June 2011


Walk the line.

Lace skirt: J Crew | Tshirt: vintage | Jacket: Volcom | Heels: Pierre Hardy | Bag: Vintage Gucci 

Omg! Can’t find words to describe how intense the boxing class was. It literally KICKED MY butt..
I had to stop in the middle of the class and take a break; I’ve never experienced anything like that.
Don’t get me wrong, it felt great to get a workout that intense but since I’m a bit out of shape, it was
a little overwhelming…I’m sure I’ll start getting the hang of it.
will keep you updated on my new challenge!

4th of July is this weekend and I’m planning all sorts of fun stuff; can’t wait to show you guys!
p.s oh, and vintage tees always look bad ass with a feminine piece like this lace skirt! 


Tangy Ruffles.

Dress: BCBG | Heels: Michael Kors | Denim Jacket: Vintage Levi’s | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Necklace: gifted Ax & Apple 

So from tomboy to super feminine in a ruffled dress is how I like to spice things up. 
That’s the beauty about style and fashion, there are no rules! 
Anyway, been meaning to say thank you for all the great tips on how to stay in shape, save money, 
drink water that you guys gave me on my post about my to-do list! 
They were soooooo helpful and I had no idea many of you went
 through the same issues as me; makes me feel like I’m not alone!
So I wrote a lot of them down and i’m really going to try them out! So excited!
Will definitely keep you guys updated on how that goes….but there’s already an improvement.
I’m starting some boxing classes on monday that I’m nervous about. 
This is the beginning to my new exercise/work out plan. 
Wish me luck!
Have a rad weekend guys,

ps Attending the Gold Cup Mexico Vs USA finals tomorrow, Saturday! I’m soooooo thrilled,
definitely supporting my home team Mexico! Viva!