeganRose. Comment #53

    i love your blog even more with every post! 😉 please do a hair post! love how it always has the perfect amount of messiness but still well styled. i have to go like 2 days of not washing or even touching it to get like that!


  54. Isabelle Comment #54

    love that shirt it’s like the perfect amount of see-through xx

  55. Ang Comment #55

    love this mickey tee!! so adorable!! :)
    xx Ang


  56. Monica Comment #56

    I adore vintage tee’s, especially Mickey mouse ones! I have one by Junk Food, and I love it, I’m going to wear it tomorrow!


  57. welcometodeutschland Comment #57

    i love this look and this type of post is such a great idea!


  58. She Wears, She Shares Comment #58

    Huge fan of vintage tees too! The more faded, the cooler it is. Great style advice. I’m gonna take the hint!



  59. Angie G Comment #59

    Really cool shirt. Love the look.


  60. Laura Mashir Comment #60

    I’m so much in love with this vintage t-shirt layered with costume jewelry!


  61. Lainey Comment #61

    That look from Mary Kate, is probably my favorite of hers ever. And I love the way you did it with D-Land instead of a band. Makes me want to go to Disneyland so badly. :)

  62. Emmi Comment #62

    great look,I love it!

  63. SC Comment #63

    Disney. Njèmmèh! I have Donald Duck Tee 😉

  64. LadyFLASHBACK Comment #64

    before clicking on the “read more” link i immediately remembered seeing this very photo of MK and thinking-how effortlessly chic!

    you wear it nicely,

    happy friday.jess.ladyflashback.com

  65. Emily Comment #65

    so cute! tee shirts are hard to make look fashionable, you stytled it cute!


  66. Juelz Comment #66

    I have the same one! They actually sell them at Disney World distressed looking. So mine is brand new but looks just like yours. I love it.


  67. toopoorforcouture Comment #67

    sooo cute!!

  68. Fash Boulevard Comment #68

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