Quick post from last night….
Last night I attended a launch party for Shareens Vintage’s new tv show that my good buddy Karla from Karla’s Closet invited me to!
Best part of the night was our hilarious/random conversations- we always have the best convos.
oh fun fact: We’re both from Durango, Mexico! 
ps- love her YSL envelope clutch!

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  1. Lainey Comment #1

    That YSL envelope clutch is magnificent! It’s so wonderfully patent! Shareen’s Vintage is going to have a show! That’s awesome.

  2. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #2

    it looks nice!!!!
    you are so cute in your pics!! :)


  3. amalie Comment #3

    gorgeous! love that clutch.

  4. Lolade Comment #4

    you guys look lovely!
    love the lace top


  5. Kenzie Leigh Comment #5

    i loooove the envelope clutch!!!!!! *just died*

  6. fashion.gossipmk Comment #6

    Amazing look like always. M.

  7. J'Anns Boutique Comment #7

    I do love her clutch…

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  8. Natalya's Closet Comment #8

    Looks like an amazing time! You both look beautiful! And that clutch is so chic! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  9. LillyEllaCollections Comment #9

    That envelope clutch is amazing!

    I really like your top, too. So cute!

  10. Aryn Comment #10

    Wow, looks like fun! And you’re both so lovely as usually! <3

    A plus,


  11. Mila Comment #11

    Aaaaah that YSL cluth…Amazing!
    Alos,I LOVE your hair.

  12. Monica Comment #12

    Such a lovely outfit. I love how lace and destroyed denim balance each other out. Can you tell Karla to send me that clutch? It’s beautiful :)


  13. Guapizimo Comment #13

    That clutch is amazing!

  14. Anonymous Comment #14

    i love it too. my favorite piece from ysl.

  15. Serena Comment #15

    SUCH a cute clutch! Love your necklace too, I’m pretty sure I have the same one :)



  16. Jennie Nhi Nguyen Comment #16

    amaaaazing clutch!
    and love your white lace top!

    xx http://www.jnsoo.blogspot.com/

  17. Stephanie Comment #17

    super cute outfit! seriously though, her clutch is amazing!! =)

  18. Fashion Memories Comment #18

    You look amazing :)

  19. dominika Comment #19

    aaah, love both of you!!

  20. Lluvia Comment #20

    You guys could be sisters! Love that lace top.


  21. Jen Comment #21

    You look so beautiful!
    Love Jen

  22. Marloes. Comment #22

    You looked gorgeous!

  23. Ashley Comment #23

    awww two of my favorite lady bloggers! yes, that clutch is amazeballs!


  24. Anonymous Comment #24

    You look so cute. I love your top.


  25. The Fancy Teacup Comment #25

    I’m glad you and Karla had fun! You look like an absolutele doll in that lovely lace top.

    much love.

  26. Pich and Roor Comment #26

    omg that clutch is perfect!!
    ps: i’m in the process of making a pair of those bf jean shorts bcuz yours are soo cute!!

  27. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #27

    Looks like such a fun time, love your lace top doll :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  28. Jay Comment #28
  29. Clara Comment #29

    I love your top!

  30. Eloise Comment #30

    And i love your top

  31. FashionJazz Comment #31

    You look stunning! Love your blog :)


  32. lara Comment #32

    love your otufit!!!!

  33. Collections Comment #33

    Love the YSL clutch and your outfit is amazing. Love the lace white top and ripped jean shorts. Great.


  34. Raspberry Jam Comment #34
  35. Lelinh Comment #35

    I love what you are wearing. That must be one of the prettiest lace tops I’ve seen so far! Where did you get this beauty? xx

    My Style Affair

  36. Basilia Comment #36

    That’s awesome! I love both your blogs, both with very interesting & beautiful unique style.

    Your blog and personal style really inspires my creativity and ideas.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    xxo your friend from down under
    – Baz from little-ladylove.blogspot.com

  37. Brittany Matthews Comment #37

    I love that clutch! I wish i had it for myself!

    follow me at:

  38. Mary Comment #38
  39. Allie Comment #39

    love the lace top
    xx Allie

  40. Melissa Comment #40

    AH! The lace is ubelievably cute!!! jealous…


  41. Young Gucci Purse Comment #41

    love the lace top you’re wearing and so jealous that you’re able to wear it! It’s super cold here in CO and I’m dying for warmer days to whip out some of my new pieces! Love your blog and Karla’s!:)

  42. Rebelle Fleur Comment #42

    How fun! You look great!


  43. Rosie Comment #43

    I looooove the YSL envelope clutch too, and your lace top is lovely!


  44. Sheree Comment #44

    You look beautiful..love your outfit and her clutch rocks!

  45. Anonymous Comment #45

    wow en verdad eres mexicana? espero hables español. creo que a todos tus lectores nos gustaria saber mas de ti. creo que un formspring estaria bien.

  46. Rich Girls. Comment #46

    i’ve wanted that YSL clutch for the longest time.
    you look absolutely stunning. i thought i adored your combo of the lace and cargo’s the most, but i think i love the distressed denim/lace combo even more! x.

  47. CessOviedo Comment #47

    Didn’t know you were friends with Karla, she’s amazing! Love your outfit feminine and edgy the best of both worlds!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  48. Sweet Susy Comment #48

    Omgosh the best bloggers and my 2 fav’s =)
    and thanks for the fun fact! that’s awesome =)
    (did u notice the 2 smiley faces? LOL)

  49. Stella Comment #49

    i love the pretty and flirty feel of your lace top and the edgyness of your awesome shorts!! you look great!



  50. simplychic Comment #50

    so inspired by your outfit!

  51. Maja Vonava Comment #51

    Oh my gosh! That clutch I love it


  52. Estefania Lovelifefashion Comment #52

    Two beautiful girls 😉
    I love your outfit.

  53. la tiquismiquis Comment #53

    oh i love her clutch also!!!! <3 you both look gorgeous.

    la tiquismiquis

  54. Anonymous Comment #54

    you look so beautiful! :)

  55. Connie Comment #55

    Adore the envelope clutch as well.

    The Heartbreak

  56. Rachelle Taylor Comment #56

    Love that last pic of you – gorgeous! xx

  57. Jessica Comment #57

    you both look pretty and stunning.
    that envelope clutch is too cool!!! like it!
    love your lace top too :) it’s nice to see it paired with denim pants.


  58. Cristiana Nunes Comment #58

    Beautiful lace top and the ysl is beautiful, really elegant and classy!

  59. Nana Comment #59

    love this outfit so much!
    i mean it’s kinda simple but like all simple thing it has something chic and unique. love the top and the shorts so much!

  60. v3dana Comment #60

    You beautiful as always! You forgot 1 minor detail, to list where your GORGEOUS lace top is from 😉 ?


  61. Anonymous Comment #61

    lookin good. where is the lace top from? it’s perfect.

  62. Hanna Comment #62

    great pics! and I love that top!:D

  63. Mónica Comment #63

    Hola! mi blog es nuevo, te he agregado a mi lista de blogroll porque sigo tu blog amenudo, Si te interesa puedes pasarte por mi blog para ver si te gusta, un besito!!


  64. Jacqueline Comment #64

    sucha romantic casual outfit! Your makeup looks super pretty!

  65. yamina beyondURclothes Comment #65

    love your top

    xx ♥ yamina.

  66. iole Comment #66

    so cute!!!


  67. Alina Comment #67

    So cute! Two of my fav bloggers in one room! Can’t go wrong.

    Alina :)

  68. Dylana Suarez Comment #68

    You both look gorgeous! And YAY for being Mexican!



  69. Caroline Weiler Comment #69
  70. O'STYLE Comment #70


    big kiss

  71. LeelaBijou Comment #71

    The envelope is gorgeous! You both look great :)

  72. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #72

    That clutch is amazing! Jules you are BEAUTIFUL girl! Your skin is stunning! I love your blog and I am now following. Will you follow me? Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am truly honored! Love Karla. She has such great style but it looks like you do too!! Kiah

  73. Nouvelle Vague Comment #73

    in love with the YSL clutch !
    where is your lace top from ?
    love it !

  74. Fashion Intel Comment #74

    Viva Durango! That’s where my grandfather was from. You two look so cute.

  75. AMAIA Comment #75

    that clutch is amazing


  76. LV Comment #76

    That lace top looks amazing on you. Great photos of both of you and that clutch…FAB!


  77. SpdZ Comment #77

    Wow, love the top!

  78. Suzy Comment #78

    love your look Jules!


  79. aliciafashionista Comment #79

    Oooh you and Karla are pals? That’s awesome! Her YSL clutch is amazing, looks like lots of fun :)

  80. Style with Benefits Comment #80

    Ahh, too gorg lady!! I love your hair pinned back like that.

    xx, becs

  81. kiakiakiakia Comment #81

    Were those shorts DIYed? Cause I love it. So chic!