In the Mix.

Striped Tee: Kyoto | Skirt: Vintage | Heels: Pierre Hardy | Necklace: F21 | Bag: Vin Baker | Nailpolish: Essie Sand Tropez

This skirt was such a score at $8 at the Farmer’s Market! The colors + print make for the perfect spring/summer skirt but can also transition into fall. 
oh and you can’t ever get me away from wearing stripes..<3
This month is booked with birthdays, graduations, babyshowers, meetings, redecorating kitchen plus
other projects…whew! 

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  1. Raspberry Jam Comment #1

    Your skirt is very nice!

    Great outfit!



  2. dominika Comment #2

    you look fabulous, as always!!!

  3. s Comment #3

    Love this mix the stripes and the tribal skirt …. very nice
    beautiful 😉

    MUST HAVE: http://magmoiselle.fr

  4. Agnes in Wonderland Comment #4

    Like the pattern of your skirt. Nice combo. You look cute 😉

  5. Agnes and Luke Comment #5

    I love the combination.

  6. pancakeSTACKER Comment #6

    $8 buy?? So good! I love finding little gems like that for a sweet deal. Beautiful print too!


  7. Goesting Comment #7

    Love this! Perfect combination of prints, really pretty!

  8. la tiquismiquis Comment #8

    i love love love it! stripes&print = wonderful!
    good luck for your upcoming projects jules.


    la tiquismiquis

  9. zeste de citron Comment #9

    this is a very cute cute skit ! love the mix :)


  10. The Basics by Ana Comment #10

    Amazing pattern mix! Perfect skirt!


  11. Miriam from Galicia (Spain) Comment #11

    No words
    Amazing mix
    I don’t know how you do it, but the case it’s that you do it more than right. Every little detail, the t-shirt sleeve,the necklace, the bracelets… Perfect.


  12. marcella Comment #12

    I like this skirt a lot

  13. ZORNITSA Comment #13

    the skirt is perfection!


  14. Charlie, Feminine Bravery Comment #14

    Beautiful and interestingly unique outfit! Darling, you look amazing! Love the mix of prints and how the stripes make the outfit so fresh! Also, the necklace perfects it.

  15. onbeauty Comment #15

    i loved the combination! the skirt is lovely! great purchase! US$8 is a great deal! the whole outfits looks great!
    i am also a huge fan of stripes. you cant go wrong with stripes. this is what i love the most.
    enjoy your day!


  16. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #16

    Love that skirt! <3 I wish you luck in everything you do!


  17. Rose and Muse Comment #17

    love that printed skirt its amazing!

  18. Hanna Comment #18

    you look lovely, really like your skirt :)

    I’m giving away a Vintage Store vintage bag, don’t forget to check it out :)

  19. The Fancy Teacup Comment #19

    That skirt is such a fantastic find! It couldn’t have been paired more perfectly with the striped top. Looking fantastic, hun!

    much love.

  20. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #20

    Love the mixed prints :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  21. Alicia Comment #21

    Love this mix & match look! GREAT!!

  22. Francesca Comment #22

    oh what a great find!! :) it looks great on you. loved how you’ve mixed the prints there!

    if you want, feel free to enter my Dior giveaway :)


  23. Gina Michele Comment #23

    That skirt is gorgeous! The stripe top works SO well with it!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  24. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #24

    Wow, I really love that skirt!!! What a great find! I love that you paired it with strips! Very nice!

    Check Out My Giveaway!

  25. collagevintage Comment #25

    Love this look Julie, you’re the best for me.

    Big kiss

  26. Jen S. Comment #26

    I am loving that skirt….it is too cute!


  27. Belle de Couture Comment #27

    Love that skirt pretty girl :)



  28. Lali Comment #28


  29. eli Comment #29

    love the mix!!!

  30. Valeria Comment #30

    You look great! Gorgeous skirt!!


  31. adele Comment #31

    lovely! i also love your accessories. <3


  32. Emma Comment #32

    What a beautiful skirt and necklace! Great outfit once again!

    x Emma

  33. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #33

    Jules you look amazing! I am loving stripes too. I wear them daily in some form or another! That skirt is PERFECT and you are right it could so easily transition into fall – just throw on some tights! I just love your hair cute and the color is so nice on you. Kiah

  34. Guadalupe Ochoa Comment #34

    I love how you aren’t afraid to mix and match bold prints with stripes and it always looks so good!!

  35. Frannie Pantz Comment #35

    You look amazing. $8?!?!?!? Worth it!

  36. Soma Rachel George Comment #36

    I love love love the skirt… you are really sweet :)

  37. AMELIA Comment #37

    Sups cute, looove me a print skirt and stripe combo!


  38. cuteredbow Comment #38

    Love your skirt and shoes so much !


  39. Some Style... Comment #39

    fabulous! love the way you style and the color choices perfection! just watched your clip for MANGO, and I have to tell, no need for you to be camera shy at all! 😉

    enjoying your wonderful style inspirations…new follower of yours! greets from Berlin!

    xoxo Cam


  40. Fashion Monstre Comment #40

    so amazing!!! this is such a perfect summer number

  41. Maycie After Five Comment #41

    Wowza! 8 bucks?! Great find. It’s super cute.

  42. jenaly enns Comment #42

    i love the mix of prints. very nice.


  43. Talk Pretty To Me Comment #43

    Love the mixing of patterns here! The stripes go perfectly with that skirt! Those wedges have been pulling at my heart strings over the last couple of posts!



  44. Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards Comment #44

    Score indeed…love the color of it. And as you mentioned great for Fall as well.


  45. CessOviedo Comment #45

    Definitely a score, 8 bucks haver never looked this pretty before! Love the mix and match!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  46. cla-sib Comment #46

    really like your new skirt. just perfect!

    xx claudia

  47. la caja de lucille Comment #47

    beautiful print

  48. Christine Comment #48

    love the mix of the bright print and stripes :) such a easy but stylish look, love it! :)


  49. Cara Comment #49

    Love the bold print mixed with the stripes…it is the perfect combination! What a great find on that skirt, too!
    xo Cara

  50. Britt+Whit Comment #50

    cute! i love the print on the skirt! great find

    love from San Francisco,



  51. Sheryl Comment #51

    Pretty print and pretty you!!!
    Have s good week :)



  52. amalie Comment #52

    goorgeous!! i loove your skirt xx

  53. LILYLOVELOCK Comment #53

    Absolutely adore this look, everything from the mix of prints to the Pierre Hardy heels..too cute!x

  54. Christina Comment #54

    Looooooooove it as always!

  55. Camilla Comment #55

    I love this so much :)

    x Camilla


  56. ♥B Comment #56

    what a pretty and lively print!


  57. RAYNE Comment #57

    Love the mix! You look gorgeous <3


  58. KARA Comment #58

    You always mix prints and patterns beautifully!! love it


  59. Ashley Comment #59

    Love the colors and print of the skirt and how it goes surprisingly well with stripes! and your hair looks amazing btw…just sayin…


  60. Nikki Comment #60

    Beautiful look! x

  61. Esma ♥ Comment #61

    Great outfit again, o love to stop by your blog, always have fun when i look around. Much love xoxo

    My ♥ Passion

  62. J'Anns Boutique Comment #62

    Love that skirt!

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  63. Kitsune-kun Comment #63

    that shirt looks sooo cute even thoughh its such a basic item!

  64. Emma Comment #64


  65. Jane Alisa Comment #65

    Amazing outfit, love your skirt. xoxo

  66. Bre Comment #66

    Adorable outfit! I love the mixed prints, and your shoes are to die for. Sand Tropez nail polish looks great with your skin tone!

  67. Fashion Intel Comment #67

    Loving the mix here Jules!

  68. Nare Comment #68

    I love this mix!! the skirt goes very well with your skin!


  69. Lary Mello Comment #69

    I ♥ this look!!!
    Will be my inspiration tomorrow!!! (L)


  70. JB Comment #70

    I love stripes with everything I’m always mixing it up! I own a lot of stripy tops! Love this outfit. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead!

  71. heatherheartsfashion Comment #71

    raaddd look! that pattern is just amazing, 8 dollars well spent. now following.


  72. Davina Comment #72

    i love the print on your skirt + the nautical tee, i think i’ve found a new blog to follow, thanks!! 😀

  73. Young Gucci Purse Comment #73

    Adore the bright skirt-as much as I love bright colors I seem to always dress in neutrals! curses! But hey a perf new goal for my summer wardrobe!

  74. Julie Khuu Comment #74

    Such a simple no-frill pairing with funky maximized affect- Beautiful Jules! I expect nothing less ;D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  75. Delmy Comment #75

    You can never go wrong with a striped top. Love it!

  76. Lainey Comment #76

    Loving the farmer’s market find! What a steal! Great blend with the stripes too. Really loving it.

  77. Amira Comment #77

    Wow! Love your ombre hair! Amazing skirt!!! Lovee the colours! Follow you now! Follow me?

  78. lindsey lowe Comment #78

    this skirt is perfection! and pairing this bold pattern with a stripe is such a daring and smart move. i love your outfit choices… you really do no wrong!

  79. Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream Comment #79

    gaaah, your skirt and its print is just beautiful..i’d love to have me a tribal printed clothing item…like that skirt or a cover-up.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥
    labor day sale at shopyapi.com

  80. simplychic Comment #80

    loving this mix!!!

  81. Alison Lindsay Comment #81

    I love how you mixed patterns! This outfit is adorable, and the necklace is a nice touch. :)


  82. Kassandra Comment #82

    Hi! lovely post :)
    nice blog!! i follow you now!
    Would you come in mine and follow me?i’d be very happy!

  83. Grrenadine Comment #83
  84. Rosa Rot Comment #84
  85. agnes Comment #85

    j’adore ta jupe, très jolie tenue, et très jolies photos aussi

  86. MICHELLE Comment #86

    Love, love that necklace! And tribal fabrics always woo me.


  87. knockedupfabulous Comment #87

    $8!!! I’m in love! What farmers market to you go to?!?

  88. Ria Comment #88

    Your hair looks beautiful at the ends love it. Great score on the skirt too.

  89. Raphaelle Comment #89

    I’m in love with this outfit!


  90. Natalya's Closet Comment #90

    LOVE this!! XOXO, www. NatalyasCloset.com

  91. Alexandra Comment #91

    I just stumbled upon you blog and I’m loving it. You have great style!
    xo, Alexandra


  92. Panache-ably yours, Lilian and Jytza Comment #92

    Love those shoes…so fab!

  93. Angela Comment #93

    love how you put together this kind of print!

    i’m your follower!!!



  94. Queen.OnSet Comment #94

    I wouldnt have thought to combine two different “prints” but I have to say, it looks great. awesome inspiration, thank you =)

  95. Twins Comment #95

    stunning! i like ur outfit


  96. Christina Comment #96

    mixing prints! I’ve been attempting that.

  97. Pssshhht Comment #97

    uh, this outfit is so great.
    i love how the stripes actually match with the skirt pattern.


  98. HauteMangoGirl Comment #98

    the skirt is perfection!


  99. Stella Comment #99

    mmm loving the mix of prints and stripes!!


  100. Vivi Comment #100

    Great outfit. And you did get a great deal on the skirt. It’s fabulous.

  101. Fruto Samore Comment #101

    I love your outfits!! always perfect!!!

  102. Anonymous Comment #102

    Hi where did you get that top from? what is Kyoto? thank you :)