Le Spots.

Dress: Vintage | Jacket: gifted Volcom | Sandals: Steven by Steve Madden | Bag: Vintage Gucci 
My ideal outfit of comfort and chic.
p.s vintage dresses have honestly the best prints, lovee em.

sorry for the little writting, gotta run! Busy day again :(

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  1. Linh Comment #1

    so wish I could pull off blunt bangs like you! Wonderful wonderful outfit :)

  2. m. Comment #2

    it seems perfect, i love your sandals!

  3. Fantasy Candy Comment #3

    you look so adorable. love it.

  4. Queen.OnSet Comment #4

    love the print of the dress! =)

  5. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #5

    love your outfit! and your hair! :)


  6. Mila Comment #6

    Oh this is way too adorable!

  7. Caitlin Comment #7

    I agree with you, vintage prints are so beautiful and the fact that they’re not mass produced makes them even better. Love how effortlessly chic this look is!

  8. Jessica Shearing Comment #8

    Very pretty! I love it teamed with green! xxx


  9. Frannie Pantz Comment #9

    I hear you. Vintage is the way to go for originality. You look splendid!

  10. KARA Comment #10
  11. Raspberry Jam Comment #11
  12. thehoshi Comment #12

    Pretty sandals !

  13. s Comment #13

    So lovelyyyyyyyy
    very nice outfits…. love the dress 😉


  14. Lali Comment #14


  15. Mode in Italy Comment #15

    Love your dress!

  16. DediLovesFashion Comment #16

    you look stunning. love the dress.

  17. Aimee Comment #17

    So cute! Love the pattern. And the sandals are super cute! I am so so excited to get my shirt from you, by the way!


  18. Tidbits of Addiction Comment #18

    very cute print and love the pairing with the jacket!


  19. Nikki Comment #19

    oh my, this dress is gorgeous! you look amazing :) x

  20. sugarhoneybaby Comment #20

    Beautiful dress!:)

  21. Julie Khuu Comment #21

    Totally feel ya hun…vintage anything always has the loveliest overscaled prints…like your giant popcorn or the sweetest budding florals. Casually chic as always! Beautiful babe!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  22. Miss Molly Comment #22

    Toally agree with you on vintage prints! You look amazing!


  23. amalie Comment #23

    super cute! love the dress xx

  24. Julia Comment #24

    I love your dress – so cute!!

  25. Gina Michele Comment #25

    I love vintage dresses too, especially summery ones.
    You look so pretty!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  26. La Petite Olga Comment #26

    Gorgeous dress!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  27. susp Comment #27

    lovely :)

  28. Vivi Comment #28

    Very pretty dress.

  29. The Fancy Teacup Comment #29

    That dress is so lovely on you! And your sandals are darling, too. Such an effortlessly chic look.

    much love.

  30. Lindsay Comment #30

    how i long for a vintage dress! the print on yours is lovely. you can never go wrong with black and white!


  31. BlueVanilla Comment #31

    Way cute! Vintage dresses are the best prints ever.

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  32. Joy Comment #32

    Perfect! Comfi, simple and chic!
    And by the way, can I borrow your legs sometime!Haha;)

  33. Nanica Comment #33

    As always – Perfect :)
    Love it :)

  34. Cara Comment #34

    Love this vintage dress and the delicate belt…so pretty! Great paired with the military jacket
    xo Cara

  35. Estefania Lovelifefashion Comment #35

    So pretty!!! Love the sandalas and the dress 😀

  36. Catherine Comment #36

    you outfits always amaze me! gorgeous <3

  37. J'Anns Boutique Comment #37

    Hmmm vintage gucci purse, love it.

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  38. Lisa Fergus Comment #38
  39. herecomesthesun Comment #39

    I love your ombre hair. I have been thinking of doing this to mine but I’m pretty nervous because it’s so long and if they get it wrong I’ll be devastated!

  40. Alina Comment #40

    amen to that, cute, comfy and chic – in fact ideal!

    cute outfit as usual 😉



  41. Emma Comment #41

    gorgeous :)

  42. briannelee Comment #42

    Love your sandals!

  43. Young Gucci Purse Comment #43

    Love the romper and the green compliments it nicely! THose sandals look comfy and chic as well:)

  44. Allie Comment #44

    Love it! I just bought a jacket similar to yours and I wear it all the time. Goes with everything!
    xx Allie

  45. Kathleen Rhea G. Comment #45

    i love the easiness of your outfits 😀 very adorable!

  46. Jen S. Comment #46

    I agree about vintage dresses having the best prints. That’s were most of the print inspiration comes from for new goods.


  47. Ashley Comment #47
  48. Mey Comment #48

    Love the sandals, you are right about the print on vintage dresses, perfect look <3


  49. April Comment #49

    Love the print on your dress!


  50. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #50

    Great dress doll, I couldn’t agree more…we need better prints like back in the day :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  51. amber Comment #51

    um wow, i love this entire outfit!! that dress is seriously amazing :)

  52. Midge Comment #52

    So cute! Love the print, looks like little cotton balls!

  53. Yeliz Comment #53

    hey my dear, this dress and you are seriously phenomenal!

    oh, and the sandals are perfect!! HA xx

  54. Monica Comment #54
  55. marialε Comment #55

    lovely outfit!
    My Fashion Bug

  56. Kim Comment #57

    I’m LOVING these shoes, but I can’t find them on the SM site. I’m guessing they’re an older style? :(

  57. CessOviedo Comment #58

    I so agree! Prints were so much cuter back then, this dress is a lovely!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  58. Natalie Suarez Comment #59

    u r too cutes! LOVE U! XOXOXO


  59. kittiesandcouture.com Comment #60

    Love how you layered that jacket. Perfect, as always! And those shoes…adorable!


  60. Anonymous Comment #61

    I love this jacket everytime you wear it! I think I need to find myself one of them : )

  61. Sweet Susy Comment #62

    you look great! That dress is adorable!

  62. Laetitia Comment #63

    Love the print of the dress! Beautiful!


  63. Jenny Ong Comment #64

    LOVE vintage dresses, definitely agree! <3

  64. Nare Comment #65

    the print of the dress is so beautiful! they seem like popcorn!! lovely


  65. FashionHippieLoves Comment #66

    how lovely


  66. Twins Comment #67

    awesome!! perfect outfit :)


  67. Lie Comment #68

    oh wow! gorgeous combination once again. and you’re right. vintage prints are the best!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  68. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #69

    Love your outfit a lot! That dress is so cute <3 X


  69. Emmi Comment #70

    you look great!I love oyur style,so simple,so lovely and cute!

  70. Christina of Profresh Style Comment #71

    I totally agree, vintage dresses do have the best prints. Half the time if I hate the dress/blouse/pant, I still want to take it home just so I could have the fabric. However, I also don’t have/know sewing skills/sewing machine. BUMMMERRR.

  71. Christine Comment #72

    that’s a beautiful print on the dress! :) the shoes are adorable too! :)


  72. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #73

    I love this outfit! Both the dress and jacket are so cute!

  73. Vicki Comment #74

    love the print on that dress!! just stunning.. gutted its vintage and i cant get my hands on one for myself! lol :) x

  74. Pssshhht Comment #75

    i can only agree with the vintage dress and patterns :)))
    your dress is a good example :)


  75. Bre Comment #76

    Adorable outfit! I love the eye catching print on your dress, and those sandals are too cute!

  76. Bre Comment #77

    I don’t ever have good luck with vintage shopping. You on the other hand seem to hit a gold mine almost every time. That print is great!

  77. Salina Jean Comment #78

    what a lovely dress!

  78. Jaclyn Comment #79

    This is so cute, I love your hair too, the color is great.

  79. Anh Comment #80

    Love this pairing, and those sandals! Adorable! <3

  80. Liz Comment #81

    What a perfect vintage dress.
    We need to connect soon sweets, a La Mill coffee date?

  81. Sophie Comment #82

    What does gifted mean exactly? did a friend give it to you or Volcom?

  82. Michelle at Chellbellz Comment #83

    I hate that you are so cute! I love this outfit, the dress is so nice. I really love your bangs!

  83. simplychic Comment #84

    totally agree that vintage dresses, skirts, blouses etc have the best prints!

  84. Meanz Comment #85

    I love every piece of this outfit!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  85. Aniita Comment #86

    omg this outfit is amazing you look so cute!

  86. Natasha Comment #87

    Woow! I just found your blog! It´s great!!! Love your look. <3

  87. Zoë Kate Comment #88

    I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! New follower here! So excited I found you, you’re gorgeous and have GREAT style!


  88. Stella Comment #89

    i totally need to go get a cargo jacket like yours!! so inspired!! =]


  89. dina vanessa mercado Comment #90

    yes i do agree- vintage prints are the best! i love your hair! anyway, i love your blog! browsed through your pages and I really like your takes on fashion..effortlessly chic! i’m your new follower. hope you follow back! lol..kisses!


  90. emily Comment #91

    i love the print, so cute! the rugged feel of the jacket goes so nicely with it.

  91. Rosa Rot Comment #92

    fantastic look!!


  92. Chantelle Comment #93

    Lookin’ gooood. (sunglasses emoticon)

  93. A PERFECT PRISM Comment #94

    Looking gorgeous as always!! Love how relaxed yet polished your style always is. xxx

  94. MIX Comment #95

    wow :) you’re conquering a place in my heart :) lovely :)

  95. Jo Comment #96

    Your dress is the prettiest pattern! And I simply adore your ombre hair!


  96. cocorosa Comment #97

    Yesss! Loveee this dress! <3 <3 <3

  97. Ana Comment #98

    Hi! I,ve just to known tour blog and I love it , tour dress is fantastic

  98. Yes Comment #99

    I love love love your style!

  99. stylista Comment #100

    I love the dress! So chic and adorable!
    check out my blog at:


  100. msoszrqp Comment #101