Summer Lovin’.

Dress: gifted ByCorpus | Bag: Thrifted | Hat: H&M | Wedges: UO | 
I am beyond sore from boxing class…i can’t even type.
I’m going to go rest…and resume tomorrow.

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  1. Alina Comment #1

    cute! and so glad you’re working out, nothing like feeling like you’re accomplishing a goal.



  2. Christine Comment #2

    love your crochet dress and summer bag, too adorable! :) you hair always looks fantastic :)


  3. Sara Comment #3

    love the dress! very trendy and cute :)


  4. Thrifted Comment #4

    I love the bag!


  5. Linh Comment #5

    LOVE that dress! Perfect for this weather :)

  6. Stella Comment #6

    ooo i love that crochet dress!! it is so lovely and perfect for summer!


  7. Soma George Comment #7

    I love this entire piece put together, perfect for summer :)

  8. Constança Comment #8

    The bag is lovely! xx

  9. Belle de Couture Comment #9

    Love that dress… but your bag is ah-mazing. :)



  10. Tonya Comment #10

    Beautiful look!! I love the crochet black dress, and the bright purse against it. So pretty.


  11. Sash Comment #11

    I love your style. you are one of my favorite bloggers! Even though I don’t comment as much, i follow you daily!

    Such cute dress and wedges…the hat goes perfect as well!


  12. Lindsey A. Turner Comment #12

    I love your dress! The cutouts are so great! happy recovery!

    Lindsey Turner

  13. Market HQ Comment #13

    Love the bag and that dress is awesome! Looking great.


  14. RAYNE Comment #14
  15. Amanda Wenek Comment #15

    I really love this purse. Ever since you first posted a photo of it, I’ve been hoping to stumble upon something similar. Love the bright colours + print!!

  16. Alci Comment #16

    What an amazing dress!! Great hair btw!

  17. The Fancy Teacup Comment #17

    The tote is such a pleasant burst of color, and your crochet dress with the wedges are darling.

    P.S. I DM’ed you on Twitter about meeting up while I’m in L.A. this coming weekend, let me know if you are free :) Going to meet up with some other bloggers, too, it will be fun! Get some much needed rest, dear!

    ♥, Jamie

  18. pancakeSTACKER Comment #18

    Ahh.. I was about to try my first boxing class today but I chickened out! Darn, now I’m mad I missed it. Anyhoo, you look so cute in that little crocheted dress and I love those U0 wedges! I’ve gotta hit them up for some summer sandals!


  19. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #19

    Love the bag! Get well soon! X


  20. Dylana Suarez Comment #20

    So cuuuuuuuuuuuute!



  21. Gal Meets Glam Comment #21

    I love your dress! You look so pretty :)

    xo Julia

  22. Hope Adela Pasztor Comment #22
  23. Michelleesque Comment #23

    I love this outfit a lot! :) Hopefully you get lots of rest!

  24. Frannie Pantz Comment #24

    I hope you regain your strength! This dress is adorable!

  25. Bijou's Style Comment #25

    loveee the dress!



  26. kaye Comment #26

    This is the perfect summer outfit!!


  27. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #27

    love this outfit! <3

  28. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #28

    love this outfit! <3

  29. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #29

    love this outfit! <3

  30. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #30

    love this outfit! <3

  31. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #31

    love this outfit! <3

  32. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #32

    love this outfit! <3

  33. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #33

    love this outfit! <3

  34. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #34

    love this outfit! <3

  35. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #35

    love this outfit! <3

  36. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #36

    love this outfit! <3

  37. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #37

    love this outfit! <3

  38. Squiggles&Scribbles Comment #38

    love this outfit! <3

  39. Chic Display Comment #39

    i love your dress! you look beautiful!


  40. emily Comment #40

    love the pattern of the bag! perfect black summer dress too.

  41. La Petite Olga Comment #41

    The bag is very cute I love the colors!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  42. DeAnna Kate Comment #42

    I love that dress!! It is so cute and I love the pattern! Another great outfit!!!


  43. Christine Yun Comment #43

    Super cute bag! Love the dress and wedges too!


  44. Sheryl Comment #44

    I love your crochet dress!! I am so loving this weather!!



  45. Ahu Comment #45

    U look lovely 😀

  46. Style with Benefits Comment #46

    Boxing?! You’re so bad ass. :) Looove the dress. Gorgeous as usual!

    xx, becs

  47. Anonymous Comment #47

    love the dress!
    & what does you box training consist of? i always wanted to try but am too scared 😉

  48. Alicia Comment #48

    Ooh I hope you are feeling better today :) This outfit is really GREAT for summer.. I especially love the bag!
    Alicia Mi Mundo ❤

  49. milana2078 Comment #49

    Beautiful shoes and a beautiful dress!


  50. s Comment #50

    So looovely…
    very nice bag ;D

    FASHION People: WIIL.I.AM model for RYNSHU

  51. Camilla Comment #51

    that dress is so nice :)

    You look amazing as usual!

    x Camilla


  52. Neris Comment #52

    You look cute as always! I love your style because it seems so effortless but you always look great! Awesome bag!


    Fashion Fractions

  53. DediLovesFashion Comment #53

    wow, gorgeous dress. =)

  54. Thehoshi Comment #54

    Your dress is very lovely !!

  55. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #55

    I like the bag!So unique :)


  56. A. Comment #56

    Love the print of ur tote and that dress is so cute! Sounds like you had a good workout! -A


  57. lauraa Comment #57

    Looking wonderful as always. Great bag

  58. silvia Comment #58

    love your wedges … :) cute outfit…


  59. free de lulu Comment #59

    very good dress and the cabas is beautiful.this shoes love it

  60. patrycja2407 Comment #60

    Amazing dress!:)
    you don’t even imagine how happy I am that you put frequently posts:). I like look at you:)

  61. Brooke Comment #61

    LOVE this bag!


  62. Elien | dogs+dresses.com Comment #62

    I love your blog and every one of the looks you post here! Major girl crush :$;) Hope you feel less sore soon!

  63. Daphne Comment #63

    Love this outfit doll! And you have THE best collection wedges EVER, absolutely love them <3

    Hope your soreness clears up soon :)

    Love, Daphne

  64. Rosa Comment #64

    Great outfit, love all!!
    visit my blog and tell me what do you think!


  65. Duty of Style Comment #65

    Lovely look! <3 Gorgeous dress!
    Visit my blog http://www.dutyofstyle.blogspot.com

  66. Michelle Lee Comment #66

    love that bag, shoes and dress!


  67. Magnolina Comment #67

    Love the bag!!!

  68. Domonique Comment #68

    That dress is seriously awesome lady!x

  69. Steph Comment #69

    Love the outfit!! The dress is gorgeous!!



  70. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #70

    LOve the dress :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  71. briannelee Comment #71

    Love that bag!

  72. amalie Comment #72

    loove your bag and shoes!

  73. EmerJa Comment #73

    I love the dress and the ethnic touch of the bag:)



  74. Collections Comment #74

    Great bag, great shoes, great dress… love it all.

    Fashionable Collections

  75. Ione Comment #75

    Love your bag so much! Perfect for the summer :)

  76. Nita -Karoliina Comment #76

    Nice dress.

  77. Rosa Rot Comment #77
  78. Xoxo ☺ Comment #78

    Love the look the purse is cute! oh and the shoes are fab looks great with the outfit xo

  79. Belen Comment #79

    LOVE the dress! Where did u get it?

  80. Andji Comment #80

    I love your bag. I`m looking for something like this since weeks.

  81. Kaśq. Comment #81

    you look very summer here, i love your hair and bag!<3

  82. Natalya's Closet Comment #82

    I love the shoes, dress and bag! XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  83. Rae Comment #83

    Love that dress and those shoes. Not sure if they are still available but I’m checking anyway.



  84. Anonymous Comment #84

    I love your bag!! i know you got it at a thrift store but do you know what brand it is?

  85. Liz Quach Comment #85

    That dress is awesome! Love, love, looooovee it!


  86. Jessica Hagy Comment #86

    I am beyond sore in the most inappropriate places thanks to a ballet class that may or may not have included me following mid spin twice.

    But the point of this post was, in fact: the shoes + the bag = so happy!!



  87. Cristiana Nunes Comment #87

    Your dress is so beautiful and looks so good with the h&m hat!

  88. Reptilia Comment #88

    love your dress! You look beautiful!



  89. cryskay Comment #89

    you always look so effortless no matter what you wear!

  90. Tegan Comment #90

    best blog find ever… Featured you on my blog :) xxx


  91. Nana Comment #91

    What a fun outfit to wear!
    perfect for summer. so much color. Lovely:)

  92. The Fashion Cloud Comment #92

    very cute dress and i love the bag
    it’s gorgeous



  93. zeste de citron Comment #93

    your bag is very cool… <3


  94. cuteredbow Comment #94

    This dress is adorable ! Love your shoes too !


  95. GIAA Comment #95

    love the whole look, especially the bag!


  96. clara spencer-phillips Comment #96

    Ah I wanted those clogs so badly but they sold out in London… Love the combination…xxx

  97. Cátia Couto Comment #97

    Your dress is perfect for summer! It’s so cute :)


  98. Nastja Comment #98

    This bag is perfect for summer! I´m in love :)


  99. hermes bag outlet Comment #99

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