In With the New

New additions:
1. (Faux) horn; I’m into horns, antlers, etc. so when I came across this horn I knew
I wanted it for displaying some of my favorite bracelets! Love how it looks, the only
thing is that I can’t stack on too many bracelets because it will lean over and fall.
2. Pierre Hardy wedge heels; perfect black wedge heels, score!
Have an awesome weekend, xo

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    I like the bracelets and love the shoes!



  2. Sara Comment #2
  3. SZAFOFA Comment #3
  4. I V Y Comment #4

    oh yeaaah, those heels <3


  5. Christina Comment #5

    Your jewelry holder is awesome! :) Sadly I’m moving so all my stuff is in a box, wrapped in ziplock bags lol!

  6. Sheryl Comment #6

    I love the wedges!! Have a fun weekend!!



  7. Bethany Comment #7

    Great idea with the horn!! You should be buy a wooden base at michaels or a crazy place and nail it (or drill) into the bottom for more support, then you can put more brackets on!

  8. susp Comment #8

    love it all!

  9. Alina Comment #9

    love the horn and the wedges, so cute!


  10. Monica Comment #10

    love how you put your bracelets on a horn! i also love putting my accessories on unexpected things. it makes for great decor

  11. s Comment #11

    love the heels…. 😉


  12. Elysia Comment #12

    wow that looks so cool what a great idea to display accessories i display mine over old hair spray cans lol xx

  13. ggshoe Comment #13

    Love the horn idea!

  14. Helena from BrooklynBlonde Comment #14

    ahh those Pierre Hardy shoes are amazing!!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  15. Dylana Suarez Comment #15

    So puuuuuuuuuuuuuurty!

    See you tomorrow babe!



  16. Esma ♥ Comment #16

    Nice stuff honey :-*

    My ♥ Passion

  17. cuteredbow Comment #17

    The wedges seems to be so beautiful !


  18. Contact Comment #18

    im such a pierre hardy fan!


  19. AliceG Comment #19
  20. Twins Comment #20

    i like the rings <3


  21. Stella Comment #21

    i love how you use the horn to hold your jewelry! great inspiration for future decorating!

    stellasfashionfountain.blogspot.com =]

  22. Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards Comment #22

    Those PH wedges look nice. Can’t wait to see you style them. :-)


  23. Jen S. Comment #23

    those wedges are too cute!!


  24. Jenny Ong Comment #24

    The wedges look soo good..!

  25. christine donee Comment #25

    I love both. Those shoes are fantastic. Seriously fantastic.

  26. Dani Comment #26

    Love the bracelets – displaying them on the horn is a unique & great idea!


  27. Michelle's Style File Comment #27

    Your horn looks great!!


  28. calise olivia Comment #28

    Love the horn, the shoes and the bracelets too!! I’m so jealous of all your accessories! …all your stuff really! And I normally don’t comment and ask for things but I would love it if you entered my contest to win a satchel from asos. I know you would definitely rock it well!!


  29. Adiel Comment #29

    What an awesomely unique way to store/display your bracelets! Gorgeous shoes!


  30. Lainey Comment #30

    That horn is amazing. Love the way it displays the bracelets.

  31. Aina Comment #31

    Your bracelet holder is super cool! Eco-friendly too :) Maybe I’ll find something outdoors that is like that.

    Also,wanna follow each other? You know how it is starting a new blog…



  32. MeganRose. Comment #32

    just realized i commented using someone else’s email! calise olivia was me and here’s where to enter 😉
    thanks doll!!

  33. Liana Comment #33

    that horn is awesome! i love horns and antlers too, my neighbors across the street have the perfect pair of antlers hanging over their front door…i’m soo tempted to steal them! 😛

    Fashion Bag 411

  34. meg Comment #34

    Love the bracelets!!!!!

  35. Jessie Chanes Comment #35

    I love the last one!
    I follow you 😉


  36. fashion.gossipmk Comment #36

    Amazing pics!! Love that horn!!
    Xoxo, K.

  37. Sheree Comment #37

    Very cool..I love finding different places to keep my jewelry!

  38. FLEUR DAILY Comment #38

    Love the wedges!



  39. Christine Comment #39

    love the unique horn to display your bracelets!


  40. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #40

    You have such lovely jewelry! xo


  41. briannelee Comment #41

    Love the shoes!

  42. Myriam Comment #42

    oh girl you have such a great blog! i discovered you through mango blog and i really like your style!
    i follow you, follow me if you want :)

  43. Fashion Fabrice Comment #43

    omygosh those wegdes!! I love them!! pierre hardy is the bomb:)

  44. Nieke Comment #44

    The horn is beautiful! Love the shoes as well, super pretty!


  45. Gemini Tauberge Comment #45

    mm love pierre hardy!

  46. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #47

    Oh my goodness. That horn is a perfect display for bracelets. I may have to borrow that idea. I love animal themed decor and my bracelets are literally sitting in piles on my dresser!

  47. PiruletadeGato Comment #48

    Can’t wait to see those wedges walking around!


  48. Soma George Comment #49

    Ola beautiful Jules,
    I admire ur blog and a big fan to ur style.
    Looking fwd to many more…

  49. adele Comment #50
  50. Wynn Comment #51

    That’s such an innovative way to display bangles! I want one too! xox


  51. Pearl Comment #52

    I’m a new follower!
    loving your blog.
    and those heels are sexy!

    Enter in to win a pair of pretty lace earrings!


  52. Miss Cossey Comment #53

    Love the wedges!
    Im needing to find some cute black ones!


  53. Sophie Comment #54

    Goooooooooooooooooooooosh, your wedges, soooooo beautiful, big LOVE ! Can you tell me where did you buy those Pierre Hardy shoes ? Pleaaaaaase i need you…

  54. passive dreams Comment #55

    I love your accessories. Love your style :)

  55. hermes bag outlet Comment #56

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