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  1. Jennie Nhi Nguyen Comment #1

    nice hat and denim!

    xx http://www.jnsoo.blogspot.com/

  2. Tessa Comment #2

    This is one of my favorites!! love it.

  3. Lidiya Comment #3

    Love the outfit, perfect for summer xoxo

  4. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #4

    Lovin the mixture of denim, black and brown but your smile makes it all perfect! 😀


  5. Queen.OnSet Comment #5

    I love your style & this outfit again, wow. great inspiration :)

  6. Marloes. Comment #6

    I love this outfit. The wedges are beautiful!
    I was wondering, is your hat of this season of h&m? I was looking for a black hat, and this one is perfect! :)

  7. Shellena Comment #7

    Love your jean dress!
    ***Giveaway on my blog!!

  8. patrycja2407 Comment #8

    amazing photo and outfit!
    greetings :)

  9. J'Anns Boutique Comment #9

    Loving that shirt dress, very cute look.

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  10. Becky-May Comment #10

    Beautiful! Your legs are so long and brown! jealous :)

    The Flower Girl


  11. The Fall Comment #11

    lovely wedges! such a refreshing look

  12. Gina Michele Comment #12

    So pretty! Love your wedges!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  13. Nikki Comment #13

    this is such a beautiful dress :) x

  14. Miss Periwinkle Comment #14

    I love how well you mixed browns and blacks together, not something easily done! Lovely.

  15. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #15

    Lovely dress doll :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  16. Leah Comment #16

    I love this look! So simple but sophisticated!

    xo L.

  17. Cara Comment #17

    Gorgeous photos, love the simplicity of the dress paired with those beautiful sandals…such a lovely look!
    xo Cara

  18. Kristel Louisa Comment #18

    Love your denim dress, Jules! You’re stunning.

    en la moda

  19. margaritats Comment #19

    love it!!you look amazing!!

  20. M. Comment #20

    Amazing look!! I love this outfit! The dress is gorgeous!!!

    Kisses from Spain;)


  21. FLEUR DAILY Comment #21
  22. Laiqah Comment #22

    Love the hat on you!
    I don’t think theres anything that doesn’t suit you!

  23. Eva Comment #23

    You look gorgeous, so effortless..especially love your wedges:)


  24. la tiquismiquis Comment #24

    oh jules. this looks fabulous! i love love love your hat!

    la tiquismiquis

  25. MIXED MINDS Comment #25

    Your outfit is gorgeous!! 😉

  26. too young for fashion Comment #26

    jules- love your post as well as the blog! amazing style & such inspiration.


  27. Zoe's Inspirations Comment #27

    I adore those shoes

    X Zoe X

  28. Natalie Suarez Comment #28

    these photos are STUNNING! you are beyyoootiful in so many ways! we must hang next week!!! xooxoxoxooxox


  29. Linka Comment #29

    yea, that dress is effortlessly wonderful. Love it!

  30. Raspberry Jam Comment #30

    Love the wedges!

    Beautiful photos!



  31. Dylana Suarez Comment #31

    Jules! You look amazing!!!! Did you get a new camera? Your pictures are always stunning, but these are just crystal clear (with that perfect blurry background. hehe). I LOOOOVE YA! I have to see you really soon, because I will be leaving the state permanently in two weeks! You will find out why really soon :)



  32. AlejandrA Comment #32

    Nice dress!! great look!


  33. Collections Comment #33

    Great look love the wedges.

    Fashionable Collections

  34. Kaśq. Comment #34

    you look amazing ;)!

  35. Franzi Comment #35

    the jeans dress looks pretty cute! and you, too :)
    Lg franzi


  36. The Fancy Teacup Comment #36

    That chambray dress is lovely, but my eye can’t help being drawn to your darling wedges!

    much love.

  37. Catherine Comment #37

    love those wedges, amazing look! xxx

  38. Melissa Comment #38

    JULES this is my favorite post you’ve done in a long time, you look so beautiful!!


  39. {molly beth} Comment #39

    love, love, love the denim dress with the belt.


  40. Violet Comment #40

    you look great in hats! i like that the scarf you tied around the strap of your purse.

    Vi from Cali

  41. Joy Comment #41

    I quite like this. Especially your shoes!

  42. Lauren Comment #42

    This is such a cute outfit!! I’m originally from the SF bay area and this would be a perfect outfit for the beach up there. Thank you for your comment on my post, I just love following your blog ♥


  43. Fash Boulevard Comment #43

    love love love this post. these pictures are incredible. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest celebrity trend report. xoxo


    Don’t forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news.


  44. Young Gucci Purse Comment #44

    Love the denim dress-I have one of my own and absolutely adore it-definitely looking to invest in soem more denim! And I think they’re the perfect canvas for bright accessories too!

  45. La Petite Olga Comment #45

    Great denim dress!! And you styled it really in a cute way!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  46. irinna Comment #46

    i love everything but the shoes. great outfit!

  47. TheLovelyHunter Comment #47

    perfect spring dress:) love the hat and the scarf too!


  48. ﻌFashionQamarﻌ Comment #48
  49. christine donee Comment #49

    so gorgeous. I am loving that Stevan Alan dress!

  50. Michou Comment #50

    Waouw ! J’adore ta tenue toute entière ! la robe/chemise, le sac , le chaussures à talons haut ! Ravissant !

  51. beryl Comment #51

    i love the casual shirt dress with those platforms


  52. peggy Comment #52


  53. sweetcarolinescooking.com Comment #53

    you’re adorable. LOVE that dress

  54. Jenny Comment #54

    I <3 those wedges, and I swear, you have thee best pair of legs ever…!

  55. kim Comment #55

    love this look. The hat is super cute.

    clothes are cute

  56. Marissa Comment #56

    denim looks have always been my favorite. very cute look.


  57. Connie Comment #57

    Love this look on you! The hat is awesome! I love your blog.

    Check out my brand new fashion/art/illustration blog:


  58. OnTheRacks Comment #58

    Aw, you look adorable! Great shoes, great dress, and your hair is getting so long! Love it. And pretty flowers in the background :)

    xx Laura

  59. Miss Oh' Comment #59

    I seriously love the entire outfit, all of it! Those wedges are genius, as is that denim dress (I mean, it has pockets!) ..



  60. Sara Comment #60
  61. glitteryeyesxx Comment #61

    Why is your style so incredible?

    Lol, that is a rhetorical question of course. Seriously, though, your style is impeccable and so chic. I always take great inspiration when perusing your site! :)

  62. Alexandra Joy Comment #62

    The S&S dress is adorable. Spring has officially sprung! Great styling with the knotted belt. I’m into the whole look. Thanks for sharing.

  63. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #63

    Jules – this denim with black is FAB!! I love your hat. I have about 30 hats and I love them all! People should wear hats more often because they are an instant chic factor and there is something mysterious about a woman in a hat that covers her eyes just enough to where you can barely see her eyes…I LOVE THAT LOOK! SEXY! Kiah

  64. Kathleen Rhea G. Comment #64

    lovely outfit for spring dear!! <3

  65. Kate Comment #65

    I adore that dress! So cute, and such a great shade of chambray, love that it’s a little darker! Looking gorgeous as always!

  66. Viv Comment #66

    i adore that denim dress and i’ve been lusting over the joe’s jean brenda’s.. not sure what color to get at the moment, the wood soles or the black soles… and what color, so many choices! right now i’m leaning towards the cognac ones. what’s your opinion?


  67. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #67

    Gorgeous! Love the denim dress and bowler hat <3


  68. toopoorforcouture Comment #68

    seriously I cannot get enough of your style!!


  69. Tonya Comment #69

    Perfect outfit yet again. I love your hat and those wedges are so perfect!
    LOVE this!!!


  70. stylista Comment #70

    I love your entire look! Especially the shoes!
    check out my blog at


  71. Cindy Comment #71

    The hat is perfect!

    Style Soufflé

  72. LoveE ♥ Comment #72

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit, you look so adorable!


  73. Katie Comment #73

    Awesome! :)

  74. pancakeSTACKER Comment #74

    Girl, you are too cute! I love the adorable denim dress and those wedges are just so perfect!

    Stop by again soon! xoxo!

  75. Nana Comment #75

    love the bag, dress and belt
    amazing as always!

  76. Fashionista on Tour Comment #76

    I absolutely love the shoes. I so incredibly need a pair.

    Also your previous post (lucky seven) I am all over friendship bracelets I have quite a lot now and the snake print sandals also in teh bag :-)



  77. knockedupfabulous Comment #77

    Very adorable dress! Love how you have it styled…super cute as always!

  78. Affair with my Closet Comment #78

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    fantastic work that you present here! Congratulations! Just won over a new fan and follower! Will follow you wherever you are and have my votes on her looks!
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    Forgive me if I can not come every day, your blog is already in my favorites! Not fail to see even though I can not comment, ok?!
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    Great kiss from a new fan ~.~
    Flavia Cruz from Brazil!

  79. Katzenkönigin Comment #79

    so,so lovely! love your blog!


  80. altinayka Comment #80

    full of french chic and love ur legs:)

  81. fashionwashere Comment #81

    Love ur dress and belt combo! U r gorgeous!


  82. marcella Comment #82
  83. Sian Comment #83
  84. Irene Comment #84

    Great outfit. And great shoes! You are a really pretty girl.
    xoxo irene

  85. PiruletadeGato Comment #85

    I need a bag like that!
    And your sandals look really comfortable


  86. kittiesandcouture.com Comment #86

    This is such a cute look! Loving the hat.

  87. cuteredbow Comment #87

    Really great to discover your blog ! Your style is pure perfection ! Now following you !


  88. Allie Comment #88

    Love this look.
    xx Allie

  89. Jamie Comment #89

    Love this look! That bag is fab!


  90. Tristana Comment #90
  91. Lindsay Comment #91

    i love your wedges! gorgeous bag, i love the scarf you tied on it


  92. Tickle Me Pretty Comment #92

    Love this look! Girl you always have such great shoes, how do you wear heals where ever you go? I’m Impressed!

  93. Laura Comment #93

    You look perfect as always! This dress is such amazing on you!


  94. bestie Comment #94

    Um, I’m kind of drooling over your dress right now. Big time. x

  95. Indrah Comment #95

    You look lovely!

  96. Fashion Intel Comment #96

    That denim dress is so cute!

  97. She Wears, She Shares Comment #97

    Love the first candid image. The shoes are darling



  98. thisiswhatidwear Comment #98

    LOVE your wedges. You look so much like Nicole Richie here xx


  99. Ms. Aa Comment #99
  100. Fydez Comment #100

    First I want to say, I am happy that I discovered your blog. It’s so nice here! I adore it.

    This outfit is perfection! So cool and laidback. Love it, so fresh!


  101. bee Comment #101

    The first picture is simply perfect!

  102. BuyAionAccount Comment #102

    The denim dress is pretty and it looks good on you. It really is how one carries her dress.

    Buy Aion Account

  103. Happy Brunette Comment #103

    I just love your style!! Ur so cute and easy going… What i love the most is your hair, i always wanted to have mine like your lighter on the ends but i don’t know how to do it… Could you please help me??


    XoXo ♥

  104. Victoria Comment #104
  105. Contact Comment #105

    that dress is precious!! and perfect for so many occasions


  106. StylePicks Comment #106

    Great outfit!


  107. adele Comment #107

    OHHHH! i just found/checked your blog and fell in love with your style and photos. i’ve seen you before on natalie’s blog.. now i’m thinking why didn’t i checked your blog before?!


  108. B a la Moda Comment #108

    Love the look. Simple and refined!

    B* a la Moda

  109. nana Comment #109

    I love your shoes!!!


  110. Kathleen Comment #110

    Love the de im dress

  111. Karen woodleigh Comment #111

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