black [and] white.

Blouse: c/o hallelu | Jeans: gifted J Brand | Tassel necklace: Madewell | Watch: Fossil

Thinking to myself: i should do more b&w photos.
The Pleat did a feature on me, check here .
thank you samara!

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  1. nídia Comment #1

    I love your blog.
    The pictures are amazing.

    Kisses from Portugal
    Sincerely Nídia :)

  2. Belle de Couture Comment #2

    Love this from head to toe! :)



  3. Fantasy Candy Comment #3

    Wow amazing photos.

  4. Raspberry Jam Comment #4
  5. Natalya's Closet Comment #5

    Stunning photos! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  6. Catherine Comment #6

    love your blouse! You look stuninng girl xxx

  7. alannah. Comment #7

    i go through phases where i use B&W heaps (espec if the shots are not so flattering haha) & they always make for fabulous photos!
    you look great in that spotted shirt.x


  8. AlejandrA Comment #8
  9. Xoxo ☺ Comment #9

    I checked out the link, cute outfits! xo

  10. New York Don't Leave Me Comment #10

    Love the artsy b/w photos! Your blouse is beautiful!

  11. Julie Khuu Comment #11

    That first shot is pretty spectacular…there’s just a visual drama with b/w that you cannot achieve in color…can’t wait to see more!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. Stamina Comment #12
  13. Linh Comment #13

    There is something about black/white shots that I love sooo much. These are great :)

  14. kat Comment #14

    Jules! absolutely stunning and am looking for the perfect pair of flares for a 70s look. as always perfection :)



  15. mary louise Comment #15

    those pants look stunning on you. and the black and white is fantastic


  16. Isabel Comment #16

    Beautiful photos! x

  17. Rubina Comment #17

    your jeans are so cute and really flatter your body! Can you tell me the style number please? I would really appreciate it! thanks Jules, I really love your style. you’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers!

    email me or please post the style of your jeans on your blog! rubinaj07@gmail.com

    Thanks again!

  18. Alicia Comment #18

    LOVE these B&W photos & congrats on the feature!

    Alicia Mi Mundo

  19. Jay Comment #19

    I always love your outfits! This one is awesome :)


  20. Christine Comment #20

    adorable top! the boutique I work in actually sells that brand, love the b/w photos! :)


  21. Anonymous Comment #21

    I DIE for your jeans!!

  22. Alexandra Comment #22

    great pics. I love black and white photos, something about it will never go out of style.
    XO, Alexandra


  23. s Comment #23

    You’re simply beautiful…

    STREET STYLE: Couple Garance DORE & The Sartorialist

  24. Camilla Comment #24

    Those jeans are the perfect fit, you look lovely as always! :)

    x Camilla


  25. Lucy Comment #25

    love your outfit!!!

  26. patrycja2407 Comment #26

    Wonderful photos!!
    You’re so beautiful :)

  27. Zoe's Inspirations Comment #27

    The photos are fantastic

    X Zoe X

  28. federica R. Comment #28
  29. noreen bautista Comment #29

    Nouvelle marque de maroquinerie eco fashion philippine http://www.jacintoandlirio.com

  30. ADW Comment #30

    Lovely shirt!!!



  31. lauraa Comment #31

    That blouse is just lovely. And yes, more B&W! They look beautiful

  32. ASH Comment #32

    stunning, stunning photos 😉

  33. eloiselabetise Comment #33

    These photos are stunning! I love your pants too! xxxx


  34. la tiquismiquis Comment #34

    oh jules, how beautiful you are :)

    la tiquismiquis

  35. eleni Comment #35

    beautiful shirt!


  36. Neris Comment #36

    Love it! Amazing photos, as always… So mysterious :)


    Fashion Fractions

  37. Blush and Flats Comment #37

    gorgeous as always <3

  38. Trend Steps Comment #38

    lovely shots, but i like the ones with color better. i feel like the b&w pictures look like someone stole all the color from the picture!

  39. Michelle at Chellbellz Comment #39

    So cute! You looks super cute in those bell bottoms! I wish i could pull them off, I still love your hair! I love all the bracelets and things!

  40. Natalie Suarez Comment #40

    I LOVESSSS YOUUUUUUU !xoxoxooxoxoxo


  41. Elle Comment #41

    you look incredible! definitely do more black and white.


  42. Collections Comment #42

    The black and white photographs look gorgeous. Love all the contrast.

    Fashionable Collections

  43. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #43

    Great blouse & fantastic photos doll, love the b&w :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  44. His and Hers Comment #44

    I love black and white photos. I think the absence of color makes them so romantic and, with less distraction, it makes you focus on the beauty of the photo. Awesome pictures and outfit!

  45. CoryB Comment #45

    love the way you wear those bell bottoms. and yes, black&white <3 awesome! CoryB xx

  46. Marissa Comment #46

    Loveee this top! I’ve been hunting for one. Looks like Hallelu has it :)


  47. Lou Comment #47

    I love black and white photographs, they look great with all the shadows! xo


  48. fishyfacedesigns Comment #48

    I love b/w photo’s! You look fantastic! Great job! I hope you are doing well… And I hope you will share more of the b/w, they rock!
    Take care,

  49. 2Gitanas Comment #49

    You look lovely in color or b&w..but I would’ve died to see the color of the shirt..its sooo dreamy!!
    want to check out my blog?

  50. Lenaa. Comment #50

    the photos look great ♡

  51. Cara Comment #51

    Agreed, you look gorgeous, love the last photo on the right espeially…
    xo Cara

  52. Mcmaris Comment #52

    Love those jeans. So hard for me to find great bell bottoms when i’m only five feet…

  53. Liz Quach Comment #53

    B&W and Sepia are ALWAYS beautiful! You look gorgeous btw!


  54. Linton from London Comment #54

    Definitely, thumbs up for Black & White! Lovely jeans and blouse

  55. Rosa Rot Comment #55

    oh dear WOW. that outfit is great.


  56. Janelle Commerford Comment #56
  57. La - Dee - Da Comment #57

    Absolutely love the outfit!


  58. Tracey Comment #58

    Great hair.

    Always completes an outfit which is why you always look fab!

  59. Irene Comment #59

    You look great! Again! Great pants

    xoxo irene

  60. kristina@beancakes Comment #60

    not sure if i already commented, but oh well ~ i’ll comment again, just because i love this look!! stunning! happy friday to you 😉 😉
    bises ~ xo ~ kristina

  61. Victoria Comment #61

    Nice outfit! :-)
    Love the jeans…


  62. Molli Comment #62

    these are gorgeous!

  63. Jet Comment #63

    I’m in my pjs but that last photo makes me want to pile on the bracelets and wear them around. Pjs and bracelets? Could be the next big thing, no? ha..happy saturday xo -Jet

  64. Jamie Comment #64

    Love this 70’s inspired look. Those jeans are fab!


  65. The World Tour Comment #65

    nice blog dear,

    I love your shirt. amazing one

    /T from The World Tour

  66. LPFashionPhilosophy Comment #66

    This is soooo cute! Really love the bells and the sunnies! You look great!



  67. BETABOOMblog Comment #67

    nice pictures and the jeans are PERFECT

    tienes una nueva seguidora!

    love your blog! amazing



  68. il était une fois... Comment #68

    adore black and white photos def more 😉
    ps. those j brands are ahmaze!


  69. Mary @ Fashionbirds Comment #69

    Simply beautiful. I adore your style and I truly heart your amazing blog! Love


  70. Dylana Suarez Comment #70

    Gorgeous girl!



  71. S. Comment #71

    love your style. There`s a post about you on my blog: http://ashopaholiconfession.blogspot.com/2011/06/stylish-girl-julie-sarinana.html


  72. Lauren Comment #72

    always looking beautiful julie!!!

    My blog is finally up!


  73. amber Comment #73

    the b&w looks really good! i really like that top, too.

  74. nicole Comment #74

    I would love to post a couple of photos on my blog, properly linking back to yours, of course. Thank you in advance. xo.

  75. Stella Comment #75

    lovingg the polka dot top and the flare jeans. they go perfectly together!


  76. Katie☽ Comment #76

    Love the pants!!!!!!

  77. The BB Comment #77

    I love the 70s vibe to your outfit. Flare jeans, soft, flowy top. Are these the J Brand Kiki? Just the perfect pair of jeans! http://www.the-beauty-beat.blogspot.com