I had a photo shoot today with Foam Magazine that I had been soo excited about! 
 The whole team + the chosen bloggers were so much fun to be around with; I got to be part of it with my lovely friend 
Natalie from NatalieOffDuty,  
Erica & Lauren from HonestlyWTF,  Rumi from FashionToast  and
 Geri from Because Im Addicted ! I wasn’t able to take that many behind-the-scene 
shots because we were so busy constantly shooting that
 I couldn’t sneak in a break! These will have to do for now! 
1. Yours truly taking a pic of Nat
 2. Natalie and I in her car after the shoot
3. Still in the car…
4. Snapshots of the girls; I’m on the top left hand side.
5. Nat & Rumi chillin’ by the pool
6. Adorable swan lifesaver
7. Delish burger for lunch
Ps. Soooooo bummed Natalie is moving to NYC tomorrow morning. I’m going to miss her so much; we’ve been lucky to have done several things together through blogging and she’s become one good friend now! I’m beyond happy/excited for her new venture, I will definitely miss her though!

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  1. Sandra Comment #1

    you’re amazing and I love your camera!
    so deliciouse things on your pics! <3

  2. alannah. Comment #2

    wow i didnt know natalie was actually moving to NYC how exciting for her but sad for you! these shots are fabulous, i cant wait to see the final result. they got the best of the best bloggers!x


  3. Alicia Comment #3

    Oooh these photos are beautiful, you all look great! Can’t wait to see the result of that photoshoot, I’m sure it will be GORGEOUS!


  4. Christine Comment #4

    the pics are great, that’s such a cool opportunity!


  5. SIENA.STYLE Comment #5

    i love your pictures!

  6. gabrielle Comment #6

    three of my favorite bloggers in the same post! thanks! xxoo

  7. Raspberry Jam Comment #7

    You all look so fab!

    Love the photos!



  8. s Comment #8

    oooooh very nice pics… you’re all beautiful ;))
    love the 1rst pic ;D

    PEOPLE: Pippa MIDDLETON @Roland Garros

  9. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries Comment #9

    Blogger events are so fun!!!


  10. Ambypure Comment #10

    Lovely photo’s!

  11. jenna Comment #11

    this looks so fun jules! hope i see you at THREAD!!

    XX, jenna

  12. Fleur Rebelle Comment #12

    wow u look stunning with this apricot eye shadow!


  13. Laiqah Comment #13

    That’s so amazing, congratulations! ♥
    And you look so gorgeous with your hair in a top bun :)

    Jules, what camera do you use? I can see it’s a canon, but what is the model?
    Your pictures are always so stunning, and I really want to get myself a DSLR.


  14. Melissa O Comment #14

    these are some of my favourite blogs and bloggers :)
    the shoot looks great, can’t wait to see the final product.


  15. Joy Comment #15

    Great stylish together = awesome. Can’t wait to see the results of the shoot!

  16. Michelle Comment #16

    Sounds awesome- great pics : )

  17. The Fashion Cloud Comment #17

    you girls all look gorgeous



  18. pancakeSTACKER Comment #18

    Aww, you and Nat are just so gorgeous!! I love that third pic of you guys! Can’t wait to see the finished photo shoot!!


  19. Domonique Comment #19

    So excited to see the final result!You all look gorge!X

  20. Laura Comment #20

    you are so beautiful in these pictures!! Love your style and the style Nathalie too!!


  21. Fashion Intel Comment #21

    Cute as always.

  22. Carola e Chiara Comment #22

    such a nice post!!
    check out my blog, there’s a swimsuit as giveaway!

  23. yamina beyondURclothes Comment #23
  24. Sugarlace Comment #24

    YUMMY! The food looks soo good!

  25. Trend Steps Comment #25

    That is soo cool. I love rumi as well! lovely pictures :)

  26. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #26

    wow! Im sure it rule! hope more news!


  27. Camilla Comment #27

    your all so pretty!

    x Camilla


  28. The Fancy Teacup Comment #28

    The pictures of you and Natalie are so pretty. And the capture of the swan lifesaver is so cute!


  29. Eléne Comment #29

    Great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun. I know you must get bothered with this question a lot, but could you tell me which Canon that is that you are using? I’m investing! Thank you!

  30. LoveE ♥ Comment #30

    These photos are beautiful, and you too are gorgeous together, follow both of your blogs religiously!


  31. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #31

    Great photos, looks like a blast :)

    XoXo-Kelli K

  32. Laura Comment #32

    Great photos! Girls you look amazing



  33. il était une fois... Comment #33

    oooh looks super fun! such an epic group of bloggers! wow! heart you all!!


  34. annalisa Comment #34

    you guys look amazing, such pretty pictures! xx


  35. Lucy Comment #35

    wow!! This is so cool!! :)

  36. Raffles Bizarre Comment #36

    Nice photos, you’re gorgeous :)

  37. Ivânia Santos (Diamond) Comment #37

    Delicious pics!!;)

  38. Cara Comment #38

    Wow, that is an amazing group of ladies! Congrats, looks like it was fun!
    xo Cara

  39. amalie Comment #39

    you all are soo ssoo gorgeous! favorite bloggers right there xx

  40. Julie Khuu Comment #40

    You look amazingly gorgeous in these shots…what an incredible cast! All my faves, all in one feature…can’t wait to see the finished product! You ladies are true inspiration!!! Love your topknot J!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  41. Hanna Comment #41

    loveee these shots with natalie!:)
    and the burger looks delicious!

  42. Nieke Comment #42

    Such beautiful pictures, you’re so pretty!


  43. fishyfacedesigns Comment #43

    You guys look so beautiful… great photo’s… congrats on the photoshoot…It is always so exciting stopping by your blog… You have the most amazing adventures, it’s fun to follow along.
    Take care,

  44. Annachiara Savio Comment #44

    FANTASTIC photos!!!!

  45. RAYNE Comment #45

    You guys look beautiful!


  46. Brianna Comment #46

    gorgeous shots!!

  47. diana kang Comment #47

    i want to paint my nails red today after seeing this! xx

  48. Ahu Comment #48

    Amazing photos.I love all.

  49. NEONblack Comment #49

    Awww this is so great!I love this xx

  50. Ashley Rae Comment #50

    I love your hair in the first couple of pics.
    Can’t wait to see the entire photoshoot!


  51. suspicious Minds in Paris Comment #51
  52. Anonymous Comment #52

    Hey, you look very nice. I really like this lipstick. Can you tell me, which mark it is? thanx Katerina

  53. Anonymous Comment #53

    When I saw your pictures with Natalie, I let a little yelp! I couldn’t help repeating the words, “So pretty, these girls are so pretty,” over and over again! I’m so giddy that my two favorite bloggers are friends.

  54. Olithee Comment #54

    always a pleasure to visit your blog
    Humm the delice burger sounds yummy

  55. Prad Savania Comment #55

    Wow, you both look so GORGEOUS

    Come and see my Heel design blogspot? All my designs are hand-drawn also..take care x


  56. Arianna V. Comment #56

    Burger looks deeeelish!

  57. geri hirsch Comment #57


  58. Anonymous Comment #58

    Hi Jules, I was wondering what camera you used in your first picture for this post? =) You have wonderful taste in clothing 😉

  59. Suspicious Minds in Paris Comment #59

    Great Picture!!! and great camera also!!!

    Visit my blog, I have a giveaway now 😉