Cardigan: Madewell | Tshirt: Madewell | Shorts: Vintage | Bag: Vintage Gucci 
Boots: River Island | Tassle necklace: Madewell

Yes, I told you guys I was wearing these shorts with errr-thang. they’re that good.
Also, swooning over wearing sorbet looking colors together, nom nom nom.

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  1. salome Comment #1

    Very nice look…
    I love the colour of the cardigan ;D

    Street style POPPY DELEVIGNE http://magmoiselle.fr

  2. Alex Comment #2

    I love the color combo – absolutely perfect for a warm spring day.


  3. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #3

    too cute! loving those colours too.

  4. Violet Comment #4

    i love the shorts! I would wear them with everything too if I were you

    Vi from Cali

  5. Julie Comment #5

    cute color, wore this one too here :


  6. Sara Comment #6

    cute outfit! i love your bag :)


  7. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #7

    Cool! Peach looks great on you! 😉


  8. amalie Comment #8

    so cute and casual! love your necklace xx

  9. Maja Vonava Comment #9

    I love your necklaces and shorts!!You are awesome


  10. liv Comment #10

    love the colours and the whole look.
    those jeans are killer!

    liv <3

  11. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #11

    love this looks! the colors are perfect!



  12. Jasmin Comment #12

    Lovely photos!!!! The short is adorable :)


  13. CINDY Comment #13

    you are too freaken gorgeous!

    truly an inspiration. :)
    wish i could’ve made it out to the madewell event! i would’ve loved to meet you!


  14. MIXED MINDS Comment #14

    love your outfit & you’re so pretty!! 😉

  15. ALWAYS CHASING Comment #15

    Yes love the shorts!

  16. Jule. Comment #16

    I love your cardigan !!

  17. I'm Just Me Comment #17
  18. Nikki Comment #18

    you look amazing :) i love how this outfit comes togheter :) x

  19. Michelle's Style File Comment #19

    Gorgeous post! Great shorts.


  20. Miriam from Galicia (Spain) Comment #20

    Oh I love and adore your style!
    Your blog and Song of Style blog are something of another world.So amazing.


  21. thisiswhatidwear Comment #21

    beeeeeeeeeeautiful combination of colours. Just keeps getting better



  22. Katrina Comment #22

    the colour palette of this outfit is well blended and classic!



  23. Cáti Comment #23
  24. Cylia Comment #24

    I bet they are very comfortable:) I want shorts like that!

  25. la tiquismiquis Comment #25

    i love love looove it! it looks so comfy. so jealous of you hair. :)

    la tiquismiquis

  26. gigimae Comment #26

    so gorgeous!

  27. amber Comment #27

    love those shorts!! and the color combo of the shirt and cardi is perfect :)

  28. Sheree Comment #28

    I was thinking looking at the pics “wow she really does like those shorts” and then I saw what you wrote :) They are fab and those boots are too!

  29. The Fancy Teacup Comment #29

    Such a cute, tomboyish look! Those shorts are super cool looking (I can see why you wear it with everything) and the color of the Madewell cardigan is beautiful.

    much love.

  30. FLEUR DAILY Comment #30
  31. Kate Comment #31

    I love the color of that cardigan! So pretty & perfect for spring!

  32. Sian Comment #32



    Sending love from Australia

  33. Camilla. Comment #33

    haha, I love those shorts with the boots :)

    x Camilla


  34. Cassie Lee Comment #34

    Great colors–really love the ripped, baggy shorts and I am in need of a tassel necklace!!

  35. Barbor Comment #35

    wonderful!!!you are so pretty and so stylish! I really love your blog! there´s so much inspiration… :)

  36. Lary Mello Comment #36

    i ♥ your boooots!!!!

    you look amazing!

  37. me and my lifestyle... Comment #37

    Love your pants and boots!! Cool!!


  38. anne Comment #38

    that’s a very cute outfit!

  39. anne Comment #39

    that’s a very cute outfit!

  40. Anna Comment #40

    Love that cardigan…!

    What do you think of my new outfit?

    Enjoy my giveaway…

  41. marialε Comment #41

    they look very comfortable!


  42. Studs and Sequins Comment #42

    I love it !


    Studs and Sequins

  43. Caroline Weiler Comment #43

    Love your sorbet cardigan, the color is beautiful.

  44. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #44

    LOve the color combo doll, great accessories we well :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  45. Vicki Comment #45

    those shorts look great on your little skinny legs! lol im so jealous :) your photographs are always stunning, who takes them for you? xo

  46. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #46

    Great outfit! Love your hair <3


  47. Collections Comment #47

    Love the colors of your tops. I’m a huge madewell fan myself. Everytime you wear those shorts I can’t get over how perfect they are. I love’em.

    I’m having a $100 dollar Shopbop giftcard GIVEAWAY on my blog! Come check it out :) It’s open to international bloggers as well.

    Collections Giveaway

  48. xoxo2319 Comment #48

    LOVE this look!!

  49. Anonymous Comment #49

    I love this!!
    I just cut off a pair of old jeans to make them similar to yours!
    You are a huge inpiration, and my favorite blogger :)
    Love from Spain!

  50. LoveE ♥ Comment #50

    Love that colour on you, and adore your bag!


  51. Gina Michele Comment #51

    Great color combo and I love those boots!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  52. Wynn Comment #52

    I’m looking for shorts like those! Looks really good one you!


  53. Natalie's Life Comment #53

    i love this – you look so comfortable and cool. also, loving the melon cardigan.


  54. Leah Comment #54

    LOVE this outfit! Looks so comfy and so stylish. You are beautiful.

    xo L.

  55. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #55

    Ha! Love the shorts! I think I may DIY some jeans into shorts like that! xo


  56. Nana Comment #56

    that necklaace is amazing:)

  57. Anonymous Comment #57

    I am obsessed with those shorts! Any ideas where I can purchase a similar style?

  58. Emily Comment #58

    So easy and effortless always. Great casual look.


  59. Hélène, l'obnubilée . Comment #59

    Your shorts is so cool 😉

  60. Zoe Comment #60

    wow, great boots. they’re my kind of boots!

    X Zoe X

  61. Rosa Comment #61

    Love the boots, and the cardigan… you look beautiful!


  62. Stephanie Comment #62

    love the mixture of colors you have going on here. i’m kinda loving those shorts, you look lovely =)

  63. Cátia Couto Comment #63

    I love this color combination!

    xoxo ;*

  64. Natalya's Closet Comment #64

    I love this outfit, so pretty and comfy! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  65. Anonymous Comment #65

    amazing, what hair color do you have?
    love your shorts, and bag and the neclace, everything!!

  66. j. almodovar Comment #66

    love the shorts!!

  67. J'Anns Boutique Comment #67

    Love this sweater color.

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  68. Julip Made Comment #68

    Love the color combo of the cardigan and t!

  69. Miss B Comment #69

    cute combination!

    Hey btw, name’s Mara aka missB. Im a photographer, but right now, im giving fashion blogging a shot! 😛 So please follow me, and help me get better and better! and i hope to be friends with you so maybe if i can go to your place, we can do collabs!! :)

    Much love, missB.

  70. Cinja Comment #70

    cutesy cute! i love the shorts!

  71. Song of Style Comment #71

    baby! u are so adorable!
    ahhh these photos make me miss u so much!!! <3
    btw, ur man said he’s gon take us to the FF. he better! hehe

  72. Meanz Comment #72

    You look adorable I love olive and that coral-pink together!

    – Meanz (Koi Story)

  73. Olivia Comment #73

    Your cardigan/you is adorbs
    <3 Olivia

  74. Shevah Comment #74

    I love the color of the cardigan and your boots. Gorgeous.

  75. devorelebeaumonstre. Comment #75

    okay I’m not sure how I’m JUST now discovering your blog.. you are completely rad. & this outfit is gorgeee. LOVING your shorts & the orange sorbet color of your cardi. xx

  76. Style Stitch Comment #76

    Great color combination. The olive and pink seriously pop, especially against your obmre hair…love it!! xx Style Stitch


  77. kelly frances Comment #77

    that cardigan is so cute!!! and the bag, speaks for itself


  78. Christine Comment #78

    Love the cardigan! I’m loving that sorbet colour,i even have my nails painted in it~ also liking the distressed boots!

  79. lupe22m Comment #79

    i love those shorts!
    i have some that look similar to those but yours are way cooler!!
    ..are they a DIY or you just got lucky?
    ..show me the butt on those things.,please. ;D

    lupe..from cali..=)

  80. Connie Comment #80

    Love the colour of the cardigan.

    The Heartbreak

  81. Laura Comment #81

    You look great girl!! Love this outfit


  82. PaulinaMo Comment #82

    Love Vintage Gucci & it goes perfect with your outfit!


  83. Jana K. Comment #83

    Thank you for your comment! and I am obsessed with this outfit and pictures. You rule.


  84. Affair with my Closet Comment #84

    Already in my favorites folder!

  85. athier Comment #85

    lovely outfit ‘n great style ‘n blog! <3
    visit mine too http://hippiegipsiegrungieshake.blogspot.com/
    x athena.