Pretty Paisley.

Dress: Tolani c/o the Shop PR // Blazer: Helmut Lang // Beanie: h&m // Bag: All Saints // Suede booties: Tila March Paris // Belt: F21
Photos by: asubtleapproach*
I have never owned anything with paisley print because I was never really attracted to it or maybe
because I’ve never came across anything remotely cool/pretty? This dress though is perfect- definitely
what I’d been longing for! 
As usual, you know I had to tone down the dress to make it more casual so I threw on my 
beanie for that ‘i-dont-care-if-i’m-wearing-a-dress-with-a-beanie’ look, if that makes sense.
Actually i love wearing beanies a lot, if I could I would wear them all the time with everything, 
I would. It gives off this cool, bad ass look that I love. 
Do you own anything paisley print?

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  1. RAW Fashion Magazine Comment #1

    Absolutely gorgeous look and you look like Jennifer Lopez :)

  2. me and my lifestyle... Comment #2

    You look gorgeous!! Love it!!


  3. Christina Comment #3

    Love it,you are such a beauty!

  4. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #4

    Great look doll, love how you made it your own! So far, 2/2 on the new dresses :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  5. Fashion Fifth Comment #5

    Love the look. Very pretty dress
    x Leila

  6. candyfloss.addicted Comment #6

    aaawww so cute!
    p.s. love your legs

    xoxo,c.a ♥



    Love this J! The beanie adds the absolute perfect touch…xx

  8. jewlz Comment #8
  9. --Sanam-- Comment #9

    Gorgeous dress, the paisley print really suits you :) & I have 1 dress from Dorothy Perkins that has a paisley print, but I have never worn it. Will definitely have to pull it out sometime soon though :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  10. Maja Vonava Comment #10

    So beautiful..I love your bracelets..


  11. Eveline Comment #11

    i love your blazer! (:

  12. patrycja2407 Comment #12

    This dress is beautiful :)

  13. salomé Comment #13

    very nice look ;)))


  14. anna Comment #14

    awesome outfit !! love the kombination..


  15. Lelinh Comment #15

    Amazing. I just love everything your wearing. <3

    My Style Affair

  16. Ali S. Comment #16

    Very very cool!! : )

  17. Francesca Comment #17

    this is definitely something i would wear!! so cute..especially love the print on the skirt

  18. I V Y Comment #18

    flippin’ gorgeous, my god.

  19. MIXED MINDS Comment #19

    Love your outfit & your dress is GORGEOUS!! 😉


  20. SAUVAGE Comment #20

    white blazers are my new favorite thing, I love the beanie with it!

  21. laxmi Comment #21

    Great combination. Love you blazer. xx

  22. Anita Comment #22

    your fashion is amazing!

    check out my blog.. my friend designed beautiful flowers and a dress out of flowers


  23. Miss Molly Comment #23

    beautiful! i love this ♥


  24. fshnonmymind Comment #24

    I don’t own any paisley print, but am eyeing something on F21’s website that is.

    I have been on the hunt for a white blazer and yours is just perfect. It looks great with the dress and I love the casual beanie and wedges.

  25. Marie-Renée Comment #25

    lovely outfit!
    the hat is so cuteee (:

  26. Bog-Bog Comment #26

    Amazing outfit, love the dress so much!

  27. Shevah Comment #27

    You look gorgeous as always. I’m always so inspired by your looks. I wish I could pull off a beanie like you do! I look so stupid in them. Haha.


  28. amalie Comment #28

    gorgeous! love your dress and white blazer. the white looks so good on you.

  29. Czech blonde Comment #29

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  30. Czech blonde Comment #30

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  31. Czech blonde Comment #31

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  32. Czech blonde Comment #32

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  33. Czech blonde Comment #33

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  34. Czech blonde Comment #34

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  35. Czech blonde Comment #35

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  36. Czech blonde Comment #36

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  37. Czech blonde Comment #37

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  38. Czech blonde Comment #38

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  39. Czech blonde Comment #39

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  40. Czech blonde Comment #40

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  41. Czech blonde Comment #41

    Cute outfit! Love your skirt! .)))
    xoxo Blondie *

  42. Raspberry Jam Comment #42
  43. Lee Comment #43

    This outfit is so cute and the beanie totally makes the outfit.

  44. Jacqueline Comment #44

    That dress is awesome! The beanie and boots def make your outfit bad ass like you wanted.
    so cute!

  45. Delmy Comment #45

    You look good. Muy bonita! Love the dress!! I have a paisley poofy skirt that ill be wearing until warm weather.

  46. vojacque Comment #46

    love your outfit!

  47. J'Anns Boutique Comment #47

    Loving the blazer and dress! I want a cream blazer for the spring.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  48. The Fancy Teacup Comment #48

    I’m similar to you when it comes to paisley. I have never been drawn to the pattern, but wow, that is one heck of a dress. And those other accessories does emulate that cool, “bad ass” look :) Looking pretty dear!

    much love.

  49. yamina beyondURclothes Comment #49

    great booties

    xx ♥ yamina.

  50. Nikki Comment #50

    This look suits you very well! love the attitude you gave to it :) that white blazer is the icing on the cake… uhm outfit. x

  51. CLARA AND MAR Comment #51

    love your dress!!!

  52. Is This Real Life? Comment #52

    I love your Blazer, It is the perfect fit and it goes great with the paisly print, I have actually just ordered myself a paisly print dress with bell sleeves too, so I am going all out 1970’s,Ha!

  53. Wynn Comment #53

    There’s something quite charming about this look. xoxox

  54. Cara Comment #54

    Gorgeous! Love the white blazer over this pretty print.
    xo Cara

  55. Camilla. Comment #55

    that dress is gorgeous, so sweet x

    Camilla x


  56. So Urban So Chic Comment #56

    ooh yes it is truth!! you look like a bite like jennifer lopez!!! LOVELY DRESS!!
    big kiss kiss

  57. Carrie Comment #57

    I love this look! Blazer, bag and jewellry are gorgeous!


  58. Liana Comment #58

    amazing outfit, you styled it so well! and i agree, a beanie just goes with anything, doesn’t matter if it’s supposed to or not. love the shoes too! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  59. Jen Comment #59

    You look so lovely!
    Love Jen

  60. stilettolover91 Comment #60


    P.S: I posted pics of my new pumps on my blog today!! Go check them out <3


  61. Vivi Comment #61

    Great oufit! I, too, don’t immediately rush to paisley print. I only one item in paisley print and that’s my Old Navy maxi dress that I’ve had for a couple yrs.

  62. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #62

    Lately I adore everything with a paisley print… your dress is obviously not an exception either! 😀


  63. Hope Bidinger Comment #63

    Yes, you do definitely look like Jennifer Lopez!!
    I LOVE this outfit:) I seriously want to buy some paisley now! You look awesome!

  64. Promise Comment #64
  65. Lali Comment #65


  66. marcella Comment #66
  67. Emma Comment #67

    Very nice dress and great shoes!

    x Emma http://www.stylerituals.blogspot.com

  68. Meanz Comment #68

    You look fantastic, this paisley print looks so great on you I also love the clean white blazer. This is so chic and classy!

    – Meanz (Koi Story)

  69. Caroline Weiler Comment #69
  70. CHRISTINE YUN Comment #70

    That dress is so cute! And I like how you threw the beanie on to give your outfit a more casual feel. Great look!


  71. Doremy Diatta Comment #71

    so great! I LOVE your accessories and your hat and baggg

    come by sometime,
    The Ballon Rouge

  72. StylePanther Comment #72

    I love this whole look! It definitely works for you. Everyone couldn’t pull this off though. Absolutely beautiful :~)


  73. Ashley Rae Comment #73

    Amazing outfit. I do love the I-don’t-care-if-I’m-wearing-a-beanie-with-a-dress-look! Lol. It just makes perfect Jules sense.


  74. yelizabeta Comment #74

    i love the beanie with the dress! i do not have anything paisley for the same reason you didn’t care for it until you found this dress. you wear it so chic-esque (if that makes sense LOL).



  75. CessOviedo Comment #75

    I’m all about prints from leopard to paisleys I love them all, think yours is real pretty, great styling!

    <3 Cess O.

  76. Rachelle from The Blue Room Comment #76

    Jules, this whole look is soooo hot. Love it! You look gorgeous.
    Hey I had a message from a friend of yours Neekoh (hope I spel that right) she’s lovely. I told her I would love to do a Q&A post on my fav bloggers including you and her – let me know what you think.
    love from Australia xx

  77. kesi Comment #77
  78. Alyssa Comment #78

    you put this look together beautifully!


  79. Collections Comment #79

    omg love this outfit everything about it is perfect.


  80. {molly beth} Comment #80

    just found your blog , and i LOVE your style .

    visit me over at :


  81. Linka Comment #81

    Love the print of your dress and anytime you add a blazer it’s a plus! I love it!!!

  82. dede Comment #82

    love the i dont care yet put together look

  83. Rania Comment #83

    I am in love with this outfit!!! x

  84. ShoesForDessert Comment #84

    I love those boots! And I just have to say that you are stunning.

  85. Lindsay [rookie's nest] Comment #85

    beautiful!! love the paisley dress & love how you styled it!

  86. Kate Comment #86

    I REALLY love this – love how laid back it looks for being a blazer & dress. Gorgeous!

  87. Natalie Comment #87

    those boots are Amazing!
    Love this look, So cute!


  88. jadeandwillow Comment #88

    What an amazing combo!!!
    THis is stunning on you…can’t ever go wrong with paisley!!

  89. LillyEllaCollections Comment #89

    Those boots are amazing! And I always adore paisley! You look great!

  90. Dylana Suarez Comment #90

    Giiiiiiiiiiirl, you are looking sizzling hot!

    Loving you in the beanie and blazer. And those shoes . . . I die (Why am I talking like Rachel Zoe?).



  91. Kris Comment #91

    Looks Perfect! Love every detail! xo

  92. Indiana Munn Comment #92

    The paisley print dress is beautiful and I love its muted tones. It looks great with the blazer and skinny belt.


  93. Hanna Comment #93

    you look soo nice! the combination is made in heaven!:D

  94. Lucy Comment #94

    Oh! I love the dress.. the pattern is great!

  95. Imageconcept Comment #95


    from PORTUGAL (Lisbon)

  96. FLEUR DAILY Comment #96

    Aahh you look so cute! Love the blazer



  97. The beautiful life of A Comment #97

    you look super georgeous!

  98. Stylesis Comment #98

    We love the outfit, a white blazer is a must this spring! Well styled!

  99. Anonymous Comment #99

    Ah, it must be nice to have a disposable income to spend on fabulous clothes and accessories whenever you want. I envy you.

  100. Mora e Bionda Comment #100

    This is amazing outfit! Totally love it, especially the combination of comfy hat and the blazer!

  101. Miriam from Galicia (Spain) Comment #101

    Everything fits gorgeous in you.
    Your look is more than perfect.
    I don’t know how you get those results.
    Give me some tip


  102. rustymirror Comment #102

    Love the dress! And the whole outfit looks so amazingly put together and casual at the same time, amazing stuff :)

  103. indie by heart Comment #103

    Love! That dress is cute & chic. ^^ Very very nice matching. Never thought I could try grey bag, black shoes and brown belt.. :) Looks awesome.

  104. laskje Comment #104

    I can’t explain how much i adore your style. SO stylish!


  105. Jacqueline Layne Comment #105

    Those shoes rock my world.



  106. Gold Party Comment #106

    Gorgeous! Such a well put together outfit. Sometimes just a little touch of print can make the whole outfit pop.

  107. The student's guide to affordable luxury Comment #107


  108. Sabby V Comment #108

    Love this look, the feminine touch of the dress with the boyish hat is a great combo.


  109. Jamie Comment #109

    I love all the dresses you’ve been wearing lately and this is no exception! I love the print and how you edged it out a little with the accessories :)


  110. Gabri est là Comment #110

    Loving the blazer and the dress and the shoes!!!! Such a nice layering!
    Kisses from http://cinnamonspicedart.blogspot.com

  111. A. Comment #111

    this outfit is awesome!!i adore it!

  112. purse 'n boots Comment #112

    love itttt. i really want those boots. they are adorable. but i bet they wont look cute in my size 10 showboats. you always look retardedly cute—i know im totally dorking out right now, but it’s true. you do! gotta give props where they are due!

    ashley <3

  113. Adrianna Traxler Comment #113

    as always i love your look. That paisley dress is really amazing and i love how you made it casual, i want to just wear a dress and wear a beanie with it, if you notice that on my blog, just know its because of you!


  114. Lisa Fergus Comment #114

    Okay, it’s official….I want to raid your closet!!! The look is amazing!!! Love the dress!


  115. dede Comment #115

    love the blazer and the beanie is an excellent touch

  116. Huda Comment #116

    loving that HL blazer. Neutral colors will stand out now specially this spring/summer season’s color obsession.

  117. A, J and S Comment #117

    The dress is so pretty perfect for spring! I totally know what you mean about wearing beanies =)


  118. Sara Comment #118
  119. Anonymous Comment #119

    uhhh where did you get your shoes? its TDF!

  120. Bijou's Style Comment #120

    cute cute! and lovin the shooeees..



  121. Ancia Comment #121

    Girl I am in love with this look!


  122. Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) Comment #122

    loving the belting over your blazer gorgeous!
    hope all is well :)

    Bel xx

  123. Ria Comment #123

    I love the 5th picture so much. This outfit is so perfect. I still never managed to snag a white/ivory colored blazer and this reminds me I need one. I love hats and I love beanies, though I feel like you have to have long hair to wear them so I can’t really wear them at the moment. Same here I always pass over paisley but I like this dress a lot. Sorry I wrote a novel haha.

  124. Rebelle Fleur Comment #124

    I love this outfit! You look amazing, stunning, and chic. So cute!

  125. Suzy Comment #125

    I adore all your outfits! Your blog is an inspiration- you have a new follower!



  126. Faridah Comment #126

    Stunning. I love that casual approach you have, throwing the jacket over the dress looks perfect.


  127. AMAIA Comment #127

    truly amazing…


  128. Bex Comment #128

    I adore the outfit, the dress with the white blazer and cinched waist is so chic! Love the paisley print too.


  129. Allie Comment #129

    Great outfit! Love how you belted the blazer, and those shoes…I need them.
    xx Allie

  130. Guapizimo Comment #130

    Great outfit, and I really love your boots!

  131. Jackie Comment #131

    lovee it – you look hottt girl


    follow me at

  132. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #132

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love how you paired the blazer with that dress, looks great!!!


  133. Connie Comment #133

    Love everything about this look. Yo have fantastic style.

    The Heartbreak

  134. Anonymous Comment #134

    Love the outfit! wow!!

  135. Liliana Comment #135

    I must say this : You look WAY better without the bangs ! Bangs close down your face and you lose your personality – you look faceless. its just sea of hair and no face . Outfits and the rest of the hair is just great! Hope you dont mind, im just being honest .
    * The Hairstylist *

  136. choicesmultiple Comment #136

    Love it! The hat makes it look even cooler!

  137. Jamie Sprick Comment #137

    I follow, well probably toooo many blogs, but I have to say that you my dear have impeccable, spot on style. I love, Love, LOVE it. Every outfit. I look forward to each and every post. Cheers!

  138. *chameleon* Comment #138

    u look adorable,so sweet and so cool at the same time!!loving!!:)

  139. rania Comment #139

    new follower! don’t know if somebody told you already but you look a lot like MIROSLAVA DUMA http://buro247.ru/all/term/moda/look_of_the_day/

    already love your style!

  140. Anonymous Comment #140

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