In Those Jeans.

Silk Tank: Victoria Secret | Jeans: A.P.C | Wedges: Aldo | Bag: Alexander Wang | Choker:
Fallon (gifted by Polyvore ) | Friendship bracelets: American Eagle, J.Crew, H&M
I’m a fan of all things that look distressed and worn in, so I always tend to gravitate towards 
jeans that have that look. These jeans have two things you always want to look for when
buying jeans (that are non stretchy);
 1) cool worn-in wash– the wash goes with literally everything (just like my fave cut off shorts that you’ve seen); dressed up or down, they look uberrrrly cool.
 2) high-wasted– ok, not really…but just more than your average jeans…they help accentuate
your boddd…cuff up the bottom of the jeans for some extra detailing and you’ll be turnin’ heads in your
dope jeans, man!

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  1. Sofia Comment #1

    lovely outfit as usual, you inspire me a lot because you always choose the right colors, like pastels, and it is perfect with your suntan..crush for your shoes

  2. Nanica Comment #2

    OMG Shoesssss :) Amazing :)

  3. Alicia Comment #3

    I’m a fan of that too :) You look great! Those shoes & accessories are the PERFECT finishing touches :)


  4. aliceeliza Comment #4

    Gorgeous! Favourite. xoxo

  5. s Comment #5

    BEautiful.. love these shoes and the necklace ;D

    COUTURE STREET: Carolines Mode @ Paris http://t.co/QPEmVe2

  6. agnes Comment #6

    j’adore tes chaussures, elles sont magnifiques

  7. BRUNETTE BRAID Comment #7



  8. Duty of Style Comment #8

    You look amazing!!! Love jewellery and wedges <3

    Visit my blog http://www.dutyofstyle.blogspot.com

  9. Clara Comment #9

    You look gorgeous! Those colours suit you perfectly! I love this post!

  10. Michelle Lee Comment #10

    fab heels too :)


  11. Marloes. Comment #11

    Your shoes are awesome!

  12. Michelle's Style File Comment #12

    Your wedges are awesome! Fabulous every time!! Added to my blog roll.


  13. Kaśq. Comment #13

    aa<3 amazing shoes !

  14. Naina Comment #14

    Those shoes are so vibrant, they make this outfit perfect


  15. Queen.OnSet Comment #15

    wow, those shoes are amazingggg! :)

  16. http://www.victorypug.com Comment #16

    So can you tell us what’s the name (if there’s any) of the A.P.C. model you’re wearing?
    Hugs from Vienna :-*

  17. la tiquismiquis Comment #17

    oh jules, you look fabulous! :) i love your shoes!

    la tiquismiquis

  18. Vera Elisabeth Comment #18

    Love the shoes!

  19. Cmnestares_92 Comment #19

    Very pretty!! Your hair is fantastic, as the outfit! I love the necklaces!!!

  20. Nana MoonDancer Comment #20

    I love the neckalces and the shirt. the shirt has such a lovely colour.

  21. Autumnfound Comment #21

    what amazing style,what amazing hair,what a face.you are so beautiful and you have such wonderful style,truly an inspiration!!!p.s. i really wanted to buy those shoes and i didn’t dare…*smacks herself in the face*
    i just stumbled on your blog and i am in heaven.

  22. Stephanie Comment #22

    You are so beautiful Jules! I’m new to your blog and one of my fav things bout your style is your hair!

  23. Raquel Fernandes Comment #23

    I like your blog more every day. Simple, efortless but gorgeous. Congrats.

  24. CUP OF COUPLE Comment #24

    great look! love your necklace!


  25. Ms.S Comment #25

    The jeans looks gud on you,
    liking the whole outfit! luv the shoes..

    overall. comfort-chic!


  26. Song Anh Comment #26

    Jules, thank you for this look. I am actually working with the jeanswear department currently and I think it’s neat to hear a different input. To me, I’ve been focusing on making a more formal jean with darker washes and less distress. After reading what you’ve posted, I can also agree with your thought on your perfect pair of denim. This is good insight for future designs. Thanks!

    Cup of Fashion

  27. Lisa Comment #27

    So simple but perfect.
    Shoes are wow!

  28. shu84 Comment #28
  29. Leya Comment #29

    that is such an amazing shoes dear :)

  30. Steph Comment #30

    They do look great! I love worn out jeans, and that wash is beautiful..I love that cut on jeans, with the higher waist line, it really makes everyone look sexy! I just adore them, and your outfit is too die for!



  31. ASH Comment #31

    smokin’ hot! those jeans look soooo good on you! you have an amazing figure. great hair too!

  32. fashion and frank Comment #32

    Great tip – just been having a look at your blog – you have really good style – love it – i found you from a pic on Eunice Bajlal’s site who came over to mine last night and i am glad i did – if you have a mo come and have a look x


  33. jillian :: cornflake dreams. Comment #33

    cute outfit! i love the wedges! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  34. Catherine Comment #34

    Such a great outfit – effortless & stylish :) I can’t find a single fault with it! 😉 x

    Catherine x

  35. Kate Comment #35

    I love that these are a little more high waisted! My body hated the low rise jean trend when it first began, and if my body didn’t agree with it when I was 10 years younger, it certainly won’t agree with it now. 😉 I’m always on the hunt for a higher rise that doesn’t give me mom butt! These look perfect, edgy & comfy, and styled to perfection!

  36. Rada Priya Comment #36

    the shoes…. melt…
    ♥ radapriya.blogspot.com

  37. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #37
  38. Yaiza V Miu Comment #38

    Hi Jules! I find your blog now and I love it :)
    Following at now… very nice style and Ilike a lot your hair hehehe

    Kisses from Spain


  39. Nomadic D. Comment #39

    This is stunning. My kind of fashion. Eloquent. Every detail from that bag to those shoes to the fit and texture of the tank and jeans and the contrast of that tough spiky jewelry… it’s just perfection!


  40. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #40

    You look so great! Those jeans fit you perfectly…. And your wedges… I want those :) I’m wearing jeans in my OOTD post as well :)


    Fashion Fractions

  41. Catherine Comment #41

    oh nooo, you have these wedges! I can’t stop staring at them when I’m in a Aldo store, haha <3

  42. briannelee Comment #42

    Wow, great shoes!

  43. mimi Comment #43

    ahhh. i just bought those shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much. i like howyou paired them with the soft pinks and the jewelry. tres chic

    mademoiselle mimi

  44. jamie @ kreyv Comment #44

    I just found your blog and LOVE it!! I’ve spent way too long looking at past posts! You are gorgeous, and I love your style!

  45. ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR Comment #45

    Love the wedges, they add the perfect about of color to your outfit :)

    XoXO-Kelli K

  46. Jamie Comment #46

    Dying over this!! I love the A Wang necklace and those shoes are amazing! You took such a simple outfit and made it the furthest thing from simple. Love it!


  47. FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" Comment #47

    Girl you know I just finished the song in my fantastic Genuine voice!! lol NOT!! haha You look so bomb.com in those jeans Boo! I love that soft flowing silky top against the hard denim! Those shoes are INSANE!! Love this entire look! Kiah

  48. Collections Comment #48

    Love the fallon choker SO gorgeous.

    Fashionable Collections

  49. Lisa Fergus Comment #49

    OH MY GUSH!!!!!!!!!! Those shoes!!!!
    okay, I love the entire look, but those shoes are divine!!! Beautiful as always!!! xo


  50. Xoxo ☺ Comment #50

    I love it, cute outfit and the shoes look fab! xo

  51. Raspberry Jam Comment #51
  52. FashionableAwkward Comment #52

    Super cute outfit! Love the shoes!

  53. The Fashion Cloud Comment #53

    love the choker and the wedges are gorgeous!!
    such a shame that Aldo doesn’t deliver to Paris :(


  54. Lu Comment #54

    Love those shoes!!!!!!!!



  55. CessOviedo Comment #55

    The wedges are amazing! Gotta get to Aldo asap, love the colors!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  56. amber Comment #56

    those shoes are ridiculous!! I love them. they look great with your jeans :)

  57. free de lulu Comment #57

    love that ,like the shoes,bag,and top.this jewels great.love that.

  58. Ale. Comment #58

    The shoes & accessories! <3


  59. Gal Meets Glam Comment #59

    I LOVE those Aldo wedges! You look fab as always!

    xo Julia

  60. Lary Mello Comment #60

    wounderful shoes!!!!!



  61. Just a lazy morning Comment #61

    you’re so beautiful!!

  62. internodiciotto Comment #62

    i loooove you accessories today! that necklace is stunning!

  63. higirl Comment #63

    OH MY GOD!! those shoes are to die for!!! hahaha; i want!

  64. Meaghan Mae Comment #64

    Looooove your shoes!! Cuffed jeans are always cool, man!

  65. milana2078 Comment #65

    I agree with you! You – super! Usual way, but shoes with unusual prints and aggressive decorations make your ensemble is stunning!


  66. Natasha Comment #66

    Amazing pics! <3 You look fantastic.

  67. Our Youth Comment #67

    Your top and the necklace, just wow <3

  68. cuteredbow Comment #68

    I love your shoes !!!! Your outfit is casual stunning !


  69. Raffles Bizarre Comment #69

    Those necklaces are gorgeous 😀

  70. Leah Comment #70

    I LOVE the shoes! I wanted them the moment I saw them but refused to buy them, now I’m regretting that decision. They look so fricken good on you!

    xo L.

  71. Victoria @ Runway Rundown Comment #71

    obSESSED with those shoes!


  72. Kristen Comment #72

    I know I always say this, but WOW THOSE SHOES ARE FIERCE! I’m seriously in love with them! You have the most amazing style!

    xO Kristen

  73. Lizzie Comment #73

    Those wedges are amazing girl!
    Love the jeans and silk tank as well!

    Hope you will check out my latest outfit post :)


  74. JB / Sunshine With Everything Comment #74

    I have jeans and bag envy right now! :-)

  75. Ms. Allee Comment #75

    Absolutely love your shoes!*


  76. Rae Comment #76

    Cool outfit. You always wear the best shoes.


  77. stylecomb Comment #77

    That necklace is amazing!! I love the cut of the jeans too… casual but so refined!


  78. Erica Comment #78

    Awesome outfit! I’ve been looking for a new pair of jeans (non-stretchy), and these look perfect. What style are these jeans? Also, are these sized differently than “American” jeans?

    Thanks for any info!

  79. Mónica C. Welton Comment #79
  80. RedLipstick Comment #80

    Ah I love your shoes!

  81. flyycoast2coast Comment #81

    I love these wedges, I’m so sad I have such narrow feet and can’t wear them…I’ve tried!! You look cuuutte. Stay FLYY!

  82. Guadalupe Ochoa Comment #82

    I was so going to buy those shoes last weekend, but they didn’t have them in my size anymore! so annoying…but they look so cute on you.

  83. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #83

    Adore this outfit! Esp the necklaces and the shoes. Swoooooooon :)



  84. Sarah Comment #84

    these jeans are incredible – LOVE the styling with the tank and wedges also. LOVE your blog :)


  85. Jacquelyn Comment #85

    so obsessed with those aldo shoes!! Wish they fit me when I went to try them on!!

    xo Jackie

  86. Lie Comment #86

    These are gorgeous necklaces and wonderful shoes you are wearing. Great Outfit. Keep up the great work xo

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  87. ax+apple Comment #87

    living doll.

  88. kat Comment #88

    that necklace!! i want it. and i stare at those wedges everytime i walk into aldo. gorgeous :)


  89. The.Red.See Comment #89

    Great jeans, those are the perfect- go with everything shade and fit! Cute outfit as always!

  90. Reptilia Comment #90

    In those jeans you look incredible!



  91. Natalya's Closet Comment #91

    So chic! Lovely look & those shoes! :) XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  92. Alexandra Steinmetz - Champagne and Chiffon Comment #92

    Absolutely love this outfit! So chic and casual, you look stunning!

  93. Kel Comment #93

    Love those shoes!

    So awesomely retro!

    x Kel


  94. Delmy Comment #94

    You look dope like your jeans 😀

  95. paper doll theory Comment #95

    those wedges are awesome! and so is that choker! love how you styled the whole outfit!

    love, kelly

  96. leonie Comment #96

    ladylike yet edgy…great look bella



  97. SAMANTHA Comment #97

    you look beautiful! love your jewelry. you’re wearing the perfect jeans!


  98. nat Comment #98

    wow beautiful shoes! i lvoe the print! and those jeams you wear so well.

    new follower, just discouvered your blog off natalieoffduty.blogspot.com 😀


  99. Maria Comment #99

    That Fallon choker is beyond amazing. Love!


  100. Christine Comment #100

    its hard to find the right jeans with the exact wash you want, but you can also distress and discolor them with the proper materials! love this wash too! and that pink top is great :)


  101. Patricia Alexandre Comment #101

    Love your style
    Love your blog
    Love Love Love Love the way you dress

  102. Virgos Very Own Comment #103

    those Wedges from Aldo are super cute!

  103. Elena Comment #104
  104. MILA Comment #105

    i need this outfit. my new mission is to find it all :) thanks!

  105. MaviDeniz Comment #106

    love the hot outfit! especially the bag and accessories!


  106. Tonya Comment #107

    So beautiful! I love this entire look..especially the shoes. I love the silk top too..adorable!


  107. April Comment #108

    I looove those wedges!


  108. Almost Pretty Comment #109

    Your shoes…just wow!

  109. simplysublimeblog Comment #110

    I just picked myself up a pair of those wedges! Yours look fabulous on you!

  110. Stella Comment #111

    love the wedges! and you look so effortless chic


  111. One Day in April Comment #112

    Love Love Love this outfit! And those shoessss <3

    Melody x

  112. eL Ellz Comment #113


  113. Virginie. Comment #114

    coolest wedges ever.

  114. Callee Comment #115

    okay so i CAN NOT find these jeans anywhere not even the a.p.c. website! can you help?

  115. callee Comment #116

    what is the style name or number of these A.P.C. jeans, please??? pleasee! and thank you!

  116. Nastja Comment #117