To the Max.

Dress:H&M // Jacket: Gifted Volcom Spring ’11 // Clutch: AA // Sunglasses: Grey Ant //
Flip flops (cant see) : Havaianas
Photos by my girl: Rosie Reyes
ahhh at last, Spring! Was finally able to whip out this gorge maxi dress! The tiers on the dress make it have so much more volume which is a plus. I wore this to run around and get some
errands done so I knew I had to wear flip flops with this dress, besides nothing says spring + california laid-back style than a maxi dress w/flip flops!ย 
Also, you all know I’m a BIG fan of anything military, I must own like a million military things…but this Volcom
military jacket takes the cake! It is soo light weight and is the perfect shade of green that I’ve totally replaced it for my gap jacket already!
This outfit is something I could live in this spring/summer including the messy bun!

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  1. Alex Comment #1

    Wow – I love the dress. I can’t believe it’s from H&M.


  2. Gorgeous Clara Comment #2

    that’s a beautiful dress! I hope the weather gets better here so I can wear something like this soon!

  3. OnTheRacks Comment #3

    I guess the rain stopped in LA!! Love this look – that dress is adorable, as is the Volcom jacket. So good to finally meet you last week. Next time I am in LA or you are in SF we need to get together for dinner/drinks and actually have a chance to chat! Sorry that I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off this time! :)

    xoxo Laura

  4. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #4

    Buy more dresses, you must! This one looks great on you doll, of course I love how you styled it too :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  5. Raspberry Jam Comment #5

    Your dress is adorable!!



  6. claire Comment #6

    Love this look. That dress is absolutely amazing! xo

  7. Camilla. Comment #7

    That dress is a gorgeous shape



  8. Sheree Comment #8

    That dress is beyond fabulous. The look is amazing!

  9. dominika Comment #9

    you look fabulous, jules! like always :)

  10. Karolina Comment #10

    You look stunning! I love the dress and the way you stylized it!

  11. patrycja2407 Comment #11

    amazing dress! :)

  12. GLAMTIMEE Comment #12

    Love the dress!

  13. heylila Comment #13

    you look really pretty in it!!!!



  14. collagevintage Comment #14

    Wow love your dress! you look stunning girl.
    Your outfits echa day are better ๐Ÿ˜‰



  15. StyleCake Comment #15

    AHHhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. Never thought to mix a maxi with a military jacket AND a messy bun. So perfect.

  16. Promise Comment #16

    Love it, your hair looks gorgeous in a bun..x


  17. Lisa Comment #17

    ummm, excuse me, but i think we need to share wardrobes. ya that dress, those ripped oversized jean shorts u’ve been showing lately. i want em’!
    mmmmm OKAY?? THANKS!!!

  18. DaisyLine Comment #18

    wow dress is gorgeous! you look so cute ! love it! :)

  19. noirohio vintage Comment #19

    I love the long maxi dress with the army jacket! Your hair looks adorable pulled up in a bun too! xx

  20. Emily Anne Comment #20

    i love this maxi dress. i just bought a ton, i am loving them for this season! and i love the feathers as well, i cant wait to get feather hair extensions. it looks so nice where you are! i cant wait to feel the sun on my skin.

    anyways great look jules :)

  21. Lea Comment #21

    You look really great! I espacially love your hair on these pictures. Looks amazing with this outfit.


  22. Ivรขnia Santos (Diamond) Comment #22

    Wonderful dress!!!


  23. Sissi Comment #23

    this look is gorgeous!

  24. lily3527 Comment #24

    Happy spring! Love the dress, it looks superb on you :)

  25. Jen Comment #25

    Happy spring! Love the dress, it looks surperb on you :)

  26. C Comment #26

    Gorgeous dress!
    Im loving it!
    I cant believe I missed it in H&M!

  27. AMAIA Comment #27

    I like your dress so much!


  28. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #28

    I cannot believe that dress is H&M! I thought it was some fancy, expensive brand from Shopbop! You look gorgeous!

  29. My Style Affair Comment #29

    Lovely dress. So summery and cute.

    My Style Affair

  30. amalie Comment #30

    stunning! love the dress!

  31. JenBlondet Comment #31

    I loveeeeeee it! Your blog has become one of my faves now… I cant believe I didnt find you before! Where was I lol. Xoxo

  32. Lluvia Comment #32

    You are so insanely beautiful! I adore your style.


  33. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #33

    Perfectly styled! ๐Ÿ˜€


  34. anne Comment #34

    nice dress

  35. J'Anns Boutique Comment #35

    Love it! perfect entry to spring dress.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  36. Laura Comment #36

    gorgeous dress!


  37. sugarhoneybaby Comment #37

    Lovely dress! :)

  38. Matea Comment #38

    another amazing outfit, oh you’re blowing my mind with your ensembles :)
    have a lovely day!

  39. Caroline Comment #39

    I love this dress and it looks great with the jacket! Wish it was this warm where I live!

  40. The Fancy Teacup Comment #40

    What a beautiful maxi dress; the print is simply lovely! I was just gifted the same Volcom jacket (wore it in my most recent outfit post) and I am in love with it too. You look perfect in it!

    much love.

  41. Shevah Comment #41

    I love this look. I’m totally going to copy it! :)

  42. {molly beth} Comment #42

    i’m seriously headed to h&m right now to purchase that maxi dress ! so gorgeous !

    visit me via:

  43. Brittany Matthews Comment #43

    I love this dress! I wanted the same one but in the olive green color! sooo pretty.

    follow me at:

  44. la tiquismiquis Comment #44

    this is the perfect outfit for spring. i really love your dress! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  45. thestyletnet.net Comment #45

    You look absolutely beautiful! LOVE the dress ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Vanessa Comment #46

    love this pictures. you’re beautiful! kiss

  47. Marissa Comment #47

    GORG maxi dress is right! The layered ruffles on it give the dress such beautiful character and personality. I wish I had an H&M near me here at school so I could get one for myself!



  48. Meanz Comment #48

    I love that dress! It’s so fantastic! You look amazing.

    – Meanz (Koi Story)

  49. LillyEllaCollections Comment #49

    Love this look! I need to venture out & look for some long dresses–so cute!

    Love your hair too!

  50. Melissa Comment #50

    Aw you look adorable! Not in a 3rd grade kind of way, but in a “I don’t mean to be this gorgeous… i just am” kind of way!

    Great dress, and I think you should do the messy bun more :)


  51. Sash Comment #51

    I love this look, refreshing and breath taking! I love the clutch. Is that the medium or the large?

  52. Miy Comment #52

    such a nice weather day you got there.. and such pretty outfit to go with the perfect day! Heart it a lot!


    The Picnic Girl

  53. Wynn Comment #53

    That’s gorgeous! I like your hair up like that! :)


  54. Jen S. Comment #54

    I loveeee your pretty maxi….


  55. AMELIA Comment #55
  56. Kate Comment #56

    This is so incredibly pretty, I love this dress on you, and it’s so cute paired with the military jacket! Gorgeous!

  57. Delmy Comment #57

    Relaxed and cute. Your hair looks good this way.

  58. Natalie Suarez Comment #58

    gaah that dress is beautiful! and i love that is volcom! hehehe love it on u :)



  59. CessOviedo Comment #59

    Wow! You pulled off the maxi perfectly! Love the feather necklace, cute cute and jacket is amazing!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  60. Clara Comment #60

    This look is perfect! I can’t wait for the Canadian Spring to look like yours ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. Marloes. Comment #61

    This dress looks beautiful on you! I love it!

  62. Hanna Comment #62

    totally amazing outfit!! that dress is so pretty ๐Ÿ˜€


  63. indie by heart Comment #63

    ADORE your jewellery. <3

  64. Laiqah Comment #64

    Wow, you look so cool! :)
    LOVE LOVE every outfit post of yours Jules… You’re inspiration!


  65. Emily Comment #65

    I love this, so beautiful!


  66. Caroline Weiler Comment #66
  67. Maja Vonava Comment #67

    Gorgeous!!I love your style


  68. zeste de citron Comment #68

    wow you are gorgeous !!!

  69. Estefania Lovelifefashion Comment #69

    You are amazing!! That H&M dress looks so good on you. kisses!

  70. HADAR COHEN Comment #70

    LOVE the dress, it looks like spring allready arrived into your closet :)

  71. Stylesis Comment #71

    We love the dress and the military green jacket combo! So amazing! And the weather looks lovely, wish we had some sun here in London!

  72. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #72

    Love how you combined the jacket and dress! Gorgeous outfit :)


  73. The Fashion Writress Comment #73

    U look beautiful in this dress, love it :) Well combined with that jacket!


  74. nobz Comment #74

    love the dress so much!!
    can’t wait for summer:)


  75. GUCCI'ikas Comment #75
  76. Connie Comment #76

    Love absolutely everything about this look, espeically the Volcom jacket.

    The Heartbreak

  77. Collections Comment #77
  78. Jamie Comment #78

    Love this dress! Super cute and perfect for spring!


  79. Cara Comment #79

    Love this! What a beautiful dress, and you have accessorized it perfectly. It looks great with the green jacket too! Love your easy yet chic look with your hair in a bun and flip flops (my favorite footwear!) My favorite pic of you is definitely the one of you from the side looking over your shoulder-gorgeous!
    xo Cara

  80. JenWar Comment #80

    I feel like Caroline, I want to move to LA just for the sunshine! I love the jacket, it gives a much more relaxed tough look to the outfit, great stuff. xx

  81. knockedupfabulous Comment #81

    That jacket was a great gift! Endless possibilities with that piece!

  82. Cristiana Nunes Comment #82

    The whole outfit looks great! But i’m actually in love with the dress and necklace. You really know how to mix!

  83. Rizza Comment #83

    you look beatiful! love the whole look!

  84. She Wears, She Shares Comment #84

    Beauuuuuuuutiful dress on you! The slight tiers are great! You look so cool, calm and collected! The weather in SF is changing too and the sun is shining bright and feels soo good.


    Stay lovely


  85. amy Comment #85

    You look great. Not trying too hard, but very put together. Love that dress!

  86. Alyssa Comment #86

    you look great! The dress is beautiful!


  87. Superfashionista23 Comment #87

    Wow…I absolutely LOVE that dress! I am definitely H&M Bound….Very Cute look!


  88. Gregory Comment #88

    That dress looks so good on you, love it!!


  89. Kenzie Leigh Comment #89

    *gasp* i am in love with this dress!!!

  90. Emma Comment #90

    The dress and jacket are both gorgeous!

    x Emma http://www.stylerituals.blogspot.com

  91. Fash Flood Comment #91

    That dress is to die for. Never would have guessed H&M.
    xoxo, Rah

  92. sarah Comment #92

    i love the playful spots and the voluminous silhouette!

  93. helen Comment #93

    Been searching for a great military jacket for awhile, so thank you for sharing.. I just purchased this jacket online!!

    xoxo from Hawaii

  94. AMELIA Comment #94

    I must have this dress. Then I must blog about it. Then I must link back to you:) Thx for the inspi


  95. are you dressing up or dressing down Comment #95

    youre gorgeous, love all your outfits.

    Helen, X

  96. Kirby Comment #96

    I have been wearing my military jacket to death but have never thought of pairing it with a long dress!

    PS I am SO happy the bun is back in … I have been throwing my hair into a bun for years (blame it on years and years of ballet) but now it’s a trend again!


  97. Christine Yun Comment #97

    I love this dress! You look great.


  98. thehautepursuit Comment #98

    i really love those sunnies! i need a pair that are big black and very opague so I can openly ogle people….without them suspecting me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I too have a mad addiction to military. i have two khaki jackets…one is actually army surplus from the war in afghanistan! whoooa mamma!


  99. YO Comment #99



    El Noventayocho.

  100. Sandy Comment #100

    I love that dress! Actually just bought the exact one from HM myself. =) Can’t wait to bust it out while it’s beautiful and hot in LA!


  101. tala Comment #101

    I have a dress with the same print. But it’s not a Maxi.

  102. Julie Khuu Comment #102

    Cute hun, so SUPER DUPER cute! Only in Cali do girls rock the maxi, military, and topknot with ease ๐Ÿ˜€ You look like summer just arrived! Love it, fresh and simple! One of my absolute faves Jules!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  103. Flor de Maria Fashion Comment #103

    I love that dress on you, especially how you paired it!!!


  104. Mia Comment #104

    wow, that dress is amazing! Xx

  105. Mode_de_rue Comment #105

    Such a great dress and I love the messy bun! its the perfect up do!