Feeling Neutral.

Blouse: gifted ByCorpus | Wedges: Bakers | Bag: Thrifted 
Quick post wearing my favorite bag! The colors and print are phenom! 
Speaking of colors, I’ve been wanting to dye my hair a different color but can’t really
decide on what color. I haven’t found any inspiration that has captured my love to 
change my current color. Any suggestions? What are you guys diggin’ in hair color right now?
I always thought red/orange hair was so cool, a la Taylor Tomasi Hill. Of course that wouldn’t
look good on me since my skin is too tanned for the color! Help!
btw, nude pants/jeans are sooo the new black. #swoon. :)
Huge thank you to all of you who have entered the giveaway & liked the shop! I’m overwhelmed with happiness on all the sweet comments you’ve left & thank you for all the
positive wishes for my family and baby camilla! We appreciate it!
You guys are truly wonderful.
p.s Big thank you to StyledOn for featuring me in their BlogLove feature, check it here.
Also, thank you to CellarDoor Magazine blog who did a feature on me for their new installment on bloggers, read here.

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  1. Style by Buett Comment #1

    you look gorgeous. I love your bag!!!


  2. Marloes. Comment #2

    This is such a beautiful, minimalistic look! I love it. Congrats on your features! :)

  3. Raspberry Jam Comment #3

    Nice outfit!

    Love the blouse!



  4. yOka Comment #4

    Great outfit!
    Love everything
    and I think your hair looks great 😉


  5. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #5

    Cute look doll, loving the bracelets :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  6. A, J and S Comment #6

    I love your pants! I need some nude pants way better color for summer than black.


  7. Camilla Comment #7

    I still find it so awesome that your sisters baby’s name is Camilla haha
    this is perfect, the jeans are the new black for sure :)

    x Camilla


  8. Christine Comment #8

    love the simplicity of this outfit! your totally right, nude pants/jeans are sooo the new black!!

    congrats on the features! :)


  9. s Comment #9



  10. J'Anns Boutique Comment #10

    Love ur skinnies

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  11. Raffles Bizarre Comment #11

    This is such a cute outfit, I love that shirt, would look great with little shorts too!

  12. Sianna Comment #12

    Such a simple, but amazing outfit. I love your wedges and the pants are really great.

  13. Ruby Comment #13
  14. EmerJa Comment #14
  15. Laura Comment #15

    Love this outfit girl!



  16. Natalya's Closet Comment #16
  17. heatherheartsfashion Comment #17

    looove the pants, so chic! and actually really like your hair the way it is now, but if you wanted to make the blonde a little redder it would look rad.

  18. Fashion Monstre Comment #18

    i’m going crazy for those wedges!! and this outfit is just adorbs

  19. červené Rty Comment #19

    You look so good, you have a great style!

    kisses xxx

  20. Pssshhht Comment #20

    i love how simple the outfit is but still looks so amazing.


  21. MalibuMara Comment #21

    I love your bracelet stack! and your color palate, great :)


  22. Michelle Comment #22

    I love this outfit, your collarless shirt and camel jeans are so chic, and the bag looks perfect with it. I think a beachy blonde would look lovely on you, or a golden brown with red flexes in it? xx

  23. The Fashion Cloud Comment #23

    love the outfit!!



  24. eloiselabetise Comment #24

    Gorgeous outfit! I love your shirt and your pants! xxxx


  25. Shevah Comment #25

    The blouse is amazing and so are the pants! You look beautiful love!


  26. Molli Comment #26

    so simple and cute! i am loving this color (or noncolor?) combination

  27. The Fancy Teacup Comment #27

    So casual chic, espcially the wedges! And I’m loving the vivid colors of the bag, total eye candy.

    much love.

  28. stilettolover91 Comment #28

    You look amazing!!!!


  29. dominika Comment #29

    stunning as always!

  30. mary louise Comment #30

    i love your pants! nude is awesome. as for your hair – what about a lighter brown? i do love your hair now though :)


  31. Lur Comment #31
  32. CessOviedo Comment #32

    Less is more, simple colors pure sophistication! The bag is lovely!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  33. La Petite Olga Comment #33

    Love your shirt!! And this is a great outfit!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  34. la tiquismiquis Comment #34

    your shoes are just awesome! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  35. Alicia Comment #35

    A simple but FABULOUS outfit & that bag is indeed the PERFECT finishing touch! Ooh no I LOVE your haircolor the way it is :) CONGRATS on the feature dear :)


  36. Michelleesque Comment #36

    Congrats on the features and I absolutely love your top! :) Camilla is such a beautiful name!

  37. Stella Comment #37

    love this super simple and yet adorably chic outfit!! you look great!!


  38. Cara Comment #38

    Love this simple yet so chic outfit…the colors in this photo are fabulous!
    xo Cara

  39. Liz Q Comment #39

    I absolutely LOVE the nude pants! Adorable!

  40. We Are The Crowd Comment #40

    i love the shirt wnad the colours added in the bracelets and bag.
    p.s. i love your hair! :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  41. Twins Comment #41

    love ur shirt! gorgeous


  42. Pearl Comment #42

    Lovely outfit.
    I honestly LOVE you hair color and cut looks amazing on you..but I know since were girls..we love change..especially our hair..try doing something with red. I think it will look great with your skin tone. Besides, you are Gorgeous!


  43. Selin Comment #43

    wow, i love your shoes!

  44. Reptilia Comment #44

    you look amazing! Love your wedges!



  45. Rosa Rot Comment #45

    I love love love that. So simple, but with a gigantic wow-effect!


  46. Irene Comment #46

    You look gorgeous, and I love your shoes! I want them so badly! Are those wedges? Any idea where I can find them ;)?
    And you hair looks perfect to me! So don’t change it 😉
    Keep it up!
    xoxo irene

  47. Lie Comment #47

    minimal but great! soft colors, great choice of outfit!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  48. K2tlin Comment #48

    I think you have the most awesome hair ever, both the colour and the cut. When mine will grow longer, I will literally go to the hairdresser with your picture and say “make my hair look like that, please”! :)

  49. franca maisha Comment #49

    love it!! you look gorgeous as always :)) actually I quite like your hair color now, and it might turn lighter from the sun anyways.. at least thats what happens to mine in summer :)


  50. Allie Comment #50

    I love your hair! I think you should leave it as is.
    xx Allie

  51. Marissa Comment #51

    I am totes in the same boat as you as far as hair color goes.. I don’t know what to do!
    These heels are fabulous – I’ve been searching for a pair similar!


  52. Eléne Comment #52

    Love this picture. Simple but stylish. Maybe you could go for an overall darker colour, like your roots, but with a more ashy blonde towards the bottom like in a colour melt…I think that would look beautiful.


  53. DNA (designers+artists) Comment #53

    This a great summer look, especially for this week.


  54. Oami Comment #54


  55. Panache-ably yours, Lilian and Jytza Comment #55

    I’m loving nude pants as well! Anything but black is actually in this season…colored denim is a trend too right now. Super cute outfit :)


  56. Anonymous Comment #56

    That is an amazing bag and it really stands out! Love your outfit and you look beautiful.



  57. LitaLita Comment #57

    Aww Lovin all your styless♫♪ Your blog gives me sooo many brand new inspirations alwayss♫
    Best wishes to U and your fam=)♡♡

    Love from japan♫


  58. Isabel Comment #58

    So amazing. xxx

  59. April Comment #59

    You look great! I love the colors together.


  60. Amanda Comment #60

    Love this! So simple but really interesting.


  61. Maddy Comment #61

    purple hair!!!! it would be amaze

  62. Chloe C Comment #62

    This is beautiful. I love those pants because they really complement your hair colour!


  63. Harry High Panties Comment #63

    Simple and gorgeous.
    I feel your pain I’ve always wanted red hair but it would look ridiculous with my dark skin…
    I love your hair though. There’s so little you can do with dark skin without looking really fake. sucks to be us.


  64. Tonya Comment #64

    Beautiful outfit. I love it, the top is so cute! And I love your hair!!


  65. kaye Comment #65

    I agree, nude jeans are the new black! Lovely shade on you :)


  66. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #66

    You are gorgeous! You look great in EVERYTHING!! You make something casual look so stylish! Kiah

  67. Hope Bidinger Comment #67

    You look SO much like J-Lo its crazy!! But anyways I love your outfit:) Simply Chic!

  68. Dylana Suarez Comment #68

    Girl, you looking fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! EEEP!



  69. runawayinla Comment #69

    Stunning! :) Your bag definetly completes the outfit!


  70. Stephanie Ochoa Comment #70

    your style is awesomeee

  71. nicole Comment #71

    great look, i heart the backdrop. especially with that bag!

  72. aliciafashionista Comment #72

    The neutrals look great, love how you paired it with layered bracelets and a printed bag (I see how it’s your fav). I LOVE your hair colour!!! It’s so tough to suggest a different one…maybe just all dark? You’ll look gorgeous no matter what dahhling xo

  73. fashion.gossipmk Comment #73

    Beautiful girl, lovely outfit :)
    <3 M.

  74. Jenny Ong Comment #74

    Perfect basic look <3

  75. Stamina Comment #75
  76. lefashionchic Comment #76

    Beautiful outfit!! The bag is so pretty!!
    Maybe you could dye a bit blonder? Or with more blonde highlights.
    I think it will look pretty for summer!

  77. Maja Vonava Comment #77

    I love your blouse!!


  78. l'blog c'est moi Comment #78

    actually the gradient hair colour u have suits u very well…maybe you should just change the colour of the lower part..some maroon or auburn^^

    xo, Hatun

  79. lou Comment #79

    your look is adorable!!!
    wouldn’t change the hair color 😉


  80. Trend Steps Comment #80


  81. herecomesthesun Comment #81

    Love those pants on you :)

  82. federica R. Comment #82
  83. Neris Comment #83

    Nice outfit! I love your haircolor just the waay it is…. Maybe adding some highlits but nothing too dramatic :)

    Fashion Fractions

  84. Anonymous Comment #84

    Love this outfit! What brand are your pants? x

  85. KimChicSisters Comment #85
  86. fishyfacedesigns Comment #86

    You look fantastic…cool and chic!
    Take care,

  87. knockedupfabulous Comment #87

    Adorable top! But hair color…hmmm. My SIL has dark hair and she put in some purple-ish strands, looks pretty cool.

  88. briannelee Comment #88

    Love this outfit! The blouse is perfect.

  89. Anonymous Comment #89

    your hair is really pretty, I think you should leave it like that! and you are right about the pants #swoon



  90. denise Comment #90

    yknow ever since i saw your amazing basic wedges on himys i was on a HUNT for something similar and they actually had sth really really cute at UO but sadly they ran out of my size. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY ):

    p.s. your hair is GORGEOUS as it is! But i bet a hit of red would look really good on you!!!

  91. Blush and Flats Comment #91

    so simple, but amazing !

  92. BRUNETTE BRAID Comment #92

    beautigul blouse! 😀

  93. 2Gitanas Comment #93

    I don’t know about changing hair color…I adore it the way it is.

  94. Morning Cloak Comment #94

    We met a couple days ago on that shoot. I would have loved to chat more..sorry it got kind of crazy trying to figure out how to make those boots work. You look great here – where are those amazing pants from?!

  95. Catherine Comment #95

    amaziiiing. wowowow! love this look xxx

  96. DandD Comment #96

    So pretty!!love the white and camel combo. Have a fab weekend!!

    xx Kelli
    Dirt & Diamonds

  97. Fashion Addicted Comment #97

    Hi there, I love your blog :) This outfit is amazing. The first time I looked it seems you don’t have pants xD but then I understood!

    Big kiss, have a nice weekend and if you want take a look at my blog: http://thefashionaddicted.com/

  98. Anonymous Comment #98

    hi jules – what brand are your awesome pants?!

  99. Kelli Comment #99

    also wanting to know the brand of the pants! i can’t find khaki/camel pants in my size anywhere. help jules!

  100. Anonymous Comment #100

    Love the look, what style shoe is that from Bakers?

  101. Emmi Comment #101

    pretty girl!!

  102. eat.sleep.wear. Comment #102

    Love how simple and FRESH this look it!!!!! perfection girl!! And I am so glad I found your blog through Dylana. You ROCK. xo, kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  103. Hannah Valentine Comment #103

    This outfit is so perfect!

  104. januarysublime Comment #104

    You look reaaaally gorgeous here, such a simple outfit but you manage to make it super chic!
    JS xx