Cut it Out.

Shirt: Gifted Bec&Bridge (c/o Wetherly Fashion Group ) | Jeans: Levi’s | Bag: gifted HOBO
 International (c/o of Caro PR ) | Heels: Jil Sander | Belt: F21
OMG! This blouse is insaneeeeeee. LOVE IT TO PIECES. As soon as I received it,
I wore it that day and got so many compliments!
Definitely adds the ‘cool’ factor into the mix.
So this weekend has been full of amazing things that I’ve been working on finishing with my amazing team!
I honestly can’t wait to reveal and share with you guys this week!
So please stay tuned on Tuesday!

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  1. Miss Molly Comment #1

    yes, that shirt is beautiful! i absolutely love it and it looks great on you!

    fantastic look


  2. Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) Comment #2

    Akkk love those Jil Sander babies! I MAY have just pissed my pants in excitement-by-association. I know I’m cool.

  3. susp Comment #3

    beautiful outfit! love your shirt, it looks awesome

  4. Friend in Fashion Comment #4

    Agree! Very much the cool factor!

    So chic with the cropped pants + heels.

    Friend in Fashion

  5. soph (owl vs. dove) Comment #5

    The cut out detail is unexpected but awesome all the same – love it!

  6. il était une fois... Comment #6

    beyond insane! heart bec & bridge amaze aussie label!
    ps. cant wait for the big revel 😀


  7. FashionHippieLoves Comment #7

    such a great look!


  8. s Comment #8

    Woooooow this jean shirt is so amazing…
    I love it 😉

    MUST HAVE: Bracelet Delfina DELETTREZ http://magmoiselle.fr

  9. Jenny Ong Comment #9

    That top is hoottttttt. You look lovely x

  10. Marloes. Comment #10

    This shirt is so cool! I love it!!

  11. Alicia Comment #11

    That blouse is AMAZING!! Want it now :)! I’m looking forward to hear more about it!


  12. Taylor B. Comment #12

    Denim at its best. A new classic this top is!

  13. The Fashion Cloud Comment #13

    sweetie i absolutely love this outfit then again i like most of your outfits.
    I was wondering if you could tell what Levi’s your wearing they look amazing

    Thanks a million

  14. rachel Comment #14

    im literally obsessed with your top. is there a site or a store i can get it at?

  15. Jasmine Comment #15

    wow, that shirt is so cool! Such a simple idea, but so interesting :)

  16. Laura Comment #16

    Love the shirt!!
    You look amazing!


  17. Sara Comment #17

    wow that top is so cute!


  18. Lucy Comment #18

    this looks great!!

  19. Sheryl Comment #19

    Omg!!! It is cool!! I love it.



  20. Adiel Comment #20

    Oh my goodness, I love that top. I totally want it!

  21. Raspberry Comment #21

    That shirt is to die for, so cool! And those shoes are FAB! Amazing job dear! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  22. la caja de lucille Comment #22

    lovely blouse

  23. Eleanor Comment #23

    That blouse is fab!
    Love Love Love!

  24. DaisyLine Comment #24

    great shirt! have a nice day :)

  25. LV Comment #25

    You look amazing! Love the top and shoes! It looks so good together and the cutouts are sexy.


  26. agnes Comment #26

    superbe tenue, et j’adore tes chaussures

  27. Maja Vonava Comment #27

    Oh my! That´s so imazing. I try DIY :)

  28. Sarah Comment #28

    ohh very cute! love your jeans too

  29. Kate Junior Comment #29

    You are right about the shirt! It’s amazing! Perfect cut out! xx

  30. La Petite Olga Comment #30

    Love the blouse!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  31. Fie Comment #31

    OMG! So nice! I was totally freaking out, as i saw these pictures! Love it!

  32. JenWar Comment #32

    Whoa! that shirt is amazing! It looks really cool, and looks really good on you, love it! xx

  33. amalie Comment #33

    loove that shirt! that cut-out part is such an awesome detail. hmm, maybe a DIY?

  34. Agnes in Wonderland Comment #34

    So pretty as always, cool outfit 😉

  35. Grrenadine Comment #35

    Wow, amazing blouse! Want it!

  36. FLEUR DAILY Comment #36

    Love the blouse and the shoes!



  37. Natalie Comment #37

    Great shirt, and I really love the heel detail on your Jil Sanders!

  38. ASH Comment #38

    agreed. amazing shirt!

  39. TONJE Comment #39


    XX T

  40. Esther Comment #40

    this blouse is amazing! I love it :)

    xx Esther


  41. nobz Comment #41

    love the shirts,jeans,heels,and bag!!
    head to toe perfect<3


  42. Enamodeuse Comment #42

    Love your shirt, it´s really pretty:)


  43. The Fancy Teacup Comment #43

    That shirt is totally rad, I would wear it all the time if I were you! And I love your Jil Sander heels, they are like architecture for the feet.

    much love.

  44. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #44

    That’s an amazing blouse! <3 You look great with it!


  45. Catherine Comment #45

    this shirt is perfection. the whole outfit is perfection, in facts <3

  46. Vicki Comment #46

    LOOOOOVVVEEE this shirt!!! :) x

  47. Linka Comment #47

    You wear it perfectly! There’s no way I could pull it off, but I love it on you!

  48. cuteredbow Comment #48

    Love this blouse ! Gorgeous ! Love your shoes too !


  49. zeste de citron Comment #49

    wow I love this !! this shirt is perfect !!


  50. Jazzy E (hivenn) Comment #50

    so stunning. x hivenn

  51. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #51

    Love this top! You look amazing!

    Enter My Giveaway Here!

  52. Gina Michele Comment #52

    Very cool shirt! The cut out detail takes a plain shirt to a whole ‘nother level!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  53. Anonymous Comment #53

    OMG this blouse is …I love it 😀

  54. Sheree Comment #54

    I wasn’t sure if I liked the shirt until I saw the last pic…it IS amazing…so cool and slightly sexy!

  55. Belle de Couture Comment #55

    Girl, lovin’ this look from head to toe.. that top IS ah-mazing and I dig your heels too! :)



  56. Sabine Comment #56

    Oh gosh that shirt is amazing!


  57. Belle de Couture Comment #57

    Love this from head to toe Jules… especially loving your top and your heels! :)



  58. marialε Comment #58

    I looooove the blouse! it’s so different, like like like!!! and your shoes too ;P

    My Fashion Bug

  59. Audrey Leighton Comment #59

    jules, this is beautiful. where can i buy this blouse?! and ill be emailing you soon!

    frassy LOVE

  60. Carlota Comment #60

    Wauw, lovely look!! :)

  61. CessOviedo Comment #61

    It does look super cool! Looking at yours makes me want to grab scissors and cut my denim shirt, love the simplicity of the outfit yet super chic!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  62. heylila Comment #62

    the blouse looks really cool on you!



  63. fishyfacedesigns Comment #63

    What a beautiful beautifil look! I love the jewelry…. AND the shoes… they are awesome!
    Have a great great day!
    Take care!

  64. Olithee Comment #64

    Very nice, original, you wear it perfectly as usual :)

  65. Estelle Comment #65

    the shirt is so lovely!!!!

  66. Taylor Sterling Comment #66

    you always look amazing! I love this!

  67. Annachiara Savio Comment #67

    i LOOOOVE all your outfits!!!
    you’re beautifulllll!!!! 😀

  68. Christine Comment #68

    Love the cut out top! its so daring, but chic at the same time! :)


  69. J'Anns Boutique Comment #69
  70. Kaśq. Comment #70

    you look beautiful <3 lovely shirt

  71. Fashion Celebration Comment #71

    I totally love your outfit… every little piece is amazing


  72. A Stylized Hysteria Comment #72

    That shirt is absolutely awesome! I love the way you’ve styled it.

  73. Cara Comment #73

    Those are the perfect jeans, they fit you so well, and I love them paired with those shoes…great look!
    xo Cara

  74. antonia Comment #74

    wow, amazing outfit, I love your pants

  75. Shevah Comment #75

    This post is amazing! I love it!


  76. RAYNE Comment #76

    That top is amazing! Love your look.


  77. Raspberry Jam Comment #77
  78. Becky-May Comment #78

    You look fabulous. I love your simple necklace most of all,

    The Flower Girl


  79. Polka dot. Comment #79

    Oh God, I fell in love with this shirt! It’s so unique!!!

    Greetings from Warsaw,
    Polka dot.


  80. Song of Style Comment #80

    even ur collar bone is sexy. lol <3

  81. Hanna Comment #81

    that shirt is so awesome! i love it!!

  82. Natalya's Closet Comment #82

    I love the outfit! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  83. Maialen Comment #83

    me encanta la camisa!
    el blog es genial!

    me pasare a menudo por aqui!
    te sigooo
    un besooo

  84. Heather Comment #84

    Super cool outfit! I love the cut-out top!

  85. Emma Comment #85

    love itt

  86. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #86

    GASP!!! OMG that shirt is AMAZING BOO!! You look super cute in this outfit. Love the skinny jeans with this top and those pumps are wow! You go girl! Can’t wait to see what you have for us manana chica! Kiah

  87. Esma ♥ Comment #87

    Your outfit is great, but the shoes: I would kill for them! They are so damn hot!!!

    My ♥ Passion

  88. Wynn Comment #88

    Definitely looks cool!! xox


  89. CINDY NGO Comment #89

    i’m obesssed with cut-outs!
    you look amazing, jules!


  90. Rach is Ordinarily Urbane Comment #90

    Obsesssed with that blouse!! A little edgy, a little chic. Just fabulous! xo

  91. Pearl Comment #91

    You look stunning!!
    Adore this!


  92. Lisa Fergus Comment #92

    How cute are you?! and by cute of course I mean gorgeous!! xo


  93. Lisa Fergus Comment #93

    How cute are you?! and my cute I mean goregous!


    (sorry wrong link before!;)

  94. Mcmaris Comment #94

    Such an amazing outfit! That shirt looks so fab and the jil sanders are to die for!

  95. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #95

    Perfect shirt!!!! <333


  96. jamie Comment #96

    I love it!!! SO fun! Really brings the wow factor to an otherwise simple outfit!! Fantastic!!


  97. Cindy Comment #97

    Sickkk shirt. I love that you chose to wear it with simple black pants and gray heels. Really lets the shirt speak for itself.

    Style Soufflé

  98. Christine Yun Comment #98

    omg love that shirt too! so creative and simple! looks great on you!


  99. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #99

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  100. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #100

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  101. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #101

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  102. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #102

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  103. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #103

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  104. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #104

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  105. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #105

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  106. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #106

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  107. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #107

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  108. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #108

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  109. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #109

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  110. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #110

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  111. Bec & Bridge Blog. Comment #111

    Looks fab on you Jules!
    Love the bec & bridge girls

  112. Taylor Comment #112

    That shirt is amazing, I want one!! And those shoes are fantastic. I need some like that.

  113. Brittany Matthews Comment #113

    Love that top!

    I wanna try to make one!

    follow me at:

  114. Julie Khuu Comment #114

    *Cues Full House hand motion*
    Your title cracks me up…so fitting for such a revealing top! 😀 You look beautiful babe, a perfectly unique piece added to your perfectly unique style…love it!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  115. Jay Comment #115

    LOOVE this shirt!! Such a cute outfit :)


  116. She Wears, She Shares Comment #116


    Those are some serious umm…window wedges on the Jil Sanders! So haute, Jules. And don’t let me get started on that shirt. I bet everyone is gonna try and diy this. I sure am.

    You have the best stuff! Can I just come raid your closet? haha



  117. Emi Love Comment #117

    Beautiful outfit! Serves as fantastic inspiration! :)

  118. Rococo Le Monde Comment #118

    I love your pants, the length is perfect. I want that exact style pant but in orange. The shoes are great too:)

  119. I'm Just Me Comment #119

    love this!!! that top is amazing!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  120. her persona Comment #120

    awesome shirt. love the outfit


  121. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #121

    love your shirt!

  122. PiruletadeGato Comment #122

    Amazing. From the shirt to the shoes :)


  123. Anonymous Comment #123

    Pleaaaase can u tell us where is your little necklace from?
    many thanx :)

  124. Monica Comment #124
  125. sharonlei Comment #125

    Oh how I love that shirt to pieces as well. I think a DIY in my near future!! Awesome possum.

    xx Love & Aloha

  126. Rosa Rot Comment #126

    brilliant blouse!


  127. Biaa Comment #127

    That shirt is bloody amazing!!!!!! You look great, as usual 😛

  128. Sarah Comment #128

    Just discovered you and wanted to say I love your style. I am particularly in love with these shoes!



  129. aliciafashionista Comment #129

    Bahaha just did a post last week called cut-it-out as well! Hope you were also referring to Joey on Full House’s stand up routine 😉 Love this blouse xo

  130. Aniita Comment #130

    absolutely beautiful shirt! gahh i want one just like it!
    amazing blog by the way, you have great style. and so gorggg
    xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

  131. Peppie Comment #131

    this is simply perfect.
    I love you and your blog. It’s my favourite blog now.

    Lots of ♥ from Germany,

  132. Sianna Comment #132

    Such a great idea! The result is amazing!