In the bag.

I’ve always been intrigued by what other girls carry in their pursey-purse. I usually like to carry
a handbag that is biiiiiiiig enough to carry everything and anything. 
Here’s a peek of what I carry in my everyday bag:
(not shown: my make-up bag, car keys and other small things.)
1. Bag: Alexander Wang Millie in tan; Absolutely one of my fav bags I own, it has so many compartments!
2. Bumble & Bumble BB Shine On finishing spray; I love using this to give my hair an instant pretty looking shine and my best of all? Smells amazeeeeeee. 
3. Grey Ant Kenny sunglasses in brown; They’re the perfect oversize glasses.
4. Friendship bracelets; Whether I have them stacked on my wrist or stored in my purse, I always carry them because the bright colors always keep me inspired. 
5.  Fossil gold watch; can’t seem to take this watch off, i like that it’s not too big or too small, just right for my skinny wrist.
6. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume; Best on-the-go perfume! 
7. Love & Beauty F21 blotting papers; I have oily skin so I have to constantly be blotting my face! Love the cute print on these! 
8. NARS  Illuminator in Super Orgasm; I’m all about having a nice glow, especially in my cheeks!
 This NARS illuminator is magic, it’s so perfect! I love dabbing some on my shoulders too whenever I wear a sleeveless blouse! 
9. Comme Des Garcons wallet; I love anything CdG and this wallet fits everything; business cards, credit 
cards, dolla dolla bills, checkbook, pen and even my blackberry! 
10. Express horn necklace; can’t live without this necklace! Always carry it in my purse even if I’m not wearing it that day. 
11. Visine; My eyes tend to get dry a lot and whenever I wear a lot of mascara they get red too, so this is my eyes saver! 
12. BlackBerry Curve; Obsessed with my BB, love having everything in the palm of my hands- email, web, twitter, my fav blogs, pandora, GPS and of course my addiction, BBM!
13. Blow Pop; I have such a sweet tooth, so I always carry some sort of candy in my bag! Blow Pops, starburst, mints, gum, skittles!
14. FIDM business card holder; Always carry my business cards and I love this metal case, it keeps them safe and organize! Was a gift from FIDM.
15. Flip video cam (gifted); I love carrying this just incase I need to document something while I’m out and about! 
16. Comme des Garcons coin purse; I told you I love CdG! My quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies look so pretty in this coin purse!
17. Rosebud Salve; I like to keep this with me because I hate having chapped lips!
18. Bobby Pins; They’re always laying around in my purse because sometimes I like to pull my bangs to the side or put my hair up in a bun.
19. Moleskine  notebook + Pens; Gotta have my paper at hand to write down my to-do lists, inspirations, ideas etc.

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  1. Anonymous Comment #1

    great post :).

  2. pancakeSTACKER Comment #2

    I love seeing what’s in other people’s bags! I’m going to have to check out that NARS illuminator. I love having a fresh glow! And, I’m right there with you on the Moleskine. Their planners rule my lifeee!


  3. la tiquismiquis Comment #3

    haha, thx for the peek! :))) i cannot explain why but this is truly interesting. 😉

    la tiquismiquis

  4. s Comment #4

    A real girl’s bag… 😉
    I looove NARS make-up….


  5. Dylana Suarez Comment #5

    Girl, you kinda have what I have in my pursey purse! hahaha. Visine and Rose Bud Salve baby!


    Gonna miss you soooo much girl! You better come to Philly someday soon!



  6. Tawnie. Comment #6

    I want that huge, amazing bag! So cute and it can hold so many things. Awesome!

  7. Marloes. Comment #7

    Your bag is beautiful. It’s fun to see what you carry around! :)

  8. Bei Comment #8

    great blog!!!

  9. Amanda Lalique Comment #9

    great stuff!! I am the same way with blushes!! I love glowing cheeks. Btw, what MAC lip gloss is that? Looks like a great nude!

    P.S. my obsession for a GREAT cheek glow is RMS Living Luminizer… and it’s totally organic and clean!

  10. Marixel Comment #10

    LOVE IT. I enjoy doing posts on “whats in my bag” too it’s quite interesting. And hey girl I’m loving the blog. Keep it chic darling xoxo

  11. Sara Comment #11

    nice! i love your sunglasses!


  12. Monica Comment #12

    cute post ! i always love to see the “whats in my purse” type of posts


  13. Midge Comment #13

    I love in the bag posts! I could never do one though… too many crumbs. I like what you’ve got going on :)


  14. .shea marie. Comment #14

    cuteeee i need to do one of these! but i’ll leave out the 50 crumbled shopping receipts and the change at the bottom of my purse stuck together with gum and a random almond or two….
    love u!

  15. Natalie Suarez Comment #15

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING. I LOVES U!! ahhahaha u have a cute pursey-purse! BOO!



  16. C Comment #16

    I did a similar post to this one a couple of days ago but I have pending my own pic: Isnt fantastic to see other people’s bags?
    Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  17. Adiel Comment #17

    I love these kind of posts! I may have to do one soon!

  18. Maria Comment #18
  19. fashion.gossipmk Comment #19

    Great stuff. Love the blackberry. We have the same :)

  20. this chick's got style Comment #20

    Such cute colors together and you seem to carry your entire life in your bag just like I do hahah.

    x, Yara
    This chick’s got style

  21. Jasmine Comment #21

    fun post! you have lotsss in your bag – i used to as well, until my big bag died and now i have a smaller bag which isn’t as fun but definitely lighter hehe

    i love the idea of having a wallet annd a coin purse.. such a paint to drag out the whole wallet for loose change :)

    Look at Me Tuesday – Fiks*d

  22. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #22

    Nice post!
    Love it <33


  23. kaye Comment #23

    I like reading about girl’s handbags too. Your contents a lot more organised and normal than mine! I should steal your ideas!


  24. esiul Comment #24

    oh I love this post :*

    maybe I should organize my bag sometimes and leave all the garbage out ^^ looks much prettier this way!!

    you’re amazing!
    kisses esiul

  25. Emilie Comment #25

    Love this post!

  26. Melissa O Comment #26

    it sounds like you’ve got everything you need to tackle a big day!

  27. Mora e Bionda Comment #27

    I love these whats in bag posts… Cause I am curious what others wear there too 😀

  28. Michaela Comment #28

    I find these kind of posts so interesting!

  29. adele Comment #29

    i really love your sunnies and bracelets. <3


  30. T E L I S H A H Comment #30

    I love the stuff in your beautiful bag ♥

  31. Cassie Lee Comment #31

    I love these type of posts too–amazing bag and the friendship bracelets are adorable, so inspired by the colors! Perfect for spring!

  32. AngelaQ Comment #32

    I love the things you got in your bag, as well as i thing that your bag is gorgeous.

  33. ﻌFashionQamarﻌ Comment #33

    lovely stuff
    Love your bag and the to go Parfume:)


  34. Gina Michele Comment #34

    I love these peeks into people’s bags!
    Great wallet and coin purse!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  35. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #35

    Great post doll, love the bag :)

  36. M.rolez Comment #36

    Love all things ! we have the same phone :)
    xoxo from spain

  37. Marie Comment #37

    Tanto te cabe en el bolso?:O la verdad es que es increíble la de cosas que podemos meter en uno solo..

    Yo tampoco puedo salir de casa sin mi Blackberry, es un vicio!:) jajaj

    Me gusta el post! Un besito!

  38. LadyFLASHBACK Comment #38

    fellow BB user :)) i too love your bag-that leather looks incredibly soft!

    jess // ladyflashback

  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    My bag is a real desaster!!!
    I want bumble and bumble shine! but they don’t sale it in Spain :((
    saludos from Valencia

  40. J'Anns Boutique Comment #40

    Will have to check out BB Shine…you’ve peaked my interest.

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  41. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #41

    That bag is beautiful..I love the color! You are just like my mom…she does not leave home without the VISINE!! My daughter has very dry lips and she peels them (I know TMI) so I will have to get some of this rosebud stuff for her to try. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful goodies! Kiah

  42. Cara Comment #42

    It is always intruiging to see what’s “In the bag,” such a great post idea! Love the Cdg Wallet & Purse, and I am a huge fan of Nars & Bumble and Bumble as well…great picks!
    xo Cara

  43. Gemini Tauberge Comment #43

    mmm I’ve been coveting that CDG wallet in blue for months now!


  44. Lali Comment #44

    Love your bag!!!

  45. MeganRose. Comment #45

    awesome, thanks for sharing! i am a bit nosey when it comes to my fave blogs! 😉 hehe

  46. Esma ♥ Comment #46

    Everything inside what trendy women need :)

    My ♥ Passion

  47. Anonymous Comment #47

    I loved seeing inside your purse, you have a lot of cute stuff. I also really like anything CDG. Would love to see how you organize your Moleskine as well :)

  48. Stella Comment #48

    ahhh i want a flip camera soo bad!! your purse insights were very helpful.
    love it =]


  49. The Basics by Ana Comment #49

    I am loving colored bracelets! Stacked on wrist are great detail to every outfit !


  50. S' Comment #50

    your glasses are really fantastic Jules *.*

  51. Clara Comment #51

    So cool!!

  52. Wynn Comment #52

    Love the Comme des Garcons wallets! So classy! xox


  53. Monica Comment #53

    I love seeing the contents of other purses.
    The pouches and Moleskin notebook are my favorites.


  54. Heather Wingate Comment #54

    Check out “The bag Project”… photographs of the contents of people’s bags. It’s pretty cool


    But I love what’s in your bag.. especially the bobby pins. My bag is always full of bobby pins.

  55. Jenny Ong Comment #55

    Rose Bud Salve is the bessstt… and so are all Bb products! Can’t believe you could fit allll of that in your bag!!

  56. Pssshhht Comment #56

    this might sound weird, but i think you have really cute things in your bag :)


  57. Alina Comment #57

    sunglasses, bomb.


  58. fyi Comment #58

    i love keeping around blow pops too 😀

  59. talha Comment #59

    This set is awesome,is their a business card case?

    Plastic Cards Printing
    Plastic Business Cards
    Hank Hendricks